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how many of you are musicians


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Being a punster at heart - first thing that entered my mind were lyrics from VENUS and she's got it yea baby she's got well I'm your Venus I'm your fire sure desire......




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OH yes, Haven't heard that in a long time.  I never knew that was a woman singing!  Duh!

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I wouldn't call myself a musician, more of a hack. lol. However, I've made some gorgeous stringed instruments. For a couple years I made some ukuleles, mandolin, a couple violins and a few electric guitars.  They all sound way better in someone else's hands hahaha

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The ability to make instruments is a wonderful talent and I an glad you use your gift.

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Thought being there are so many of us bass players out there I'd share a couple interesting videos - I learned pretty what I know on bass from Mr. McCartney.





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Oh, look how difficult Hey Bulldog is!  Its got that iconic rift but what follows is technical.   Thanks for posting this Heather.  

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I am a visual artist. But I play guitar to keep my brain active.

I ended up with 5 guitars somehow, they just followed me home!

I have been taking lessons in classical guitar for the past 10 months. So far I have learned to read music, sight reading music at a modest pace, I can play a few pieces comfortably although it's a struggle.

I also have a PRS Santana SE which has a nice tone and looks great. And a Fender Squier Starcaster with a beautiful tone and a warm sustain. But my classical LaPatrie Presentation guitar has the most beautiful tone - like a Celtic harp, you hear the notes ring out softly up inside your head. It's amazing.

I have been applying classical technique to some popular songs, but it's slow going yet.



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I absolutely love when hybrids occur and am happy for you to join us. You might like some of my music and I include them in my blog here called "The Sweet Spot."

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Some people are brand snobs when it comes to guitars but I have had just about every brand there is and there are great guitars at all price points.

My personal faves are Jackson and Charvel guitars built in the 80s they were all custom one off guitars in that time frame and the quality is outstanding.

I love Gibson guitars made from the mid 70s to early 90s because the quality is exceptional.

I found an acoustic guitar for $25.00 in a Goodwill store with the brand name Talent ( a brand that is built in the Gibson owned Epiphone guitar factory in China around 2001.

I had to replace a few broken tuners and replace a broken bridge saddle with a new bone saddle and adjust the neck relief but now its a really remarkable playing acoustic guitar.

The body is made of birch and has a spruce top so its not a dark sounding acoustic guitar like a Martin or Takemine it has a more defined mid range tone and records really well.

DSC06212 (401x600).jpg

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The red guitar is a 1987 Gibson USA Melody Maker.

Found it in a pawn shop and just gave it new strings and a proper set up and she rocks.


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I bought a couple left handed cheapie's - Epiphone les paul sunburst finish sort of looks like the Melody Maker and a natural wood colored Telecaster - so I could add color to my recordings. My lead player has a couple B Bender's built by Gene Parsons - I'd never heard of them before and he makes them really sing.

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My all time favorite guitar to record with was a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Jr.

It didn't matter what amp I used or Digital amp I used it sounded so alive.

I paired it up with this Marshall Custom offset amp for most recordings I did.

005 (221x500).jpg

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Finished up work on this Japanese copy of a Gibson firebird guitar.

Really well made I do believe it was made by a company called Burny in the 80's

Found it in a pawn shop and fixed some headstock clear coat and paint  issues, Fixed the wiring and added new electronics as well as pick ups.

Used a set of tuners I had on hand while I wait for  a proper set to come in the mail.


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I like firebirds ok they feel like an explorer to me maybe a little thinner body wise.

It plays well but I found  a high spot on one fret so I will take care of that.

It was in amazing shape for hanging in that pawn shop for a few years. I needed a project and figured it would be an easy repair.

Just tiny issues are easy to take care of.


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I'm constantly amazed at the talent and creativity of everyone.

Me i feel like that person who sits at the side of the room and so wants to join in and feels so lacking in any ability.

I've tried flutes, didgeridoo, mandolin, classical guitar electric guitar and fat fingers and no idea how to read music has given me no hope. I even spent a few hundred dollars having a Luther set my guitar up it was a cheap ebay electric guitar and lots of practice and still inept and horrible.

So my last attempt is ... drum roll please ... drums.

Omergerd ... its like that weird veil that drops and you can see real stuff. The score makes sense the feel of the drums makes sense. Will it last, no idea.

It's really weird the stuff i was hearing in music and was trying to understand with the guitar wasn't guitar buts cymbals, drum clicks, cowbells 😅
So idiot me instead of going and buying a cheap drum kit. No i didnt buy and expensive one either.  I've searched ebay and other selling markets and bought secondhand drums. Cleaned them and learnt how to set them up with silent heads, I'm nowjust waiting on a set of low volume cymbals so i dont upset the neighbours or my partner.  Do i like my old faded and scratched drum kit ... oh yes, it's so enjoyable to sit and drum along to music. Who knows if I'm any good at this, i don't care I'm actually enjoying a musical instrument for the first time.

Rock on everyone.


Sorry it was so long winded 😁



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@Robin.C  I love your determination and passion and applaud you. You keep working at it girl. Your drive is what you need to succeed. Drum roll please.

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4 hours ago, Robin.C said:

Who knows if I'm any good at this, i don't care I'm actually enjoying a musical instrument for the first time.

This is me too.  But if it makes you happy, thats all that matters.



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A couple of hours from now, I will be sitting in front of my web-cam with a mic OFF singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" that will go over a concert track my Chorus did last year in a professional studio.  I actually submitted one video of me honest to gosh singing to a TDOR online program the Chorus was in last Saturday, and was shocked that it was actually used, but it was.  For 70 years people have been telling me I couldn't sing, and when I hear my recorded voice, I pretty much agree with them, this COVID thing is having some weird results on me if I am even thinking about doing this. 

