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What are you wearing today?

Ann W

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I keep finding myself all dressed up with no place to go, so I thought I'd start a thread to show off whatever outfit or fashion piece people are feeling good about and want to share.  I'll go first...


(somebody tell that lady to act her age) ?


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3 hours ago, Ann W said:

(somebody tell that lady to act her age)


Why? You look great. Personally, I'm wearing my warm, fluffy pajamas because it's 5:30am and I have nowhere to be today.



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8 hours ago, Ann W said:

(somebody tell that lady to act her age)


No one thinks I could ever get to be my age so I don't have to act it.  Enjoy wearing what you want to!!  I just have on a knit pullover and flannel lounge pants. 

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That's pretty stylish Ann.

I have my "Holly Hobbie" skirt and a nice thick sweater.  I've been too lazy to light a fire.

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White high collard blouse and a dark grey pant suit, just got back from church.The rest of the day well it's getting cold out maybe just my flannel pj's and my robe


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Should have called this one "Pajama Party".  After all, it is a beautiful autumn Sunday.

I admit, I did my crack-of-dawn grocery shopping, and now I'm back in bed in my most comfy sleeping outfit.  (it's still cute though)

I do think I'm going to keep getting dressed up for teletherapy, so that's at least one outfit per week to figure out.

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I managed to get dressed and out for some shopping. I went pretty basic. It's cold, windy and a little rainy today. My thighs seem a little chunkier than I remember.


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T-shirt  (loose and billowy), socks and yoga pants. I am NOT venturing out today unless the house catches fire - I have a looming exhibition deadline for a piece of artwork that I have not even started.

Paint me frantic!


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Wasn’t feeling the greatest today so I needed up going rather goth/witch with a basic black tshirt and black skirt. And the one time I did go to the store today even my mask was black. 

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Brilliant thread...we sure have some beautiful ladies with great taste roaming around this place. Wow!


Thanks for sharing,

Susan R?

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Now we're talking!  You all look so great.  I even like hearing the descriptions without pictures.  I had my outfit all picked out for therapy today, but then I went shopping at Goodwill, so we'll see.

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Today my spouse told me that this outfit didn't, well fit. So I got a new look.




OK, so my eyes are closed. It's still a good look for me. ?



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She was correct.  For one, the colors are all wrong!   And the slippers don't go with the top.


Just my $0.03

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4 hours ago, Aidan5 said:

As per usual I am wearing a hoodie with shorts. Maybe someone should teach me something about fashion...


You're a dude. I think you're on point unless you're dressing up for something. Maybe too cold for shorts (it is here, It was too cold for my leggings if I was going to be outside). You're fine.


4 hours ago, Jani said:

She was correct.  For one, the colors are all wrong!   And the slippers don't go with the top.


Just my $0.03


Madness! That color combo works fine. The other one (we bought two) might have worked a little better (it's more of a dark lavender), but this one got worn and I didn't want to wash them both this week. I agree about the slippers but it's cold. I put on my ankle boots before I left the house.


4 hours ago, Aidan5 said:

@Jackie C. I think your smile makes the fit work :)) 



Aww, thanks sweetie!



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PJs. I rarely have to leave my house these days. I don't like going in public anyway and now with pandemic, I don't need an excuse to just stay at home. I love being nice and comfy at home, so I am almost always in my PJs.

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@Aidan5 is on the money @Jackie C.. That smile is seriously awesome.


Aidan, I don't know if you are serious about diversifying your outfits, but if you are just swap your shorts for jeans and get some geeky t-shirts (relating to your real quirks) and you are all set. I just got a couple long sleeve t-shirts from redbubble I can't wait to wear. I love it when my t-shirts reflect my geekiness.


Today I'm working from home, so just black sweats and grey fleece. What can I say, I'm cold.

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I get advice from my spouse too @Jackie C.. It's not always welcome but at least she makes me think about not wearing my skirts to short lol.


