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Im scared my parents will find out im cutting

Rat man

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To get the help you really need, you will have to reach out to other people.  Your school counselor is usually who I recommend to start with.  If you are really in danger of doing severe harm to yourself call your doctor's office or go to an Emergency Room or clinic. Your parents are going to have to learn about it in order for you to get the help you need, I am a grandparent, and I have a medical release for my grand kids if it is needed.  I have laid that one down on my son and their mother, and they love their children enough to trust me, and the kids know they can trust me even if what I tell them is not what they want to hear. 

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I would suggest taking a step back. I have known many people who cut, and while I was of course scared when they told me and wanted to stop them, more than anything I just wanted them to be ok. I understand why you may cut, and while I wish you wouldn't, I will not tell someone in a desperate situation what they are and aren't allowed to do. Whenever you have concerns, if fact, every time you feel like or have cut, consider coming on here and messaging me, or anyone, personally. We are here to help, all we want is your health.


On a more serious note, cutting is not your best option here. Over time, you will become more desensitized to it, and make them deeper and longer. It is a slippery slope. I would suggest instead, maybe for just a few days, finding some other way to let out that pain. I do not and never will condone self harm, but if you are going to do it, try other methods. Personally, I would put needles in the thick skin on my feet. It didn't actually make me bleed, nor was it painful as I couldn't feel it, but the release I felt was pretty good. Not a long term solution, but it could help you get off cutting for now.


I am here anytime. Just stop in, I don't judge, no matter what you have done I will try to help you. Please...

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Thankyou for being so nice I fine myself so thankful that people like you exist. I think I will reconsider or at least no self- harm as much. Thankyou your a great person.

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All you can do is your best sweetie. Your best is good enough.



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15 hours ago, Rat man said:

if i dont tell them it will end up with me killing myself

I'm probably not one of the best people to take advice from, I also struggle with self harm. My first time trying was in fourth grade, with a piece of plastic that came off my hand-me-down binder. I hurt myself on and off all through school just because I liked feeling pain inflicted. But I got sloppy and when I got caught I tried to blame it on the neighborhood dogs and then I hid in the room I shared with my sister and one by one everyone in my family came in to talk to me. My sister cried and showed me hers and told me never to do it again because she'd kill me if she saw new ones. My father told me there were other ways to get attention, like asking for it and my mother... she just cried and hugged me and asked how she could make me better. 

There will always be people who will not understand, like my father, and there will always be someone who just wants to help you. Even if they are not blood related, you are not alone and you will not be in trouble. Even if they have an angry reaction like my sister, it's just because they didn't realize it sooner and that makes them upset, because "they could've helped." 

If you're looking for a reason to come out about it think about them because they will remember every instance where they thought there might be something wrong and they didn't ask and now they're upset because they didn't. 


Sorry if that doesn't make sense, I think I got a little ramble-y at the end there. If you need someone to talk to let me know. 




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  • 2 months later...

Hey there!


I have a long history with self harm, especially cutting. I definitely agree with everything Vicky said above. If you have an opportunity to find a professional to talk to you should do that, or visit the ER if you are experiencing immediate need.  To be clear, I'm not a mental health professional. 


That being said, my experience with self harm was very prolonged. Self injury for me was only a side effect of depression and trauma.  Things only got better for me when I chose to seek out help on my own.  (Its always easier to succeed if you choose it, right?)


At 17, I was able to convince my mother that a therapist was a would be helpful for me in a global sense without divulging my self harm issues. I was lucky enough to meet a professional who was kind and attentive. The best advice he gave me was "what if you just tried cutting yourself one less time per week?". 


At that point I was cutting myself multiple times per day and had been doing so for two years. I had hid it from everyone around me.  I had isolated myself to the point where people stopped checking in on me. I was certainly suicidal, but more infatuated with the rush of self harm. We'll just say I was treating myself exceptionally poorly.


I also had talked to my primary care physician during a yearly physical about medication for symptoms of depression and he was able to work with me in a discrete way. I had a cell phone at the time (remember the Nokia Bricks? those things were indestructible), and he worked with me that way for dosing and changing of meds as necessary.  


So the advice I wish I had sooner is, you don't have to fix every problem over night. If you can take small steps to treat yourself better immediately, those are good steps.  There are also multiple ways to confront mental health and self harm issues. That may involve therapy, medication, family/community support and other avenues. Depending on your particular situation any one of those things could will be more or less important.  There is no-size-fits-all for mental health and its okay to try something that doesn't work out perfectly.  


I believe in you!









