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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard.  For some it is a little easier but the impact is always there.  

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I am scared of our future - but @Abi made me realize the following and trust that all of us here will comfort each other and help each other - no matter the outcome



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@Shay I appreciate the very kind compliment. You are a constant source of comfort to others. So many people see your great positive outlook and that is something we all can strive to cultivate together. No one can take that from us.

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It has been a really tough few weeks and all I can say is......



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So a completely random thought here.


In blacksmithing a smith can take a bunch of ugly pieces of steel, heat them up and smash them together. This process will turn shattered chunks into a beautiful piece of Damascus steel, stronger and more Bentham its original forms.  My point is if you feel like your shattered and in the fire take heart the smith is turning you into a strong and beautiful piece of art. 

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and for us older ladies.................... and gentlemen..........and anywhere on the spectrum..................


Thoughts of the day... Positive Thought — Steemit


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Liam da potato

whatever happens, you won't have a second butthole


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    • LaurenA
      I guess I don't believe anything I read on almost all of the social networks. They're all too easy to scam and all under regulated.
    • DonkeySocks
      Hi, Tyler! Others have mentioned exercise and self-awareness, awareness of your tendencies. Those things will definitely help. Exercise can actually make you less hungry. I might add that if you know you're going to sometimes really want to make yourself feel better with food, stock up on high-fiber foods so you have something tasty, comforting, but also healthy and filling available anytime. Low-fiber sweet foods probably aren't going to make you feel as good in the long run. High-fiber desserts can give you both a decent snack and a feelgood food. My go-to would be oatmeal cookies, but whatever works! If you make your own desserts, you can add a little less sugar than called for, to up the fiber proportionately. Cookies and brownies freeze well. I make brownies with part whole-wheat flour and flax seed.
    • Bri2020
      Job scams are becoming prevalent. I had someone hack my job posting account on indeed and pose as my company to get people to apply and then they said they needed to do background checks so they phished for personal data, then offered them the job and got them to fill out direct deposit info to get banking data. All while racking up charges for the advertising on my account!  They are a really sophisticated nowadays in trying to commit identity theft.  You can always independently look up the company and reach out to their publicly listed phone to see if they put out the ad. Even then be carefully because they even build out quick websites to make it look like they are real and post phony numbers.  Is the company local? If so drop by.  If it all looks like a scam, report to the FBI since it's federal wire fraud since they advertised via FB.
    • Audrey
      @Willow That's an excellent plan to defeat them if they were indeed scammers. Also - forgot to ask - how is your foot healing from the surgery the other day?   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Willow
      @Audreyi agree this continues to look suspicious.  My response is arrange for me to go to the closest office and meet with someone.  If they can do that I’m wrong.  If they drop it now, we were right.  I figure the person talking to me, who was the first to make contact, gets paid based on good candidates they hire, IF it’s not a scam.  
    • KymmieL
      It fits great.   This is not the first ladies shirt she has purchased for me. She bought me a REO Speedwagon concert shirt, and a couple of ladies Harley T-shirts.   Kymmie
    • Audrey
      @Timber Wolf This was a lovely read, and thank you for sharing! You're inspiring me to take my annual cross-country ski trip into New England. I feel like it's been bone dry this January, so there won't be much snow anywhere even though Google suggests I might be [email protected] maybe you can confirm since you're up that way? Thanks!   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Audrey
      @Heather Nicole Happy 95th to your grandmother! I love hearing happy news like this! I have Polish heritage too, on my mother's side.   @Willow I feel like their persistence in this case is probably not a good sign. Hoping they will take the hint and leave you alone at this point. About food - I think once companies started to heavily process and modify food with chemicals, things took a wrong turn. The rule here is, if you can't recognize an ingredient, you probably shouldn't eat it.   It's been a mellow Saturday around here, just what I needed. I managed to find a little ambition to give the kitchen a good cleaning, the fridge really needed it. Whenever I do this, it never fails to amaze me how I can accumulate so many bottles of salad dressing with like a half inch left in each one. And none of them were the same.   Hoping everyone is doing well, and have a wonderful evening!   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Chloe Cozee
    • Willow
      @Heather Nicole congratulations to your grandmother people from the time of and before seem to have better eating habits.  Less meat more vegetables things like that.   well this potential job/scam is being pretty persistent.  Hard to tell which.   I like at a minimum cap sleeves.  Lacy is especially good.   Willow
    • KimmieElise
      I am big into tech and online privacy.  Totally love discussing privacy issues and educating others.  Hit me up if you're interested.
    • TrIIIy
      Hi, Alejandro. I’m not sure what testosterone pellets are, actually, but I know that my doctor and many doctors in the US only like to prescribe injections. Doctors in other countries seem to prescribe more of the topical gels and other forms of testosterone. Sorry that I can’t answer your question, but maybe someone else on here knows more about it.
    • Shay
      3 of my favorite Joe Walsh songs - and girl - do I need them badly today...................            
    • Heather Nicole
      Minor bit of family news: My grandmother is 95 today! 🎂   These Polish women are human energizer bunnies, they just don't go down! Hoping I got some of those good genes!  
    • Bri2020
      I'm back on my original account! YEA to Petra for fixing the glitch.  Probably means my posts under the temporary profile will disappear when she deletes that account though. My feeling on people that can't to coffee black is they are just drinking bad coffee.  Freshly roasted medium roast single origin beans.....ummmmm so good!  Starbucks and other places tends to burn their roasts and the beans are roasted in MASSIVE roasters which doesn't roast evenly so you get some that scorch and ruin the flavor.  Yes, I'm a coffee snob.  lol  
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