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Biden Talked Trans Rights at Thursday's Town Hall

Carolyn Marie

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Biden has a long record of support for trans rights, also a long record of talking about trans issues imperfectly.  

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5 hours ago, RhondaS said:

also a long record of talking about trans issues imperfectly

😆 Well .. he's kinda old white guy.  But I think his heart is in the right place.  It was nice finally seeing somebody speaking like an adult.

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Wasn't trying to attack him, just saying he's one of those who supports trans rights without quite putting in terms we'd use.

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It's nice he talks about transgender issues but you have to also know he really doesn't have your best interest at heart. If for some way he gets in transgender issues will get put on the back burner and may not get to see the light of day on his desk since he would be too busy working to tax the hell out of America and getting rid of any and all that Trump set up to help you make money and be able to live a better life and afford the things you need. I agree Trump is listening toall the other republicans who want to have us go away but there is a chance that he could also be steered in a direction that will help us to be the people we were meant to be. You may think the Dems care but remember your rights and needs are on the bottom of their political list of things to do and by the time it gets to be in the upper part of the list it will be election time again. Just a little to think about. 

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Also, we will not have a fair shake with politicians until we have a transgender sitting on one or more of the seats in congress. Only then could we be heard loud and clear for all to hear. And if you really want the Republicans chains to rattle and break, at least one would have to be a Republican Transgender candidate.

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Carolyn Marie
1 hour ago, Mia Marie said:

 he would be too busy working to tax the hell out of America and getting rid of any and all that Trump set up to help you make money and be able to live a better life and afford the things you need. I agree Trump is listening toall the other republicans who want to have us go away but there is a chance that he could also be steered in a direction that will help us to be the people we were meant to be. about. 


Mia Marie, I respect your right to your opinion.  But I would point out that Pres. Trump has had four years to do right by our community, and he's done nothing but hurt it.  What would change in a new Trump admin??  You really believe that he would grow a heart when his whole life says he has no heart?  I do hope that President Biden would get rid of most of what Trump did, and since the vast majority of what he accomplished was done via Executive Order, it is all very easily undone.  He is proposing to increase taxes on those making more than $400 K.  If you're in that group then you have something to fear.  Otherwise, you have nothing to fear.


Carolyn Marie        

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You actually wrong on that one sorry to say. It was found out that we will have to pay higher taxes if Biden gets in. Property tax will go up and so will taxes for those who make 50k or more. I personally haven't seen the it but it is being heard all over the medias. And if you think he will look to get rid of loop holes you are definitely mistaken on that. He and his son made millions and I know that people with that much money tries to find every way to keep from paying in taxes on it and the Biden's are no different.

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Biden will lead the federal government if he wins. The federal government does not tax your property. If you're listening to medias that tell you that you might want to let them know they have that wrong. 


For trans issues, I'll take my chances with the guy who supports us and not the side that denigrates us. 

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3 hours ago, RhondaS said:

For trans issues, I'll take my chances with the guy who supports us and not the side that denigrates us. 


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Everybody is entitled to vote for who you want but I will not vote for someone, and I don't care what party they are from, and end up living in a socialist country with no rights at all to speak of. And if Biden wins Harris has already said at some point she will envoke the 25th amendment to take over the Presidency from Biden. You don't want her in full charge.

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Do you have a link for that quote from Harris saying she'll invoke the 25th? Google's not helping, and you'd think that statement would have made enough news to be found somewhere other than on this forum.


The only things google showed was Trump saying that Pelosi would do it to replace Biden with Harris. 



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7 hours ago, Mia Marie said:

Everybody is entitled to vote for who you want but I will not vote for someone, and I don't care what party they are from, and end up living in a socialist country with no rights at all to speak of. And if Biden wins Harris has already said at some point she will envoke the 25th amendment to take over the Presidency from Biden. You don't want her in full charge.


