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First time out


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Hi everybody!


First of all, thanks to everyone in this wonderful community! 

I just wanted to share some thoughts about my first time out with a dress,, breastform, hip pads, a wig, earrings and professional makeup (see profile pic). 

The first steps were scary but everyone simply assumed I was a girl! It felt heavenly to walk around in heels! I always avoided eye contact with people walking by but I heard some guys whistle and scream positive comments in the distance! My female ego felt just amazing! I could really live with that!

I realized that I was overthinking everything, I could really do the big step and live like this. everyday. Why not, really? I cannot find anymore reasons stopping me from doing that!

Am I being too optimistic?

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  • Admin

You are basing "full time" on a single experience, and your dreams are fine.  I have been full time for 10 years, and what you describe is only about 1/365 of what does happen in any year I have had.  (I am being light hearted.)  Each day is different but each day needs to be authentic.  Not every day will have perfect dress and great make-up.  Are you ready to face that?  You were conscious of your life being different and it was thrilling.  Are you ready to face the day you have a toothache or a bad head cold and the day is terrible?    People gave you compliments, but can you deal with an older woman who thinks you look like a prostitute and says so loudly?   I can keep the list going on for a long time, but I think you get direction here.  I do remember my first time out very well, but going out to a local small restaurant is no where near the thrill and smile that it was.  Are you ready for ordinary life on a daily basis as yourself?  The ordinary is a bigger hurdle than the special because there are more days like that. 

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  • Forum Moderator

I will use a typical occurance:


An example I have at the moment is perhaps from the legal side. I have to pick up a parcel at the weekend delivered to a store in my male (legally identified) gender (I bought on my credit card - male name gender). I dress and identify as female so using male credentials at the pickup is the sort of thing that would be potentially stressful. I can live with that but it is those little occurances which you must think about before they happen. Taking things slowly growing into things naturally can be easier to cope with and plan for.



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Let me just say you look great in that photo! Absolutely awesome! But that’s not going to be your normal. Things go bad before they go well a lot of the time. Like others have said don’t decide your future on one awesome experience. Move slowly and steadily forward. Now that you’ve been out as the best looking woman you can, try going out as the normal. The experience may be vastly different. But it sounds like you’re experience has helped you see an awesome piece of yourself. Hold onto that but don’t let that be the only thing that defines you or decides your future. 



this is me today. This is me most days. That’s what you need to be okay with. Because real life still waits for you. And is ready to show you her teeth. 

Congrats on a first day out!! Every time gets easier. Enjoy hun! ❤️

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  • Forum Moderator

I do remember my early trips out.  It was exciting to say the least.  I tried to relax but was most likely always worried about how others perceived me.  I must admit i enjoyed the excitement.  Just the idea of pushing the boundaries was exciting.  When i went full time i was at a point that i just wanted to live as myself without any of the fearer the excitement.  Passing was of course important but over time that also has faded into the background.  Perhaps the only time i'm disturbed in that regards is when i'm called out for some reason in public.  It is a bit jarring.  Fortunately few people look too closely and between that and the huge variety of cis females i can live a simple life as myself without having to get "ready" physically and emotionally to go out.  At the same time like any woman i do enjoy the chance to "get all done up like a dogs dinner" to step out for a special occasion.

I'm glad you had a great trip out Alex and hope you have many more.  This life is a marvelous journey!





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  • 1 month later...

I recently went out for the first time (on my own at least) as well actually, I met up with a new friend I made a Facebook based transgender Support group. We've been chatting for a while and we agreed to meet somewhere public since neither of us could be sure about the other. I decided to try and step out, but since I only have a motorcycle I had to dress pretty plain, with the added bulky biker gear over for safety. But once I took the jacket, gloves and helmet off I let my hair down and since I had done my makeup nicely it didn't look too bad, other than the friggen flat helmet hair, luckily the makeup didn't smudge too bad. I don't think I passed all that well but considering I didn't go for the most glamorous and feminine look, I felt it went well. I received a boat load of looks though, like I was certain people were trying to read me cause the could tell while my friend kept saying they are likely staring because I'm pretty, the flattery though. While I'd love to pass and all the time, I'll be happy just to feel comfy in my own skin every day. Looking good doing so would just be a bonus.


Anyhow, I think what the other ladies here are saying makes sense, if you didn't have anyone else's approval for being you and things got tough, when you knew you wouldn't pass or if you weren't the most attractive girl, would you still feel like it's worth going full time? I feel like that's a yes for me, since it's about me and not what people think of or see me as. Yes with exception to work for the moment. 




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  • 3 years later...

