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A Change In Scenery IV: Exercise revisted and getting a few things off the chest (no pun intended)


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Hello all, long time no see. Life's been rather crazy as of late, so i sorta forgot how to structure things and where to place them but here i go.

Over the past year, i've continued to work on my figure, primarily my lower half. I have now begun trying to slim the tummy. I still believe my lower half can get thiccer, as i don't really see much of a difference from then and now, however i need to invest in protein shakes and weights. Both of which are investments i've just now set my mind on committing to (equipment can be expensive). I've started by doing squats with two 10lbs dumbbells in each hand that i found laying around. I intend to try and get a bar and weights. However, i never really have anyone around to spot me, so i'm a little nervous.  

I currently have 2 routines for each part (lower half and tummy). I do my lower half on one day, followed by a 10-15 minute work out video at night. The next day i follow a cardio workout video 

(10-15 minutes), followed by that same tummy video at night. Then again, my lower half but a different routine, followed by the video. I try doing this at least 5 times a week, Mon-Fri if i can help it. I'm hoping this will get me somewhere, as best as possible while i work on a proper diet (which also costs alot of money). As always, if you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share that helped you slim down, then by all means, don't hesitate to share :D!

On the miscellaneous topic i mentioned..

Over the year, as hard as i have tried to reach my goal, i noticed it was putting some strain on my mental health. As lofty as a goal it was, i felt that every day i didn't workout, everyday i didn't eat right, every time i didn't do 1 more..2 more..i felt i was getting further and further away from my goal. Recently i sat down and, for lack of a better word, revised what i wanted. While i still want the same figure i've always wanted, i made a compromise point. A point where, if i can at least get to the compromise or close, i'd feel better. Needless to say, it has helped me tremendously with stress management. I've also bought two pairs of prosthetic breasts, and will probably buy more to see where i'd like my perma-size to be, assuming i do so (having an IRL boob-slider is awesome). All in all, the journey towards rebirth has been an interesting one so far. Filled with stress, confusion, irritation, happiness, relief. As wild of a ride as it is , though, i'm loving it nonetheless. Perhaps someday, i'll post the finish product of what the rebirth has sculpted. Maybe it'll inspire others.

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Good luck on the workouts. It is important to have goals for sure. It also makes sense not to set unrealistic goals too. I find shorter goals make more positive feelings about accomplishments. Like I want to have the end results now but if I set myself a smaller prize, then I feel better about mysel,f which will encourage my desire to do more the next time. Everyone is always telling me it's more important to find little things to make myself happy, until the big things are more realistic. Seems like a good confidence builder at least. Have fun. :)

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    • Ticket For Epic
      @CD Rachel  My pleasure!   I'm so glad you appreciated it.  And of course...  Best of luck!  Much luv
    • miz miranda
      Some odd facts     The human brain, which is the core of the central nervous system and a miraculous creation of nature, can process as many as 70,000 thoughts in a day! When I can't sleep it seems like that many a minute     On an average, a person accidentally eats about 430 bugs in each year of his/her life. Weird. Isn’t it?   Science has revealed that a tropical cyclone releases heat energy at the rate of 50 to 200 exajoules per day. This rate of the release of energy comes to about 200 times the world’s capacity of generating electrical energy. This rate of energy release is equivalent to that released during an explosion of a 10-megaton nuclear bomb every 20 minutes!   Polar bears can run about 25 miles an hour and jump to about 6 feet in air. Polar bear fur consists of a layer of thick under-fur covered by an outer layer of guard hair. The guard hair appear in shades of white to tan but are actually transparent. The transparent fur makes the polar bears almost invisible under infrared photography!   The blood vessels, which form a vital part of the circulatory system in human beings, are responsible for enabling the transport of blood throughout the body. If blood vessels were made to lay end to end, together they would encircle the Earth twice, by stretching up to a distance of about 100,000 kilometers.
    • miz miranda
      I have described myself as the narrator in a movie about my life (think of "stand by me"). I observe but don't live. I don't feel I exist.   Finally recognizing I am Existing but not living is what finally got me over my barrier and get help with gender therapy.
    • Cyndee
      Battle of Alberta has been settled
    • CD Rachel
      Wow love this as that is exactly what I am doing right now!!! Thanks for sharing this!!   ~Rachel
    • Charlize
      Jani I don’t feel very strong.  With one day to go before 75 and being on HRT for 10 the bales are getting very heavy.  Sleep does come easy!   Mindy we use the bales for our sheep.  I try to have around 300 to be safe.  
    • Mmindy
      Welcome to TransgenderPulseForums @LauraMarie Thank you for making yourself and life experiences available here. I'm late to the transition process, as I waited until my mid 60's to start.   Hugs,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Cyndee
      Bless you Alan, I was fortunate to see him and Yes live a few times over the years, what a powerful rhythm section he and Squire made up for many decades. The best of the best, I have lot's of their recordings, and treasure them.    One of many favorites by them, the combined effort from '91, powerful      
    • KayC
      Welcome @LauraMarie!  Thank you for joining this Forum!  I am sure your experience will be helpful for myself and many here.   I am originally a West-coaster also, and currently living in Japan.  But hope we have an opportunity to meet someday when I return.    Looking forward to your future posts❣️
    • Heather Shay
      Understand the "Acceptance" but not satisfied with the despair that has ahold of me and even working through it brings so little satisfaction.  
    • Heather Shay
    • Mmindy
      Money can cause us to revisit pain. Mine is in my arthritic hands from decades of blue collar work. Now I'm semi retired and building training equipment in my small shop. My doctor mentioned that my hands are nice and soft, then asked. What kind of lotion do you use? My answer was Aspercream for pain.   Have a great weekend.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Jani
      It changes eventually.  The goal is to make your life as "normal" as possible no matter what form that takes.  
    • Jani
      Yes this is sad.  All the great performers are passing.
    • Jani
      Oh Charlize you are so strong to still be working on the farm!  I know you must sleep well at night!   Jani
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