OMG, I hadn't seen this one in the wild before! This is straight out of conspiracy theory territory. While I'm terrified, the psychology of Trump supporters and how it's developed since 2016 is really fascinating. Psychology is kind of a hobby for me. I wish I'd had the opportunity to study it more deeply,


Anyway, at least half of the democratic party are conservatives. Biden is a conservative. He would have been a Republican in the 80's, the same as Obama. There are something like twelve politicians in the democratic party that are actually progressive. The big ones get you "scary" YouTube ads with Halloween colors and dripping blood animations.


Finally, why do people use "socialism" like it's a bad word? Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are all sodalist programs. People like those. Personally, I'm a democratic socialist. Socialism for needs, capitalism for wants. That lets everybody get what they need to live and still allows for the insane excesses of capitalism, just maybe tamped down a little bit. Also taxes. Why do people think taxes are a bad thing? Taxes are how we buy services in society. Taxes pay for the police, firefighters, roads, snow removal, the military, all those things we need to function. We're not a bunch of bearded (or leg-bearded for the ladies) pioneers scratching everything out of the dirt and making all our things with our own two hands anymore. We live in society. There's a buy-in if you want to participate.


So yeah, Biden isn't who I'd want for president. I'm settling because the other option is, in my opinion, infinitely worse. If you look at the situation, we've got two parties in the US. One is conservative, the other is openly fascist. That would be packing the courts, refusing to work with the other party, military against domestic targets, there's more but we'd be here all day. So yeah. I held my nose and voted for Biden. I'd rather not end up in a concentration camp. It's South and Central Americans right now and that needs to stop, but a central tenet in fascist governments is that there HAS to be an enemy to oppress. It's not going to stay "brown people" forever and this administration has already shown that it really doesn't like trans people. We're on the list.


For the inevitable "If you hate this country so much, why don't you leave it?" I'll say that it's hard to get accepted into another country and my health problems make it really difficult for anyplace you'd actually want to live. I think the real act of loving your country is doing what you can to change it into a place that isn't so terrible to live.


Well, that got heavy. Anyway. Vote if you haven't already.



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I have already voted.  I seriously can't believe my opinions will influence others but as a trans person i have one vote.  I'm married to another woman and our Supreme Court may soon endanger that union.  As a retired person, apart from  a small occasional income from working the farm, we need Social Security.  We paid into this plan all our lives, others still do but now somehow it is an entitlement.  Of course the wealthy don't have to contribute on all of their earnings.  New yachts help the economy?  The problem may not be handled in the presidential election.  Congress must change as well.





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I'd argue that we, as Americans, need to change. We need to invest in other Americans and see that their lives have value. The rest of the developed world figured that out more than fifty years ago and they're running rings around the United States in terms of stability, security, happiness and wealth. We're becoming the kind of country that Americans have traditionally banded together with other countries to fight against and it needs to stop. It will likely be generations before we undo the damage wrought by the last fifty years of our policies, but the best time to start is now.



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Wow!  this thread got really political, REALLY fast.  Its obvious just being Trans does not necessarily align us with a political party.  But I do know who I can trust on these issues.  Its pretty clear.

wrt Taxes.  I pay a LOT of taxes every year (way more than the current occupant of the White House) and I truly don't mind.  I understand that my (our) income comes from the collective resources of our society.  I don't mind returning my fair share.


Nobody actually MAKES their own money .. it comes from other peoples' pockets.  So, those making more than $400K a year can afford to pay more taxes and I guarantee you it will not affect their quality of life.  (and they can also afford to pay more into Medicare and Social Security too).  When everybody in the society benefits, the rich benefit also.  They just don't seem to understand that.

I am more concerned about what our taxes are used for ... that's worth deciding who to vote for.

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1 hour ago, KayC said:

Nobody actually MAKES their own money


Well, counterfeiters...


I completely agree though. We need those taxes invested into America's people, her infrastructure and her quality of life.


Also, we ARE in the politics section of the forum. I'd expect it to get political in here.



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1 hour ago, Jackie C. said:

we ARE in the politics section of the forum. I'd expect it to get political in here.

