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IPL as an option during quarantine?


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On 3/7/2021 at 12:53 PM, KayC said:

Update from my previous post -

@Rania (Welcome!!) I've had an IPL for about 4 months.  I started with once a week (mostly on legs, pubic, and stomach).  The manual said to use it once a week for 10 - 12 weeks.  It worked so well I stopped/cut back for a while after 6 weeks, but then noticed hair growth was less in volume but coming back. (so I think the 10-12 weekly sessions recommendation was accurate)

Since then I have just concentrated on areas that seem to be harder to control.  Pubic area is definitely one, and for some reason around my knees (even though my thighs and calves are close to hairless now).  I also started on my arms 4 weeks ago and have seemed to get moderate results so far.


Be sure you have some decent eye protection.  Buy laser approved dark glasses (but don't count on those alone).  I look away, close my eyes and use a towel if I can to help cover the areas around my glasses that let the light in. 


Thank you for your kind advice , Should I do waxing before IPL or shaving is enough especially at areas like the face where the hair does not fully disappear by shaving 

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    • Mmindy
      My Suzie and I have two different coffee makers, her’s is a Keurig coffee maker, and she grinds her own decaf coffee beans. Mine is a 12 cup Bunn drip style, and I use mostly Folgers Dark Silk or Black Rifle C♠️F.   I fill my 20oz OzarkTrail travel mug after preheating it with boiling water. Then I drink two 10oz heavy ceramic mugs while eating breakfast, catching up on the news, and social media. The travel mug stays hot throughout the morning and is more like a sippy cup for my security until lunch.    @Willow It’s good to hear you’re resting and able to stretch out the amount of pain pills you need. Listen to your body, and don’t over do it as you return to your normal routine. I’m also glad things are coming together with your wife/partner and family.    Hugs for everyone,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋💖
    • Jamie68
      That sounds like a really odd situation. I think you did the right thing. I wouldn't trust that guy either. 
    • Jamie68
      I don't know if I could handle avacado on toast. Supposed to be really healthy. I love the dachshund salt and pepper shakers. 
    • Becoming Diana
      I'm about to have my second coffee of the day.  It's cold and windy outside but nice and cozy inside.  I think I'm becoming a hermit.  
    • Becoming Diana
      Another vote for pumps.  They look classy.  Although those boots look fabulous!
    • Marcie Jensen
      Interesting about period symptoms. I get the backache, the emotional ups and downs and the desire to make a baby for about 2-3 days a month, and on a regular cycle (ie: it is always the same 3 days, give or take a day.) Since my knees hurt virtually every day--relics of an errant and misspent youth--I discounted them. The rest makes sense, though...
    • LindaMarie
      I know we all felt this way from time to time. I know today I just feel like.....  
    • Heather Shay
      The first album I bought for my OWN first stereo system.  
    • Heather Shay
    • Sally Stone
      Thanks so much for the input ladies.  Valerie, the only time I plan on spending outside is the walk from the parking lot to the restaurant, not a long walk, but could be as much as one-hundred yards.  I was leaning towards the pumps to be honest, but these particular boots, with the high-heels, aren't great when I am doing a lot of walking, so I thought this event might be the perfect opportunity to show them off.  I may just wear the boots while driving, bring my pumps along and make the final decision when I get to dinner.      
    • Susan R
      Hello David and welcome to the forum. It’s nice to have you join us here. In time, the forum can become a very helpful place to find info, get support & advice and make a few like minded friends. Hope to see you around.🙂   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Jandi
      Welcome David
    • Charlize
      My father actually got very close to saying the "proud" word as i finished building our home.  It had taken over a year during which i had been almost fanatical.  I desperately tried to get by without a mortgage having sold our first farm and getting out of debt.  I guess i had proved that i was a man.    Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jandi
      I did get this from one of my daughters.
    • Delcina B
      Welcome David! Glad you're here. I hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina
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