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Synthetic Wig V If you're a Bold Bald


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Hi all


I am not normally one to evesdrop on a conversation, in fact it normally never happens, unless any keyword is mentioned, and today it was... two guys was chatting to each other, as apparently one had clocked a crossdresser a few days ago.    One guy anyway said to the other their wigs normally a dead giveaway, and the other guy must have been a hairdresser as he seemed to have known his stuff about hair.   He said that unless a Crossdresser was wearing a human hair wig, he'd be able to recognize a synthetic and said if they cannot affford one, better off going Bald, at least they would not be so easy to call or be thought of as fake, as with no hair its hard to tell if a man or woman.   Anyway, I have frequently gone out head shaven and minimal amount of make up on.. and lippy.. and also some nice perfume and today I went out shopping to our local Asda supermarket dressed to the nines, but no wig and make up on.... two guys looked at me and gave me a genuine warm smile, and i needed to get my trolley past a few more guys, went past totally uneventful... and I chatted to a few staff to help locate things and all was well.... It was a nice shop today... my silk dress on and smelling smelling sweet with a nice perfume... i got some nice expressions and absolutelly no grief, not even slightly... from now on i go out bald...

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  • Admin

I have a couple of friends that are happy with the bald look these days, and for some it works well, but not so for others.  I am happy this is working well for you and you are having fun.


As for the people bragging about how they can spot wigs on ANYONE and a wig makes the person CD, I hope they have good health insurance and work sick time available, because wigs are worn by non-CD people who could imagine acts of violence against them, and act on them.  I suspect most of it was braggadocio and not fact.  I have a "matrix photo" of the full cast of a Trans singing group of 30+ people, and while talking to some loudmouth types who claim they always spot a Trans person even across a ball park stadium, they cannot pick one Trans person from the matrix, including one wearing a T shirt that clearly says they are Trans.

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Just now, VickySGV said:

I have a "matrix photo" of the full cast of a Trans singing group of 30+ people, and while talking to some loudmouth types who claim they always spot a Trans person even across a ball park stadium, they cannot pick one Trans person from the matrix, including one wearing a T shirt that clearly says they are Trans.

Love it!


 Melissa - thank you for this post. x

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Head shaved is a great look, and works well if you want a lot of flexibility.  Can change the presentation by changing the clothing, jewelry, etc. Have you considered adding a couple of piercings? 


Once a year I get my head shaved.  It gives me an edgy look, especially with my piercings; can gender myself in either direction by changing out the jewelry for something masc. or fem.  It seems to work for me and others in my area.  Though it can be tricky.  Based on where you live certain piercings signify things, here they don't.



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When I first began transitioning, I ordered a total of three wigs, (not at the same time, lol). Not cheap, nor expensive but no one ever thought I was wearing a wig. In fact, when I stopped wearing them, most of the people whom I work with, as well as some customers commented on my new hair style. They were all surprised when I told them that all I did was pull the old hair off!?

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  • Admin

I've worn synthetic wigs since transitioning over 7 years ago.  I don't know (and don't care) how many people know its a wig - I presume most do.  But I have had many people compliment me on my hair, clearly believing its the real deal.  Even my first HRT doctor said to me, "your hair has really grown out nicely!"  :D


A lot depends on the quality of the wig, and how well it fits your face and head and matches your age.  I would be absolutely petrified and horrified if I ever went outside without my wig on.  It is as much a part of me as my boobs or my personality..


Carolyn Marie

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  • Forum Moderator
4 hours ago, Carolyn Marie said:

I would be absolutely petrified and horrified if I ever went outside without my wig on. 

Lol, this reminds me of my very first TS/TV meeting back in the 80's which was my first time dressed female out in public away from my home.  I didn't own a wig and I had a military style crew cut.  I came to the meeting and everyone was dressed up with beautiful hair.  For some reason, it didn't bother me at all that I wasn't wearing a wig.  I couldn't have cared less.  It wasn't until my future roommate said, "Wow, that was really brave of you to come and share so openly and you didn't even have a wig".   It sort of took me back for a moment.  I thought maybe everyone else there thought the same.  Regardless, the very next day I went and bought my first wig.  I never went out in public dressed female after that, without it.


Susan R?

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Well in my case at least, i had people wondering if i was female, even before i put on any make up at my job, which had me surprised. This sort of made me feel much more secure of being out dtessed in makeup and bald.  I guess it sort of declared i was sort of fo real with nothing to hide and was all real.





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Besides last night on a shopping trip to A.sda i recieved no unwanted stares or comments...must have been doing alright.  I even spoke to members of staff

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  • 2 weeks later...

