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Emotional Eating


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In one way this is one of those things that makes me exactly like all the other women in my family, we all use food as a crutch when we are dealing with emotional issues, a hard day or a horrible, teary or depressed mood often leads to that almost automatic reaching for chocolate, or sweet biscuits(cookies) or stodgy comfort carb filled food like mac 'n' cheese and pizza.

I am trying my best to lose weight, and I know exercise will help the most, even though I mentally struggle to drag myself out the door instead of going back to bed, but having had a really sad morning I had to literally stop myself from buying a chocolate bar when I was picking up something for my sons lunch and mentally tricked myself by buying a chocolate advent calendar that I can't eat yet.


Has anyone here ever managed to break that food dependancy pattern?


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Break? No. I've been managing it though by finding healthy alternatives and drinking more water. I still have the occasional bad day food binge, but I try and keep the "locusts attacked my kitchen" days to a minimum. Another way I manage it is to not have any (well, much, Susan has a stash) of the foods I KNOW that I'll binge on in the house. Also, for "bags of things" (I'm looking at YOU trail mix), I always take out a serving sized portion then go eat it in the other room. That helps to keep me from just swallowing the whole bag.



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@Jackie C. Yeah, I know what I should be eating, but soup or a salad just doesn't hit the same emotional sweet spot as a homemade cheeseburger and I get bored of them easily.

I have limited the amount of crisps and sweets I buy in now, and am pretty much forcing my son to eat the fruit and yoghurt he says he likes instead of buying the chocolate, but that impulse to get it at the shop is still there lol.

My one win is that I have managed to pretty much cut bread out of my life as up until a few years ago the food did not exist that I wouldn't consume in a sandwich and even going gluten free just made me more determined to find or make good gf bread.

Trying to find alternatives for those wee snacks and the nightly rummaging around the cupboards is what gets me too. I need a cupboard that smacks my hand when I open it.🤷‍♀️

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There are still healthier ways to do that. For example: I made Korean fried chicken last week. I used the air fryer to keep the greasy bits from piling up and a spray to keep everything nice and moist. My friend Ray lives on eggs, salmon and nuts. I can't do that. Just no. I do what I can and exercise though. It seems to be working (keeping in mind that I'm down to 190 pounds from 300).

Cravings need to be at least partially indulged as soon as they arrive. If you put it off, you'll binge harder. You don't generally need a lot though. Just a little bit.

We've got a good GF bakery around the corner and down the block. Necessary because my wife has celiac disease. So yeah, everything I eat is gluten-free.


I do soup and sandwiches twice a week for dinner. Tomato basil soup with grilled ham and cheese is awesome. Learning to do it with GF bread was a little challenging, but I got it eventually. I do pretty good GF stuffed French toast on the weekends too when the mood strikes me (if I haven't already eaten all the eggs). I just make sure to limit my carb intake for the rest of the day so I can have a good splurge.


That's working for me anyway. If you're craving something, eat it. If you're emotionally eating (which I don't do as much anymore, the exercise and therapy helped with that), recognize that you're doing it and take steps to stop it. Exercise and transitioning so I don't hate myself so much was a winning combination for me. That and wanting to be as fit as some of my friends. The gym is a big motivator. I keep thinking, "OH! I want to look like that!"



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This topic should come with a warning. I wasn't hungry and was planning not to eat anything more tonight and now I'm craving dipps.


To make it worse, I can't even help you. The only thing that works for me is making myself some herbal tea normal tea that I fancy (that's why I have so many different kinds of tea at home), with stevia. It works, except when it doesn't.

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5 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

Exercise and transitioning so I don't hate myself so much was a winning combination for me.

:)❤️ Thanks Jackie, I honestly hadn't considered that I am still mistreating the body I don't care about. I need to remind myself that I have to turn these moobs into boobs! 😳

I have made some good changes but still need to do more, when I am out and exercising I love it, but it is always hard to get out in the first place.

I found that 1 cup gf flour, 1 cup oat/soya milk and 1 large egg makes a superb thick and creamy pancake batter - my kids love them. Though I should add they also love it when I make them sushi rolls for lunch.


Sorry @Gabriel, I am a true omnivore, with the exception of pink fish, mushrooms and liver/offal there is not much I wont eat, and so I just enjoy food in general. It is the quantity and quality that tends to be lacking ;)


I like green tea, nettle tea and peppermint tea outside of my normal everyday blends, I have never gotten on well with fruit teas because I want them to taste as sweet as the warm juice I had in my childhood.

