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Scrotum hair


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how do you remove scrotum hair? long before i realized i was MtF i always hated pubic hair, but have always been to scared to try and remove the scrote hair because i feel like it will bleed from pulling, or get cut by razors and clippers. ive also heard that scrotum waxing is one of the most painful beauty,(procedures?), so much so that most dont find that its worth the pain. any tips or links to guides would be appreciated. thanks in advance

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I have never tried to remove it permanently, so I have no advice to offer there.  I do know that you can shave it safely if you take your time.  I had to shave mine before surgery.  I freaked out a little bit, but I followed people's advice and took my time, stretching the skin smooth.  I used a regular 3-blade disposable razor.  It was fine.  (The regrowth was most definitely NOT fine!  Ouch, that hurt for two months, but I'm guessing you would not want to let it re-grow.)

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27 minutes ago, KathyLauren said:

The regrowth was most definitely NOT fine!  Ouch, that hurt for two months

i fully believe that lol. i shaved my pubes about 5 years ago because i don't like most of my body hair. I haven,t shaved it since, but the regrowing was so stabby. next time i def won't let it regrow. thanks for the rest of the info as well.

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Don't use Nair. I know someone who did that. The results were... unfortunate.


If you're serious about it. Go for electrolysis. It's something a lot of GRS surgeons require anyway. It'll probably hurt like the dickens and it'll be more expensive, but you won't have to worry about regrowth. There will probably be swelling though so wear loose clothes.



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@Jackie C. i actually went to a beauty store yesterday and asked about Nair depilatory cream. the lady there said that they didn't have Nair cause its not good and showed me the other depilatories they had. also from what i understand, its not safe to use depilatories in the genital area, right?

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Depends. How do you feel about chemical burns on your scrotum? That skin is thin and very, very sensitive. Applying harsh chemicals to the area is a bad plan. Admittedly, I didn't see the burns first hand but a dear friend of mine did and they were both tragic and hilarious. Don't judge her harshly on that, the guy (who was her nanny/boyfriend at the time) turned out to be a pedophile. He deserved the agony. You don't.



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@Jackie C. oOo damn that sounds painful. just to clarify though i was looking for it for my legs and arms, i kind of expect most things to not be safe for genitals

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Just make sure that what you buy is high quality and meant for the area you plan to use it on. I don't have a ton of experience with hair removal thanks to an auto-immune disease that attacks healthy hair follicles. On the plus side, I didn't need any electrolysis. ?


Lots of the girls here are or were more hirsute though. I'm sure there's plenty of good advice.



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  • 2 months later...

i went with a popular & heavily advertised mens genital electric razor - i don't want to name it & get anyone in trouble, but its main selling feature is a ceramic blade that they claim prevents nicks, cuts & irritation.   It left my undercarriage looking like the cat had attacked it, and the automatic spraying of deodorant after i towelled off only added insult to injury.

I should have taken pix - it would have given everyone a laugh at least...

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There are only two reliable and safe ways that scrotal hair can be removed.  The most common way is by electrolysis and it does work.  As said some surgeons require it before GCS.  The second way comes during GCS by a good number of the surgeons where the scrotal tissue is opened up and the hair follicles are scraped off the inside before the scrotal tissue becomes part of your Neo-vagina.  I went to a surgeon who did it way #2 and it is fine.  Razors and epilators and depilatory chemicals in that area would get you a 72 hour mental safety hold if it were my say so.  I am glad I do not know anyone who suffered more than discomfort from using them, but I have been waiting on making this post to see if some safe and sane folks were answering it.  If it is over-the-counter stuff you don't want to do it. 

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Um...perhaps I'm an outlier in this regard, but I've shaved my scrotum and surrounding area an average of 3 times per week with a 3-blade razor since 2014.  I simply take my time and am careful. Maybe a small nick every 3 or 4 months... no more than that.  But I am adamant about being smooth down there, so it's been worth it.


I do plan on electrolysis, eventually.


We're all different, aren't  we ?.  A good thing!



