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What are you wearing today?

Ann W

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4 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:

My partner bought this dress but didn’t like how it fit so now it’s mine….all mine😁




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On 9/12/2021 at 6:51 AM, Emily Michele said:

Took a page from the history books and used a corset to give me a bit of shape…


I’m loving the corset. Someday I’ll get one. 

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On 9/13/2021 at 10:21 AM, Elizabeth Star said:

My partner bought this dress but didn’t like how it fit so now it’s mine….all mine


On 9/13/2021 at 10:30 AM, Jackie C. said:

I've gotten a couple of pieces like that.

I'm jealous of you both.  My wife and I are very different sizes so we can't share clothing or shoes.🙁 


Probably just as well though, since we wear such different styles.

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@Elizabeth Star why not get a corset today? None of us are getting any younger! Do it for yourself… you are worth it! 

And I’m really saying that to every single one of you… you are ALL special and worth it!!!

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A couple of pictures of the top I was wearing today. The one with the skirt I posted on a womens FB fashion page this morning as I was wasn't certain it was as flattering as it could be. The women (mostly CIS but some trans) suggested some alternatives and they all thought it went much better with the stretch jeans. Do you agree?



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Thirded. It works with the pants, the skirt's nice, but it doesn't quite go with the rest of the outfit. Maybe if it was longer for a more sweepy/swishy effect? Or a deep red, maybe a plumb? Maybe both.



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I couldn’t decide what color to wear today so I wore them all. 
It was also a slow day at work so I did two more piercings on my right ear. I’ll skip the pic of that. 



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Hiked to the top of Pilot Butte in Bend OR this evening. I’m wearing athletic wear of course! No makeup and a 24 hour shadow which is becoming much harder to see since my electrologist has pruned all the black hairs. The pooch is my giant schnauzer Panda.

At the top, about a 1000 foot rise above the city, there is a 360 degree vista of the landscape shaped by volcanic action. I’m here with a group of walkers from around the Northwest for 4 days, walking and hiking the slopes and rivers  in central Oregon. 




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Heading off to my PT job at the consignment shop. Have to look my best ;)

I love this top. Skinny jeans below


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1 hour ago, Bri2020 said:

Heading off to my PT job at the consignment shop. Have to look my best ;)

I love this top. Skinny jeans below

Lovely, Bri. Those are my wife’s colors. She’d love that top. The skinny jeans would finish that off nicely. How nice does it feel carrying the extra weight upstairs..btw? Need I ask? 😉 You look great as always.


Susan R🌷

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1 hour ago, Susan R said:

Lovely, Bri. Those are my wife’s colors. She’d love that top. The skinny jeans would finish that off nicely. How nice does it feel carrying the extra weight upstairs..btw? Need I ask? 😉 You look great as always.


Susan R🌷

Thank you Susan. I don’t even notice the weight honestly.  They are still a little “raw” and “stiff” feeling.  I try massaging them to make sure no capsulation occurs and they definitely don’t quite feel like a natural part of me yet. I can feel the implants moving/shifting when I massage them. I’m sure once the pec muscle and skin stretches it will feel much better. I do however, love they way they look and make me feel!  Especially in the gorgeous black lace-y strapless bra I’m wearing under this top. I had to admire them for a bit before I put the top on. You all will just have to use your imagination there. Lol

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1 hour ago, Bri2020 said:

I can feel the implants moving/shifting when I massage them.


And that just turned me RIGHT off the idea again. I'm shuddering and clutching the girls over here. Nope. Nope. Nope.



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Another day yesterday of hiking some beautiful trails. First An 8 mile loop around Paulina Lake which I believe is technically called a caldera , a hole in the ground after a mountain blows up. At the far end is a wall of obsidian really cool!


in the afternoon we hiked up Tumalo Falls and in the evening partook if apple pie and cookies at the meet and mingle. I only got one sarcastic comment about the evident change taking place in my appearance. He’s a diehard homophobe and Trumper so that doesn’t count. Swapped stories of trail adventures with everyone else including the one about the pine Siskin that landed on a lady’s hat and then transferred itself to her water bottle and tried to take a drink and failing that hopped over to the water canteen on one of my table companions.


it’s supposed to rain today so I may choose a trail that is less exposed to the elements. Off to breakfast now!




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Looks like an awesome trip @AgnesBardsie. You look great - happy and fresh. The little birdie is so cute. I learned about calderas when my husband and I visited Yellowstone a few years ago - the entire National Park is one humongous caldera, so lots of freaky and amazing volcanic/thermal features. 

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Looks like beautiful country.  


Went uptown to see the Chalk Fest.  They do it every year on the sidewalks around the court square.




