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What are you wearing today?

Ann W

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@StephieGurl Santa Fe is on the list as a top city for LGBTQ+ friendly and believe they lived up to the reputation as we were treated with total respect. @Bri2020we had a blast, this is the first vacation that truly enjoyed and finally being me not the fake guy.




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This my shortest dress or skirt, and I am going to wear it to get my mail at my place. I am at my gfs and her friend a fundamentalist Christian will takeIMG_20220915_135358.thumb.jpg.c87ad6af964a83ec87e954c318c4774f.jpg me to my place to get the mail.

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7 hours ago, Bri2020 said:

You two you like you are having a great time @Billie75B


Yesterday I picked up this formal dress from someone in the neighborhood. I say "someone" because I don't actually know her. However, there is a project called "buy nothing" that is set up as hyper local on facebook.  The deal is someone organizes a group for the small area you live in and instead of blinding donating or throwing things away, you post it in the group and see if a neighbor needs it.  You see everything from a pack of sodas that someone bought but didn't realize it's the kind no one in the house will drink all the way to major furniture.  Anyways, sometimes a gem like this comes along. I think this will be a xmas party dress this year.  


Wow that really is a nice find! Looks great!


Today I went for the first time to get my makeup done. When I came home a parcel waited so I did jump in. Need to practice tucking but I'm really happy with the style 😊


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36 minutes ago, Maddee said:

Trying on stuff at goodwillC786F918-7470-4B01-AD7E-666A162F5BAC.thumb.jpeg.a44c041784d2b633ed7120b5919ae24e.jpeg7A1CC299-73F4-4D41-9A37-DBE4190D96B4.thumb.jpeg.59387e1e3d74e57db980a1faa6960920.jpeg

Nice , I like the patterned dress 👗 

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1 hour ago, Maddee said:

Trying on stuff at goodwillC786F918-7470-4B01-AD7E-666A162F5BAC.thumb.jpeg.a44c041784d2b633ed7120b5919ae24e.jpeg7A1CC299-73F4-4D41-9A37-DBE4190D96B4.thumb.jpeg.59387e1e3d74e57db980a1faa6960920.jpeg

Lookin' good!

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@Marcie Jensen

Thank you beautiful ladies😊


Didn’t buy anything.

it will be some time before the mid swelling goes away and I know for sure what size I am.  🌈🌈


Let’s talk about dresses!

Fitting into them.   

Iif they look good around the waist and hips they are  so often too tight to close around the shoulders hey??


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1 hour ago, Maddee said:

they are  so often too tight to close around the shoulders hey??

Yeah, this happens.  I suppose it's one reason (or the reason) I try to go a size larger than I'm supposed to need.  Sleeves can be too tight as well.

Some websites have sizing charts that you can use to get an idea what you can get away with.

But for me, shoes are just impossible to find.

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16 hours ago, Maddee said:

Let’s talk about dresses!

Fitting into them.   

Iif they look good around the waist and hips they are  so often too tight to close around the shoulders hey??


Too true. @Ivymakes some excellent points. FOr me, it's worse with blazers and jackets--I have to go up a couple of sizes, and shoes are nearly impossible to find in my size. (I wear a size 14 in women's shoes.) 

Torrid is a good source for dresses, especially for us bigger girls, as are SHEIN and ROSWE if you shop online.

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Finding a dress that fits perfect is next to impossible. Loved the black one Maddee.


The past two days I have been living in a bathing suit since I got a new paddleboard. We have gorgeous weather in the forecast all the way to my surgery date so I plan on avoiding covid by staying on the water.  

This is a new bikini top with an old skirt suit bottom. first pic was from last evening, the second is me just sunbathing on the board in the middle of the lake this morning.

Tomorrow will be a different lake for a sunrise paddle. Plan on getting out in the twilight just before dawn and doing a morning sunrise salutation  



Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 2.58.47 PM.png


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Since I graduated from medical to regular bras I though I wear one of my signature outfits for the day with my favorite black knee high boots.




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48 minutes ago, Elizabeth Star said:

one of my signature outfits for the day with my favorite black knee high boots.

Not what I'd wear to the Food Lion, but I can dig it.

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12 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:

Since I graduated from medical to regular bras I though I wear one of my signature outfits for the day with my favorite black knee high boots.


Looking fantastic Liz!



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Liz, congrats on "graduating" to a normal bra. The boobs look great.  

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Cool weather today, so tried a new (for me) look. Glad to be wearing leggings again. Never expected to have such an affinity for them.



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Wearing the closest thing I have to purple, dress-wise....

(School colours 💖)

Photo on 9-23-22 at 9.44 AM.jpg

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I attended a masquerade fund raiser last night so this is me trying to dress up.



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8 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:

attended a masquerade fund raiser last night so this is me trying to dress up.


You appear to have successfully dressed up. Not your usual, but you look great!



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Sorry no pic, but I wore my plaid pink wool long skirt with a black shirt and hat. I was in booties too. I believe this is the first time I wore it out. I probably bought it last fall.  My partner and I both like the way it looks.

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12 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:

I attended a masquerade fund raiser last night so this is me trying to dress up.



Wow. Yes, dressed up!
I like the layery look and the sleeve.