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1 hour ago, DeeDee said:

I like green tea, nettle tea and peppermint tea outside of my normal everyday blends


I've been using peppermint tea to wake up since I ditched the caffeine. Drop in a little honey... lovely.


1 hour ago, DeeDee said:

I found that 1 cup gf flour, 1 cup oat/soya milk and 1 large egg makes a superb thick and creamy pancake batter - my kids love them


I completely cheat on that. Bisquick has a GF pancake batter mix. I've been using almond milk as a dairy substitute though. I'm a little dairy intolerant and one of my friends is completely lactose intolerant (and sometimes I bake for friends, this Tuesday for example...). Though I originally switched for the extra potassium so I could drop it into a protein shake. It also keeps longer which is nice.


1 hour ago, DeeDee said:

:)❤️ Thanks Jackie, I honestly hadn't considered that I am still mistreating the body I don't care about. I need to remind myself that I have to turn these moobs into boobs! 😳


Learning to like myself prompted a bunch of lifestyle changes. When I finally started to transition, I had gotten to the point where I went to bed each night praying for death. I hadn't moved more than absolutely necessary since High School and ate like a garbage disposal in a McDonalds. It was not pretty.

Once I started transitioning though, I had this picture of the woman I wanted to be in my head and started taking steps to bring her into reality. There was a lot of, "Does Jackie live in a dirty house? No she does NOT!" and "Does Jackie lay around like a slug? Of course she doesn't!" I'm not living my best life yet, but it's certainly better than it was before.



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10 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

I had this picture of the woman I wanted to be in my head and started taking steps to bring her into reality. There was a lot of, "Does Jackie live in a dirty house? No she does NOT!" and "Does Jackie lay around like a slug? Of course she doesn't!" I'm not living my best life yet, but it's certainly better than it was before.


That's uber helpful Jackie. Thank you

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10 hours ago, DeeDee said:

I honestly hadn't considered that I am still mistreating the body I don't care about


Gee, I hadn't see that either, althoug my pattern is more "starve it / binge eat / starve it again"

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14 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

Once I started transitioning though, I had this picture of the woman I wanted to be in my head and started taking steps to bring her into reality. There was a lot of, "Does Jackie live in a dirty house? No she does NOT!" and "Does Jackie lay around like a slug? Of course she doesn't!" I'm not living my best life yet, but it's certainly better than it was before.

This is absolutely the sort of thing I was hoping to hear about. Thank you! :) 

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I tend to emotionally eat sometimes if I'm feeling down or really bored Since covid and the staying home thing my weight has gotten out of control.

There are times I feel guilty for getting so heavy that I just think what the heck and eat anyway.

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5 hours ago, Teri Anne said:

There are times I feel guilty for getting so heavy that I just think what the heck and eat anyway.

I do this sometimes too and I recognise it as self sabotage, because in my mind I want to be a UK 12-14 which is what I have always seen as healthy weight, not svelt or supermodel thin, but enough to be able to buy in most places. I may not get there with my shoulders but I want to at least try.

When I go through those phases in my head I start calling myself fat and then tell myself that everyone will laugh at the fat (insert insult here) trying to be a woman. One of my sisters would kill to be down to my weight, but she understands the cycle as she has had a lot to deal with too, our other sisters have always been thin and active. 

By sabotaging through food it lets me off the hook and I can go back to not doing anything, but also makes it possible to have moobs which, with a padded bra, allow for a shape I pine to see in the mirror and am loathe to lose,even if they are hairy.


That being said, now I am not hiding behind my internal transphobia I want to fix it and silence my inner critic so I have gone back to my couch25k app and restarted it for the 3rd or 4th time in the last two years and have refused to buy in crisps and chocolate and started drinking at least a pint of water each day.

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I wish all the luck in getting to your goal weight.

When I first started dressing I was on the slim side and never thought I looked passable because I had no boobs or curves.

That was almost as bad as being fat really.

At least now I can pass easier to some degree but still its not a female body if that makes sense.

