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Biden Talked Trans Rights at Thursday's Town Hall

Carolyn Marie

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Jackie, what you are haven't seen is that Covid-19 is the 19th version of the virus, man made in China and paid for by billionaires bent on re-creating a modern version of the Illuminati. This group of extra wealthy men believe the world population needs to be reduced down to 50 million total. They are also strong supporters of the Democrat party.

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Carolyn Marie
2 hours ago, Mia Marie said:

Jackie, what you are haven't seen is that Covid-19 is the 19th version of the virus, man made in China and paid for by billionaires bent on re-creating a modern version of the Illuminati. This group of extra wealthy men believe the world population needs to be reduced down to 50 million total. They are also strong supporters of the Democrat party.


This refers to a widely debunked conspiracy theory.  Please cite your facts and sources.


Here are my sources.  This is a partial list::








Carolyn Marie

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  • Admin
Carolyn Marie

Mia Marie, Lee H, and Wichita, please knock it off!  This discussion is getting out of control, as is your language.  All of you, please take a step back and stop with the rancor.  If you cannot restrain yourselves, we will do it for you.  This is your last warning.


Carolyn Marie

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All the articles you are basing your statement on are liberal controlled media. They try debunking what history has already proven as fact. It is also fact that Democrats and Liberal politicians have been trying to change history and the way history is learned. This came from 2 family members who are also family.

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3 hours ago, Mia Marie said:

I personally have not been using bad language and am also refraining from name calling.

You'd think that would be enough to maintain adult civility. But apparently not, unfortunately.

2 hours ago, Jandi said:

Sorry…  Now I remember why I wanted out.

Enjoy yourselves girls.

I'm right behind you. It's getting a little too...partisan in here... which is the nicest way I can express my current feelings.


It's strange... considering the very real enemies, threats and danger we face by virtue of who and what we are, it makes me sad that we can so easily devolve into the same immature political in-fighting as the rest of the country. If we cannot count on each other as allies, how will we ever count on others?

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3 hours ago, Carolyn Marie said:

Mia Marie, Lee H, and Wichita, please knock it off!  This discussion is getting out of control, as is your language.  All of you, please take a step back and stop with the rancor.  If you cannot restrain yourselves, we will do it for you.  This is your last warning.


Carolyn Marie

This just proves my point. How you can single out three of us while letting the others off the hook tells me all I need to know.


Whatever... I'm off to find more adult discourse. I finished kindergarten more than three and a half decades ago. Feel free to give my juice box animal crackers to someone else.

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Community Rule 10


10 Arguing with staff or ignoring their requests is forbidden. The steps to appeal staff decisions can be found at the bottom of the Community Rules page. If a moderator takes action in the moment that you disagree with, those steps are your only option for reversing that decision. If a moderator intervenes in a discussion that has gotten out of hand and instructs those participating to drop the subject, you are expected to drop it and move on.


Last I looked, @Carolyn Marie is one of the Administrators of the site and @MaryEllen who is the Managing Administrator of the Forums have both cautioned against the direction this topic has taken and behaviors they specifically mentioned have kept ongoing without attention being paid, or they are paid lip service only.  In looking through the posts here I see where other members feel that their input has had no consideration or thought paid to their very real beliefs and concerns.  They were and have been entitled to the same consideration as the principal contributors here.  Rule 4 which designates this site as a support site for Trans people cannot be found in other than a few brief sentences scattered in here. There have been other problems as well. 

  I know I would like to see us return to subjects that edify and benefit members of the Transgender community and especially those members who are having problems dealing with the new revelations and challenges in their lives that will continue long after the subject matter of this topic is forgotten or of concern to any of those involved up to this point.  


Carolyn, Mary Ellen or @Petra Jane can remove this post at their discretion when they review it.

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  • Root Admin
8 hours ago, VickySGV said:

I know I would like to see us return to subjects that edify and benefit members of the Transgender community and especially those members who are having problems dealing with the new revelations and challenges in their lives that will continue long after the subject matter of this topic is forgotten or of concern to any of those involved up to this point.


This is the purpose of our site, trolling is not allowed, welcomed or encouraged.


Before someone claims that this is censorship, this is simply a request that we expect people to be civil to one another, fine, disagree with another's comments by all means, but be polite about it. If you can't be, or won't be, then perhaps this is not the place for you.

Censorship is altering posts to suit one's own beliefs, or removing the posts themselves. We have not, and will not be doing so, however, we do expect that all conversations ARE civil.


Politics and Religion are two very emotive subjects for many, and we do allow a little more leeway in discussions about these BUT remember, we are all in this together and are here to SUPPORT one another in our journeys.


Thank you, Petra Jane Budge

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On 11/15/2020 at 1:33 AM, Mia Marie said:

Biden saying he is planning good thing for transgenders. He will do NOTHING. He lied to get you to vote for him.

You made the assertion that democrats make promises and don't keep them before.


However, it's better to have someone who voices support for you than someone who voices the opinion what you should be killed on sight.