HAH! 😆 so we are, Jackie.  Thank you for pointing that out.  And I agree with your position on taking care of everybody.

Hugs back❣️

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I doubt that anyone enjoys paying taxes.  But most folks do enjoy decent roads and the rest of the infrastructure that enable us to function as a society.  These things are also necessary for businesses to operate and prosper.  Elizabeth Warren pointed out that even the wealthy depend on these things to increase their wealth.  A factory cannot function without the working class, why is it too much to expect them to have secure lives?

I personally don't expect much from a Biden administration.  But just a little less hostility would be nice.

We don't really have a progressive party in this country, only far right, and center-right.

Using the label "socialist" as a smear is useless as it can range from gulags to the Nordic Model".

And as a veteran, I am offended when it is implied that wanting to improve our country is unpatriotic.


Okay, my rant is over.

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Let me explain socialism to everyone. Socialism is where the government tells you how to live where you can live, what you can do, basically you will have no choices in life. A socialist government will set up what is called station and you will not be allowed to live outside of the station you are born to with the exception of certain circumstances with which the government allows you to move. Personally I don't need or want anyone making decisions for me in any way or form. You won't have the right to choose the field of work you want. You wouldn't be able to go into business without government permission and they would never let a new business open that endangers the finances of a large business already making millions. This would no longer be a free country where you would be able to walk down the street without fear. I don't need that kind of control nor would I ever want that kind of fear. I don't fear the way this country has been growing. A vote towards socialism is a step backwards. We need to grow in the right direction and we need a true voice, a transgender voice, in government seats. We need a transgender person in one or more government seats. Only then could we get heard. We don't need someone to make our choices for us.

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1 hour ago, Mia Marie said:

We need to grow in the right direction and we need a true voice, a transgender voice, in government seats. We need a transgender person in one or more government seats. Only then could we get heard.


I agree with this part. We disagree about how we're going to reach our goal.


I'd like to introduce you to Rosemary Ketchum (Wheeling WV City Council), Pluto (Chair of Indiana Green Party) and Christopher Kalcich (Selinsgrove PA Borough Council). I agree that there should be some of us in the federal government as well, but hey, one step at a time. Politicians on the federal level usually get their start in local politics.


Socialism: A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.


Nobody is advocating for this. People are advocating for more socialist programs. The goal here is to provide needs (housing, food, health care, education) to people that might not otherwise have it. Every American deserves to reach their full potential. People can still be rich, we just want people who were born poor to have a chance too. Nobody should have to choose between living indoors and buying medicine for their children.


What you're describing -


1 hour ago, Mia Marie said:

Socialism is where the government tells you how to live where you can live, what you can do, basically you will have no choices in life.


- Is actually Authoritarianism.


I will point out that there two forms of socialism. One (the Nazis) happens when you take things away from one group and give them to another. The other, (the one I'd like to see) happens when you try and lift everybody up regardless of the color of their skin or what's in their pants.


Authoritarian: Favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom.


It also happens to be the style of government practiced by some of the best buddies (North Korea, Russia, etc.) of our current ruling party. It's also part and parcel of our current system where the government bails out big businesses so they continue to stagnate and keep new, small businesses from sprouting up. It also helps concentrate money into the hands of people who are already very, very, very rich.


I would like to see that stop. Back in the 50's, we understood some things that we've seem to have forgotten. An average adult can work about forty hours a week before productivity starts to suffer, the number is closer to thirty if the job requires a lot of brain work. We understood that the CEO making about twenty times what the lowest paid worker in their company made was sustainable. Our education was top-notch. Most people could get a job with their high school diploma and work within that company for the rest of their lives. The company valued their workers, and helped to take care of them.

Civil rights was garbage back then, but we had worker's rights mostly figured out.

Now I'm not going to try and tell you anything, but I want you to think about who has been defunding the things that made that possible. Who is attacking the structures who made those worker's rights a thing. Now I want you to think about who made the advances in civil rights and who keeps patching the economy back together every eight years.


