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What are you wearing today?

Ann W

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2 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:

rainbow unicorn


Love it. You don't want to live with regret! And it will look so pretty with your hair color. 

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So I bought a corset online and I have been trying to get used to wearing it. It's different and a little difficult to get used to. But so sexy! My spouse and her mama tell me they wish they had my body every day. ? 


Anyone have any suggestions on how to get used to a corset? It would be much appreciated!

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Love the dress Bri and you look fab in it.

Kaltia  wear the corset for a few hours everyday no need to cinch it up real tight at first  to just get used to it.

I used to wear a corset a lot but just let it be known they aren't comfortable at all.

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Oh to add if you think a corset will give you a more feminine figure thats not always the case.

If you were born with no hips and a tiny butt a corset won't help much.


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On 9/26/2021 at 3:35 PM, Elizabeth Star said:

I got my souvenir Mackinac hoodie. I saw other one I really wanted but thought the rainbow unicorn may have be a little to much “on point“. 




Liz, you look great, and most of all comfortable for a Fall day on the island. I’m afraid the unicorn ? would have been way too much for my Suzie. It’s good to read that your trip is going well. Love the Fudge.

Here’s the hoodie I bought during our Michigan Fall Colors vacation. 





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13 hours ago, Teri Anne said:

Kaltia  wear the corset for a few hours everyday no need to cinch it up real tight at first  to just get used to it.

I used to wear a corset a lot but just let it be known they aren't comfortable at all.

That's what I'm doing. I actually find it fairly comfortable. Not super comfortable, but it feels right. 


13 hours ago, Teri Anne said:

Oh to add if you think a corset will give you a more feminine figure thats not always the case.

If you were born with no hips and a tiny butt a corset won't help much.


I have a nice butt and my hips are pretty fem already. Literally just got it for the style... Kind of going for steampunk and goth look. 


My wife, her mom and sister all said they hate me for my body... And I've only just begun my life long journey. ?

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@Kaltia_Atlas  after I put mine on and lace it, I do a couple side bends and a waist torso wriggle. It kind of helps set the laces and distributes the tension across all the laces. It will also form the arc of the fabric to your body. Normal movements do it too, but slower. look at your corset after you take it off… it will be all shaped and curvy, when it started flat!

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busy day: electrolysis followed by a shift at the consignment shop.  At least i'm dressed to kill. lol. I haven't worn this since March so I was happy they still fit.  And the top finally works now that I have boobs ;).  The plunge top looked a little silly and big when there was nothing to fill it. I probably need a tummy control garment though since I put back on about 7lbs in the last month.  Inspiration to get my eating back under control.


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1 hour ago, Bri2020 said:

Thx, if only I had purple hair to match ;)



Seriously, it was like $30. On sale even.



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12 hours ago, Emily Michele said:

New hair color!!! Squeeeee!


Pretty! Love it on you!



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Love the new hair colour Emily!


I'm switching to a more fall look :(. I will miss summer dresses.

Today is an errands day so went a bit more utilitarian. The red top is a sleeveless flared bottom top I tucked in a bit. my earrings are a "denim" shade ceramic hearts. I really need to up my belt collection for fall.


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1 hour ago, Elizabeth Star said:

So, I’m wearing black again today and some new earrings I got over the weekend. 


Fortunately, black looks good on you. You'd be in pretty dire straits otherwise.



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I don't have a good today picture, been busy, so I'll post an old one of me.

This was taken by the news media in Atlanta, Georgia years ago. It was a big event, 

I was picked out along with other trans ladies, not knowing what was next.


I think this was taken in 2004, I was in a world I never knew existed. 


So we ladies are sat down in a very nice big room with these reporters, and others,

Very nice fancy drinks and then the prep talk. We will release you one at a time, and they call the first one.

Then the next one, and we others are still in the dark? What is going on?.


Linda your turn. I walk to the door, get my last briefing...from a birth woman!!  I'm in a dress at one of the largest conventions in the world (Southern Comfort Conference)  for trans people, and you tell me don't look from side to side, there will be many people there, we want you to focus on the steps, and not the cameras.


(I'm thinking no big deal, I'm a tough girl, I got four years under my belt in the trans world)


Then the door opens, and I nearly peed myself. I had never seen so many flashing lights at me. I was totally shocked, little tough girl listened to the woman and followed her directions. I had no choice, I was so scared.


Make the walk, make the walk!!!..don't look around, 


I made the walk, What was at the bottom was the news media, taking pictures of me, flashing lights, a welcome venue by the news media, strange thing was those along the side of the steps, so many along the side lines out of view, taken pictures, and all I did was watch the steps. I made the picture, they took this, and all I did was follow directions.










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This is me wondering, how do I tell my story.

At this time in my life I'm faced with questions and answers

and I have no answer.

So young back then.

Scared is an under statement, 


My thoughts are, where do I go from here, how do I get there and most important, how do I gain trust from those that know me.


I admit it has been a long struggle. I admit  I get short with anger at times, I admit, I'm only human.


I'm a lot older now, hardened so to speak. I have no answers, I do not know what is best, We have our 

agendas. All we can do is share our life and move on. 


So what am I trying to say?


I will leave that to your thoughts.



LM Gazing in the mirror.jpg

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I've been away for a while, but you gals just keep looking better all the time.  It's fun to watch, and reminds me to trust the process.  Just a little movement each day can add up to an amazing difference.

You're all getting so darn cute!


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