I'm really tired of the argument that "Democrats have made promises which they can't make happen".   All political types say what they support.   Democrats generally support protecting minorities, including transgenders.  Even if they cannot achieve those goals, I am happy for the support.   Republicans generally want to (a) kick minorities out of the country (b) encourage violence.   Trump gave praise to some people who tried to run Biden's campaign buss off the road.


What if you were in a car and somebody clocked you and tried to run you off of the road?  Don't you think Trump would praise that?   I'd much rather have people in charge who promote cooperation rather than violence.


We have had to live through four years of a new atrocity every day.   How about some of the DOCA people who were rounded up by ICE and forced to go through involuntary surgery to remove their wombs?   That is war-crime level atrocity.  That's just one day out of four years that I have had to cringe every time I turned on the news.  And you are party to it.  You are responsible for these atrocities by your support of the current administration.  You do not get to say, "I'm sorry these things happened, it wasn't my fault."  It is your fault.  You are party to it by your support of the people who did it.   You are party to the large number of transgender murders that have occurred.   You are party to a large number of crimes against women.  Stop supporting people who openly support violence.  You are party to that violence because of that support.




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Carolyn Marie

This topic is locked for the time being.  It may be unlocked after the site Administrators believe that enough time has passed that tempers are cool and the discussion may remain civil.  We take this action reluctantly.


