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Lots of excruciating pain

Dana Michelle

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49 minutes ago, Jani said:

You might try taking an Acetaminophen tablet a half hour or so prior to your appointment and also forego coffee as the caffeine exacerbates the pain.  Both of these strategies has helped me.  Unfortunately I don't believe anything makes the upper lip area any easier.



Th upper lip and close to the ears can be painful. I was told by a former pharmacist that two Ibuprofin and one Acetaminophen gel caps working together will dull the pain significantly. I used to order a topical pain reliever from a Canadian pharmacy, can't recall the name of it though.

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12 hours ago, NB Adult said:

I often wonder why some men even want to look like a walrus with facial hair. All the genetic females I've cozied up to say they appreciate a smoothe face.

This is my opinion too.  I am not "allowed" to grow any facial hair according to my wife. She hates it as did a lot of other women in my life. Though secretly all these years I didn't want to.  So it was all good. 

I admit to hating having to shave everyday.  I am gong to try electrolysis as soon as I can get it covered.


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  • 2 months later...

Lately I've been having a very strange feeling during electrolysis in addition to the pain. It is hard to describe, but it triggers a lot of anxiety. It's sort of like a feeling of a full bladder over a large area in my body. I've also been getting little sleep lately so I'm wondering if sleep deprivation is causing these strange feelings. Does anyone have any idea?

My previous and next electrolysis visit are a week apart so I've been staying awake all night and going to bed a little later each day to try to adjust my sleep schedule. Going to bed earlier doesn't work for me and I end up laying in bed unable to sleep. I've been drinking caffeinated soda to help keep myself awake, but I will not drink it the day of my next appointment. As someone pointed out, caffeine increases the pain of electrolysis.

On 11/24/2019 at 5:26 PM, NB Adult (Inactive) said:

Th upper lip and close to the ears can be painful. I was told by a former pharmacist that two Ibuprofin and one Acetaminophen gel caps working together will dull the pain significantly. I used to order a topical pain reliever from a Canadian pharmacy, can't recall the name of it though.

I thought it wasn't safe to take more than one pain medication at once.

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  • Forum Moderator

Dana when I was having areas worked on where there were nerve endings particularly close the pain was horrible and it seemed to resonate through my whole body.  I felt this way particularly when she started on my neck area but  thankfully I did get used to it to the point it was bearable.  There were specific areas on my lips like this too.  


Caffeine will definitely increase sensitivity to pain.  Also as we age our sensitivity to things changes.  I used to be able to drink coffee all day and sleep well into the night.  That is all passed now.  I have one cup in the morning and that's it.  Even a little chocolate after dinner proved to be too much.  So now I take all the caffeinated items before noon.  


I used to take acetaminophen alone (about 30 minutes prior) and it helped quite a bit.  I'm not sure I would mix two different types of pain reliever.   As to anxiety, is it about the electrolysis and pain?  If so focus on the end results and removal of beard and beard shadow, forever.  A smooth face is so nice.  Think positive thoughts. 


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10 hours ago, Dana Michelle said:

I thought it wasn't safe to take more than one pain medication at once.


My doctor recommended that I take a Tylenol and an Advil.  (I am not going to "recommend" it, because you'll have to consult your own doctor for an appropriate recommendation.)  Her reasoning was that they reduce pain by different methods, so they do not interfere with each other.


My pain management starts with no caffeine (coffee, tea or chocolate) for 24 hours.  I use Emla (lidocaine/prilocaine blend) applied an hour before the session.  I cover it with a layer of gauze wrapped in plastic wrap.  The gauze retains warmth, which increases the effectiveness of the Emla, and the plaxtic, of course prevents it from drying out.  The gauze also gives you some deniability if you are caught in public: it looks like you are being treated for a horrible burn, not preparing for electrolysis. :D


Very important for me is that I take music and headphones.  The music gives me somewhere to escape to.


Over three years (about 150 hours) of electro, I have gotten better at handling the pain.  I suspect that my pain tolerance has improved.  (Urban legend has it that women have a higher pain tolerance than men: maybe that is the HRT kicking in.)  Also, my mindfulness has improved, so when I escape into the music, I actually blank out most of what she is doing to my face.  Today, she ran out of areas that I had treated with Emla, and was able to continue for another half hour on untreated parts of my face.  I felt it of course, but the music was good and I didn't really mind.  That's a far cry from back when we started!

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    • Heather Nicole
      Suits, ties, any kind of men's formalwear. I used to think what I didn't like about them was the formality and the association with certain not-always-trustworthy professions. Now I realize it had less to do with formality (After all, I love formal dresses!), and more to do with gender.   And like you @KymmieL anything tight around the neck, feels like I'm being choked.   I was never a fan of the cargo pants/shorts trend either, but for me I think that's more just stylistic preference.
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      @miz miranda Hope you are healing well.
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      What is that green thingy growing out your arm?   
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      Surgery. gosh. My last hopes was in the beginning of covid. I found my doctor for what I was after. And the fact that I wasn't after intercourse, things got really easy. First no need for bottom part electrolysis, no vaginal canal for the hair to grow in.... Second, no stints, etc.. long follow ups,  Third I have a maintenance free  vagina. Sadly, when things were looking good, my health was the big issue. My wife wasn't against me having the surgery, just the doctors.    
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      I was wondering what my day will be like. I started out with That 70's Show theme. Tried the Kitty Forman look. Ended up with a better Donna Pinciotti look. LM.  
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      FFS is a GO!!!!  Caveat was they will do it as a "same day" and discharge me in the evening.  I'm just going to spend the weekend at a hotel right next to his office in case I need anything then come home Monday. (I'm an hour away so driving home that night seems challenging)  
    • JustineM
      Thank you for the support everybody. I knew she wouldn’t be very supportive but I never expected the wedding comment. I think that’s what hurts the most. I talked to my sister last night afterwards and she thinks that mom is blaming herself for everything and sees my life as a reflection of her. I’m hanging on right now, thankfully I have an amazing wife. She definitely helped me last night.    Apparently she talked to my brother last night, found that while he is trying to be supportive he also feels like he is losing a brother. So it’s hard for him to make the switch. Between Moms favoritism toward the cis-daughters and our oldest brother that committed suicide several years ago I can kind of understand where he’s coming from. 
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      To me, the Trans issue is irrelevant really to what is happening, but I have to agree that it will be taken by the H8ers as more ammunition against the DA against his general policies in regard to criminal sentencing, which are at the basis of attempted re-calls from office.  A point was made that the convicted person needs psychological evaluation, and may have developmental and psychiatric issues involved that can be separated from the Trans issue.  The ideas that are behind this are a legitimate abuse of the legal system where there have been cases of juveniles charged as adults, especially in marginalized ethnic communities.  There is much to be improved in the justice system though.
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      @Elizabeth Star Thank you for taking the time to update us.  We care about you and hope you are able to get through this as well as your partner.  Not being able to go visit is hard.  You are in my thoughts.   Hugs,  Jani
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      Thought I'd share this. My cat Ginger watching my video wondering how her human got in there.  
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      Could be interesting.  Thanks.
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