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I think I've posted this previously but it goes without saying.



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@Chloe Cozee I like this quote very much. It can apply in a general sense to many different life situations but has even more meaning for me when thinking about it in terms of one’s personal journey of transition. Thanks for sharing this!


Susan R🌷

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I love that quote. That applies to so many things and people in society today. Especially the people.

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I want transition SO BAD - my good friend says - and I'll paraphrase - I have to remember the 3 I's - increment, increment and increment and a little each day will get me there - afterall, you can't build a house with 1 brick (there's my idea and I'm sticking with it)


MondayMotivation Be Thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for  what you want to be tomorrow. #UnleashYou… | Dance motivation, Dance  quotes, Ballet quotes

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Jackie C.
2 hours ago, Shay said:

you can't build a house with 1 brick


You could build a really small house by carving the brick...



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"Ow, she's a brick house
She's mighty-mighty, just lettin' it all hang out"


sorry, had to go there since that's my goal. haha


But I get the need for patience, I'm having to learn some myself these days and it's a struggle.  The house can be built one brick at a time.  

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Jackie C.

This is one I personally have trouble with.




My therapist likes to remind me that I don't have to be fighting all the time.



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Light snow falling today, but I decided to "lighten up" but wearing a pair of teal slacks and sequined top.  We never need a reason to dress nicely! 

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Chloe Cozee

'Beauty begins the moment you begin to be yourself...'



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Chloe Cozee

@Shay You are welcome! I love all the inspirations here. They help keep my mind positive in this negative world.

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Chloe Cozee

Thank your past for enabling you to embark upon this future self.


By Jennifer Longmore


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Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein

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    • Red_Lauren.
      They just are bashful. Because I'm bigger any way.  They still look like man boobs with out a top, but for some reason. They look different under a shirt, and apparently in a bra.  
    • VickySGV
      For me, cleavage is a no.  My boobs do the family women's thing and hide under my arm pits on the sides.  You can see boobs but hey do not meet in the middle without bras that leave me gasping for air. (C-cups too.)  I am glad you are happy.  
    • Myles97
      Hi folks ! my name is Myles. I’ve made a few other posts on the forums before, but I am starting this thread to continuously update my coming out process. I would really appreciate some feedback/advice too if anyone has any. I came out to my partner and therapist officially back in November 2020. Both have been 100% supportive in every way possible. I have also discussed with my doctor and have my prescription for HRT. I finally told one of my closest friends today (3/3). It was terrifying to work up the courage to tell her. But she was so sweet and affirming. She said she already did know, and was glad I was comfortable to tell her. She’s keeping my secret for me until I can come out to our other friends and at our work. I appreciate her a lot, and her response was everything people hope for. But I am not feeling relieved. I thought maybe it would make me feel happier, more relieved, or something. But I just feel kinda spaced out right now. This has many in an entire tizzy of self doubt. I don’t know really how to process this. I am planning to come out to my mom and sister tomorrow night. I’m not sure that they are going to take it well though. I just don’t really know where to go from here. I was hoping the “high” of coming out to my friend tonight would empower me to face my family tomorrow, but so far it hasn’t. I also have an important project due tomorrow morning, so maybe that’s clouding my feelings. Idk. Anyways, hopefully future posts from me on this thread are more positive. But for now I’d really appreciate some sort of feedback. Did anyone else feel like this? How do you battle the self doubt ? 
    • Red_Lauren.
      Believe me I was surprised. I can't wait to show the picture to my friends. As I don't want to show them my breast unless they ask. As for the rules I understand it. Most forums i have ever gone to. Seem to have at least a pg13 rating for the most part. Also I don't think I have any thing with a v neck. As  before the hormones I didn't like my chest region.  So I kept it pretty covered, or v necks never looked good on me. Ill see if I can find some thing with a lower or v neck some where deep in my closet.     Me too. Im only 2.5 months in to hormones, and genetics aren't on my side.
    • Jandi
      Pretty.   I was always jealous of my sisters' hair.   We boys always got the buzzy treatment. I was a bit of a hippy myself once I was not so much under my parents.  After some military madness I went to California where I met my wife.  They weren't crazy about her either.  Oh well.  I was kinda the black sheep. My mother once said that "hippies" should be put in a concentration camp. But when she was old she had Alzheimers.  We helped keep her in our home, in fact she died there. But like I have mentioned, both my folks were gone before I came out.  I suspect they wouldn't have been thrilled.  I guess we were spared that one.
    • AwesomeClaire
      I was fully out and living as a woman a few months before HRT. 
    • Darci
      Given that this doctor is at the VA, I am not exactly filled with confidence.
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Rei! Love the look! So happy your family supports you.   Hugs! Delcina
    • Jackie C.
      I should point out that you CAN display your cleavage in an appropriate bra and shirt combo. I know I have more than one acceptable for the public top that would display cleavage if I had any. You may peacock, just not in your underwear. Underwear and naughty bits must be covered.   I should also say that recommended practice is to post your pics in a gallery with a link in the forum post. This restricts eyeballs to site members and stymies fanciers, fetishists and other creepers. This has been today's public service announcement. Brought to you by the letters T, A and the number 69.   Hugs!
    • Delcina B
      Imagined, looking great! Just starting journey, so I can only imagine how wonderful it feels.   Hugs!  Delcina
    • Jackie C.
      Show off. 😉   I'm happy for you, but not gonna lie, I'm a bit envious. My girls are severely cleavage impaired.   Sadly, no underwear pics. Even if you promise not to be sexy. We can't risk it. Young brains (or more importantly, the brains who look after the owners of young brains) could explode. Can't have that. The cleaning bills would be horrendous.   Hugs!
    • Willow Farmer
      Thank you Charlize for the kind words.   I came back from college a Hippie, and my Mother told me she must of been a beat-nik, just didn't know it at the time.     Thank you Jani for allowing me to hog your thread.   I need to start my own but all the questions I come up with have already been addressed quite well in past threads.      ---WILLOW---
    • Mx.Drago
      Hurry for the bold and brave!☺️
    • Red_Lauren.
      I noticed last week I definitely was getting to the point of probably needing a bra. As im fluffy all ready, but today I put on one of my wonderful pushup bras, and literally cried. I have cleft that I didn't have a few months ago in the same bra. I just want go out and buy v neck tops now, and get rid of the rest. I did take a picture capturing how happy I was. I'm not sure if I can post a picture from the waist up here in a bra. So unless a mod says yes. Just your imagination sorry. 
    • Kjiersten
      Jane, Yes the VA Does perform early pre-GCS orchiectomies but, from my reading of the manual, this would be available in the case of two or three HRT chemical fails. Contact your Endocrinologist or PCP for more detailed intel. I will try to find the manual for citation. Hope all goes well for you.   Kjiersten,   <Kj>
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