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Is Laser or Electrolysis actually permanent pre HRT


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I couldn't see this being covered so started this topic, apologies of it's old news.


I have always hated my facial hair and am becoming fast enemies with the rest of my body hair (I think I have something called pilimultigemini so I frequently get multiple hairs growing out of the same follicle making them appear thicker and darker grrr!), so does either the Laser or Electrolysis process work even without starting hormones?  I'd like to make a start on doing something now regardless of what happens with everything else in the next few years, but due to the cost I don't want to throw good money after bad and can't seem to find any definitive answers. xx

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Yes it is, but hair grows in waves so you will find that hair goth will go away and come back. It takes a lot of persistence to get all of the blasted follicles.

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Also laser is most effective in dark hair and a light complexion. You may want to go with Electrolysis instead if your hair is blond.

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Thank you Rithia! That is very helpful to know - my natural body hair colour is actually mostly dark. My pic is a look I am trying out thanks to Amazon ;)  but being British my complexion is very much pale. (peelywally is a great Scots word to describe it! We can make people go snowblind by sunbathing)


Any treatment will last longer than my current combination of cream & shaving so I think I will look into electrolysis for my face and then laser elsewhere.

Knowing that it will eventually stop coming back at all no matter what I decide will make it well worth it. Thanks again! XX

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You’re welcome.


I know all about the pale. I have British and Spanish (Spain not Mexico) in me hence the pale complexion and dark hair for me.

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Laser is not considered permanent hair removal, unlike electrolysis.  Starting the process before you begin HRT is a great idea as your skin will become more sensitive with estrogen.  


Understand that this is a long process.  As Rithia notes hair grows in different cycles so it will take multiple electrolysis zaps to effectively kill the follicle.  Each time hair grows back it is lighter (thinner) until its gone.  You really have to go for regular treatments for it to be effective.  I go weekly, now up to two hour sessions.   


If you have several electrologists in your area, shop for a good price and ask about the type they use (thermo, galvanic, blend).  Also make sure you like this person who will be in your face for a long time.  I'm not talking about becoming friends but you should have a good rapport with them.  It you don't get a good feeling while they're working on you, you may want to look elsewhere.  


All that said, laser may be a good choice for body hair since it is different than facial hair and there is a lot more of it to remove.  



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6 hours ago, Jani said:

Laser is not considered permanent hair removal

Jani - I thought laser was permanent, just more ineffective as it does a broad sweep verses individual targeting so hairs will be missed? so how useful is it?


Not sure I could do weekly, twice a month at most just now as where I am is a 2.5hr drive to get to the closest service and from my web research there are 3 possible places to choose from. None of them say what type of electrolysis they use, and the prices seem to be fairly consistent for example the most detailed list (also with a patch test you need to pay for prior to starting):

  • Nd: YAG laser hair removal
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatment for unwanted hair
  • Hair removal with electrolysis.
  • DMK paramedical alkaline wash (for the removal of fine vellus fair hair)
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That it is "more ineffective" is telling.  Electrolysis is effective when applied correctly.  Laser will remove dark hairs but they may come back.  It would be a good time to initiate electrolysis then since newly appearing hairs would be in the Anagen phase.  If weekly isn't possible, to as much as you can and keep at it otherwise you're wasting your time and money.  My electrologist talks about this all the time, people that come in for one or a few appointments then disappear or only come in a few times a year.   


Don't be concerned about vellus hairs as these cover our bodies and are good for regulating body temperature. 



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Thank you very much Jani. I am learning so much here from others experiences!  Realistically I will have to wait until after Christmas before starting, but in the big scheme of things it is still a baby step.

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I have had amazing results from laser myself. I have only been going for 4 months and I have very few hairs left. I do have dark hair and fair skin so I am a perfect candidate. 

As far as how permanent it is, it’s hard to say for me since I’m so new to it. But I can say that I get a handful of hairs in my sideburn area that grow still, maybe 50% of my moustache area is disappeared and the remainder is shadowy but not really growing (and every visit that gets less and less) and I bet 70% of my chin is now clear of any signs of hair as well. 

I think it’s a less expensive faster overall option to start out with if it works for you, but electrolosys seems much more permanent. I have 2 laser treatments left now and after that I think I’ll be switching to electrolosys to clean up what didn’t get lasered. 

One thing I’m sure of is even though it sucks, it takes forever to complete, and can be painful, it is one of my favorite things I’ve done so far. It changes your face so much. And creates so much more self confidence with such a difficult issue. 

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Just now, Kirsten said:

One thing I’m sure of is even though it sucks, it takes forever to complete, and can be painful, it is one of my favorite things I’ve done so far. It changes your face so much. And creates so much more self confidence with such a difficult issue. 


Thank you for sharing Kirsten xx 4 months does not seem very long at all, so electrolysis while slower is just far more thorough. I hated shaving when it was just my face as my skin gets so easily irritated so now between my neck and chest its 50 times worse!

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I am amazed at the results myself. I expected at least a year before I could swap to electrolosys when I started. But even my tech said to me last visit that she’s never seen it work so fast so well. Here’s a pic of today and I didn’t shave today and no makeup. I actually only shaved with the grain yesterday too I think so the last real shave was Sunday. image.thumb.jpg.81aeaa063d62f56a1472bc70a4fff1fa.jpg

not gone but for a 40 yr old that’s pretty good I think. Gosh I hate my chin. Lolol. 