I have always wanted to go out dressed fully feminine but somehow I back out. Been like this for 20 plus years. I was home alone in 2022 for a week and spent a lot of time inside dressed. I started thinking to go out for a walk and started planning streets to go to but backed out again. I woke up at 5am and just started dressing and doing my makeup. I sat there in my stockings and suspenders and lingerie pondering what to wear so I picked out a long black and flowery wrap dress which helped my boobs look great. Put a long black cardigan on and kitten heels. I added my brunette shoulder length wig and some perfume. I sat there knowing I was going nowhere but I started telling myself to get out. I don’t know how but this time I grabbed a shoulder bag and soon I was out driving my car. I stopped at a post box and loved my heels clicking on the pavement. I loved how I felt looked and how my hips swayed. My boobs were bouncing. Then I walked along a few streets living it especially the cool air caressing my legs. Then I got bold and went to a small mini market with a cash point. I parked up and all was quiet except my heels clicking as I walked then a car started turning round in the red car park entrance. I froze so ducked into the shadows leaning against a wall. I must have looked like a hooker with one heel raised against the wall. Coast clear I walked to the cash point and started getting cash out. Then a van pulled up behind me and two builder type blokes got out and stood waiting behind me. My perfume was strong and they must be smelling me. I carried on and walked back to the car. I was so proud of myself and so glad I made the move to go out. The following morning I got ready again but this time it was daylight.

I loved being in the car dressed my dress was riding up and was just about covering my stocking tops. I drove through the city very aware of everyone seeing me. Every bump made my boobs wobble. I got to a beach car park and was out of the car for anyone to see. I walked a few hundred yards from th  red car with multiple people seeing me. Every step could be heard and my bouncing boobs sent pulses of pleasure through me. I stopped looking out to sea as people walked past. I sat on a bench again soaking in being seen with no issue. I’m so glad I took the plunge to get outxxx

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    • Ivy
      Funny.  I always thought this referred to a macho-type guy.   But I can see how it could be understood this way.
    • Mmindy
      While drinking my first cup of coffee, and watching the bird feeders. There were two woodpeckers on the suet block, the smaller one is very regular here. It’s a female Red-Bellied Woodpecker, the larger one is a rare visitor called a Common Flicker also female. I find that funny because she’s not been that common at my feeders.    Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Mmindy
      You are worthy, valued, and loved.
    • Charlize
      I have had a history of thinking gay folks would understand issues only to find they didn't.  Perhaps that shows how different sexual preference is from gender.  I don't know if my gay friends can truly understand gender issues just as i don't fully understand differences in the attractions that exist between people.  Perhaps supporting others regardless of attraction or gender is the best we can do.     Maybe a non-binary member can explain.  I know that my life is filled with both male and female aspects.   I choose to express and follow the feminine as I'm comfortable and at home here but for some a middle place may suit.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Marcie Jensen
      @Mmindy I love the cartoon! It's the perfect meme foe a cold winter day.
    • Mmindy
      Coffee has brewed. Come get a cup. 
    • Gianna_P
    • Mmindy
      Good morning everyone,   It's 11°F clear, and the sun is just rising. The coffee is brewing, and I've started a fire in the shop wood stove. It's going to take a lot longer to be comfortable out there. My business partner is up from The Villages in Florida, he's under dressed for this weather. Fortunately for him he'll be spending the day with our CPA doing the business taxes. Yesterday he sat and watched me weld pipe hangers together, then assemble pipe sections for one of our training props. He was supersized when I passed him a hand held welding shield. He had never watched the welding process, and said it was like using a glue gun with sparks and molten metal. We discussed the future direction, and activity of the company as we're both getting older.   Hugs for you all,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Marcie Jensen
      @Willow even if it doesn't work, how cool to have an antique clock that belonged to your grandfather!!!!!! And, the memories it must evoke. How awesome!
    • MomTGDaughter
      I don't hear many taking about messaging the scalp which is what I have been doing for my m2f daughter who is 15 now.  Along with her taking biotin, blockers and  now estrogen, her hair is among the fullest of any girl is her class adn she has been able to grow it to her lower back.  Best of luck to all of you, you can only try your best and make sure you can do all you can. 
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I identify with a lot of what you say.  My parents just weren't affectionate with me.  They were affectionate with my older brothers, and to some extent with my sister because she is the youngest, but I was mostly left out.  My sister and I are very close, and we were each other's sources of physical contact and warmth.     I didn't really have an idea of what normal parental affection looks like until joining my forever family and watching my husband and my female partners with their kids.     As an adult (sort of....as I dislike adulting), I'm probably needy and codependent.  When nervous, I immediately seek a partner to cling to and a lap to curl up on.  I can't imagine the pain of a breakup...that kind of loss would not be something I could survive.  
    • KymmieL
      That got me thinking. I don't believe I had my parents tell me I Love you. When my mom started about 3 years ago. It seemed strange but nice. It seems that the love was there, just not open.  My grandfather was the smartest man I have ever known. Showed me a lot. Being I was the only grandson. (I was back then, I guess.)   I guess that my life has been screwed up for a while now. I just want to know where the rewind button is?? Anyone?     Hugs to my friends,   Kymmie
    • Carolyn Marie
      First off, good on you to speak up and speak out, especially to folks who may or may not be allies or supportive of those under the trans umbrella.  Doing so takes courage.   I've spoken before audiences of primarily Gay & Lesbian folks, sometimes in a training setting, but sometimes in more casual situations.  It really has depended on the setting and the kinds of questions I and other trans speakers receive.  I try to explain about that "umbrella" business, and how that's much different than being either Gay or Lesbian; more amorphous, more controversial in some ways, and much less easier to define.  Even trans folk can't agree on definitions.   The important thing, for me, is stressing what we all have in common, and what our common goals are, and have always been; educating the general public, creating understanding, creating allies, reducing the hate.  That's common ground, and that we should all be able to agree on.   Carolyn Marie
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