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What are you wearing today?

Ann W

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I have a cami with an internal shelf bra that works fine with some tops.

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You look great Stevie.  I wouldn't worry about size.  All women are built differently.





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9 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:



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23 minutes ago, Teri Anne said:

Looking good Christina and Liz

Thanks for the compliment.

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1 hour ago, Teri Anne said:

Looking good Christina and Liz

Thank you 


3 hours ago, Hannah Renee said:



It’s scary, I’m not wearing black but I assure you, I am the real Lizzy Star. 😉

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All green today! I feel like a ninja turtles (which might explain why I chose to wear said themed-pants). 

Lucky bracelet and everything. Fridays are my free days in terms of clothing. But that could be said for most days since I am stuck at home. 

Too worried to go outside, no money, lack of a car, also THE HEAT is terrible. 
I wished I lived closer to a community center. 

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I got all dressed up just to visit a GF at work. Well ok, she works at a gaming lounge so I stayed for a bit. I'm really liking my look with the blue.


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8 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:

I got all dressed up just to visit a GF at work. Well ok, she works at a gaming lounge so I stayed for a bit. I'm really liking my look with the blue.


See, if you'd posted that picture before the last one,vit would have been less of a shock. Bottom line, though, looking stellar as always.

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9 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:

I'm really liking my look with the blue.

It does look good on you.  Nice with the hair.

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Right now, just wearing pj pants and a large tshirt. I saw something like this jacket the other day and I wanted to buy it! I have the perfect pair of pants to go with it!


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Went into town for a bit.  But I did put on shoes for that.


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Morning, friends! It is a tshirt and jeans (finally) today. Need an excuse to go out and wear my new sneakers, but the heat is not even regular weather at this point, it's an oven. 

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On 8/13/2022 at 2:28 PM, Jandi said:

But I did put on shoes for that.

Love the green dress Jandi,


Putting on shoes to go to town, is a good idea. The hard concrete and molten asphalt will burn your feet. I love going barefoot in my yard, now that I don't have dogs.





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26 minutes ago, Mmindy said:

now that I don't have dogs.


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I wore this to my first meeting with a new group. Only only person noticed my collar and belt are part of a set.




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Hand-me-up skirt from my daughter, so I could channel my inner Lizzy.


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1 hour ago, Hannah Renee said:

Hand-me-up skirt from my daughter, so I could channel my inner Lizzy.


Wow! I am impressed. Looking good Hannah. 

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I took things to the next level tonight with my makeup. Fishnet top. tights, lovesick platforms and dog leash belt. 