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How do we get to listen and see the video. I'd love to hear you.

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Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around


Lovely song - thank you for sharing Vicky

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Do you all remember my crazy plan to start learning the drums and I got stuff off ebay and local selling sites.

Well i finally finished setting up. I also go some mics so i can record while I play and then see how well i keep time and then figure out how to improve.


I'm using Remo Silentstroke heads and Kingdo Lo Volume cymbals until I can soundproof my room a little (okay a lot 😁).

I'm starting to get the hang of independent use of hands and feet and get them sort of timing properly. I have no idea its called probably something simple.




Drums for TP.jpg

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Ambidexterity is not a particularly simple word.  It must be worth points in scrabble.

But it describes the skill you hone by playing drums this way no?

Neat setup Robin.

Have fun!

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@Robin.C  Excellent Robin. Nice looking drum rig. May this year give us a new Neil Peart.

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    • Mx.Drago
      @Carolyn Marie @Jackie C. Totally agree   @Jandi Many thanks for the link. Loved the entire thing, except for the doll part...that was a weird moment for me. But other than that, it was very fun, enlightening and fascinating close hour and a half video.
    • Teri Anne
      Y'all look fabulous and raise the bar awfully  high. I need to go shopping and find some new outfits so I can post a pic LOLOL
    • CD Rachel
      Hi Billie, and welcome.   I am also just starting out and have started seeing a therapist. I am 6' 4" and it has been an overwhelming concern for me. But reading through the replies to your introduction has helped me a lot. These forums are a great way to learn and grow, even the questions that I have been afraid to ask or did not consider are answers here with love and patience.   Rachel
    • BrandiBri
      You mentioned that you're getting hrt from a nurse practitioner, I am getting my hrt from one as well. I am completely comfortable with her and wouldn't think of changing my provider. She is well versed in Transgender issues. 
    • Jackie C.
      That's pretty much par for the course for us older gals. Do everything you can to improve your general health if you want to safely enjoy your HRT. Also, the advice my surgeon gave me before I went under for bottom surgery: Be in the best shape of your life. A lot of positive habits flowed from coming out as trans. Of course they became easier to maintain once I didn't hate myself so much, so win-win, right?   Hugs!
    • CD Rachel
      Good evening everyone,   I am not an all day coffee drinker so no coffee for me now. I posted this morning about how happy i was to be working from home and being able to stay in girl mode all day, well that lasted for 30 minutes. I got an email for an appointment at the health clinic with less then an hours notice. I did the superman quick-o change-o (minus the telephone booth) into boy cloths and out the door I went. Made it in time and now have received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. So I guess it was worth it.     Well the puck drops in 40 minutes so have a great night everyone, see you in the AM at the coffee mess.   Rachel
    • BillieB
      This is all very informative, I guess I need to climb back on the wagon. 😀
    • Jandi
      Welcome Billie.   I started like this, but it didn't last long.
    • BillieB
      Thank you @Jackie C. that does bring a spark of joy, and a lot of positive hope for the future.  I am in the middle of setting up my first therapist session and things are looking brighter!  
    • Jandi
    • Jackie C.
      That brings up something that happened to me today that might give you a little sparkle of joy. I'm 5'11". I also suffer from alopecia universalis. If you're not aware of what that means, I have not a single active hair follicle anywhere on my head, body or anything else you care to imagine. I started transitioning with HRT in the summer of 2018 at 48 years old.   So today, I needed to get my wife's wedding ring back from the jeweler. It had been shedding stones again which as you know is something jewelry should never, ever do. It's been a few days and my spouse is missing it terribly. I get the call that it's finally ready while I'm finishing up my workout at the gym. The weather is beastly this morning. I'm harried because I have roughly a billion things to do today and now I need to shovel the drive and walk as well. When I get to my car, I can't find the ticket. I rush home and search the places I could have left it. Plus the places I'm pretty sure I left it. Then the spots where I couldn't have possibly left it but who knows? No ticket. Time to throw myself on the mercy of whoever is working the desk today. So I'm at the jewelry store. I'm wearing a headscarf. It's lovely, but anyone with eyes can see that I'm bald. No makeup. I'm rubbish at it anyway. All I have going for me in the winter weather is my face and my voice (which is all vocal training). So what happens? I'm accepted and treated as the woman I am, that's what. Correct pronouns. No funny looks and an offer of confidence from the woman behind the counter because she can see her sister is in a spot of distress.   That's the reality of my life now. It's lovely and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I did it. You can absolutely do it too.   Hugs!
    • BillieB
      Thank you @jae bear I found your YouTube posts and subscribed and followed your recommendation to here and so glad I did, I have been reading through a lot of the threads and learning so much. I am just setting up my initial session with a therapist  and looking forward to the journey, with some fear, and a lot of excitement!  
    • jae bear
      Hey BillieB! I am so glad that you found your way here! This is the right place to ask questions, these are the girls that I confide in, the ones that helped me, and I trust their advice will be good. So much of what has been said I simply agree with, I won’t bore you with recounting all of what’s been said already, but there are plenty of tall women in the world! The process of transition takes time, but it’s also not forever, so the end at some point, the goal line if you will, is out there somewhere, I have asked that question so many times and I finally realize all the answers the girls here gave me were correct, you just have to take it one day at a time. Jackie 🐇   
    • Jackie C.
      Hopefully the bill won't pass. "Outgrow my feelings," indeed. I'm almost 51, so when does THAT start? This is just a case of going after trans kids because they can't defend themselves. Shameful.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      I do enjoy her point of view actually. I just finished watching it myself. I now have bathtub envy though. That thing looks positively decadent.   Hugs!
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