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Vaginoplasty Research through NYU Plastic Surgery


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This survey is recruiting for people who HAVE HAD or might BE INTERESTED have gender affirming vaginoplasty surgery. We are asking you to fill out an anonymous online survey on your experience. It is a project led by gender affirming surgeons at NYU Langone Health, and we have been working with the community to make sure that it asks the right questions to learn what is important to you about vaginoplasty. It is a long survey, but should take less than half an hour total. It is best if you set aside time to take it all at once from a desktop computer. Please share widely with your networks.
Answers to TRICON questions:
* What is the specific objective of the study and its intended impact on future trans lives?
The specific objective is to better understand the impact of vaginoplasty on sexual health and overall wellbeing, as well as the the patient experience of accessing care. We hope to use this to inform future surgical care provision.
* Who is/are the principal investigator/s?
The principal investigator is Dr. Rachel Bluebond-Langner.
* What is/are the sponsoring institution/s or organization/s?
New York University Grossman School of Medicine (NYUGSOM).
* How are trans scholars/researchers included in this research work?
A formal community advisory board process was utilized to ensure that those who have had or are seeking vaginoplasty informed the research questions and design of the survey instrument. In addition, researchers of transgender expereince are directly involved in the research team.
* Who is funding the study? Describe any conflicts of interest.
This research is unfunded. No financial conflicts of interest typically considered declarable exist. Researchers those who belong to groups who may hold institutional power over the subjects, including most specifically cisgender people and people performing gender affirming surgery. We are using a Community Advisory Board and other measures to increase equity and decrease bias and conflicts of interest within this research.
* Is there IRB/Ethics board approval? Describe ethical practices specific to trans subjects.
This study has been approved by the NYUGSOM IRB. This study is anonymous and care will be taken not to identify the subjects by reporting responses.
* What is the target study population? Describe geographic scope, languages, and intersectional inclusion.
The target population:
- have had or are considering future gender affirming vaginoplasty, including transgender women and nonbinary people
-can read English
-are of any geographic origin, racial and/or ethnic status, or (dis)ability status
* Is there a cost or travel requirement, or is there compensation for participants?
-This is an online survey, there will be no travel requirement. We regret that we are unable to compensate participants.
* Will the results of this research be published in open access journals or channels?
Whenever possible, research will be published in open access journals or channels. We are actively seeking ways to disseminate research findings beyond academic publishing, with the leadership of the community advisory board.


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  • Root Admin

It is a long survey but if anyone is willing to take part, we have been assured that your personal details will be asked for and your anonymity will be respected. 

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  • Admin

I took it.  My GCS was in January 2013 and thus, ancient history maybe, but the questions were valid and not overly invasive.  I would have had different questions if I were still pre-op though.

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  • Forum Moderator

Took it. Some of the answer choices for the questions could have used some nuance, but it's similar to other surveys I've taken through the University of Michigan.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you to all who have taken the survey so far! This survey will be extremely helpful in giving validated information to surgeons directly from the patients! We are so thankful for your insight.

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    • ValerieRun
      I have come across an article (which of course I cannot find now lol) that explained how both operations can be done BUT order matters. It was something about moving (or spreading, or something) vocal cords in order to get to the area to be reduced. And so that has to be done first, or shortened cords might get in a way and tear or get damaged. Of course, it could have been that specific operation or surgeon, and might not apply to other methods, but there are definitely more options than just a binary choice 🙂
    • Jandi
      I should point out that I don't have a partner at this time of my life, but… In my experience, there are different kinds of them.  The kind I associate with the guy thing tends to be pretty directed toward one area.  And then there is a more full-body sort, that is more internal, but pretty intense.  At least in my experience this doesn't necessarily require the involvement of "down there" but is quite satisfying.  But, I suspect this is a very individual sort of thing. I find that these days I am less visually stimulated than I used to be.  I'm kind of developing a taste for "steamy romance" paperbacks.  Whoo…   But I'm kinda weird I think.  I suspect I'm more pansexual. At times I think there is a type of spiritual thing involved.   But then, like I said, I'm kinda weird.  
    • William03232019
      Oh that's great to hear because they did 2 rounds of blood tests for me and both times they mentioned my kidneys and liver were perfect! Thank you so much!
    • Jackie C.
      It's going to come down to your blood work. If your liver and kidneys are healthy, you won't have any problem. They just want your to be as healthy as possible before they put additional strain on your body.   You're young enough that you shouldn't have any issues, but being as healthy as possible is a good stance to take while undergoing transition. It puts a lot of stress on the body and it's on you to make sure your body is conditioned to handle it.   Of course you're on T so you'll be lifting more than my little girl arms can handle (I dead-lifted 270 today, it's more than my workout partner can lift for once and I'm excited) before you know it. 😉   Hugs!
    • AwesomeClaire
      Thanks Holly. Your name is pretty, I didn't think stripper when I saw it. 
    • HollyNoel
      You know it sweetie!
    • William03232019
      I'm about 275 and about 5'8 but my doctor said because my legs are muscular and it isn't loose fat she doesn't consider me like morbidly obese. I plan on working out a lot more when I've started T but I was just anxious that they wouldn't even let me do hrt if I'm too heavy. Thanks for the motivation!
    • HollyNoel
      Clair, first, I love your name. So very classy. Mine, Holly, now that I think about it brings to mind a stripper.. lol   I looked at the flag under your name and thought the blue flag was California. It's North Dakota, I was about to say that there must be many local groups in California. Anyway, I'm so sorry there isn't any place where you are that you can meet up with other trans brothers or sisters. I'm glad you have this place where you can talk to others that are going through the things you are. And if you need, I will always be available to talk to. I want you to know you have friends here.
    • KathyLauren
      Go for it!  Putting yourself out there is scary, I know, but it is one of the best ways to gain acceptance.   It's not quite the same situation, but, back when I had been out for less than a month, I realized that I had already committed to doing a public presentation for the local astronomy association.  After some nervous emails to the coordinator, I went ahead and did it.  I am so glad I did.  Everyone in the group now knows that I am trans, but they don't care, because they also know that I know my stuff.  Getting rid of the elephant in the room is liberating and empowering.   It sounds like your company is on board with the resource group.  By chairing it, you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make sure that it is inclusive and pro-active.  You have got this!
    • AwesomeClaire
      Ok, thanks for the support.
    • VickySGV
      Big NO
    • HollyNoel
      No! Clair, in fact I say everything's right with you Hun. lol
    • Jackie C.
      Well that's new, usually it's one or the other. That's a pretty quick recovery for surgery, but slow for laser so it must be some kind of blended procedure. By all means go for it!   Hugs!
    • HollyNoel
      @Jonas00OMG Jonas, you are not the only one. I prefer the masculine guy. I want the man that is the alpha male. I know some women want to be the bread winner, but not me. I want to be the 50s stay at home housewife. I need to know that the guy I'm with can protect me but also show me a good time. I'm not going to turn away other guys, but if I had my choice my type would be a big strong man who knows how to treat a girl and isn't afraid to wear the pants in out relationship..   Well it looks like I have a type also Jonas.. lol
    • AwesomeClaire
      I know what you mean Holly, I get lonely too. I've been relying on a variety of zoom groups, a couple of them are trans, I have nothing local tho.
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