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What are you wearing today?

Ann W

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19 hours ago, Benji C said:

I went out to dinner for my mom's birthday she wanted me to dress up a bit so I decided to wear my blazer that I haven't worn in a while... I gotta say I felt pretty confident all night which is saying something for me cause I'm usually pretty self conscious...


I like the blazer, nice shape and color for you.


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My first post here, I wear a new haircut.

For the hair I have left: I let the front grow

and shaped the sides. (I cut my own) 



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Heading out to dinner with a small lesbian group in DC.  I’m getting good at this makeup thing!  



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1 hour ago, Bri2020 said:

I’m getting good at this makeup thing!


That IS a good job. You look great and I can't tell what you did. Jealous!



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1 hour ago, Jackie C. said:


That IS a good job. You look great and I can't tell what you did. Jealous!



 Very well matched Sephora powder foundation, just enough to even skin tone. A purple blush lightly blended in. Gold eye shadow and Clinique black mascara. Then a dash of pink sparkle lip gloss.  10 minutes tops. Oh. Then spray with a setting spray so it lasts the night 


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Sephora around me doesn't carry clinique. I had to get mine from Ulta. My skin is kinda sensitive. Really need to practice more.


Still jealous. 😘



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2 hours ago, Bri2020 said:

 I’m getting good at this makeup thing

You’re looking great Bri, have fun.

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Macy's  has been my go too for some things like primers and foundations.

Eye makeup has to be hypo allergenic tho' which is a pain finding sometimes.

I have a Mary Kay rep that comes by and she and her husband have some great skin care products.

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Bri you look fab and when you can apply make up and look like you are wearing very little  you have mastered the art of make up !! very impressive indeed.

Love the dress too, just perfect.


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Had to run over to Wallyworld this morning.   It was a little cool, so I broke out the long sleeves. 


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Lovely! The scarf contrasts perfectly with the dress while it also picks up the red shades in your hair. You look ready to dance! (Unless doctor's orders say otherwise.) Subarashī!

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1 hour ago, Davie said:

You look ready to dance!

Oh, definitely!! Thank you, Davie. I think the whole world needs to dance!

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On 9/23/2021 at 1:53 PM, Bri2020 said:

 Very well matched Sephora powder foundation, just enough to even skin tone. A purple blush lightly blended in. Gold eye shadow and Clinique black mascara. Then a dash of pink sparkle lip gloss.  10 minutes tops. Oh. Then spray with a setting spray so it lasts the night 


This is my work makeup. I work outside at altitude so I like the BB Fresh to protect my skin. 


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4 hours ago, Kasumi63 said:

With the scarf I got in Thailand.


I love the scarf and the dress.

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Baseball caps are in fashion for me today. And maybe singing "Sweet Caroline" for the WooSox. My first mass crowd in 2 years. A big win for the last days of summer. 


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@Kasumi63Love the whole look!


Heading out to a Transgender meetup with about 50 transladies and CDers at a pub close to the city tonight.  I got my first paycheck at the consignment store so....new dress for the event tonight. Calvin Klein snakeskin bodycon with some diagonal ruched thing going on.   First time out with this group. I picked this out so as not to get noticed....yea, as if!  lol



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2 hours ago, Bri2020 said:

I picked this out so as not to get noticed....yea, as if!  lol

I notice the great dress, I notice the great nail color, but mostly I notice the happy smile—it lights the world.


— Davie

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5 hours ago, Bri2020 said:


Heading out to a Transgender meetup with about 50 transladies and CDers at a pub close to the city tonight. 

50?! Wow! I’m envious! Even in the GID group I’m in, there’s only a handful of transgender women, and because of the pandemic, we haven’t met for a couple of years. You’re rocking that dress, by the way!!

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13 hours ago, Bri2020 said:

Heading out to a Transgender meetup with about 50 transladies and CDers at a pub close to the city tonight.


Oh hey, I did that last night too. We were in the garden though, so WAY too cold for a dress. Two members wore one anyway and I respect their ability to sit in the cold like that, but I bundled my butt up like a sensible person. I didn't wear anything special, just jeans and a t-shirt (under a sweatshirt, under my pleather jacket), but I still had a blast.


Love what you're wearing @Bri2020! That dress really compliments your new curves!



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I got my souvenir Mackinac hoodie. I saw other one I really wanted but thought the rainbow unicorn may have be a little to much “on point“. 




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1 hour ago, Elizabeth Star said:

I saw other one I really wanted but thought the rainbow unicorn may have be a little to much “on point“.


You NEED the rainbow unicorn. Search your heart. You know it to be true.