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    • DeeDee
      Hi @Ethereal pleased to meet you.  How you express yourself is up to you. There is no one set way of being a man, they are all different! If you think about it every male actor on the planet wears makeup regularly and no one bats an eyelid...Brian Molko from Placebo has been androgynous for years deliberately. As far as whether you are gay or slightly bi, perhaps your tastes are changing as the T does its work and you become more comfortable with who you are, or maybe you are just more comfortable accepting that you might be bi now. I think we simply like who we like - attraction is based on so many different factors. 
    • Ethereal
      Sadly, us AFAB have to deal with having an "F" in certain places because of healthcare. I wish it was easier, but they still think that just because we have a vagina then we must be a woman. This happens a lot when visiting the OBGYN. I dread thinking about going to the doctor after my transition because of this.   I am glad that you were able to find a better solution
    • Ethereal
      Hi, I hope this thread isn't inappropriate or in the wrong sub-forum.   I identify as a homosexual trans guy, although I don't accept my sexuality fully. I also have doubts about it. After I came out of the closet, I started meeting more LGBTQIA+ people and I found out that I was attracted to transgender women too. Maybe androgyny played a part in this attraction, which worries me a bit, because I know that certain characteristics may actually be a dysphoria trigger for some. I see trans women as women. And my feelings are not purely sexual. I worry a lot about this, I don't want anybody thinking that I am objectifying them even if subconsciously. I would date them with no problem - many of the trans girls I've seen were intelligent and artistic, which impressed me in a good way, as they are qualities I seek for in a friend and a partner. I've kissed both cis and trans ladies and I liked that. However, they probably saw me as butch female since I don't pass completely yet. I've always been into men - masculine, feminine or any variation of that... I don't care if they are cis or not, either. However, my attraction to cisgender women is almost null, it only happens rarely and doesn't last long. I'm slightly curious, but not enough to seek them out just to experiment sexually or to have a relationship.   I feel extremely conflicted regarding this issue.   I've considered the label "bisexual homoromantic" before and it fits somewhat, although I'd still rather identify as gay because I am still primarily attracted to males, and gay culture is a bit more relatable to me, though not 100% as I'm not into stereotypically gay interests such as pop divas and musicals. I may start using the term "queer", but I don't know yet.   Is it wrong for me to be this way? Would a MtF person be offended by my interest?
    • Ethereal
      This is extremely sad. I am very sorry to hear that this happened. It is unfortunate that we still have to deal with bullying and transphobia - coming from adults, no less. Like others have said here, the very person who should have protected her, didn't. This is a crime. The counselor absolutely needs to be fired and potentially prohibited from working as a counselor ever again at the very least.   Here in Brazil, there is a lot of transphobia too. What a shame.
    • Ethereal
      Are you Japanese? Your English is very good. I'd love to learn Japanese. I'm not non-binary so I may not be able to assist you very much...  I think that dysphoria can change depending on the day and situation.   At first, it is very odd to hear someone call you by a different name but you get used to it after a while. You might be more comfortable using a different pronoun and name around certain people, there is no issue in that, although you may need to correct someone once in a while. You can always have a pseudonym, too, and if you're up for experimenting, there are gender neutral names such as Makoto or Tsukasa.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      I am a police and fire commissioner and a former volunteer firefighter. I love our first responders and am so thankful for them (you) all! ❤️
    • Ethereal
      Thanks Appreciate the support.
    • Ethereal
      I still have a bit of internalised transphobia within me as well as internalised homophobia. I don't accept myself as a real homosexual male because I didn't have a cisgender experience and because there are gay guys who aren't attracted to FtM at all. Some aren't kind about it and this triggered dysphoria for me.   I once made a comment without thinking and got called homophobic which deeply scarred me, too, because I don't want to be prejudiced towards anyone, and it would be hypocritical for me to be homophobic.   I am a trans man who also grew up in a conservative environment, and I grew up hearing transphobic jokes. I even laughed at them. My family, even after I came out of the closet, doesn't accept me very well and mocks me, so there are times where I hate being transgender. I'm not a stereotypical FtM either since I don't want to present overly masculine. I also like makeup. I feel out of place in the FtM community. Most of the trans guys I know identified as lesbians before they figured out their gender identity. I seem to have almost nothing in common with them, which doesn't help the feelings of isolation and alienation.   I tried getting back to living as a woman but it didn't work out - I was only trying to fool myself. I had an epiphany that I really am a man no matter if I transitioned or not. And I'll have to accept my trans body.   It took me a while for me to get comfortable with male pronouns. Before I came out, when I presented as male online, I feared being "found out as a girl" and called out as an impostor.   But now I've relaxed. The only issue I have is that I don't pass very well yet so I have to make an effort to look more masculine. After my transition, I won't care too much.   It's better to live as ourselves than pretend to be something we are not.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @EtherealWelcome to the group!! So glad you joined us! Sexuality and gender are not black and white and that's ok. We all identify in a way that best suits our internal sense of self. I'm glad to see you processing and exploring yours as well. Congrats on starting HRT! Thank you for sharing your story with us! I trust you will find this a welcoming and friendly place. ❤️
