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What Motivates You?


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@Abi love the post idea. What motivates me is the passion to create music that finds its way to whomever needs that particular song and it appears when they are most in need of hearing it.

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"If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror.  Look a little closer, stare a little longer, because there is something inside you."


I don't recall where I found this one, but it's saved in my book of inspirational thoughts.


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I'd like to share something that motivates me. It came to me at a time early in my transission, and probably wont really mean anything to anyone else .... but its important to me, so I hope you will bear with me.


A few years ago, my beautiful eldest daughter who plays an elven rouge in D&D, dances like an angel, listens to K-Pop and watches endless Anime, asked me to watch a movie with her. It is called Kimi No Na Wa - Your Name in English.  It became one of my favourite movies and easily my favourite anime.


The movie is full of beautiful music and there is one song that, over the years, has become the theme song to my transission. I must have played this song a thousand times. I often listen to it when I am afraid. I listen to it when I feel that this thing I want so much will never happen. I listen to it when something wonderful happens and I am full of the exquisite joy that this wonderful change I am going through finally brings.


The song speaks to me of loneliness, of endless waiting, and the repetition of doing something over and over with the hope that something magical will happen if only I can be patient enough. There are brief moments, in the song, of absolute joy and so much hope. So much hope.



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I try to motivated   myself bye talking to myself I guess. When ever i down or suicide creep in. I tell myself, "Ok so yr not the pretties or sexies or the smartest, But Lexi you survive death, hardship, homeless, and break-ups. So just get out of bed or just start something and take from there."

It's stupied I know but it helps esp when i am to depress or tried to work out.

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@Lexi C

    Anything you can do to try and pick yourself up is great motivation. You are a strong and proud woman. True beauty doesn't express itself in image alone. It's all about how you love yourself and show other's that love too. You are always looking out for other people here. Showing how much you care comes naturally to you. You are wonderful. Don't forget that girl.

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Heather Nicole
On 9/8/2020 at 10:55 PM, Berni said:

A few years ago, my beautiful eldest daughter who plays an elven rouge in D&D, dances like an angel, listens to K-Pop and watches endless Anime, asked me to watch a movie with her. It is called Kimi No Na Wa - Your Name in English.  It became one of my favourite movies and easily my favourite anime.


I was a fan of the director's previous work, Garden of Words, but the first time I saw Your Name, it absolutely blew me away. Definitely one of my favorite movies, too.

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    • VickySGV
      In my case it was grand children who were a bit younger but from what you tell me about yours, they will be pretty flexible and accepting. You have not taught them to fear and hate people who are different.  The only HEAVY question my GK's asked me was if I would still like them and do things with them.  A simple Yes answer and one went back to playing with Lego's another went over and practiced their piano, and for the youngest it was bedtime. That was 2012 and last spring my eldest grand child came out as Trans and the 2 grandson to 1 granddaughter count change to 2 granddaughters and a grandson. the two younger siblings have no distress with it and my "new" granddaughter is in a performing arts High School where I have met some of her classmates through volunteer work I do with the local LGBTQ Center.     I used two gimmicks to explain my Trans life with them, one involved two jigsaw puzzles (about 36 pieces each) where I put the pieces for one puzzle in the box of the other and told them to put the puzzle  together as shown on the box covers.  They got the picture easily from that metaphor.   With groups I am in I use another illustration.  I have two cheap hand mirrors that I hand around, one is an actual clear mirror, but I have pasted a picture on the other one that is a far out space alien concept that does not look human at all and tell them that to a Trans person their daily mirror is the space critter.   Hope that helps.  
    • BillieB
      Yes Audrey, it was Jackie Rabbit’s YouTube I found and subscribed to. Thank you to all for your warm welcome and encouraging words, I am excited for the journey ahead!   BillieB
    • Audrey
      @Red_Lauren. This makes me so happy to read! Thank you for sharing your happiness with all of us, and I hope those were tears of joy. It's wonderful to hear that your friend is just as supportive to you now as before. I imagine this will make your relationship with her even closer. I have a friend who is also like a sister to me. She was the first of my friends to know, other than my partner. It was hard to tell her too - how would she react? - but now in hindsight, it was the best thing I could have ever done for our relationship.   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Jackie C.
      Bri's fault! Had to listen to this after one of her comments in another thread.     Of course I AM kind of an amazon so...   Hugs!
    • Red_Lauren.
      Today was the day I came out to a friend. Who is more then just a friend. I view her as the older sister I never had, or asked for. She has been one of the most supportive persons in my life. So me finally coming out to her. Was a big thing, and a few months of keeping it a secret from her.    I wrote her a letter. As I was nervous to tell her in person, and there was some stuff in it. That is personal. That only we would know.    It was definitely more emotional then telling other people. Probably because of our relationship, and my hormones. I got the reaction I knew I would get from her. We both fought back tears, till I couldn't hold them back any longer. Now I wish I would have taken a day off from work. I'm that happy.     
    • Jackie C.
      More importantly, I want it to be writ in the clouds whenever one of the bozos in congress votes against the well-being and interests of the people they are supposed to be representing and/or popular bills.   Hugs!
    • Mx.Drago
      I'm right now holding my breath dear Chuck doesn't drop the ball, and instead drops the filibuster rules(tears them up and sets them ablaze), so we have less noise and more fixing. Those simple rules and guidelines can always be put back later but for now we don't need the filibuster rules.
    • Jackie C.
      I have a friend who keeps telling me that tall women are dead sexy. Especially in a black dress and heels. I'm only 5'11", but the reality is that nobody gives a damn how tall I am except me.   Either way, welcome to Transpulse! We're glad you're here!   Hugs!
    • Bri2020
      "Ow, she's a brick house She's mighty-mighty, just lettin' it all hang out"   sorry, had to go there since that's my goal. haha   But I get the need for patience, I'm having to learn some myself these days and it's a struggle.  The house can be built one brick at a time.  
    • Jackie C.
      A very good point. These progressive executive orders need to become laws so the next regressive chucklehead doesn't spend his first week unraveling all the good things.   Hugs!
    • Mmindy
      Good afternoon @BillieB   Welcome to TransPulseForums and as @Audreymentioned, you're welcome here, there are people of all walks of life and experience to share with you non judgmental advice, and support. Even tall people.    Hugs, (masked of course)   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Jackie C.
      You could build a really small house by carving the brick...   Hugs!
    • Mx.Drago
      Hey there and welcome! You'll be fine as a tall lady, you might make women jealous mostly cuz your height makes you more visibly imposing. Women can be very competitive. At least your wife is in on the situation and can back you up if need be. Plus there be many here in the forum who be towers of glamour all their own. There's also quite a few topics about those with extra tall figures on this site for tips and other things. Be confident knowing you're not alone out their. Glad to have you join in on the journey.
    • Mx.Drago
      Hurray! Now we just need a law, so no other prudes can do the same again. 
    • Mmindy
      Good afternoon from the Central Time Zone,   @Jamie68 cleaning/reorganizing the garage is something I do every 4th or 5th project. Some of the things I'm working on now are to facilitate my future retirement projects/capabilities. My shop table is organized chaos with off fall from recent work. The most effective way to clean it is with a wire mesh strainer over my shopvac hose. Anything smaller than a #8mm nut will pass into the waste bin, all other objects are pulled off and sorted for later use. Sawdust, metal filings, and smaller nuts bolts and washers are gone never to be seen again. My tablesaw is my layout surface, my work bench is heavy duty for pounding, blocking, and bracing.    They built a whole whole industry around "This Old House" including my favorite comedian/actor Tim Allen.   Good luck with your garage sort,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
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