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Shaving down there

Jamie L

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I shave every part of my body, except for two. I’m a gay crossdresser so I do this. The only two places (beside my head) I will never shave is my crotch or my butt. I try to look sexy.

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I shave everything too.  Everything.  Except I’ve since stop shaving in or around the butt crack area.  Omg it gets so itchy.  Now that I am on HRT the body hairs are getting finer but it’s still uncomfortable so I leave that beyond skin level.
mom not sure about sexy but I can walk normal.  Lol 

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Lol, right now the only places I shave are my face and my crack since I'm not presenting as female at all yet. I don't have trouble with itching down there for some reason.

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I exfoliate prior to shaving and moisturize like crazy after and it helps with the ingrowns and the itch. Still have it the next day or two, but nowhere near as bad. My face is the only part I don’t shave, it doesn’t make me dysphoric right now and hides my face from the world. It’s like a security blanket on my face, as I’m still very much not out socially. 

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    • Fly2188
      That ship sailed for me years ago. I was so happy when I got rid of my last pair of mens. At first I stuck to boring plain colored panties, but lately I’ve  been switching to cuter colors and prints - reds, pinks, purples, florals.    I  completely agree. I love opening my top drawer and seeing all my bras and panties. I still get sad seeing my undershirts and socks in there though. I’ve toyed with the idea of replacing my undershirts with camis, but am not sure they’d look right under my male work outerwear. 
    • DeeDee
      Gotta join the tie haters club. Have had to wear them most of my life thanks to school uniforms and ridiculous work dress codes and that feeling of being restricted around the neck just gives me the ick.
    • Carolyn Marie
      I do believe your doctor is correct, Kymmie.  The organization for which I am a Board member is in regular face to face contact with the VA Director (or Secretary, I don't recall if its a Cabinet post) and they're being told the same.  I hope it comes sooner rather than later.   Carolyn Marie
    • Drake
      It's come to my attention that having an androgynous appearance is considered child gr00ming now, as is any LGBTQ material. My childhood home town made some disturbing posts about how the LGBTQ community was "forcing beliefs on others" apparently, and posted the American flag as the "real" Pride flag. I've also heard the rumors about legalizing gay marriage being rolled back too. The backlash is insane. I got tired of it and hung my Pride flag in the front apartment window. I'm not giving up, but I'm leaving my area because it is literally rated the worst place for trans people in the USA. I just live in stress now. Whenever I'm not on drugs, I'm angry. I don't know if it's me, or if it's just living in this hostile world. That's it. Not asking for advice. Not making a productive post. Just talking about the world rn. I thought we were past this.
    • Transgirlkatie
      Thats really good to hear that even pills were successful in suppressing testorone. 
    • Red_Lauren.
      This is some thing I was thinking about the other day. Many trans people consider their first day of hrt D-day. I think many of start our transition years before with out really knowing. Because we had plans to transition, but for many reasons we never transition.    I was like 25, 26 when I started buying womans clothes. A few years later. I was wearing womans clothing a lot. I figured my transition was just over the hill, but my finances just weren't there. At 31 I started growing my hair out, started playing with make up some what. Again to transition, but my ex came into the picture, so I stopped my transition goals.    By the start of 2020. I still sucked at makeup, but started going out as Lauren. Then covid hit. Every thing was shut down. Mt ex didn't want to see me because of the covid. When Every thing opend back up. I resumed going out. Because of mask. I didn't have to wear make-up. Since I wasn't seeing my ex munch. I spent more and more time as lauren. The more time I spent as Lauren. The harder it was to go back. By the end of 2020. I was on hrt, but April of 21. I was full-time, and the reast is history..
    • Davie
      The Hidden Rules of Modern Society (and how democracy dies)  
    • Red_Lauren.
      For me they still are used to hold up my pants. I got a booty. 
    • VickySGV
      I have only had pills or patches and have been fine that way.  I was on the pills with what my friends all claimed would be an ineffective strength for two years with no Spiro for two years before my doctor prescribed Spiro, and then, not as a T-blocker, but simply to get my blood pressure where it should be.  Before the Spiro I had been crashing my Potassium levels, so really my Spiro had little or no effect on my E.  It does depend on your body, but my current Endocrinologist would not have me using T-blockers if not the Blood pressure issue.  My suggestion is to rely  on your doctor as things hit us, and not worry too much about shortages.  I was off the E for 6 months after I had a blood clot in my right leg, but did not lose anything, although I was a mess from the shock of getting the DVT but as life went on, I just kept going too.
    • Transgirlkatie
      Hi, right now there is a massive shortage of depo estradiol, and pfizer won't have any batches till december assuming there's no more supply chain issues. Currently I only have 1 vial left and it might not be as effective due to improper storage during an AC failure. I switched to injections so I can do estrogen monotherapy without spiro and also because I got better results from it. I spoke to my doctor and they said this was the first time they've heard of the shortage. They said they can try and call around, but if all pharmacies run out then I will have to switch back to pills and maybe go back on spiro. For those of you who had to switch from injections back to pills what has your experiences been like?
    • KymmieL
      In a nut shell that is it. I would tell myself. to search deep and hard and see that you are a girl.   Kymmie
    • KymmieL
      Are you a veteran? If so I would first come out to your primary care provider. They can get you going in the right direction.   Kymmie
    • KymmieL
      According to my GYN who is on the regulations board. They are in the public opinion phase. Unlike what they are saying. It isn't a Lets just cut people up. They have to write standards then rewrite them when problems comes up. My GYN is the director for Woman's reproductive health for the VA. I feel honored to be one of her patents.   The VA is going to offer GCS both top and bottom. But just takes time. My Dr assured me.   Kymmie
    • RhondaS
      You may think crossdressing will be enough forever, it won't, make the leap sooner. 
    • KathyLauren
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