    • Ethereal
      Hi! I'm a 22 year old trans guy from Brazil. My name is Thanassis, but you can call me by my username since it is easier to remember. I'd been questioning my gender since puberty, but things got more complicated when I turned 20 and I finally came out around that time. It was very painful and confusing. I'm still trying to come to terms with my gender and my sexuality. I identify as gay but I might really be slightly bisexual. It is difficult for me to deal with. I am also somewhat androgynous, I want to look like the man I am, but I would not mind wearing makeup or feminine clothes sometimes. Of course, I would love to have a beard and be able to wear a suit too. I am heavily inspired by subculture fashion and artists who defied gender stereotypes, so it makes sense. But sometimes I feel out of it in the FtM community. I haven't come out to everyone yet, but I will have to do that soon. I started HRT around October last year.   I'm into music and art in general, different cultures, technology, video games and other niche interests. Nice to meet you all.
    • Ethereal
      @Vanessa Michelle I will do that, thank you!
    • Ethereal
      I think that is awesome. There needs to be more acceptance of variances in gender expression. I've seen bullying towards MtF who did not present stereotypically femme and I have seen bullying towards FtM who were not macho. It is sad to see that. I am a FtM guy who is androgynous. I want to be able to wear makeup and feminine clothing, at the same time that I want to have a beard and wear a suit and tie. Being feminine as a woman felt constricting to me and like I was putting on an act. I am gay so it may be expected for homosexual men to disregard gender expectations, but the point still stands.    It is completely ok for you to be a straight woman who is butch. There are guys who are into that, but keep in mind that you might also get hit on by lesbian or bisexual ladies. Before I came out, I looked butch/androgynous, and I had interest coming from both heterosexual guys and queer women.   Don't feel like an odd duck - this is all completely fine
    • Ethereal
      I am similar to you. I've had depression since childhood and dysphoria made my symptoms worse. I think it is not at all unusual. I'd classify my dysphoria level as medium  - it took me ages for me to come out as trans since I was able to tolerate my body until the year 2018, when my dysphoria was off the roof and I was very emotionally unstable.   I had been doubting my gender identity since I was 12 - I came out at 20. It was a hard year for me and I even started dissociating because I was unsure of what I was. I wanted to be a man, but still had doubts about it. I knew that I was not opposed to androgyny. I wanted to have different genitals, and a flat chest, etc. But I was unsure about having a different voice and things like that. It was a fear of the unknown.   There were days in which I could look down and see my body and almost be content with it, but there was something that still bothered me. People would tell me that I sounded like a non-binary person, but as it turns out - I am just a man, in my own terms. I will wear what I want and do what I want. I don't want to be a macho man at all. I will wear a suit in some days and I might use makeup when I feel like it. And that's ok. Even after I came out, I still went back to being a "girl" because I was repressing myself. It just ended in trouble.   You do not need to adhere to any "rules". Transition the way you think is best. It is your life, your mind and your body. Experiment with pronouns and a name. It will be odd at first - I feared using male pronouns for the longest time because I thought someone would think I was an impostor. It was a silly thought.   Try dressing up more masculine and see if that clicks with you. Get a short haircut or even buzz your hair off, etc. Present as a male online. See how you feel about it. I hope you find the path that works for you.
    • KymmieL
      Unfortunately, I haven't been employed at one place long enough to eek out a retirement. Luckily I have my VA disability. But I am at least 10 yrs from SS. Don't have to worry about medical VA pays for it all. (hopefully soon my HRT.)   Work was as boring as I thought or maybe it is me. However I did get in my new work shirts. Ladies with Kymbrill on them.  Actually afraid to wear them.   My wife was talking about summer travel plans. I have worked on my own plan. Just hop on the bike and just ride. just me and the open road for a week. Take some time for me.   Have good evening everyone.   Kymmie
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @EtherealSweet!! Welcome to you too! Please start an Introductions post for yourself as well and share your story if you are comfy. We are glad to have you here too and can't wait to get to know you!! ❤️
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