All started with new when I was very young . My Grandmother and Mother would give me gloves to play with . A little while later maybe I was 5 or 6 I would wear my Mother's boots (GO GO early 70s) . All the while still wearing gloves.  Fast forward to 13 I was at my cousin's she was 16 I put her tights and leotard on with her leather gloves . Soon after I bought my own tights and leotard.  I stopped dressing  and wearing gloves from 18 to close to 21 . Then I met my ex wife and she wore gloves  to a social event Then I bought a pair of black isotoners.  Then I started wearing my at that time ex wife clothes when she wasn't home . I also bought a few pairs of gloves and boots.  After we separated my collection of women's clothes grew .  Then my current girlfriend left a pair of undies at my house and I tried them on . I liked the feel . I told her and she ended up buying me more I told her that in the summer I dont sweat while wearing them . I also bought a sports bra and love to wear them . I call it my back support.  I also wear a pair of yoga pants to work on cold days to keep me warm . I would have to say my female clothes outnumber my Male clothes . I have also bought a pair of Harley Davidson Hellmsdale boots (Google them) I have had altered a little and wear them most everyday on the outside of my jeans . I have a picture if anyone would like to see. 

      A few weeks ago early in the morning I had my first outing dressed as a female. In public . If anyone would like to hear that story let me know 

        Teresa Jane is a 80s rocker and a biker . She likes to wear leather 

    Thanks for reading 

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I’ve got several wigs bookmarked and most are human hair. Sure they are not cheap but they usually work much better. Last time I tried a synthetic wig it started to wear out very quickly. And it’s next to impossible to bring them back to new. They might be ok for a quick style change for a costume party or Halloween, but I would rather have something that looks natural on me and I can style or get custom cut. I’ve gone bald before and doing that as a woman would make me feel wrong. But if you can do bald then good for you! It’s very brave. I’m a big chicken.

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Hi everyone


Further more to about wearing wigs v bald, I have worn wigs for many years and quite frankly my complaints on wearing them were too many, to include high winds would blow them off, even if they were secure..  both my hands were trying hard, very hard to not show my modesty, as all year round i will always wear fairly light dresses.. as in male mode i wore trousers and was sick and tired of having to wear them, as they were not for me at all.  


They always made my head itch, usually at very awkward moments, in fact times itched so hard that I had no choice to remove the darn thing..  Another thing was availability and cost factors, the best wigs, always cost loads, and i couldn't afford loads, the cheaper ones looked drab, crap and basically fake as fake. in fact they loked so fake, they were just downright awful.


So, of late i have been wieghing up these pros and cons, and have realised that actually i felt far more confident simply being me, bald and i think it actually works for me...   People who passed me when i have been out, in fact to this point have never given me another glance, apart from simply in passing me..in the shop or in the street.   If the weather is rough, i have no wig to lose, and i save all that wig buying money, no longer itching on the head,  so I think in all.. actually i feel far better with no wig than with one.  My new photos coming soon will hopefully reflect that.   What you see is what you get with me.  No false hair, no false breast, in fact what you see is the real me, simply just feminised up, I guess this is how i was meant to be, only either i was too nieve or simply to blind to see.  But now as they say in faith, i have have finally seen the Light.


Regards  Melissa

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Reading this I feel so blessed that I have a full head of hair.


I have never considered the possibility of going out bald, but maybe extensions and a scarf/bandana over the top of the head would look nice?

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I just started finasteride for hair loss, it runs in the family. Hopefully it will stop the loss or (fingers crossed) bring some back, my hairline hasn’t retreated too far yet.


When I was much younger, I would always get my head trimmed to a #1 or 2. I can tell you I could not pull off bald as my old male facade, let alone as the real me.  I was pretty silly looking back then. You really need to have a good shape to the head and face I think , as well as a decent amount of confidence. I lack in all three. 


I have just started growing it out from a short male cut. I have been thinking about getting a wig or two until it grows out enough. I have no idea where to start though.  From reading this post, I think I am more inclined to look at real hair wigs.   If any of you that are or have used wigs could point me towards some good info on wig selection advice, I would really appreciate it. 


Melissa, my head started itching just reading your post ?. I still think I’d be willing to try it out despite the itching, especially it helps me see me better in the mirror. 


Rithia, I like the idea about extensions and a scarf, I think I may try it out. 

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I am one of the blessed persons who has no hair loss or a receding hair line, but I had my hair cut short all the time because I hated to go to the barber. 

When I started to present female, I bought a wig with plastic hair, it looked really great, but I hated to wear it.  It was hot and felt wrong.  I am really happy now that I don't need to wear that thing anymore.  

From that experience I can recommend to pay a little more money and get a good wig, specifically if you have to wear it all the time.


