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Dirty Laundry


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Sorry, I couldn't help but name this thread "Dirty Laundry"... 

My new temp to hire job at an industrial laundry is pretty rad! It's like listening to industrial music all day, minus the music. But everything is soft and smells like clean linen! ❤️


I really do enjoy it! But I'm having a couple issues with it, deciding if it's a job I can continue long term or not, and finding a permanent job in general. 


It's really not too demanding. But there was a couple things I found I no longer have the strength to do, like open the (huge industrial sized) washer door. I don't attribute this to hrt, as I've only been on it for a week. Rather a sedentary winter season might explain my weakness. I don't plan on doing any upper body strength training exercise as part of my transition, to contribute to the feminine shapeliness I'm trying to achieve. 


I'm also at odds with my choice of occupation industry. I'm trying to avoid heavy manual labor; for my health, my sobriety. And in anticipation of my transition.

But I can't stand most customer service, sales and clerical jobs either. I'm very shy and socially akward. Jobs where your primary duty involves constant direct communication with people scare me. 

Anyone else suffer this dilemma? 


Another issue is with a slight gender bias I noticed at this place. I work in the washing department with all guys. The drying side and the dirty side is mostly women, and the folding/ironing/packing department is almost exclusively women. I don't mind working with the guys, I still present as male and am not out (save for to friends). I kinda like the wash side actually (bc of the job, not the company there). 


I feel like maybe the dirty side might be a better fit for me. But will people talk? What about if/when in, like, a year's time (?) I start to present as female? What if my breast grow too big to wrap safely? Or I just don't want to?


Hmm, I dunno... 


Girly, washed and clean


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Just to share my experiences.


I was extremely shy as a child and still am pretty much in social situations.That said, in my last job I spent many years working out in the community in healthcare, visiting strangers in their own homes. It is something which most people get used to. I think the difference for many is more like the time it takes to relax in the work. Most people are nervous at first in strange situations. I still have issues with groups of people but it is possible to shut out the emotional side to some extent. One of the main things which helped me through in the early stages was the importance to the one person (the patient) of what I was doing, so I just did it, shutting out fears. 


Although I like tinkering with things I have steadily moved away from mechanical things. I seldom crawl under the car (although can still if I have to).


I think, in recent years, the need to communicate with other women has transformed me though. I find it easier to sit at a table with female strangers and start a conversation than it ever was with men. In general I find women are far more accepting and I love to chat lol.



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I have sort of broken out of my shell and forced myself into the spotlight in recent times. But in more artistic/expressive venues. 


The warehouse is fairly loud, and nobody really talks. We just chip away working at our stations. Nobody really socializes or gets to know each other. That's what I like warehouse jobs, even though functionally your a component of the machine, you can just focus on your task and be in your own little world. 


I am considering something lighter still. Cooking maybe. I always liked restaurant work. Or telemarketing (as long as it's wage rather than sooely commission). Maybe I could refine my feminine voice there! 


This job is not too rough. But I still feel like I'm portraying a working man, and it's making me feel a little dysphoric again. Like I'm stifling my transition or denying myself. Just subsisting as a working man as I have done my whole life, one of the very things that discouraged me from opening up about my gender. I dunno... 


I got the washer door open today! It was epic!! 


Yeah. I always bonded with women more than men. It was always akward when I "identified" as a man. Like, I worried they would think my social attempts were forwardness. I still present as male for now so this is still real to me. But I desire more socialization with fems more than ever now! My life is painfully akward. Perhaps I make it more akward than it needs to be, I dunno... 

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3 hours ago, ToniTone said:

It was always akward when I "identified" as a man. Like, I worried they would think my social attempts were forwardness. 


I remember this well! One of the major difficulties (at least in thought) I had too, and it was also the cause of some interesting incidents when I was younger as socially I was a bit of a misfit. These days it is so much easier although, as I am often outwardly 'androgyne' or indeterminate non-binary, I still wonder how I am seen but worry far less about it. I have found being more confident helps a lot. Some women are a bit wary but most are friendly, probably because I am not being sexually agressive in word or body language.



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Heh, I've always been a nice guy. Now I'm just nice! 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well I quit the temp job at the industrial laundry. My back and my joints ache. I keep getting injured. And there's skin peeling off two of my toes, I can barely walk right now. I might have to get them checked, or at least stay off them so they can heal..? I got like the flu, probably from handling biohazard garments. And the floor manager was such a jerk.


It wasn't happening today. I'm kinda content about this decision. I dreaded the idea of working there. But it's like damned if I do and damned if I don't. Well, now what? I'll find something else. Hopefully... 

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Hopefully you will find a new and better job Toni.  I was always upset when i lost a job but somehow seemed to find a new and better job.

Good luck in your search.





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Thank you Charlize! ❤️


I had a pretty relaxing day. Went to the doctors. They said my toes look ok, just chafed. So that's good.