For my entire lifetime, there's been a repeating series of recessions. They happen about four years into the reign of one of our political parties. Every time. Then the other party gets into power, and just about gets everything running again. It's running worse, but it's headed in the right direction. The opposing party gets into power, claims credit for everything the previous party did and then promptly drives us off a cliff again.

For my entire lifetime, one party has had our military engaged in petty bully wars with tiny, weaker countries to further the interests of our big corporations.

For my entire (adult) lifetime, I've seen my tax dollars go to bail out failing corporations while the CEOs that drove it into the ground fail upwards.


This needs to stop. Both major parties are complicit, but only one of them has a faction within it that is saying, "No more." I stand with them.



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Jackie, did you forget the history of the cold war. Russia was a socialist country built on communist thinking. That is where this country will be heading if Biden and Harris win. I do agree with your definitions but what is authoritarianism without socialism. One can't work without the other. Do you really think the rich will pay their fair share of taxes? I know they won't. If the rich were to pay all the taxes they really owed to the government they could move the deficit out of the trillions down into the millions. The plan Biden has proposed which would make the rich pay more taxes will never see the light of day. Non of the taxes collected will become social nor physical country improvements. They will be used to line their own pockets. Always have and always will.

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I'm thinking that a communist country like the old USSR fell down the same rabbit hole that the US did. The critical problem with Marxist communism has always been the part where the ruling party steps back and just lets the workers do their thing. That never happened because, well obviously. The democratic component was never considered. There was one party. Period. That party worked to enrich itself at the expense of its people. The result was bread lines.

Democracy makes the difference. The quality of life in Europe where democratic socialism is currently working is better than ours on all levels. Better education. Better healthcare. Better security. Happier citizens. Nobody's perfect, but a blended approach seems to be working for other people. It seems like a good idea to try. We'll need our own take on it, but we should be able to build a society that works for everybody if we want it. I want it. Do you?


I'm pretty sure the rich won't pay their fair share actually. They're pretty good at hiding money and there are too many people in government at the federal level that want to hide their own money too. I'm going to ask you a question though. If the rich weren't concerned with higher taxes, why are they fighting it? I think that with appropriate leadership and funding for our institutions' (like the chronically underfunded IRS) we can reduce the amount the very rich hide away and smuggle out of the country. No tax system is going to be perfect. The one we have now is killing the middle class and the younger generations. I refuse to sit by and say, "Why bother," because I know that a segment of the population is going to cheat. That's why we have laws and law enforcement. It is your duty as an American to use what power you have to make the country better.


1 hour ago, Mia Marie said:

The plan Biden has proposed which would make the rich pay more taxes will never see the light of day. Non of the taxes collected will become social nor physical country improvements. They will be used to line their own pockets. Always have and always will.


Bad faith argument. "Things suck and they've always sucked so don't try." Yeah, we have a real corruption problem in the federal government. That doesn't mean that all politicians are corrupt. Some absolutely are. I can name names, but I think we all know who they are at this point. Do I think Biden is beyond it? No. I think unless there's a huge blue wave he's not going to be able to get half the things he wants done. Mostly because I've seen it before. The opposition party blocked Obama for his entire second term because they could. Joe is too interested in reaching across the isle when the people across the isle have repeatedly shown that they're not willing to compromise on lining their own pockets.


Again, one side has shown that they REALLY want to be the Communist party we remember from the 80's. I don't want them to seize power. They're really close right now. So please, vote. I'm going to end on a song...






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I listened to this awhile ago and still can't stop the waterworks.

I raised 8 kids of my own.



