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HRT, Alchohol, and the Liver

Heather Nicole

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Heather Nicole

I don't remember where it was, but somewhere I once came across the information that HRT can be hard on the liver. Obviously alcohol is well-known to be hard on the liver, too.


Not really sure what exactly to ask, but I wanted to look further into this, and see whatever I could find out.

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1 hour ago, Heather Nicole said:

HRT can be hard on the liver.

HRT, depending on the regimen, can be hard on the kidneys too. There are ways to help reduce the stress it puts on these organs. The Estradiol pills for example were at one time swallowed whole and digested normally. Now the pills are placed sublingually under the tongue to be dissolved into the bloodstream at that contact point. Some of the pill is inevitably swallowed so it is not as safe as patches and other methods of absorption into the body.

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When you are on HRT, one of the blood tests that is done routinely is a liver function test and some chemicals produced by the liver's digestive enzyme contributions are also tested for levels.  My liver had made a reasonably good recovery from an Alcoholic relapse 14 years ago by the time I was given oral HRT meds.  I was fine for 6 years, but did develop a blood clot in my leg about the six year time.  I was taken off of the oral meds and they were replaced 6 months after the blood clot was discovered by Patches which I have now had for 5 years without a problem and normal liver function for my age. For the most part it is not the E itself that is the problem but  rather the "vehicle" parts of the pills.  Injections are generally considered the safest, with patches, and gels only a little behind for liver safely. Oral meds have the greatest, but still small chance, of liver problems due to digestion issues.

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Both my gender therapist and doctor were happy that i had stopped drinking about 5 years prior to starting HRT. In fact in several ways sobriety and the fellowship that has helped me learn to live a happy sober life helped me transition as well.  The issues with liver is just one of the reasons why we are so adamantly against self medication.  There is simply too much risk if we don't have regular blood tests and monitoring. 

I seem to have a healthy liver despite a serious drinking history.  Instead it is my heart that took serious damage.  For that reason topical E is the safest for m.  Even with that regular monitoring is necessary!





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  • 1 month later...

Transition is so absolutely wonderful,  adding alcohol to the cocktail provides no upside and many downsides, the risk to the liver being just one.


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1 hour ago, Rami said:

adding alcohol to the cocktail provides no upside and many downsides,

Oh so very true.

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    • CD Rachel
      Good morning everyone. Just getting to my second cup of coffee. I am off from work today so i am getting a late start to my day. My cat is super excited that I am home and has not left me alone for a minute since i got up.   I am very excited to be starting with my new therapist today. I have not been in a therapy session since December 28 . It has been too long a wait to get started on working on the new me.   Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!   Rachel
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      Just some ideas...   If there is sex/gender discrimination legislation in place (I don't know enough about your country/state to know) then your gender identification should not matter and they could be breaking the law if they made it so. I see no reason why you shouldn't pursue your return to work if they want you and you want to work.   If they want you, it is surely your skills and the economic value to the company that is why they've asked you back. Why would your gender status change this?   If you do not need to work (financially) then it seems to me that you hold all the cards. I'm in a not far dissimilar situation but in the UK and with considerable publicity around gender rights. I don't need to work (financially), but I enjoy my job. I'm also genderfluid/bigender and spend part of my time as Niamh, the rest as a man. I may start HRT or not, but whether or not I would would not be influenced by my work situation. I decided to tell my employer and key colleagues at work on the basis that if anyone had an issue or caused problems I could either:   Leave, because I didn't need the money   or   Take legal action if I wanted to stay, primarily to make a precedent for anyone who DID need the money.   It seems that if your colleagues are unable to recognise your value as a productive member of their team, just because you may present as a woman sometimes, are the really people you want to work with.   So far I haven't encountered a single person at work who has been negative or derogatory about my life choice, but I realise my role, my employer and the country in which I live may be a very different environment to yours.
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      @mindy Thank you!
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      As I read back, there is no way I could manage without the lighted magnifying mirror.
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      Hi   new to this blog. My wife used to be a beauty consultant.  She taught me to put liquid eyeliner right at the base of my lashes and on my eyelid.  Followed by a lash primer and then the mascara.  This gives me fuller and longer lashes. Last is the eye shadow which helps to hide the jittery hand.  I’m no good at all with a pencil so I have to use liquid. Oh and whatever you do don’t blink.   Willow
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      Good morning   i hope everyone is able to end the week on an up beat.  The support coming from your employer is really great.  The changes at the federal level are encouraging for all of us.   I usually start my morning with my Facebook friends then come here.  As I read posts I find myself looking for the “like” button.  lol   im sure if there was one we’d quickly fill the server space with like buttons.  Not much happening here.  Expecting rain later.  I do wish I could get on my boat.  All this time to do nothing.  Three more weeks at least is going to drive me crazy.  At least I get this big bandage off this time next week. But in its place I’ll be in an air cast.  Which I can take off to shower or sleep.   Willow
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      Good morning @Chloe CozeeThe new profile picture looks great!   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
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      I wish so too. Have fresh ground coffee this morning, which I’m usually too lazy to make.   I’m at my daughter’s for the weekend.    They invited me up to get away from the house for a bit.   She has been one of my biggest supporters since I came out, and even went to appointments with me in the beginning when I was terrified.     I have had this offer from my daughter, but chickened out.    Sigh.  Maybe soon.   I have been told I pass better than I realize.   I do know that things do get easier with time.  
    • Charlize
      Those are great fun!  Thanks for sharing.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Chloe Cozee
      @Shay, thank you! I love all your messages! So inspirational!
    • Charlize
      Zooey the day may soon come when you will want to start moving in the world as yourself.  Your families support will help! I can say that is wonderful to walk into the ladies room with your wife.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Shay
      @Chloe Cozee so true... Thank you
    • KayC
      Welcome again, Chloe and thank you for sharing more of your story.  It feels very familiar to me and I have had a similar journey, awakening, and starting to project how I see myself in the future. I do have some obstacles to overcome to continue to make progress, but for now small steps keep me motivated and hopeful. Gender therapy has been a great help also, specially when anxieties arise about the pace of progress.  Let's keep moving forward together❣️
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