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What's Your Favorite Style?

Sally Stone

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I'll start this off by telling you all that my favorite feminine style is female business attire.  I'll pair a knee-length pencil skirt with a nice blouse and a cropped jacket.  A variation of the same style would be a sheath dress with a shrug or cropped jacket.  And, since it's business attire, it's always easy to get away with higher heels.  If I want to stay on the dressier side, I'll wear pumps, but I can dress the look down slightly by wearing boots or booties.  The bottom line is there are so many options with a business-oriented look.





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I'm a farm girl despiser the fact that i'm in jersey as well.  Fortunate to be on the family farm and i am often seen in jeans and a rather plain top or tattered barn coat doing chores.  In the winter if i heart a skirt it is close to touching the ground and when it gets colder i wear fleece tights as well......  Mmmmm cozy and comfee........  When out or about in public i usually wear a nice skirt and top, sometimes paid with a jacket as you describe but i rarely wear heels now.  This older gal gets away with that and again it's a matter of comfort for me.  I loved the day when i was in a business suit at the hearing for my name change and was asked if i was an attorney.   I guess clothes indeed make the woman.





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I honestly don't have one yet.  I have had very little experience wearing much female clothing. Well to be truthful.  NONE as of this post outside the house.  As a guy I was always in a company uniform of one business or another for most of my days (nights-worked night shift for almost 30 years)

This consisted of jeans/work pants and a t shirt.  I am now in a job where I get to dress in "golf attire" and truly love this.  Most of my golf polos are of a very sleek and silky nature.  As are my slacks.  

I have started wearing my female under garments full time since coming out.  My wife is strangely ok with this and still does our laundry together. (I'm not allowed to)

Folds it too.  ( I am lucky there)

I have recently ordered a couple pairs of Dansko female clogs to wear with my work clothing.  Simply black and brown for now to match the clothing I already own.  In the hospitals I work in I see plenty of male nurses and doctors wearing these types of shoes, or very similar, so its not too outrageous but they do make me feel more feminine.  Every little bit counts.

In my near future I feel I will convert my guy "golf" shirts and pants over to a more feminine style.  Most likely still a shirt and pant outfit.  Maybe swap in a skirt some days.  Maybe just girl golf shirts.  LOL

(I play a lot of golf too so they will at least be useful when I am dressing far more feminine for work.)

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I can't say they are my favorites, and I am not Goth, but if I reach of any outfit these days it seems to be some type of black T shirt and black slacks.  My most common source of T shirts are support purchases for Trans groups I am part of.  The one I grabbed when I tossed off my pajama top reads "Trans Voices Matter".

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I usually go for a more preppy, kinda tomboy goth thing, but also a light and cute pastel style


basically flannels, graphic tees, and black ripped jeans

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Let's see... daily wear is usually a t-shirt with something clever written on it and jeans. Mostly dark colors and blues. I can get away with splashes of maroon though. I love my maroon jeans. Then I put a sweatshirt or a sweater on top if it because I'm cold. My current favorite is gray, kind of shapeless and has a fox wearing glasses featured predominantly on the front. Sometimes I spice it up with a long sleeved shirt. I'm sensitive about my bust line though so there's usually a high neck line with minimal cleavage showing.

More formal wear will be a nice shirt. Usually blue or black with blue accents or a blue pattern. Then add slacks this time of year. Going formal I'll add one or two accents. Generally a necklace or wristband with a decorative scarf (again, sensitive about my lack of a bust line).

No matter what, I'm nearly always wearing my favorite pair of boots. They're kind of medium-dressy ankle boots with a couple of decorative straps. They go with almost anything, but I also have party shoes, formal shoes, sneakers and athletic shoes as the situation requires. 


In the summer, it will either be a t-shirt or a tank (I look great in a tank top) with shorts. Sometimes I rotate in one of my skirts. I have a lovely peasant skirt that is easily one of the coolest things I own on a hot day. Summertime is always sandals unless I'm dressing for a specific formal function.