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    • Ellie Jean
      For sure! XD And indeed; my mom and I and Emily and her mom are all super mind-boggled, and when the mind-boggle wears off a little, we remember the mathematics again and our minds get blown all over again lmao. 1/200,000 people happens to be an adult baby; that equates to roughly 35,000 people on the planet out of almost 8 billion people lol. And the number of those adult babies who are also trans? Even less lol. And the number of those trans adult babies who end up living in the same town and meeting each other? Almost none lol. And then the number of trans adult babies who happen to live in the same town and meet each other who ALSO end up accidentally discovering that they're cousins? ...Probably just TWO; me and Emily lmao. My mind is exploding all over yet again as I type this lol. Definitely feels like the Universe is winking at us in a huge way. Small, crazy world indeed lol. XD 
    • HaraSurya
      I was diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome back when that was a new entry in DSM-IV by my therapist at the time. (Previously, she'd diagnosed me as OCD with autistic tendencies.) It's nice having a label to hang on my behaviors and the increasing awareness of ASD has helped me in my adult life. (I worked in a school and I once told a co-worker about my diagnosis and she responded "I know, I can tell.")   I will say, one of the nice things about having an official diagnosis and knowing the behaviors and thought processes behind it is that when I'm in an uncomfortable situation I can bring up my misgivings (or just say "F this" and walk away) in that context without feeling guilty for having broken some sort of social taboo.
    • HaraSurya
      I'm the type who likes to read about a subject rather than watch videos or get support piecemeal in a forum. To that end, can anyone recommend some non-fiction books that can help me with the questions I have about being non-binary. I'd rather the books be more subject-oriented like a textbook or guidebook than memoirs or collections of stories (though I understand it's hard to avoid for subjects like this).   For what it's worth, I read exclusively on Kindle so the book being available in that format and affordable are both big pluses.
    • HaraSurya
      I can definitely relate. I'm a 42yo man who usually wears some sort of facial hair and has no issue with presenting masculine and using male pronouns in real life, but lately I've found myself deeply connecting to a female character I write fiction about and present as online. (I have a suspicion I've been working through a lot of my own gender-identity anxieties through her as a proxy.)   I couldn't tell you how often I've felt I've done something traditionally masculine for no other reason than putting on a front. Meanwhile, I enjoy lots of traditionally female things that I've had to keep secret on some level because I worked in education for a few years. (One time the openly lesbian principal at a school discovered some of that aspect online and told me I needed to do a better job keeping them separate for professional reasons.)   I can also relate as never feeling like "one of the guys." I get along better with women and with older people in general. I don't like most sports (baseball is OK). I like video games but not the kind "guys" are normally into. Most of my male role models growing up had, and still have, a gentle type of masculinity. (Very soft spoken, non-aggressive and thoughtful.) I find "toxic masculinity" to be both scary and hilarious at the same time since it's usually backed by insecurity and fear.
    • KatieP
      @KathyLauren, For the several weeks after surgery (2 June 2020), every step rubbed my clitoral hood across my clitoris and it was HIGHLY distracting. For me as the swelling went down, so did the intensity of the rubbing. I went back for a minor revision this past October and one of the things the surgeon did was to split the clitoral hood just a bit. THAT has made a huge difference. Now, the only time I notice my clitoris is when I am "searching" for it for specific purposes... 😃   Perhaps something like this might help your situation?   Katie
    • KatieP
      Last June I had an MDV procedure with Dr. Stiller in Spokane, WA. My experience for pain was similar to that of @KathyLauren. I would call it near zero pain. And although I did take ibuprophen and Tylenol, I took no opiod-based pain killers at all after leaving the hospital. The 3rd day after surgery, with my leg bag attached to the catheter, I walked 5 miles. After the catheter came out on day 7, I could walk much farther. (And Spokane has the BEST river walk!) Although I took 4 weeks off of work, I could easily have been back to my (desk) job in two weeks.   In thinking of MDV versus the full meal deal, personally I figured that I had no interest in male penetration, and if I really wanted to, I could choose to do the Colon or PPV vaginoplasty as a second stage. I should say though that after just a little time with my vibrating rubber friend, I had the definite feeling that men might actually have something I might very much enjoy... 😃   Katie
