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Vaginoplasty Research through NYU Plastic Surgery


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This survey is recruiting for people who HAVE HAD or might BE INTERESTED have gender affirming vaginoplasty surgery. We are asking you to fill out an anonymous online survey on your experience. It is a project led by gender affirming surgeons at NYU Langone Health, and we have been working with the community to make sure that it asks the right questions to learn what is important to you about vaginoplasty. It is a long survey, but should take less than half an hour total. It is best if you set aside time to take it all at once from a desktop computer. Please share widely with your networks.
Answers to TRICON questions:
* What is the specific objective of the study and its intended impact on future trans lives?
The specific objective is to better understand the impact of vaginoplasty on sexual health and overall wellbeing, as well as the the patient experience of accessing care. We hope to use this to inform future surgical care provision.
* Who is/are the principal investigator/s?
The principal investigator is Dr. Rachel Bluebond-Langner.
* What is/are the sponsoring institution/s or organization/s?
New York University Grossman School of Medicine (NYUGSOM).
* How are trans scholars/researchers included in this research work?
A formal community advisory board process was utilized to ensure that those who have had or are seeking vaginoplasty informed the research questions and design of the survey instrument. In addition, researchers of transgender expereince are directly involved in the research team.
* Who is funding the study? Describe any conflicts of interest.
This research is unfunded. No financial conflicts of interest typically considered declarable exist. Researchers those who belong to groups who may hold institutional power over the subjects, including most specifically cisgender people and people performing gender affirming surgery. We are using a Community Advisory Board and other measures to increase equity and decrease bias and conflicts of interest within this research.
* Is there IRB/Ethics board approval? Describe ethical practices specific to trans subjects.
This study has been approved by the NYUGSOM IRB. This study is anonymous and care will be taken not to identify the subjects by reporting responses.
* What is the target study population? Describe geographic scope, languages, and intersectional inclusion.
The target population:
- have had or are considering future gender affirming vaginoplasty, including transgender women and nonbinary people
-can read English
-are of any geographic origin, racial and/or ethnic status, or (dis)ability status
* Is there a cost or travel requirement, or is there compensation for participants?
-This is an online survey, there will be no travel requirement. We regret that we are unable to compensate participants.
* Will the results of this research be published in open access journals or channels?
Whenever possible, research will be published in open access journals or channels. We are actively seeking ways to disseminate research findings beyond academic publishing, with the leadership of the community advisory board.


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  • Root Admin

It is a long survey but if anyone is willing to take part, we have been assured that your personal details will be asked for and your anonymity will be respected. 

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  • Admin

I took it.  My GCS was in January 2013 and thus, ancient history maybe, but the questions were valid and not overly invasive.  I would have had different questions if I were still pre-op though.

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  • Forum Moderator

Took it. Some of the answer choices for the questions could have used some nuance, but it's similar to other surveys I've taken through the University of Michigan.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you to all who have taken the survey so far! This survey will be extremely helpful in giving validated information to surgeons directly from the patients! We are so thankful for your insight.