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? Wow, there's nothing there for a razor to shave! If I haven't shaved by lunchtime my face could be used as velcro!  lol. I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas now.

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Lolol. I know that feeling. Thankfully not anymore. It truly is my favorite change thus far and I am just about a b-cup now.(that’s probably second haha)  But the face is just so important. 

The things that sold me on doing laser we’re first the price. 430 dollars for 6 sessions. And second is that you don’t have to let your hair grow out before you go. You actually want as close a shave as you can get when you go. Electrolosys you let it grow out some before you go. I’m hoping when I start I only have a few hairs that have to grow out at a time. Less dysphoria for me at least. Or I hope. 

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That's definitely competitive pricing! It's great that you are starting to see positive changes inside and out too - enough that you can pick your faves!  I also didn't know the different approaches prior to each kind of treatment but I suppose they would go over that with me at the initial appointment - there's a lot that people don't mention! I know a few ciswomen with PCOS who have very prominent facial hair so I think for me even a few whiskers would be a lot easier to manage than full stubble, but I am still dipping my toes in the water and trying to get brave enough to wade in - just those pesky self insecurities.  Long may your success continue!!! x

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13 hours ago, SeekingSadie said:

Not sure I could do weekly, twice a month at most just now


For laser this wouldn't make sense because of the different phases in which hair grows. The recommended frequency is every four week, because that is when the previously inactive follicles can be expected to be active.


To my knowledge laser is considered as permanent reduction as opposed to permanent removal. You can expect up to 80% of the hair to disappear. Note that "permanent" is usually defined as a period of 1-2 years, not longer than that. It can be expected that you'll need a couple of touch-ups once a year or so.


From my own experience it is working really well, but I'm only 7 sessions in, so I can't tell yet how much will come back. My laser treatment is on the neck and currently almost everything there is gone except for a few tiny little patches. The upcoming session might get rid of those as well.


You should also be aware that there is a massive difference between IPL (intense pulsed light) and actual laser. Unfortunately a lot of clinics that use IPL advertise as if they were using laser or as if it was better than laser. Every bit of clinical research I've seen was very clear that IPL never provides permanent results beyond 5% or so, whereas laser does. So if you consider getting laser hair removal, make sure that a good-quality laser system (that includes a good cooling system) is being used. You should also watch out for special offers. There are plenty of offers in the order of 30% up to 50% discount in the UK, so it's worth looking for such an offer.


My recommendation is as much laser as possible and then as much electrolysis as needed. That will probably save you lots of money, time and pain.

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On 11/28/2018 at 2:04 PM, Kirsten said:
On 11/28/2018 at 2:04 PM, Kirsten said:

have had amazing results from laser myself. I have only been going for 4 months and I have very few hairs left.


Yes, me too. I had my second treatment today. I go every 2 months. The first year, 3 months the second and if i need more its free for life with the plan I purchased. I really hurt today. Bad. I was actually tearing up but its so worth it. Around 2 weeks after the first treatment I had no shadow or hair or anything. A few white hairs but meh. Cant see them. I still don't have hardly any hair but i go religiously. I get gendered correctly all the time now too. Really the only people that call me "him" are people that have known me for a while 



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Hello all. I have been doing electrolisys for a little bit now. I hear ya ashlee. it hurts bad sometimes. even with the cream i got from my doctor. I can usually only last 30 to 45 mins and then i cant take it anymore. just wanted to say my 2 cents worth. hugs all!! Susan

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      In a true homage to reading other peoples experiences and taking notes (thank you Kelly(particularly) but also et al) I have over the last couple of of days ‘come out’ to my business. I am a senior manager at company employing 1.5k, with a team of 22 that are my directs I had spoken to my Md some weeks ago about my transitioning, how it was early days, and tbh, soft soaped her about how wonderful it was to be working in a company that, whilst I knew it was going to be difficult, was forward thinking enough to be able embrace and (be seen to be able to) empower members of the lgbt community . She was keen to manage my becoming visible across the business, however I thought it was right that I should personally ‘come out’ to especially my team, but also my closest colleagues. We agreed that as soon as I started telling people, the likelihood of gossip (and therefore our ability to curtail the ‘ridicule factor’) would increase. So over the space of Tuesday afternoon and the whole of Wednesday (which was also the day my name officially changed to Dee (yeah..not Alice…long story)) I was allocated an interview room and ‘came out’ on an individual basis to 36 people - in an order that I had created on a scale of ‘can be trusted to keep their mouth shut (and thumbs off their keypad) to ‘gossip-monger in chief’ - just prior to a meeting at 4pm where the MD would announce my transition and explain to all the other senior managers what was expected of them in relation to ensuring respect from their respective teams etc.   I can happily report that (with the exception of 2 morons(whose life will henceforth be made a misery)), I received support, intelligent questions, generosity and predominately respect for the guts it takes not only to decide that you need to take control of where your life is heading, but also to look people in the eye and say ‘I didn’t want you to hear this from someone else’ (It also gives you the opportunity to mould their mindset in respect of ‘seeker of peace and happiness’ vs ‘deviant’)   Dont be afraid of this once you are sure , whilst it was emotionally exhausting bearing my soul (because you do have to to every question they ask), I staggered out of work last night with a refreshed view of the majority of peoples acceptance and enthusiasm to accept something ‘a bit different’ I get that it is early days with this situation in the workplace, but I have come out of it with a truly positive mindset.   Thanks for the inspiration ladies😊❤️😊❤️  
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