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Song that best expresses how you feel today


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Found this by accident but this old gezzer does a nice version - nice coat - 



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On 1/15/2021 at 9:53 AM, Abi said:


Oh wow, this hits a bit close to home for me. I like this song and I have added it to my playlist.

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9 hours ago, Princess-audra said:

Oh wow, this hits a bit close to home for me. I like this song and I have added it to my playlist.

Glad you like it. Nice to meet you btw.

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@Abi  I love it.  I have to admit I haven't listened to much done since the change of the century.   I kept running into hip hop.   I guess it's time I expand my listening.

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@LaurenAMe either. I have not been listening to enough music. I have been trying to learn a lot about e-commerce. That has consumed my time quite a bit lately. It's tough to earn an honest living these days and keep my lifestyle the way I wish. This may be my path. Here's one I just found. I like how upbeat it feels.


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Chloe Cozee

I guess that I am hopelessly romantic. I keep listening to Christina Perri A Thousand Years.



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I really wish I wasn't so lonely all the time but, I am to scared to leave this darkness that hides my shadow from me. 😭

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On 1/17/2021 at 11:14 PM, Abi said:

Glad you like it. Nice to meet you btw.

Same here. Hope hear more from you.

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This be the other half of my feeling.



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Overall feeling


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