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    • CD Rachel
      OMG I love this, thank you for sharing that bit of information it made my day....   Rachel
    • Charlize
      Jamie, i know it took my wife and family what seemed forever to get my name and pronouns correctly.  Give her time and appreciate any effort.  It's hard for everybody. We are getting what may be the last flops of sap for the year and since we have a great deal of ice I'm looking forward to a long boil and a lot more maple syrup to end the season with.  It has been a funny year with a great early start followed by a long deep freeze.  Soon the remaining snow will melt and spring will come.  Yea!   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jandi
      I love this. But it is too bad he's an a-hole.
    • Linda Marie
      That is good news Elizabeth. I went , well, we went through some very rough territory when I first came out. trusting in each other and taking our time as we walked through this also helped. I would say it was a very dark place for her when I came out. I mean gosh, I just came out with this big surprise to the woman I've been married to for 24 years....well things worked out but it was not an easy road for either of us, but here we are still married, 45 years now. 21 years after I came out. All I can say is my journey didn't just include me, my wife joined in on my journey.     
    • Jandi
      Well, in that case, you're making it look good. I have resisted a wig.  But if it worked anywhere near that well, I'm in.
    • Charlize
      That is fantastic Myles.  Enjoy a life where you can be yourself without fear of loosing your family.  Relax a bit.  I remember being exhausted after i came out to my wife and family.  So many emotions can really be a workout. Congratulations   Hugs,   Charlize
    • ElizabethStar
      Progress is good.
    • Linda Marie
      Good morning. Nothing special going on for me today and that is just fine for me. It is freezing outside and I just want to stay at home and be warm. I did try on some jeans, this time with a padded shaping brief and the look was perfect, no more man butt.  I did manage to go out into the freezing your butt off cold to feed the birds. Darn birds don't seem to care about how cold it is. So that has been the start of my day. So good, so far!!!  
    • Drayse
      Hooray! I'm glad to hear that there's progress! 😊
    • Drayse
      Morning @Tasha Marie
    • ElizabethStar
      I work with a guy like that. He's been problematic since the beginning of my journey. Even had the nerve to bitch (literally does it all the time) at his supervisor about my low-ish-cut top. She pointed out the fact that she gave me that top and he had no problems when she wore it.
    • Drayse
      That could be a good thing. Here's hoping!
    • Jamie68
      That's a GREAT story. Sounds like things are looking up for you. My wife is still in the grieving stage, but she is really making an effort to support me though. She calls me "Jamie" more and more often now. Small improvements are much better than no improvements.
    • Myles97
      Update 1 Yesterday (3/6) I worked up the nerve and came out to my mom and sister! My dad passed away in 2005, so I’ve officially come out to my entire “immediate family.” It was so scary at first. I sent them a text message (long letter type text) to our group chat, and then felt absolutely sick to my stomach. I wished more than anything I could unsend the text. But I couldn’t, and spoiler alert, in the long run I’m glad I couldn’t. I basically live posted on here on a different forum that I started on self doubt as I waited my mom and sister to respond. And it made the world of different having folks on here comfort me throughout the process. My sister called first and she told me she loved me, and that she was happy to have a brother now. She is so proud of me and so sad that I struggled in silence for so long. She said I can always trust her with anything and she will support me to the ends of the earth. She is an absolute gift y’all. My mom had still not responded by this point. I was really scared she wasn’t taking it well. So my sister called her to check in and they talked for a while. My sister called me back and said that mom had just read the text and wasn’t mad or disappointed at all. She was also sad that I felt like I had to suffer in silence for all these years. My sister said my mom still loved me and would like to chat if I felt up to it. But she understood if I wanted to wait and talk later - I’m glad she was patient and recognizing how hard this was for me. I imagine it was also a lot for her to process. I called her, and she and her boyfriend talked with me on the phone. She reassured me that she supports me 100% in anything I do, she just wants me to be happy. She also asked me to be patient with her as she learns my new name and pronouns. I told her of course, it’s a learning curve for my partner and I too. We will all get there with practice. I can’t even begin to describe to you the relief I feel now. I’m still scared that my mom is going to call and change her mind about being supportive - but that is my own anxiety I need to deal with. I am relieved, but I am also ready for some normalcy. For years I’ve struggled silently, for months I have processed out loud traumatically, and now I’m having to take something that was once my biggest secret and share it with everyone. It is freeing but it also makes you feel so incredibly vulnerable. And that’s a tough way to feel sometimes.  But I am proud of myself and I am grateful to have a partner who has boldly stood by me through this entire process. I would have never worked up the courage to tell my family without her. If you would’ve told me years ago, months ago, or even two days ago that today I would be writing a post about how my family has said they love and accept me for who I am I would have never believed you. Again, that’s me projecting my own insecurities. But I hope that some of you can relate to this experience. And even if your coming out story did not start as happily as this one, that’s okay too. I am here for you all just the way you have been here for me. We will all navigate together, and we can be your chosen family. I am hoping that once I am officially out to everyone I will finally feel settled. I am tired of lying/hiding and the conversations of “coming out” are incredibly exhausting. Anyways, I’m on my way to normalcy and I am sincerely happy. And I am so happy my new normal is life as Myles. 
    • Shay
      Never heard before but perfect choice for early Sunday morning. Nice groove and layering as you said. Thank you.
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