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what is it like to be a trans woman?


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im currently working on writing a story about a transgender woman in around the 90s and what it was like living.

the problem here is that im a transboy born in 2005

so i wanted to be able to accuratly depict what it was like coming out during those times



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Look for books by Jennifer Finny Boylan, Julia Serano, or Dr. Susan Stryker and use them as references.  They cover that time frame pretty well, especially Dr. Stryker's actual history book.  She is a professor of history and a Trans woman herself.  Julia Serano is a social scientist, and Jenny Boylan is a professor of English and has written many newspaper articles as well as three books about what it was like in those times.  My time in the 90's was not until the end, but way different from the earlier years.

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    • HollyNoel
      @Jackie C., OMG! speaking of bringing up memories. I used to play D&D what seems like a lifetime ago. I started playing early 80s. You know back when they claimed it was "devil" worship with all the demons and monsters. lol. Of course it all makes sense that I always wanted to play a Female Elf Ranger.. I guess it was a cry for help by my inner girl trying to get out back then. lol.
    • Jani
      Hi Jamie.  I'm sorry you had to go through that depressive state after your transition.  I'm glad you are okay now and doing well.   I applaud you for thinking of us and coming back.  its important for us that can to give back.  Thats why I have stayed.   Anyway, welcome back and I hope to see you around!   Cheers, Jani
    • Tasha Marie
      @HollyNoel Thank you. Would be great to talk. Yes I am about 5 miles from the Indiana line so just into Michigan.      
    • JamieMackenzie
      Thank you @Jackie C.   @AwesomeClaire I agree, and thank you for picking that up. I recently was talking to one of my members about that. About how we need to celebrate our coming out as trans, we need to celebrate just being trans. To be honest, it is a challenge, something not many people would be willing to do. That being said, many people trans or not never actually reach that point of true authenticity. That is why, as trans people, we need to take advantage and celebrate!    And true that on how ignoring being trans can create dysfunction and pain! 
    • HollyNoel
      Clair, years ago before I fully understood I was trans, several of my co-workers used to go to drag shows. They would always invite me, I would always turn them down. I was always afraid of how it would look, me attending a show like that. Now I'm dying to go and the closest ones are in St Lewis or Chicago and I don't have anyone to go with.  I don't want to go alone, it's not safe for us trans girl, especially in a big city. I just can't believe I wasted my chance to be who I was out of fear of what other people thought.
    • Jackie C.
      Sorry no, we've got support meetings on Discord but that's it. Also, thanks for the tech support flashbacks. I once had the head of one of our departments install a Taiwanese porn dialer on his company laptop. Of course, "(he) didn't do anything." He got paid an order of magnitude more than I did. He probably still does.   I've considered opening up my personal Discord channel for chats (because it's free), but I can't say how many people it can support for video chat easily. It handles my six-players and me D&D game fine, but I can't say what the limitations of the system might be.   Hugs!
    • HollyNoel
      Thank you Clair.. *hugs*. Ever since my mom said the Holly reminded her of that girl "Holly Madison"  Holly Madison on The Girls Next Door! on the E! network. It's all I think about now When I hear Holly.  lol. Damn it mom.. lol   @Tasha MarieYou have friends here hun. Don't ever think you don't. I see you are in Michigan, that's really close to me. I'm in central Illinois. I would love to be friends with you. I wonder if we do Zoom calls here. If not, then we should. The only thing I think I know that we do is voice.   @Jackie C. Do we have zoom meetings that we do? Now that I've mentioned it, if we don't then maybe we should. I think I'm tech savvy, but I'm finding out I'm not. The other day I did something on my computer and had to take it to the shop to undo what I did. The guy told me what I did and He lost me after he said oh you changed this setting. lol
    • Linda Marie
      Also I have been with the government for over 20 years. You needn't worry.  I'm not here to spy on this group, I am trans, I have used my gov. recourses to protect my job because I'm trans. There is so much more to me than you see here, We will have fun getting to know each other, another day, another journey.  LM❤️
    • AwesomeClaire
      Yeah the only trans people I know are online. I know one local person but she rarely responds. I've developed a pretty close friendship with a transwoman that is 1500 miles away in Canada. After COVID I plan on attending drag shows again and maybe I'll meet someone there. 
    • 2beBreanna
      Community involvement is a big part of everything the company does.  I have been involved with several food and toy drives.  This resource group will have a presence in towns where we have facilities.  We cover  over 2 thirds of the nation.  Getting to know how to make all feel included and comfortable was a big point I drove in my application for the chair position.  I will likely need help from all here to build ties all over if I get a chair spot.
    • Linda Marie
      Also the whole thing is designed to see ones self as others and how to handle different situations, be more than just one person!!! 
    • Linda Marie
      I am at the mercy of the members on this. I was worried about that and had my wife proof read what I was up to. I didn't include no explicit subjects because I feel safe here and felt the need not to. Thanks for having me here.   
    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks for the input..  I put in the application for 2 chair positions.  Hopefully I will get one of them.  Even if not I will be a member of this group.  This will help a lot of people.  The meeting had 75 people involved. I also threw in for a promotion.  If I get that then moving up or around will be easier.
    • Linda Marie
      I will go first. I will be Gina, a patient. Now as Gina I'm only allowed one ailment, but many doctors. I can be a doctor to other patients but not myself.  I can be other new patients, but always the ailment matches the character. I cannot talk to my other characters I created, whether I'm a doctor or patent. Patients can talk to other patents and their doctors, doctors can only talk to other doctors about their. patents. If you chose to talk to yourself, you can create a nurse. Remember, you can be as many people as you like, switch back and forth, and so on but to be a nurse, you can only be one nurse, same name.   Here goes,    WEEEEELLLL WEEEEEEEELLLL....screech......   I crawl in and fill out forms....name....Gina   sex....dah    age....old..... Problem.... Gina, I hurt my leg, will somebody please do their job and fix it...   ( nurse walks by, doctor walks by)   ............this is where the game begins...                        
    • Jackie C.
      Just a reminder: Nothing explicit. PG-13. We're not that kind of site. Carry on.   Hugs!
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