I do not have any idea how extensions work, but anything other than a plastic wig should be good!

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    • Charlize
      I have had a history of thinking gay folks would understand issues only to find they didn't.  Perhaps that shows how different sexual preference is from gender.  I don't know if my gay friends can truly understand gender issues just as i don't fully understand differences in the attractions that exist between people.  Perhaps supporting others regardless of attraction or gender is the best we can do.     Maybe a non-binary member can explain.  I know that my life is filled with both male and female aspects.   I choose to express and follow the feminine as I'm comfortable and at home here but for some a middle place may suit.   Hugs,   Charlize
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      @Mmindy I love the cartoon! It's the perfect meme foe a cold winter day.
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      Coffee has brewed. Come get a cup. 
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    • Mmindy
      Good morning everyone,   It's 11°F clear, and the sun is just rising. The coffee is brewing, and I've started a fire in the shop wood stove. It's going to take a lot longer to be comfortable out there. My business partner is up from The Villages in Florida, he's under dressed for this weather. Fortunately for him he'll be spending the day with our CPA doing the business taxes. Yesterday he sat and watched me weld pipe hangers together, then assemble pipe sections for one of our training props. He was supersized when I passed him a hand held welding shield. He had never watched the welding process, and said it was like using a glue gun with sparks and molten metal. We discussed the future direction, and activity of the company as we're both getting older.   Hugs for you all,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Marcie Jensen
      @Willow even if it doesn't work, how cool to have an antique clock that belonged to your grandfather!!!!!! And, the memories it must evoke. How awesome!
    • MomTGDaughter
      I don't hear many taking about messaging the scalp which is what I have been doing for my m2f daughter who is 15 now.  Along with her taking biotin, blockers and  now estrogen, her hair is among the fullest of any girl is her class adn she has been able to grow it to her lower back.  Best of luck to all of you, you can only try your best and make sure you can do all you can. 
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I identify with a lot of what you say.  My parents just weren't affectionate with me.  They were affectionate with my older brothers, and to some extent with my sister because she is the youngest, but I was mostly left out.  My sister and I are very close, and we were each other's sources of physical contact and warmth.     I didn't really have an idea of what normal parental affection looks like until joining my forever family and watching my husband and my female partners with their kids.     As an adult (sort of....as I dislike adulting), I'm probably needy and codependent.  When nervous, I immediately seek a partner to cling to and a lap to curl up on.  I can't imagine the pain of a breakup...that kind of loss would not be something I could survive.  
    • KymmieL
      That got me thinking. I don't believe I had my parents tell me I Love you. When my mom started about 3 years ago. It seemed strange but nice. It seems that the love was there, just not open.  My grandfather was the smartest man I have ever known. Showed me a lot. Being I was the only grandson. (I was back then, I guess.)   I guess that my life has been screwed up for a while now. I just want to know where the rewind button is?? Anyone?     Hugs to my friends,   Kymmie
    • Carolyn Marie
      First off, good on you to speak up and speak out, especially to folks who may or may not be allies or supportive of those under the trans umbrella.  Doing so takes courage.   I've spoken before audiences of primarily Gay & Lesbian folks, sometimes in a training setting, but sometimes in more casual situations.  It really has depended on the setting and the kinds of questions I and other trans speakers receive.  I try to explain about that "umbrella" business, and how that's much different than being either Gay or Lesbian; more amorphous, more controversial in some ways, and much less easier to define.  Even trans folk can't agree on definitions.   The important thing, for me, is stressing what we all have in common, and what our common goals are, and have always been; educating the general public, creating understanding, creating allies, reducing the hate.  That's common ground, and that we should all be able to agree on.   Carolyn Marie
    • Chanelta L.
      There were always examples, but not like you see them today. Things were kept quiet and people lived their lives out of the public eye. That went for all alternative lifestyles. At the machine shop my dad worked for, and I later worked at, there was a Lesbian couple who ultimately retired from there. I knew of them since I was very young, and somewhat understood what was going on, but nothing was really ever made of it, or really talked about it. They quietly lived their lives.     I mean the term Gay was rarely spoken. I remember my mother referring to Gay Males as a "Man's Man". I wonder how many here has heard that term. I have not heard it myself in at least 40 years. Chanelta
    • Davie
      I was kind of called out to speak for non-binary people today. It was a mixed LGBT group, but few were trans or non-binary like me. My friend who would have had a great answer, couldn't be there. I kept it brief so I wouldn't misspeak too much, but it was hard to speak to folks with 50 years experience as gay, but none with non-binary people. What should I have said? What would you do?  Thanks, Davie
    • Davie
      Barrett Strong, Motown stalwart who sang ‘Money,' for Motown, dies at 81.
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