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    • Drayse
      Hi @Vanessa Michelle,   And I'm still not done! I've never been so impatient to get something done as this, but there are so many people I have to update and a mass mailing seems too impersonal. I'm sure you'll do it when you're ready to do it. No sooner, no later.   Cheers, Drayse
    • Drayse
      Hi @Carolyn Marie I appreciate that.   Cheers, Dryase
    • Drayse
      Hi and thanks @Bri2020   Cheers, Drayse  
    • Jamie68
      It's great that you have that kind of support with your coworkers. I don't think any of mine would have been that thoughtful.
    • Mmindy
      Small World Emily, my baby brother is a dispatcher and batch operator for Arnold Readymix. I hope things are going well for you. GirlMechanicsRock and being in the quarry/mining industry you really Rock.    Best wishes, stay positive, and safe   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Vanessa Michelle
      Aww, @ElizabethStarthat would be so cool! I would have such a hard time waiting to get home to try them all on! Love it!! That was really sweet of her ❤️
    • Sally Stone
      Ann, I love your new boots and the coat, real nice!
    • ElizabethStar
      Congrats @2beBreanna!   I couldn't stop myself and took mine as soon as I got in the car. Why did I park so far away? Stupid street parking.   One of my friends at work gave a bag of clothes today. She came into my office area with it and immediately started  rummaging through it. Pulling stuff out and showing it to me. I think you'll like this...This'll look good on you. I was only slightly mortified this was happening. My office mates are guys and knew me before, made it kinda awkward. I got some nice stuff though and a dress. A sleeveless dress none-the-less. Of course I had to try it on when I got home (I tried it all on). It fits....really good. I just started going out in skirts and now a dress appears in my life. Just need an occasion to wear it. And the wife thing. I think she said no dresses but I'm not sure if that was no buying, wearing or just not in front of her. Oh well, life's a gamble.    
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @Chloé ReiYes!! Love the trans colors!! Those are also my fav colors coincidentally! ⚧️
    • VickySGV
      My basic relationship with them has not really changed.  I let all of them simply use my first name and I guess there are a few more legitimate hugs that are not "creepy hugs" like the males in my family are infamous for.  HRT has smoothed my temper out and I am not claiming dominance as I used to. My hobbies are still the same, because I had some "girl hobbies" in the past as well. My ex-wife is still my kids Mom and it is her right to have it, and she and my Daughter-in-Law's mother are the Grand kids Grandma's.  If the GK's refer to me it is as Grandparent and they leave it there, but they actually LIKE calling me by my first name.  We do have private "dad and grandpa" moments but even there, the big deal is I am a caring adult that holds them up and whom they can trust, and who gives them validity. 
    • Chloé Rei
      Gym outfit.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      That's a great question! I never thought of getting one of those! That would be really nice to have in addition to pajamas. 
    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks everyone.  It happened a lot faster than I thought it would.  I wish everyone would be able to start as easily.  To many hoops to jump through for many.    Gotta get to bed early tonight so I can wake up at 4 to shovel before work.  Where can I get a cozy flannel nighty.  Can't seem to find cute comfy pjs.
    • RhondaS
      We knew Joe Manchin (WV) would be a hard sell on this,  but then Krysten Sinema (AZ) says she wants to keep the filibuster and won't even consider changing her mind. 
    • Susan R
      @RobynNYC I have 6 actual grandchildren but 7 if you count a step granddaughter. I realize it’s not the same as your own child but in every instance these children whose ages were at the time 7 through 12 were completely open to the idea of me transitioning to a woman and effectively becoming Nanna Susan. Each of my daughters have 2 children of their own. Each daughter allowed the revelation of my transition to be handled differently. My oldest daughters children were told a few weeks later by my daughter and SIL using some age appropriate children’s books on the subject. The then 7 year old grandson cried (He thought everything was going to go away) but after I visited him as Susan, he became very attached...in a different way than before because of the gender change. My then 11 year old granddaughter and I now have the best possible relationship one could ask for.   My oldest daughter and her new hubby decided to use the same books for my then 7 and 12 year old grandsons and then they came over a month later for a BBQ to meet me as Susan. They weren’t shocked as they had been shown many pictures of me prior to meeting me for the first time.   My youngest daughter and her then fiancé allowed me to talk to my then 8 year old grandson and then 10 year old granddaughter. I spent an hour discussing it at their level and then had them ask me any questions they wanted. They had plenty but it was a nice bonding moment. I did this presenting as male. The next day I went to a park presenting as female with them and the were very happy.   The 7th step granddaughter who was 15 is very accepting and happens to be dating a FtM so it was never going to be an issue with her in any regard.   Over the past two years I have met several other children within my siblings family that had known me as my male persona and none of them have had any difficulty with my transition. In my experience, children at these age ranges seem to be very accepting for the most part.   My Best, Susan R🌷
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