Just wore some of my go-to things


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Last day of hiking in central Oregon. Before breakfast my faithful companion PNda and I scaled Smith Rock overlooking Monkey Face. Totally awesome and exhilarating!




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I should mention that in the pictures from yesterday I did NOT do my own makeup.  I’m not that good…yet. It was done by my friends 16 y/o daughter who is an absolute genius with makeup. 

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    • AgnesBardsie
      Will your friend be taking a road trip to Mexico one day? 
    • AgnesBardsie
      That was hysterical!
    • Carolyn Marie
      This is a very interesting article, and I learned a lot.  Thank you for posting it, Chrissie.  NB issues are under-reported and need to be better understood.  Our Non-Binary Forum is under-utilized, too.  It is important, and becoming more so.   Carolyn Marie
    • Nora
      Indeed; I'm particularly self-conscious here in the Flathead surrounded by full-on "traditional" right-wing cowboy types lol. Ran into a few "bullies" walking the streets at night, (I'm nocturnal lol), but for some baffling reason, whenever I brush my coat back to flash my gun at them, they decide they wanna be friendly all of a sudden and we respectfully head our separate ways. Funny how that works! Hehehe. XD An armed society is a polite society! I'd probably have gotten my ass whooped and murdered ten times over by now if I wasn't armed and dangerous lol. It's like a big ol' flashing neon sign to ne'er-do-wells everywhere: CHOOSE SOMEONE ELSE!  😈 Never understood the push to outlaw guns; if guns were outlawed, then only outlaws would have guns, leaving the rest of us law-abiding folk to be dependent on a prejudiced government for safety and security, and I don't trust them for a second lmao.     ...Whatever could have possibly given you the idea that we live in a civilized world? 😜 Sadly, we don't. We never have, and we never will. Human beings are little different than any other animal. We all eat, sleep, pee, poop, hunt, kill, fight and mark our territories like primal dogs, and when we die, our flesh rots into the Earth the same way as cattle. We aren't nearly as superior as most humans would like to think we are. We aren't special. ...Making the mistake of thinking we are can get you killed by a wolf...the four-legged kind, or the two-legged-kind.  ...ALL the world is a farm; think of it that way LOL. XD So-called-civilized society has always followed the Laws of the Jungle; we've just dressed it up and pretend we won't throw the book out the window just as soon as the chips are down and the primates start throwing their feces everywhere lmao. 🤣 I'll say it again: Human beings are animals lol. NEVER forget that! XD
    • Heather Nicole
      I'm ADD, so my mind just ping-pongs around anywhere and everwhere. 😁   Although sometimes it'll fixate on old experience-based frustratuons of trying and failing to get my point across to someone not willing to listen, or otherwise dealing with difficult people. Or any other frustration I may have.
    • Sometimes Chrissie
      https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/neither-male-nor-female-why-some-nonbinary-people-are-microdosing-n1028766   Your thoughts?
    • Nora
      I read a good chunk of it before deciding to scroll down to so how much further it would go on...then I gave up because I just don't have that kinda time LOL. Thanks for sharing though! Looks like an interesting read; I'll probably get to it in the future at some point.  From what I read though, it seemed to basically be saying the same thing I was saying, but with slightly more smarty-pantsy biologery sounding words thrown into the mix lol. Seems they were saying that the differences in the brain were the result of hormonal, environmental and cultural factors. The relative sizes between a male and female brain seems negligible because I'm pretty sure I heard that the size of a brain doesn't necessarily determine how it functions. Not to mention all the crap that can happen that can radically alter various regions of the brain, particularly trauma and abuse. Some ciswomen have a large amygdala, some ciswomen have a small amygdala. Twenty bucks says that either way...it was their parents fault. 🤣
    • Mmindy
      This is the dream I have for some day.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Jandi
      One of my sisters said she would come back as a butterfly.   I have had them land on me when I've been working outside.   It is always something special.   Lovely pix.
    • Mmindy
      That’s a good first day on the road. ❤️   I hope you have a wonderful trip and fine a real connection as a loving couple.   ❤️❤️   Miny🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • miz miranda
      @Shay Harry was a fantastic songwriter        
    • Elizabeth Star
    • Jandi
      I had a rooster once that makes me believe it.
    • miz miranda
      @Shay   @Vidanjali   Kind Wishes and Blessings, good beginnings
    • miz miranda
      In 1912, a law passed in Nebraska where drivers in the country at night were required to stop every 150 yards, send up a skyrocket, and wait eight minutes for the road to clear before proceeding cautiously, all the while blowing their horn and shooting off flares.   Somali pirates have such a hatred for Western culture, that the British Navy uses music from Britney Spears to scare them off.   Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch.   The chicken and the ostrich are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex.
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