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My fashion benefactor dropped off a load of jumpers and dresses that the rich lady she house sits for was giving away. Almost all still had tags on them and none less that $100. I would totally judge her rampant materialism more if I didn't benefits so much from her wanton consumerism. lol. I didn't have the energy to try them all on but here is a few. You do not want to see what I am actually wearing most of the day with all of the post op swelling I am having. lol






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    • Mmindy
      Good afternoon and Welcome Ay-la. As you've seen by the responses above, you're in a safe place to be who you really are.   Best wishes, stay positive, and motivated.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Marcie Jensen
      You have all prompted me to do some research. Being of Scottish descent, I went in that direction and learned a bunch of things, some of the most unusual were:   On Christmas eve, the children leave a slice of mince pie and a shot of whisky for Father Christmas.   A rowan twig is often burnt on Christmas to restore good relationships between neighbors, family members and friends.   And, most unusual of all, Christmas wasn't celebrated openly by Scots from 1647 until the 1950s. Originally, this was because of edicts under Cromwell's rule and later the Presbyterian Church of Scotland discouraged the practice of celebrating Christmas. 
    • Hannah Renee
      With respect to the second sentence, my mother treated me and my three siblings - especially me - rather poorly. None of us kept up with her much in adulthood. I moved away from her and my siblings at 13 to live with our dad. 'Tis why I avoided having children until I was 50, when I was "certain" I wouldn't be like her.   She did, however, if even accidentally, I still in me a love of different types of music.
    • Marcie Jensen
      Krampus is another different tradition. I first learned about the character on an episode of General Hospital several years ago.
    • Marcie Jensen
      @miz mirandathank you for adding to the Christmas Traditions list. Again, it's very interesting. As is the story of the actual Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myrna and Bari, the precursor of Santa. I've gotta say, I think I'll pass on the fried caterpillars though.
    • KathyLauren
      LOL.  When I was a kid, there was an even worse variation of it, to the same tune, called "All I want for Christmas is a Beatle."  Click at your own risk... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ozoaBftyjI
    • MaryEllen
      Another oldie but goody       
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      In German traditions, St. Nicholas is accompanied by a an imp or mildly evil fellow named Krampus.  St. Nicholas hands out sweet treats and fruit to good children, leaving the treats in a shoe.  Krampus beats bad children with a stick.  
    • Davie
      SZA's new album, SOS, finally out. " Blind" song. Been a long-time fan since her first demos. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      This was popular when I was a kid.  It sucked then, and it sucks now:  "All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth."  Spike Jones and the City Slickers did the first recording of it.     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
    • Abigail Eleanor
      That Yule Cat in Iceland!  I love it! 
    • miz miranda
      some strange Christmas Traditions   Italy: The Christmas Witch In many cultures, Santa Claus is the person that travels around the world and delivers gifts to deserving young boys and girls on Christmas Eve. Kids are told to be good because Santa is watching them and will know if they behave! On Christmas morning, good kids are rewarded with gifts from this iconic figure. But in Italy, there's someone else delivering gifts. Befana is the name of a witch in Italy who is said to travel around Italy on Epiphany Eve (January 5th) to deliver gifts to children all over the country. If the children were good all year, their socks are filled with candy and gifts. But if they were bad? They get nothing but coal.   Iceland: The Yule Cat Animals are a big part of a lot of the mythology and traditions of many countries. In Iceland, there's a special Christmas tradition that involves a very special cat that roams the streets one time per year. But this cat isn't the cute, friendly, four-legged friend that we might imagine roaming the streets of Iceland. According to myths and legends, the Yule Cat is a ferocious creature that wanders around during the winter time and eats anyone who hasn't gotten new clothes to wear on Christmas Eve.   Japan: Kentucky Fried Christmas Many families have a tradition of getting together on holidays like Christmas to enjoy a meal together. Whether it's turkey, ham, or a secret family recipe, enjoying dinner together is a huge part of the holidays for many families. This is also true in Japan! Even though Christmas is celebrated a lot differently and has only started to be celebrated in the past few decades, it's still popular for a lot of people. So, what's the special meal that people eat during Christmas in Japan? KFC! In the 1970s, KFC in Japan started advertising a special campaign during the winter called Kentucky for Christmas. During Christmas, KFC sells a special range of family dinners meant to help people celebrate the holiday together.   South Africa: Fried Caterpillars There are some foods around the world that are slightly strange to people that don't live there. Some of them are surprisingly delicious once you give them a chance, but then there are others that we could never imagine trying. In South Africa, there's one really unusual food that tends to be eaten during the Christmas season. It's fried, crispy, and they say it's delicious. What is it? Fried caterpillars! On Christmas Day, people in South Africa snack on deep-fried caterpillars.
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Ay-la! Glad you're here! Happy for you having your family's support. Hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina 
    • Ivy
      I think this is true.  But I don't think that our core beliefs can't evolve as we grow in knowledge and understanding.  For myself, I had a core "belief" that I used as a lens to interpret my experiences and everything else.  There were times when it took a bit of mental gymnastics to pull it off - which bothered me.   When I was finally forced to drop that, it opened me to be able to interpret my realities in a new way that made a whole lot more sense.   Sure, I'm still looking at things through a lens.  But at least it's my own lens, and that lens can be modified as I grow and learn even more.   This doesn't mean that there is no such thing as "truth" or reality, it's just that we are seeing more of it, and hopefully that, more accurately.   I don't know.  Perhaps there is a time when our reality has to crumble and be rebuilt on a different foundation.  And perhaps it's not a one-time thing.
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