I too am in PJ's at the moment @Mickey. It can sometimes be mid morning before I make a move and get dressed.



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  • Root Admin

I'm getting my Christmas Card ready, so have been wearing my Mrs Christmas outfit and taking dozens of photo's until I get the right one for the virtual card sorted!

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    • Heather Shay
      For me it's not having to deny myself anymore.
    • Heather Shay
      I am going to go out as my true self and create some new music and relax. How about you?
    • Heather Shay
      kind of in a Zep mood.....  
    • KymmieL
      I would highly encourage anyone going to VA or even considering going to the VA to go. While like @Jandi has said. it isn't perfect but nothing in this world is.    The VA has really embraced the LGBT community. When I go to the Cheyenne VA I feel accepted and cared for. It is a safe place for us. Those looking to start transition. Talk to your primary provider or mental health provider. That is what I did. I actually wrote a letter. I was just about done with my session with her. When she asked is there anything else you want to talk about. I gave her the letter.    Wound up talking for another hour, she even called one of the gender specialists to come visit with me. That got the whole ball rolling. Only regret I have is not doing it sooner.    Kymmie
    • NashySlashy
      Same!!   I enjoy the empowerment that comes from being trans, but I can't be open about it. Everyone still refers to me as my birth pronouns because they don't really understand. My family is very conservative, so they wouldn't get it. My husband's family is a bit more liberal, but they refuse to really...correct any of their behaviors. My sibling-in-law is genderfluid and they (the family) still refers to them by the wrong pronouns and even deadnames them. I told my husband that I was questioning my gender a while back, and he still refers to me as "wife" when talking about me to others.   It's a mess lol.
    • Jandi
      Some of us fight it far longer than that. But realizing who we are is a tremendous relief.
    • Rosie.
      Aside from living authentically, I’ve overcome a lot of fear I’ve had broiling in my gut for a long time. Coming out as a professional in a highly conservative area, was absolutely terrifying. But I’ve managed to survive! Being trans is a gift in many ways.    Hoping you’re filled with trans joy!    *hugs*   Rosie
    • Charlize
      Thank you for sharing that Vicky.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Charlize
      As a person in recovery in AA i have found that Christianity has never been forced down my throat.  It was suggested that i find a higher power.  I'm still in looking 15 years later but that search never took me to Christianity. It has helped me accept\, know and love myself and others.   Some may well take the path of Christianity  but there is certainly no requirement to do so. "The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking"   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Marcie Jensen
      There's an urban myth connected with this that Adams' last words were "Jefferson still survives. The republic is safe." His actual last words were "At least Jefferson still lives." He was mistaken as Jefferson died five hours earlier.
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
      "You don't need to be perfect to inspire others. Let others be inspired by how you deal with your imperfections."
    • Heather Shay
      The 50 star U.S. flag was designed by a man in Lancaster, Ohio   Americans eat 150 million hotdogs on The 4th of July.   There is something written on the back of the Declaration of Independence (it was written on parchment that had been written on earlier during the Revolutionary War.   Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on the 50th anniversity of the the Declaration.
    • NashySlashy
      I know this is an old post, but it really resonated with me. I'm 29 and didn't realize I was trans until a week ago.   The dysphoria has always been there (bottom dysphoria, in particular). I also hate my chest...but I don't know if that's more related to trauma than dysphoria. Possibly both? This is all still very new to me. And I guess that's where my barriers lie. Self-doubt. I'm never sure of myself. But what makes me sure of this is the fact that I feel empowered by the realization. I feel like a new man...because that's precisely what I am. Once I can start presenting as such without judgement, then I'll be much better off.
    • Hannah Renee
      @Elizabeth StarI had to go in person (which I preferred anyway) since that e-file system is so convoluted. Being in a small county helped that process.   I'm sorry you're having to go through all this stress. I also know that you are a woman of strength, and you will get through this.   Hugs 
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