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    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I didn't grow up in Florida, but I remember school "health" types being rather invasive.  And yeah, we had the menstruation question.  Specifically worded, "When was your last period, and how often do you get them?"  My mother is not normally rebellious, but she thought that was inappropriate.  Her response was epic.  She told me to write in, "I get a period after every declarative sentence." 😆   In my opinion, public schools have way too much power.  They have no business being involved in students' health or asking questions of any sort.  That's the family's responsibility.  I think @VickySGV is quite correct...it is a holdover from slavery.  Or rather, it is an expansion of a light version of slavery from after the Civil War.  When slavery was declared illegal, they figured out how to make it class warfare instead, and oppress people of many different backgrounds.  Those in power (wealthy, politicians, etc) would love to own all the rest of us, like feudal serfs.    We saw the iron fist come out of the glove during two years of COVID... the establishment now uses "health" as justification for any assault on our bodies and civil rights.  The best answer I can see is a complete takedown of the medical establishment, and returning doctors to their place as respected service providers of the same class as mechanics and merchants, instead of anointed omniscient overlords. 
    • Suzanne44
      Hi it's Suzanne    Thank you for answering my questions it's much appreciated. I have finally come out to my closest family members and they are all being so supportive. Hopefully I will get to see my G.P  in the next week or so and finally get the ball rolling. I never thought that this day would ever come, through a lot of support of friends on here you all gave me the confidence to be open and honest with my family. Their response has been overwhelming, I never thought that they would be so supportive, I've been blown away. Now with their support I finally feel that I can do anything. I'll let you all know how I get on with my G.P.  I look forward to talking to you all. Feel free to message me anytime. Thank you all.   As always ♥️ Suzanne.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I've always loved the Blue Collar comedy bunch.  One that cracks me up every time is "If you think Genitalia is an Italian airline....you might be a redneck." 
    • StephieGurl
      Yes, there are surprises.
    • Mandy Jo
      Yes,I love life as a crossdresser fulltime now
    • Katie23
      One thing that these imbeciles in Florida fail to realize is that for very competitive female athletes, they may very well have irregular menses. The other ludicrous thing is that if they would support trans-children so that they can have puberty in the gender they identify with, they will not have any competitive advantage. Of course, that may involve some of those higher functions such as reading, or those softer skills such as empathy. The anti-trans folks in Florida are a strange group at best.
    • Girl From Mars
      It's something that is still falling into place bit by bit. I've grown in so many ways since I decided to transition, I'm still being surprised by what my authentic life looks like.   The old me struggled and was constantly weighed down by poor mental health. Now I've got a career and stuff I never thought I was good enough for. It's overwhelming at times. I'm not used to being 'normal'!
    • KathyLauren
      Inspiring!  Thanks for posting.
    • Mandy Jo
      This morning was stressful this morning,A couple kids in my first morning class disrupted class while I was teaching.Started with pulling on a female student's hair and then cussed me out.Both even threw a paper ball at me too.Did send them to the principal and both were suspended,Their moms were not too happy with them.Said they are going to be punished good and grounded
    • VickySGV
      Just read in an LGBTQ Nation article where, yes. the thing about Furries is a characterization of Trans identities.  A political candidate in Colorado is the main shoot from the mouth person in that fracas.  She has over 30 state school districts and 3 organization of school administrators and superintendants telling her to go chase a cat, preferably a wild cat who will turn and chase her. 
    • Willow
      @Marcie Jensen @Billie75B my E levels tanked three months ago.  I just did blood work yesterday for new numbers. If they are still in the tank, we will change things but it’s been a fight with my endo and he’s the only one I can go to.  This state likes to make it very difficult for doctors to help transgenders.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      Definitely, definitely. This seems very illegal and very invasive. It can already be embarrassing enough having a monthly and having it start at inconvenient times, and having documentation like this might actually embarrass an athlete and cause them- on the extreme side- to consider dropping athletic sports if that's how they're going to be treated. Really, it shouldn't be a school's business when a student experiences such a process or when they had it last. That's only important to the parents- if the student is comfortable with sharing such information- and doctors if a medical emergency occurs. No athlete should be barred under the basis of a process not everyone goes through. There are some girls who don't get monthlies or as often as other people.
    • KathyLauren
      If anyone opts out of answering, they will be branded as trans, and discrimination will follow.  The whole point is to identify trans people.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      At the time I went to see the counselor, I don't think the trans condition was very well understood or thought of as important. And it really isn't right for a therapist to make that kind of 'deal' situation with their client. Often, one issue causes another and they can't be singly ignored or favored for another.    I saw mentioned somewhere about interviewing a therapist before actually starting treatment. It genuinely sounds like a good idea, especially since you'll be seeing them for a time. I don't like the feeling I'm conducting an interrogation, but I'll have to get over that if I want to get better. And, maybe, the therapist won't mind either.   I'll remember to ask about that too. Where I live, there are few therapists available that work with transgender issues. I just hope they can help those that are FtM. My one concern is the therapist having a negative reaction towards me. It's probably in my head, but if I run into a similar situation as I related before, I might be mortified.
    • Russ Fenrisson
      @VickySGVSounds like a pretty funny situation. I've never been to a Furry event before but they look like fun. I've met a few Furries in person in the past and they're really cool, creative people.   @awkward-yet-sweetHaha! That's a funny one!    @Marcie JensenThat sounds like a funny sketch. I've always been a fan of puns.
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