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What's your favorite band EVER?


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Hey all,

I love all kinds of bands... but my favorite types of music are alternative rock and psychedelic rock. My favorite band ever is Wilco, but I also love the Beatles, Brian Wilson, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Radiohead, etc. What's your favorite band ever? 



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I do not have a favorite band but Buddha Bar is my favorite compilation albums. So yes, I do fancy Buddha Bar a lot!

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Favourite is tough, I love so much music. Metallica, Ludivico Einaudi, Julian Baker, The Head and the Heart, M83, The Band and Weezer are a sampling of some of my biggest musical influences. There are just way too many to list though. 

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It's a difficult one has it has changed over the years. I probably could not pick a single one but The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and The Ramones would have to be in the shortlist. Having said that lots more are coming to mind. Individuals like Carlos Santana and Chuck Berry. Such a variation!



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Hi Tracy 

I like all of those.  My favourite Song of all time is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  There have been others but none like this.


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There are just so many, so this question posed in this topic is a truly difficult one.


But if pressed to only pick one, my favorite band/artist ever would have to be Jimi Hendrix. He produced music that was so ground breaking then, and so highly influential for my young ears (at the time).


Honorable mention to


Led Zeppelin


The Beatles


Crosby, Stills, and Nash

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer


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For me it is a tie between Bob Seger and the Silver bullet band and REO Speedwagon. Have seen Seger 3 times, and REO 8.

Other that make the list not in any order:



Pink Floyd

Toby Kieth


Most of the time it is the song more than the artist.



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Depends on the day and on hormone levels.Right now I am mid way through my injection cycle and Social Distortion its number one on thew playlist.But my tastes are pretty wide ranging. Right after an injection it is The Bangles, Adele, Maria McKee and she leads into Lone Justice from there to Green Day. From Social Distortion the journey heads into an almost fatal dose of Zeppelin, Cream and Sabbath. As the day of injection gets closer Kasey Chambers, Ronstadt and Tanya Donnelly are on the playlist.





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It has to be Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band, I have seen them live over 20 times, great music great live show

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My favorite band of all time is Journey. There are other bands that I favor, but I love every song Journey has produced.

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I am finding it very interesting how many of us like the same music.  What's up with that?  (incidentally, that's a ZZ Top song)


My fav of all time is probably Pink Floyd.  My thinking and feelings have always been heavily influenced by them.  I love everything about their music and lyrics.  Hard to find a bad song.


Honorable mention would go to Black Sabbath, again because they influenced me greatly.


Obviously, those two represent quite a dichotomy musically, which is a valid representation of me.  Lyrically, they're not all that different.  These two account for a disproportionate amount of my listening time throughout my years.  These are the bands I put on headphones for.


I haven't seen White/Rob Zombie mentioned on either of these music threads.  They/he are one of my gotos when I'm in the mood for razor-edged head banging.  I like every song on Hellbilly Deluxe.

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Thanks Tori

You just bought a memory back.  The first time I ever heard a cd played was at a  friends place in Melbourne.  The cd was Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  It was heavenly.

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31 minutes ago, Carrie said:

Thanks Tori

You just bought a memory back.  The first time I ever heard a cd played was at a  friends place in Melbourne.  The cd was Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  It was heavenly.


At that time (age 15 I think??) I already owned Animals (still my personal fav) but had not heard Dark Side.  The first time I heard it was at a friend's and we were tripping.  Before I left his house, I had traded him out of it!  I still have it.  It's a UK Quadraphonic vinyl.  Of course, I've never found a quad system to play it on.

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Being I am left handed I play a left handed Hofner violin style bass and was bitten by their music bug in February 1964 and I have been a songwriter and musician ever since - I would like you to guess who my favorite band and influences.....


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Although The Eagles, Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon), Led Zeppelin, Yes (before they got carried away getting too complicated) and my vocal heroes CSN - when I wrote, I can do up to 8 vocal harmonies and they end up usually sounding like CSN meets James Taylor.

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I have loved the band 10 Years since i was... 15? that was about 9 years ago so I guess I've loved them for a LONG time, lol! I'm listening to all my music on shuffle and the first song I've ever heard by them came on: Wasteland. What a coincidence! They're labeled as Alt-Metal? Don't know what that means. I saw them once in January 2018 I believe. It was my first ever concert and it was EPIC!! I love them to bits! An up and coming contender to them though, is Artificial Language which I've found in the last year? They ROCK! They're labeled as Prog-Metal I believe.