    • HaraSurya
      I've felt the same way myself. I'm learning that I'm probably bigender and have presented online as an androgynous woman for years. I'm not sure if I'd want to transition, or the the extent I'd want to, but I simply don't identify with the frilly, pretty girl-girl type. Dresses don't appeal to me, nor wearing makeup, and while I'm growing my hair out it's as much to do with hiding male-pattern baldness as it is to look more feminine.
    • Susan R
      @Ellie Jean Wow, that is an incredible sign from somewhere! What an interesting story though. The odds of this type of event occurring twice is inconceivable. I agree...this was meant to happen and play out just as it did for you. Just one variable off and you might have missed the entire meeting or missed putting all the pieces together. It’s a crazy world!   I congratulate you in advance for your upcoming date with destiny! I had a few smaller coincidences and key events like this happen to me along my journey that helped me know I was on the right track too. I’m glad you have found your path and I wish you the very best. If you can, keep us posted as to your progress and changes. Becoming your true self is so freeing and many here will appreciate reading about your upcoming journey of transition.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Hi Colin, Nice to meet you and nice to have you onboard here on our forum. You’ve already come a long way in being open to the idea that you may be much more than what meets the eye. It took me 56 years to finally figure out who I was and at least a year to finally accept what I learned. When I look back at my search for the truth of who I was...I remember it as a very exciting time. You have found a safe place to explore yourself, ask questions, compare notes with others like youself, and hopefully, in time, come to some conclusion about who you are. Look around the site and join in the conversation when you feel the need. We are here to help you any way we can!   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Red_Lauren.
      I didn't even have it bookmarked. I moved on the night I posted what I said here. 
    • Vanessa Michelle
      I'm sad to see CBabe go, especially under such circumstances. I personally think we have a great group of people here and also we get out of it what we put into it. I know I sure have. I try to sow good and love into all who join and all I interact with on the forums and expect it to come back on me, and it does. I am grateful for each of you whether we have talked or not. I love reading about your lives and journeys, your joys and sorrows and lifting you up in prayer when I read that life isn't being to kind. I am newer to my identity than most here, but I am always here to pray for you and tell you someone cares for you and wants the best for you. Bless you all. You enrich my life every time I log on. ❤️
    • Ellie Jean
      Something truly amazing happened last week. Long story short, I received a trippy sign from the Universe that I'm on the right track, and I'm now significantly less afraid of starting HRT, hopefully on the 28th, just a few days away. ...Now...here's the long story not-so-short lol: It all started many months ago. I had made a friend on Fetlife who was also transgender, and we shared the same kink: We both enjoy regressing to the age of infancy, complete with binkies, bottles, baby shows and diapers lol. All my life I've question WHY I'm an "Adult Baby/Little" and had never really found any kind of answer until a couple of years ago when the dots finally started connecting in my head: Babies don't have any body or facial hair, babies don't appear to have gender, (without looking in the obvious place anyway lol), and babies appear to have an asexual stump/mound between their legs due to being diapered most of the time; the diaper which also makes babies bottoms look rounder. And suddenly it hit me: My sexist male toddler/little kid autism brain confused age with gender because I was taught by my narcissistic sociopath of a father that "girls are babyish." ...So all these years, I've felt the urge to regress back to the carefree time of babyhood because I wanted to be a girl.  