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    • Erica Gabriel
      Thank you for sharing this. I wish I had the ability to have conversations like this. 
    • Erica Gabriel
      My wife initially set a boundary at “no surgery” but has since changed her mind, or become resigned to that surgery actually occurring. I discuss everything with her, but it is my decision. She has acknowledged that she has also changed during our 14 years together (she’s an aneurism survivor) and wants to continue our relationship as a lesbian couple. The sad thing is, or really the thing that is hard for me to deal with is that she is very dependent on me. She doesn’t earn a living wage, has no credit, and long ago gave up helping to manage our finances. I feel that she is trapped and her support for me is due to not having any other choice. This breaks my heart.
    • Jamie68
      Since on HRT, my hair has actually grown back some but it will never do much. I haven't had much hair on top for too long. It's wig time. I went to Hair Club recently. They have a hair transplant system but I don't have enough donor hair. They have another system where they glue on hair that looks natural. It's only for the wealthy. We're talking about $4,500 to start with and $350 every few months to replace it for the rest of your life. Not for me. A good synthetic wig can look awesome. Just wash and put on stand to dry. Never loses it's shape. A real hair wig has to be styled like any other cis womans hair.
    • Heather Shay
      @DianaW I thought I was reading my own entry except I've been married 28 years and my wife is in the same mindset. We just had an explosion yesterday with me on HRT for nearing a year and a half. Just finally found a separate therapist she plans to see. I have an incredible therapist and I must say find one you like as soon as you can because it is vital for you. Best Heather
    • Jamie68
      Parting ways with someone that you shared your deepest thoughts with has to be hard. It sounds like your new therapist will be good for you though. Hugs
    • Jamie68
      This brought me to tears. So sad. That very easily could have been my spouse. I firmly believe it was divine intervention that stopped me from ending myself. I am so thankfull.
    • Elizabeth Star
      I had my last session with my other therapist last night. It was surprisingly hard despite the negativity I had been feeling over the last couple sessions. We skimmed over what had been worked on and I how feel now about thing. I think I really surprised him at one point, he had asked if I remember our start date and how sessions we've had. Not only did I know the exact  date, off the top of my head, but also how many sessions we had and the fact that the day and time were changed after 2 weeks.  When the clock ran out I did have to end things rather abruptly as it was getting hard to hold back the tears. It was hard to say good bye and I did actually cry a little afterwards but it was for the best. Now that I've already had the first meet and greet with the new one last week and just ended with the old, it feels like a passing of the baton as I start a more definitive leg of my journey.    Gotta go for now; have no idea what I'm wearing today.
    • Jamie68
      I think this is the way it is for a great many of us. I've been married for over 50 years. I started taking transitioning stuff without telling her. I think that made it easier for me when I came out to her. Then it wasn't a question of me starting HRT. It was a question of what is safest for me to take. I'm not suggesting that this is what you should do though. Starting this way caused HUGE trust issues, a lot more than if I would have talked with her about it beforehand. Communication has always been a big problem with me. I'm learning how to now. Since then, every step I take is a huge step for her to accept, almost game ending for us. It's a delicate balance between my moving forward and holding back to wait for her acceptance. My spouse is in end stages of autoimmune pancreatitis. She was born with it. She is never below level 4 pain even with heavy pain meds. We're alike in that I didn't figure myself out till recently. Not till after I retired and had more time to dwell on things. My spouse didn't sign up for this either. It will never be the way it was between us, but we are working through it.  I wish you well. Hang in there. Don't give up. You deserve to be happy with yourself. I don't regret transitioning at all. I am so much happire now. I can never go back to who I was. Hugs.
    • RhondaS
    • cassiopeia
      faceapp is really kind of useless for seeing what you'd look like. I look absolutely nothing like my faceapp pics from before I transitioned! But I'm happy with what I got/am getting anyways   also I don't know why but snapchat and faceapp filters always gave me the most awful dysphoria, so I stopped using them and was happier as a result.
    • Davie
      Thank you @VickySGVfor your great educational service on behalf of our community. — @Davie  
    • Davie
      Students had been encouraged to wear rainbow colors to school on Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day, as part of the celebration, which was hosted on campus by the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club in support of people who publicly “come out” as a member of the LGBTQ community, said Heather Bailey, a Windsor Unified School District spokeswoman.   https://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/news/group-of-windsor-high-students-don-red-white-and-blue-and-gadsen-flag-to-p/?taid=617233c17778c400018f0c1a&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter  
    • VickySGV
      Stop the communication without assigning fault to either of you.  Some things are just not meant to be.  I know it will be hard, I had to wait until both my parents were dead to make headway.  I make public presentations about parents and children's relations and the thing I am faced with most often is a situation where a parent has the idea that they OWN A CHILD.  Sadly there are people with certain religious views that are told they do own the children and have gotten ideas that if the kid does something wrong the parent will be punished and the parent does not want to be punished, so they pound on the child, even adult children.  When I am talking to groups I point out that they are not a child's owner, only a temporary steward who will give the child up.  Let your therapist know about all of this and see if the therapist can help you make a plan to make a clean cut so you can become yourself.  Your mom will not listen as things are now, and while I know she is scared and mourning for you, still, that is her life.
    • Mia Marie
      I have come to a new depression low with having to sever communication with my mom. She ants to control every aspect of my life with no concern about my feelings and happiness. She has been putting out there that my therapist and doctors are hurting me and hate men. I am not going to give up who I am. That doesn't mean I am killing the person I as but evolving to a better more healthy person I am to be. To experience who I feel inside. She does not want me to do this and doesn't care if I am truly happy. All she cares about is her own happiness so she claims I am killing her son but really evolving into the daughter she didn't have and I as supposed to be. I guess she thinks if I reverted back maybe I would find someone and produce some grandchildren for her but that is not going to happen due to the fact I am not able to father children. The woman inside me knows it will not happen. I didn't want to make the decision to stop talking but I have no other idea what to do with the hope she will see the truth and accept it.
    • swallow
      Hi,   Thanks for upload. Painful watch but such a good documentary.❤️
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