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Growing up...For years, I listened to anything and everything Led Zeppelin. I practically lived for Led Zeppelin. Then in the early 80’s moved into alt rock, then (and still) jazz, then by the 90’s, I added Trance, Electronica, and New Age to my favs. Today,  if I had to narrow it down to a single band I enjoy most, I’d have to say almost ANYTHING from the band Enigma and their related Gregorian projects.


Susan R?

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The Doors! I was 15 in '67 and doing the whole garage band thing and when I first heard them on AM radio. I collected their albums and sat at my Farfisa single keyboard at home playing along. I dressed like Morrison and, being a budding poet myself, I scribbled raunchy doggerel verse. And. . .AND! I have always been pretty decent when it comes to imitating voices and I did His very well according to friends. The song: The End was my then ultimate favorite song of all time.

But times do change. . .sigh!

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Wow, so many choices, but if I had to put one band at the top of my list is has to be Pink Floyd.  Their progressive style has always moved me and has made progressive rock my favorite genre.  


A shout out to you though cybreraphael for mentioning 10 Years;  I really like them a lot.  They are one of my favorite modern bands, and I think it is because of their progressive underpinnings.

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     i won't forget how the Beatles changed the whole music scene.  I loved them and as their music changed i grew to respect them more and more.  At bit later i listened to the Stones and other groups.  I vividly remember moments of a Janice Joplin concert at the Fillmore East.  A bit later i was at a free Grateful Dead concert in a park in Atlanta.  The band came out and played after a regular concert. The folks in the sound truck threw marshmellows to folks as they came in.  Eating several of those made the night and the music merge.

Ahh the 60's





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omg i would have done ANYTHING to have been able to go to the Fillmore East (or West) .

could you describe how it felt to go there and what it was like inside?

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4 hours ago, Chrysalis said:

The song: The End was my then ultimate favorite song of all time.



That song is like soooo deep. Morrison once would be arrested on stage, that just added to his mystique :)

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I have to share something I hope you enjoy. I run something in our community called a Chautauqua - it is living history where the performer dresses as a historical person like Amelia Earhart, George Washington, Robin Williams, Calamity Jane, Lucille Ball, and on and on and come out and talk to the audience as that person and then field questions. I have done Jim Morrison and I had the band there as well and I did an unplugged evening as Tom Petty and then did Petty as a benefit for the homeless. 

Any way ... back to the story... when I did Jim Morrison, my friend asked this 84 year old regular attendee if he even knew who Jim Morrison was and he said no, but he always learns something at the Chautauqua's when he comes. I also have to share that my step-daughter still has a hard time thinking of me (I was 60 at the time) running around stage in tight leather pants. I attached photos of me as Jim Morrison, Tom Petty and Paul McCartney LOL

pepper 2.png


sgt pepper.png

doors 2 at foodstock.jpg

doors at foodstock.jpg

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It is rather hard to describe the Fillmore.  It was wonderful to be in a large auditorium filled with long haired folks.  At that time long hair created a kind of instant bond and trust. The summer of love had just passed and while society wondered what was going on, it seemed there was a kind of beautiful peaceful revolution going on.  My girlfriend and i sat down and enjoyed the many joints that freely passed seemingly everywhere.  BB King had all of us up and dancing almost as soon as he came out.  Some other unknown group, like the Doors came next.  They were wonderful.  I had gone to see Janis and she did not disappoint.  Her singing gripped and tore at ones senses and soul.  So much was expressed.  BBKing came out and played with her.  It was certainly a beautiful night worth remembering.  Thank you for asking about that time.  The music and life of the late sixties changed me forever.







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WOW...double WOW - what amazing line up ... I wanted to go to Woodstock but I was like a junior in high school and I could not find someone to go to New York with me - so I was BUMMED - I am going to be presenting a Woodstock presentation at one of my Chautauqua's in town - I have a slide presentation of how it got going, the principals, the struggles, interesting facts, the performers then and now (if still alive) and several couples (like the couple on the cover of the triple album set) then and now. And I assembled a band to do a mini-Woodstock set so people can enjoy or remember and re-enjoy the music.

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      The young vote Democrat because their schools taught them to do so since the 90's, and higher education is controlled by leftists.  No surprise there.  When the typical Republican candidate mostly pleases the aging Boomers and has little to offer the young, they aren't going to do well.  "MAGA" doesn't mean anything to those who aren't old enough to remember when America was great....  
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