Now that THAT'S outta the way, lol, fast forward about a year to the middle of 2020, give or take a month or two. I meet Emily for the first time; a fellow transwoman, as well as a fellow adult baby. She was going through a pretty hard time, as she is deeply closeted with her family about the two biggest aspects of personality. Consequently, she struggles with severe anxiety and depression, so I felt she really needed a friend that understood. (I used to be deeply closeted, but I "came out of the nursery" to my parents as a teenager because I couldn't handle the stress that comes with a burdening secret. I also came out to my mom, aunt, uncle, and friends about being transgender towards the start of this year, sooo yeah, I have some experience with confronting fears that are far larger in the imagination than they are in reality lol.) Emily and I continued chatting off and on and emotionally supporting one another for months; occasionally trying to set up a time to meet seeing as we live in the same town, but our schedules didn't really line up right until last week, when we FINALLY got around to meeting up for milkshakes at a little cafe. She's 6 months into transition, but is still presenting as a boy in public it would seem, (she has a bust, but covers it up with baggy clothes). We talked for about an hour before starting to walk back to my mom's place, because my mom is all we had for wheels to get back to Emily's place lol, (Mom gave us a ride from Emily's place to the cafe.) While walking to my mom's place, Emily and I continued getting better acquainted with one another; we were both kinda tripping out over how much we had in common; both the same height, about the same weight, same pale skin, both with long hair, not even to mention the big similarities between our gender identities and ageplay kink lol. Later on in the walk, Emily was talking about her family and remarked that her mother's last name was Boothman and she grew up in Libby, Montana. "Omg!" I exclaimed conversationally, "My mother's last name used to be Boothman too when she lived in Libby," I continued, not thinking much of it, "she was married to Bob Boothman like 50 years ago lol." Emily also seemed amused by the coincidence...but in retrospect, I think she figured things out faster than I did and just didn't say anything until we got to my mom's house. Emily then had some questions for mom lol. Apparently Bob had a lot of brothers and sisters; one of them named Rocky. Emily then asked tentatively, "...How tall was Rocky?" And mom said, "Like SEVEN FEET tall!" Emily kinda freaked out then; my brain's gears had also started churning and my jaw was about to finish dropping. My MOM is the Great Aunt of EMILY'S mom; Pam, who my mom knew as a baby when she was called Pamela; a baby with cerebral palsy, and Emily's mother ALSO has cerbral palsy, and that's how all the dots got connected: Emily and I are cousins. Born THOUSANDS of miles apart from each other. (I was born and raised in Alaska; I've only lived in Montana a few years now.) We then both started freaking out; me in a GOOD way, Emily....not-so-much. ...I later learned by accident that she was hoping to get laid when we first met, BEFORE finding out we were literally FAMILY. But now she thinks it's SUPER cool that we're cousins, and the ASTRONOMICAL odds of it all...the mathematics are truly boggling my mind still... ANYWAY...I took all that to be a sign from the Universe that I'm on the right path, there's nothing to fear, everything that has happened or that will happen was meant to happen. It's like, KISMET, or serendipity or fate or whatever lol. Oh, and my therapist who has never met Emily just happened to direct me to the EXACT same HRT specialist that Emily is seeing, because none of the others in the Flathead Valley accept medicaid, (or they aren't as sensitive or understanding). Just another one of the MANY super astronomical coincidences that Emily and I have in common lol. So yep...I gotta date with destiny in a few days, and after everything that's happened, I think a lot of my fear has kinda vanished. I'm still a little nervous of course, but there's no longer any doubt in my mind that I really am trans, this isn't a mistake, or just some kind of phase I'll grow out of; these feelings have been a part of me all my life and it's time to make things right. ...It's literally in my blood lol.
    • Cheyenne skye
      @Red_Lauren.I know which forum that is from your screen shot. I started my journey on that forum but soon realized it really wasn't for me. I haven't been on there in very long time. Just remove that bookmark from your browser and move on.
    • Red_Lauren.
      Ive been around the internet for a while now. There is bad and good sites for every thing. You can typically tell how bad it is if the forum is full of banned members.    I usually avoid trans related stuff. I've learned a lot of it is full of hatred, or nothing good at all. With the uprising of the trans movement. It seems like now unless you started at 15 yeas old, and didn't have mommy, daddy, or some one else pay for you're operations, and care. You are viewed 180 of what a trans person is. Same can be said for these famous trans people. Just because they are rich, and can afford operation's now. Don't mean I can or want the same operation's.     
    • Susan R
      Hello @Sarahtoraven, A pleasure to meet you. It’s always nice to see those two sentences together. Too often that is not the case. Your journey should be much smoother having an ally in your spouse. I’m looking forward to reading good things about your transition to womanhood. I wish you the very best!   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷 

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