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10 hours ago, VickySGV said:

Razors and epilators and depilatory chemicals in that area would get you a 72 hour mental safety hold if it were my say so.


I know someone who did that with Nair. He couldn't wear pants for 72 hours afterwards because of the chemical burns. I think the... rest of his life probably... of people who know about it laughing at him was punishment enough. Well, that and the chemical burns.


I had the scrotal scrape as part of my GCS too. Everything is smooth down there. That said, I ran into a lot of surgeons who required electrolysis to the area for at least a year before they'd take you too.



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Dr. Brassard does the follicle scrape as part of the surgery, so he does not require hair removal first.  However, I have talked to a few of his patients who have had one or two follicles missed by the scrape.  They had to go back to a gyno afterwards to have the resulting internal hairs removed with silver nitrate.  To avoid that, a lot of ladies have elecrolysis on the area even though the surgeon doesn't require it.  If you are going to have it done, though, he requires that it be completed a year before surgery, so he can identify any remaining follicles that need to be scraped.

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I've shaved it in the past. I did not take extra caution but I only only got a small nick from shaving.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Oh dear.

I feel slightly silly. I've tried several different creams and the sensitive one was okay.

Shaving takes a lot of time and patience ... oh the regrowth ?


Now for the funny and painful story.

Sensitive hair removal cream worked okay. But ..

for some reason they put it in the same coloured plastic bottle as the normal cream which I use on my legs.


Well you can guess what happened.

I only twigged when things started to get really hot down there !!!! ?

After rinsing with cold water which is not fun either, I couldn't bare anything next to my skin for 24hrs.


Ouch ouch ouch ...

I check the bottles very closely now !!!






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2 hours ago, Robin.C said:

Ouch ouch ouch ...

I check the bottles very closely now !!!






"goodness gracious, great balls of fire"


i've made similar mistakes, leading to something resembling Irish dancing...   you have my sympathies...



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      In a true homage to reading other peoples experiences and taking notes (thank you Kelly(particularly) but also et al) I have over the last couple of of days ‘come out’ to my business. I am a senior manager at company employing 1.5k, with a team of 22 that are my directs I had spoken to my Md some weeks ago about my transitioning, how it was early days, and tbh, soft soaped her about how wonderful it was to be working in a company that, whilst I knew it was going to be difficult, was forward thinking enough to be able embrace and (be seen to be able to) empower members of the lgbt community . She was keen to manage my becoming visible across the business, however I thought it was right that I should personally ‘come out’ to especially my team, but also my closest colleagues. We agreed that as soon as I started telling people, the likelihood of gossip (and therefore our ability to curtail the ‘ridicule factor’) would increase. So over the space of Tuesday afternoon and the whole of Wednesday (which was also the day my name officially changed to Dee (yeah..not Alice…long story)) I was allocated an interview room and ‘came out’ on an individual basis to 36 people - in an order that I had created on a scale of ‘can be trusted to keep their mouth shut (and thumbs off their keypad) to ‘gossip-monger in chief’ - just prior to a meeting at 4pm where the MD would announce my transition and explain to all the other senior managers what was expected of them in relation to ensuring respect from their respective teams etc.   I can happily report that (with the exception of 2 morons(whose life will henceforth be made a misery)), I received support, intelligent questions, generosity and predominately respect for the guts it takes not only to decide that you need to take control of where your life is heading, but also to look people in the eye and say ‘I didn’t want you to hear this from someone else’ (It also gives you the opportunity to mould their mindset in respect of ‘seeker of peace and happiness’ vs ‘deviant’)   Dont be afraid of this once you are sure , whilst it was emotionally exhausting bearing my soul (because you do have to to every question they ask), I staggered out of work last night with a refreshed view of the majority of peoples acceptance and enthusiasm to accept something ‘a bit different’ I get that it is early days with this situation in the workplace, but I have come out of it with a truly positive mindset.   Thanks for the inspiration ladies😊❤️😊❤️  
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