Carolyn Marie

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    • Susan R
      @Ellie Jean Wow, that is an incredible sign from somewhere! What an interesting story though. The odds of this type of event occurring twice is inconceivable. I agree...this was meant to happen and play out just as it did for you. Just one variable off and you might have missed the entire meeting or missed putting all the pieces together. It’s a crazy world!   I congratulate you in advance for your upcoming date with destiny! I had a few smaller coincidences and key events like this happen to me along my journey that helped me know I was on the right track too. I’m glad you have found your path and I wish you the very best. If you can, keep us posted as to your progress and changes. Becoming your true self is so freeing and many here will appreciate reading about your upcoming journey of transition.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Hi Colin, Nice to meet you and nice to have you onboard here on our forum. You’ve already come a long way in being open to the idea that you may be much more than what meets the eye. It took me 56 years to finally figure out who I was and at least a year to finally accept what I learned. When I look back at my search for the truth of who I was...I remember it as a very exciting time. You have found a safe place to explore yourself, ask questions, compare notes with others like youself, and hopefully, in time, come to some conclusion about who you are. Look around the site and join in the conversation when you feel the need. We are here to help you any way we can!   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Red_Lauren.
      I didn't even have it bookmarked. I moved on the night I posted what I said here. 
    • Vanessa Michelle
      I'm sad to see CBabe go, especially under such circumstances. I personally think we have a great group of people here and also we get out of it what we put into it. I know I sure have. I try to sow good and love into all who join and all I interact with on the forums and expect it to come back on me, and it does. I am grateful for each of you whether we have talked or not. I love reading about your lives and journeys, your joys and sorrows and lifting you up in prayer when I read that life isn't being to kind. I am newer to my identity than most here, but I am always here to pray for you and tell you someone cares for you and wants the best for you. Bless you all. You enrich my life every time I log on. ❤️
    • Ellie Jean
      Something truly amazing happened last week. Long story short, I received a trippy sign from the Universe that I'm on the right track, and I'm now significantly less afraid of starting HRT, hopefully on the 28th, just a few days away. ...Now...here's the long story not-so-short lol: It all started many months ago. I had made a friend on Fetlife who was also transgender, and we shared the same kink: We both enjoy regressing to the age of infancy, complete with binkies, bottles, baby shows and diapers lol. All my life I've question WHY I'm an "Adult Baby/Little" and had never really found any kind of answer until a couple of years ago when the dots finally started connecting in my head: Babies don't have any body or facial hair, babies don't appear to have gender, (without looking in the obvious place anyway lol), and babies appear to have an asexual stump/mound between their legs due to being diapered most of the time; the diaper which also makes babies bottoms look rounder. And suddenly it hit me: My sexist male toddler/little kid autism brain confused age with gender because I was taught by my narcissistic sociopath of a father that "girls are babyish." ...So all these years, I've felt the urge to regress back to the carefree time of babyhood because I wanted to be a girl.  Now that THAT'S outta the way, lol, fast forward about a year to the middle of 2020, give or take a month or two. I meet Emily for the first time; a fellow transwoman, as well as a fellow adult baby. She was going through a pretty hard time, as she is deeply closeted with her family about the two biggest aspects of personality. Consequently, she struggles with severe anxiety and depression, so I felt she really needed a friend that understood. (I used to be deeply closeted, but I "came out of the nursery" to my parents as a teenager because I couldn't handle the stress that comes with a burdening secret. I also came out to my mom, aunt, uncle, and friends about being transgender towards the start of this year, sooo yeah, I have some experience with confronting fears that are far larger in the imagination than they are in reality lol.) Emily and I continued chatting off and on and emotionally supporting one another for months; occasionally trying to set up a time to meet seeing as we live in the same town, but our schedules didn't really line up right until last week, when we FINALLY got around to meeting up for milkshakes at a little cafe. She's 6 months into transition, but is still presenting as a boy in public it would seem, (she has a bust, but covers it up with baggy clothes). We talked for about an hour before starting to walk back to my mom's place, because my mom is all we had for wheels to get back to Emily's place lol, (Mom gave us a ride from Emily's place to the cafe.) While walking to my mom's place, Emily and I continued getting better acquainted with one another; we were both kinda tripping out over how much we had in common; both the same height, about the same weight, same pale skin, both with long hair, not even to mention the big similarities between our gender identities and ageplay kink lol. Later on in the walk, Emily was talking about her family and remarked that her mother's last name was Boothman and she grew up in Libby, Montana. "Omg!" I exclaimed conversationally, "My mother's last name used to be Boothman too when she lived in Libby," I continued, not thinking much of it, "she was married to Bob Boothman like 50 years ago lol." Emily also seemed amused by the coincidence...but in retrospect, I think she figured things out faster than I did and just didn't say anything until we got to my mom's house. Emily then had some questions for mom lol. Apparently Bob had a lot of brothers and sisters; one of them named Rocky. Emily then asked tentatively, "...How tall was Rocky?" And mom said, "Like SEVEN FEET tall!" Emily kinda freaked out then; my brain's gears had also started churning and my jaw was about to finish dropping. My MOM is the Great Aunt of EMILY'S mom; Pam, who my mom knew as a baby when she was called Pamela; a baby with cerebral palsy, and Emily's mother ALSO has cerbral palsy, and that's how all the dots got connected: Emily and I are cousins. Born THOUSANDS of miles apart from each other. (I was born and raised in Alaska; I've only lived in Montana a few years now.) We then both started freaking out; me in a GOOD way, Emily....not-so-much. ...I later learned by accident that she was hoping to get laid when we first met, BEFORE finding out we were literally FAMILY. But now she thinks it's SUPER cool that we're cousins, and the ASTRONOMICAL odds of it all...the mathematics are truly boggling my mind still... ANYWAY...I took all that to be a sign from the Universe that I'm on the right path, there's nothing to fear, everything that has happened or that will happen was meant to happen. It's like, KISMET, or serendipity or fate or whatever lol. Oh, and my therapist who has never met Emily just happened to direct me to the EXACT same HRT specialist that Emily is seeing, because none of the others in the Flathead Valley accept medicaid, (or they aren't as sensitive or understanding). Just another one of the MANY super astronomical coincidences that Emily and I have in common lol. So yep...I gotta date with destiny in a few days, and after everything that's happened, I think a lot of my fear has kinda vanished. I'm still a little nervous of course, but there's no longer any doubt in my mind that I really am trans, this isn't a mistake, or just some kind of phase I'll grow out of; these feelings have been a part of me all my life and it's time to make things right. ...It's literally in my blood lol.
    • Cheyenne skye
      @Red_Lauren.I know which forum that is from your screen shot. I started my journey on that forum but soon realized it really wasn't for me. I haven't been on there in very long time. Just remove that bookmark from your browser and move on.
    • Red_Lauren.
      Ive been around the internet for a while now. There is bad and good sites for every thing. You can typically tell how bad it is if the forum is full of banned members.    I usually avoid trans related stuff. I've learned a lot of it is full of hatred, or nothing good at all. With the uprising of the trans movement. It seems like now unless you started at 15 yeas old, and didn't have mommy, daddy, or some one else pay for you're operations, and care. You are viewed 180 of what a trans person is. Same can be said for these famous trans people. Just because they are rich, and can afford operation's now. Don't mean I can or want the same operation's.     
    • Susan R
      Hello @Sarahtoraven, A pleasure to meet you. It’s always nice to see those two sentences together. Too often that is not the case. Your journey should be much smoother having an ally in your spouse. I’m looking forward to reading good things about your transition to womanhood. I wish you the very best!   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷 
    • Cheyenne skye
      So I've been needing to get some electrolysis to finish clearing my face. I had laser done before the pandemic and it worked well except on the gray hair. My question is how can you still get electrolysis on your face with all the mask mandates and distancing protocols? Obviously I need to call around, but those of you who are still getting it done, what safety measures do they have in place to keep them and me safe?
    • Mx.Drago
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @HaraSuryaWelcome!!! Thanks for joining us!! I feel ya, I once upon a time joked I was a "lesbian in a man's body" and now in my mid 40's would say I am a woman in a man's body who's attracted to all (pan). Funny how we have more clarity once we accept ourselves for who we truly are! Bigender is also a thing, if you feel you are both. I always keep that on the table for myself too 😉. Thanks for sharing your story! I look forward to your posts and getting to know you more!! ❤️
    • magical realism
      Exactly. =]
    • magical realism
      When i first heard arch enemy's cover of aces high,i imiediately had to go and get the original album. Probably one of my favourite metal songs ever.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      I know what you mean. It's nice to have a place to go even if it's only online where you can meet more people who might think like you and have been through something similar to draw strength from, and to meet new friends! ❤️
    • magical realism
      Hey thanks! I think youre right,though I think Ive seen your avatar around here an there. its nice to feel welcome somewhere. Good to be here. 🙂
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