For the most part, I look like a librarian. Not the sexy kind. Glasses. Conservative dress. Usually with some drapery. I've got a real thing for drapery when I'm decorating myself to go out.



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This time of year, with the cold weather, on top I'll have a cami, women's long tee, and hoodie.  On the bottom, for nicer occasions, I'll

go with women's Chaps or Candie's pull-on dress slacks; otherwise, slim jeans (over leggings if it's really cold).  For accessories, I always wear my butterfly necklace close to my heart, and alternate various rings, anklets, etc. as the mood strikes me.  My hair is now long enough for a barrette, which means it's a little easier on my hair than wearing a ponytail every day.


For sleep, I like a nice cozy women's nightshirt.



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Warm weather: long, loose t-shirt with shorts (except when I get in the studio, then I loose the shorts and wear the t-shirt and my panties).

Cold weather: t-shirt with sweater, fleece or flannel shirt over it, and jeans.

I'm not certain anyone would ever accuse me of being stylish. But I'm comfortable and that counts.

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I am often in black too, much of the week. Likely a black polo neck jumper, black leggings with a short black tube skirt. I wear black (sometimes burgundy) thicker or fleece tights or leggings in the winter. A long woolen top (I have one in white, one in purple and one in black) or a plain t-shirt with one of various skirts (these are patterned). I do have jeans but I seldom wear them as the alternatives I find far more comfortable. I have various fleeces in different colours and a couple of coats, one being a very warm quilted anorak which I love and also have a matching color trapper style hat which is very cosy. Bedtime it is pyjamas or fleecy top and pyjama bottoms during the winter. skimpy wear in the summer.



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On 12/11/2019 at 1:10 PM, Astrid said:

My hair is now long enough for a barrette, which means it's a little easier on my hair than wearing a ponytail every day.


For sleep, I like a nice cozy women's nightshirt.




I have had my M2F daughter who is now 13 grow her hair long, i recently had it permed and her stylist (out stylist) thought it would be best to hold it back in a barrette and she gave my daughter a very nice one. She looks real cute, she has bangs with her permed hair being pulled back in the barrette. It looks really nice on her, I love the looks on her. 

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10 hours ago, MomTGDaughter said:


I have had my M2F daughter who is now 13 grow her hair long, i recently had it permed and her stylist (out stylist) thought it would be best to hold it back in a barrette and she gave my daughter a very nice one. She looks real cute, she has bangs with her permed hair being pulled back in the barrette. It looks really nice on her, I love the looks on her. 


I wear my hair like that too. I usually hold it back with this:




Though I change it out from time to time. It's a cute look and easy to set in place. It also keep the hair out of my face.



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Hello Sally,                     I am new to this site, so I will answer as best as I can.  The style I prefer is the 50,s look, the flared skirts/dresses with a large nice petticoat underneath, usually worn with stockings & high heels. Those rock & rolls days, carefree style & what I call the real girly look. love,  Helenmarie

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i dont really know yet because i dont really have a set anything. boy style is probably anything that feels cool like a rain coat i have that makes me feel like game characters i know