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    • Jandi
      Welcome @I-think-im-a-girl1808 I worked through Kate Bornstein's  'My (new) Gender Workbook' when I was trying to figure myself out.  She has an unusual approach.  It was interesting, and kinda fun with the pirates and all.
    • Jackie C.
      Yeah, she wears these... shapeless tank-style things. I prefer underwire. The girls need all the help they can get.   Hugs!
    • Audrey
      I had to wear those for years at work. It was absolute torture. I still have almost all of them and they're in the closet I wanted to clean out last weekend. I feel like purging them is going to be a powerfully healing experience and will help me find the motivation I need to risk kicking up dust and finding years-old dead bugs or live spiders (or worse!) in the process.   Is it too late for breakfast? I'll bring coffee, I think I need some of that. Glad to hear you're home and on the path to recovery from your surgery yesterday. So sweet of your wife to try to surprise you!   I'm so glad it's Friday. This has felt like an excruciating long week and I need a weekend. I have to finish the grant application today, and not to mention, I've been thrown headlong into the disaster of a vaccine rollout here in NYC. The system is buckling from the extreme demand and yet the powers-that-be expect I have a magic wand to make appointments appear. It's been nonstop expectations management, and besides, if I had a magic wand, that's not what I'd use it to do.   Hoping everyone has a lovely day. @KymmieL I hope you get that call!   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Bri2020
      Oh, she's a different size, hence needing me to buy her ones "like mine" but in her size  lol.  We have both been losing weight but she is staying ahead of me so I've been getting some hand me downs that don't fit her anymore.  We almost had a crisis when for about 2 weeks I caught up to her in dress sizes. She's very supportive but she doesn't want to be the same size as me. lol
    • Jandi
      This can be hard. In my case, my ex was also a stay-at-home mother, so when we split she had no income other than our SS and my unimpressive pension.  (The split happened before I came out - even to myself) We agreed to to split this evenly between us, although it is an "informal" arrangement.  I still feel obligated, since I have always viewed it as "our" money, and she had contributed as much as myself.  Fortunately, we did have 2 houses and no debts.  She stayed in the trailer, and I moved back into our old (very substandard) place. We each have enough to get by if we're frugal. She has a boyfriend now.   Personally, I think she has been able to move on pretty well.  As for myself, less so.  But that is a different subject.
    • Jackie C.
      Tragically, Susan has larger breasts than I do and a narrower chest, so we're not going to be swapping bras. Also, hers are boring. Bleah.   We're both an XL top though and a 16 pants so we're close enough that we can swap clothes. Honestly, I have a couple of tops that she bought for herself and didn't fit her right, so they became my tops. Yay!   Hugs!
    • Bri2020
      Haha, I can relate!  My wife had one of those "Did I just say that" moments when she asked me to pick up a bra like I wear for her when I went to Ross
    • Audrey
      Everyone is looking fabulous lately! ❤️ Today I'm just wearing my "some of us evolve differently" transition t-shirt that I picked up from Etsy and some black leggings. The thing about working from home (still!) is that I have to find reasons to put myself together in a real outfit. And failing that, feeling good about myself is reason enough sometimes... or really, always!   In no universe would I ever fit into any of my partner's stuff. It's probably better that way anyway - after I came out, that was still one of her very first questions whether I'd worn any of her things.   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Jackie C.
      You should absolutely not operate your spear gun in your current state. 🦊   That breakfast sounds delicious though. WAY too much sugar for my diet right now, but I want some.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      I'm impressed that you asked. My spouse and I are more, "Is that my top?"   I'm not really sure why we have separate dressers to be honest.   Hugs!
    • Willow
      Hi everyone    if I start slurring my speargun, it’s the drugs.  OMG what a mess Siri can make.  Or did I slur that.  Hmm we’ll never know.    @Mmindy thanks for the digital hug.  Here is a hug back.   I know I’m not thinking strate. No strite. Oh gee wiz straight.  Lol just having a little fun.     My wife is being very good to me.  Tried to make a secret breakfast for me but unfortunately I was awake and needed meds and coffee.  I ruined her surprise.  But it was very good.  Pillsbury cinnamon rolls mixed with scrambled eggs and cook it in a crockpot. Add apple slices to taste. When done serve with maple or other syrup to your liking.   hugs   Willow    
    • Audrey
      Welcome, @I-think-im-a-girl1808, it's nice to meet you and I'm happy you've joined the community here at Trans Pulse. As the others have already said, this is an amazingly supportive community and you'll be in wonderful company here while you are at this stage in your journey. I also agree with everyone that connecting with a gender therapist is a great thing to do. That person can help you process your thoughts and feelings around your identity and expression and be an essential ally if you do take steps to transition medically or legally. I also wanted to share that I relate very much to those feelings of envy, and the elation when I took steps to express my femininity. I look forward to getting to know you better!   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Abi
    • Bri2020
      I love your confidence, it makes you shine and it's inspiring.  Nothing like a comfy hoodie!
    • Abi
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