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Has anyone heard of the Guevedoces? I just learned about them the other day. The earliest article I have seen is from 2015: https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34290981


1% of the boys in this village in the Dominican Republic live as a girl with a vagina until puberty, at which point they grow penises and become fully fertile men. Apparently these boys normally feel like boys growing up including preferred playmates, toys, etc. This speaks volumes in favor of gender and sex being separate.


Belle ❤

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I have known about it for some time, and it is genetic and hormonal issue.  There are other equally as fascinating problems involving hormonal and related issues.  The list is pretty long although it is too late tonight for me to find my resources in my mess on my computer desk tonight.  It fits into Intersex territory which is wider than most of us imagine and more varied than most peoples imaginations will tolerate.

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2 hours ago, Belle said:

This speaks volumes in favor of gender and sex being separate.

This is so interesting...I had never heard about this.  I also thought that the research finding “that hormones in the womb matter more than rearing when it comes to your sexual orientation.” was intriguing too.

This weakens even further the idea that you can change sexual orientation with conversion therapy.


Thanks for sharing this article, Belle,

Susan R?

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Interesting read. I take finasteride, now I know it was a result of these people that the drug exists. 

As Vicky has said, the spectrum of intersexuality is really a wide spectrum in both how it occurs and how it presents. I just listened to a recent What the Trans podcast where they interviewed to lovely folks regarding their experiences. There is definitely some experiences with the wider Trans community. 

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I had not known about this condition.  Thank you for sharing there.





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  • 2 weeks later...

I had never known of this before. Thanks.

Eye opening.


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    • Shay
      Never heard before but perfect choice for early Sunday morning. Nice groove and layering as you said. Thank you.
    • Confused1
      That is definitely good news Kay. As you said, one step at a time! There were several times in the last year I didn't know if my marriage could survive, but my wife has moved a lot. It wasn't easy to get here. Praying yours does as well.   Hugs, Mike
    • Drayse
      Hi @Rei, welcome to the forums! 😊   Don't feel too put out about being 39 and just starting. Some of us are even older.
    • Tasha Marie
      Good morning e everyone.
    • Cyndee
      This Phish , layers, and layers....   Silent in the Morning - YouTube  
    • KayC
      Hi @Valfole!  nice to meet you and Welcome! I'm very happy you found this Forum and its been as helpful to you as it has been to myself and many others here.    Its a great place for open dialogue so please be sure to ask questions, seek answers, and share your feelings.  That's how we all grow.  Wishing you the best in your relationship❣️   Deep breaths ... one step at a time.
    • ElizabethStar
      I'm out of coffee again. It's Earl Grey for me.   Yesterday was my wife's birthday. Her brother and his GF came over to make dinner and see what we've done with our place. We had spent most of the day cleaning our house. I didn't put any effort into my outfit and spent the day in a pair VS/PINK brand 3/4 yoga pants and a hoodie. I had fully expected to be asked to change before her brother came over but when the time came she said I looked fine and I don't need to change. Later on she opened gifts. One of the is a chicken coop. Ever since she found out we can have chickens on our property she's been obsessed with the idea. A wall worthy event.   We have a section of brick wall in our living room. There was a free standing fireplace once upon a time so I guess the wall put for fire protection. Anyways the bricks are painted white. One of our friends suggested we write a life event on each brick as the happens. We bought the house, wrote on a brick. Wife got her chicken coop, wrote it on a brick. So last night while I was up on a stool writing that she got her chicken coop she suggests that we paint the bricks different colors. "Ya know, your pride colors". Me: rainbow or pink,blue and white? Her: pink,blue and white. I almost fell off the stool.   Later we were all just hanging out, talking, drinking wine and somehow (I think my wife just threw it out there) that I'm (me) the girl in the relationship and she's the boy since she's such a tom-boy and hates dressing up and having to put on face. She does love her baseball caps.   I'm just going to, at my own risk, assume she has finally settled with idea that she married a trans-girl.
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Becca! Your story sounds really familiar. I just beginning this exploring me journey after suppressing my feelings for years. So happy your family & the world!   Hugs Delcina  
    • KayC
      Hi @Shawnster.  I know exactly where you are coming from. From the time I came out to my wife as transfeminine (about a year ago) it has been a similar denial and avoidance on her part.  Other than that our daily relationship is a good one, but its on her terms for what I am allowed to do (or more what I am not allowed to do .. ). That means the underlying tension always resurfaces at some point and then there is a meltdown on her part.  I had asked her before to attend therapy with me but she always told me she did not feel the need (I guess she saw it as "my problem" not hers).  But after the last meltdown she finally offered to attend (last week). One session did not solve everything between us but I came out of that with the feeling she had definitely moved in the right direction of "understanding" even if its not quite acceptance yet. Bottom line is, IF your wife loves you (and I have no doubt you love her as you declared), couples therapy (and possible individual therapy for both of you) may be your best chance at both of you being happy ... together. One other thing .. I have not started HRT yet.  But (for me) I feel I would need my wife's blessing before I started.  (For me again) Starting without her knowing/accepting would be a betrayal of her trust in me. Deep breaths ... one step at a time.
    • Drayse
      Hi @identityfun   I'm sure that you will, particularly if you follow the advice some members have already provided.
    • Drayse
      Hi @JN Orange, welcome to the forums! 😊 Hoping to see further posts from you in the future.
    • KayC
      Update from my previous post - @Rania (Welcome!!) I've had an IPL for about 4 months.  I started with once a week (mostly on legs, pubic, and stomach).  The manual said to use it once a week for 10 - 12 weeks.  It worked so well I stopped/cut back for a while after 6 weeks, but then noticed hair growth was less in volume but coming back. (so I think the 10-12 weekly sessions recommendation was accurate) Since then I have just concentrated on areas that seem to be harder to control.  Pubic area is definitely one, and for some reason around my knees (even though my thighs and calves are close to hairless now).  I also started on my arms 4 weeks ago and have seemed to get moderate results so far.   Be sure you have some decent eye protection.  Buy laser approved dark glasses (but don't count on those alone).  I look away, close my eyes and use a towel if I can to help cover the areas around my glasses that let the light in. 
    • Drayse
      Welcome @Kaiden!
    • Drayse
      Hi @Becca-beans, welcome to the forums! 😊   I never really played with dolls much either as a kid, but most of us here can probably relate to struggling with gender our whole lives. I'm glad that your wife is so accepting and loving. That's pretty awesome!
    • KayC
      It's going to be the rallying cry for many years I'm afraid.  Did you see brand new Sen. Tuberville (AL) tried to tie on an anti-Trans amendment to the Covid relief bill?  Fortunately it got shot down quickly. That's just an embarrassment that the Republicans don't have anything better to offer the American public that hate and bias.
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