but girl style well ive tried in a game before and i say probably anything 

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    • NashySlashy
      Good morning, everyone.   I didn't sleep too hot last night (nightmares galore!). And my husband has me worried because he's panicking over the Supreme Court ruling and is having conversations with his parents that don't involve me at all...even though I'm the subject of the conversation. It's making me a little uneasy. I know he's worried and doesn't want me to worry, but he doesn't realize that by not including me in the conversation, it's making me worry. I tried telling him that and he just changed the subject.     I'm so sorry you're going through that, Elizabeth. As someone with CPTSD, I can certainly relate to having automatic trauma responses. You are doing the right thing by seeking treatment. I wish you the best of luck! ❤️
    • Elizabeth Star
      Good morning everyone. @Hannah Renee Congratulations on the name change. The process in our state is a little weird but at least changing your gender marker is easy peasy.   @MmindyI'm sorry to hear about your mishap and thankful you're, more or less, OK.   I know I've been pretty quiet here for a while. I've had a LOT of traumas surfacing. Thankfully, my GT actually specializes in trauma and since I'm in a holding pattern with my transition right now we decided to switch gears. I've come to find out that I'm full of automatic trauma responses. Just the simple action of my supervisor calling me into his office fills me with anxiety and triggers a fight or flight response. Just normal, everyday things are setting me off and I can't keep going like this anymore. It's going to be a long and emotionally painful process but it needs to be done. I can't keep running from my problems.    
    • Davie
    • Davie
      Hi @Purple8. Welcome. Yes, I identify with your feelings. I think it is tough to "find" yourself when you identify as somewhere in the middle, such as non-binary. It's a process that for me, took time, and reflection, and writing about it and, yes, talking to a gender therapist, too. You're doing great by finding this TGP site. Keep coming. We're here all night. 💜 -- Davie
    • VickySGV
      You are in a pretty common place with a lot of us here.  We are not Gender Counselors, but almost all of us have been through Gender Counseling  and found that it really helped us.  When we tell the rest of the world that we are not their idea of what we should be and are going to be our own self, it can be a bit rough, but it is freeing.
    • Purple8
      Hello everyone! I am a 32 year old person who was assigned male at birth. Generally fine with the pronouns he/they. Most of my life I have identified as a cis-man but lately have been really questioning how much that truly describes who I am. Throughout my life I have always had discomfort when I’ve been grouped with guys or asked to do things because I am a “man.” When I was a kid in school and I would be grouped with the boys I would always feel out of place. I used to justify this feeling because I’m gay and most of the boys I knew growing up were straight. Even as an adult now I feel pretty alien generally when I am around a group of typically straight men. As an adult I find myself pretty comfortable presenting pretty “masculinely.” But I still find myself experiencing a lot of friction when people have certain perceptions or expectations of me because of that presentation. And recently I have had interactions with a guy where while we were together he complimented how masculine and manly I was which felt incredibly uncomfortable to me. Which, has now lead me to self reflect and I feel I truly don’t relate to the terms masculine or manly other than my very surface level presentation. I also don’t consider myself really feminine. Though I do feel that with whatever feminine traits or qualities I do have, I really enjoy when those are complimented or affirmed. I definitely don’t identify as a woman, though. A couple weeks ago I finally was just like “maybe I am non-binary” and once I sat with that for a second and I realized I could just remove myself from having to wear the label of “man”, I felt as though a giant weight was being lifted off of me and it felt pretty amazing. So this is still very new for me. I’m still exploring this and have so far enjoyed the journey. Though, I do have a kind of imposter syndrome feeling as I still currently really am fine and enjoy presenting more masculinely (however sometimes with a little queer flair.) Really for me it’s mostly dealing with the general discomfort I feel from people’s expectations of me because they look at me and think “man.” Anybody with similar experiences?
    • VickySGV
      @Carolyn Marie Minor Confession -- I am in it as well.  I am in an unusually shy mood at the minute though.  I know, I know, not my usual self.
    • Confused1
      PSA testing?   Seriously, I'm happy you got answers. I know you were stressing what you might find. I don't like MRI's either.   Mike
    • Teri Anne
      Awesome pics Jaycie you look fabulous.
    • Astrid
      Take a look at the many forum topics to see if any are of interest. You'll find recommendations about books on gender identity, too.   Best,   Astrid
    • Carolyn Marie
      That was great, @VickySGV,  Thanks so much for sharing it.  Your friends are awesome!   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      As overwhelming as it has been for you, I am glad you did it and found out so you can work toward the future of your life.  The anomalies make you simply you, but a you who now can be even more yourself.  I know that sounds complicated, but it is a happy thing.
    • VickySGV
      https://youtu.be/QPHj8IdyRX4   They got a bunch of my friends in it.  Enjoy.
    • Roach
      A fresh haircut is always something to look forward to!
    • Roach
      @DonkeySocks I can understand the anxiety around extended family. I don't see most of the people in my family very often, so I struggle to think of what is appropriate to tell them. Great to hear this!
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