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Need some feedback

Bobbie Scott

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Hi ladies,I'm coming up on 90 days hrt. I've only outed myself to a couple people so far.1 of them a relative. I went on a date Saturday night with a girl I really liked. I told myself if I liked her,I would come clean to her. Right away my old instincts kicked in. I'll go back in the closet, and just tell her I'm a crossdresser.(Just for  me only) A lie I believed to justify being transgendered. I thought I was perverted or sick. Was gonna go to hell because It was a sin. Through  counseling, I found out I still believe in good values and people. In Aa I found a loving and caring God. I believe there is one God for every one. If I mess up ,I have consequences. If I'm really sorry, and don't repeat the same thing. I'll be forgiven. My last girlfriend I really hurt her ,by not being honest from the beginning. The woman I've had relationships with really love my idea of what I think woman want. I've always been faithful, made sure we had a nice home. Remembered birthday, anniversaries, helped provide for my kids. I always tried to be the kind of guy I would be as a woman. And even though I know I'd be miserable going back to being me. I'm thinking about it. Be hard to do though with breasts,Not big, but you can see them with no shirt on.

I'm afraid to tell her,she's different from the other girls I've dated. I can't tell how open minded she is. Or should I just move on. I know I can't continue to hurt people.  If I don't share this, I'll continue to live in fear.  

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First - thank you for sharing and seeking advice. Hope you are still with therapist and share. That is very important. You need to be true to yourself and the thoughts you are having are normal - believe it or not. I was raised Catholic and Polish to boot so the sin aspect is double for me - BUT - I believe God makes us who we are and being trans is not - repeat - IS NOT a sin. Honesty is also important - maybe spend time with the lady and see how things go for a while and if it feels right then share your concerns about yourself and see how she reacts. I've only been on HRT 5 months but come from a small breasted family so I don't have much nor expect much and I'm 68 - suffering 68 years of denial. Don't be afraid and know others here have similar stories and we are not sinners. We will hold you in our thoughts and prayers and anytime you need to ask and share and seek - we are here.

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Lying to people hurts them. Lying to yourself hurts you. I hurt myself for forty-eight years before I realized that maybe I should do something about that. After I stopped lying to myself, it was killing me to lie to my wife. My therapist told me to wait. That lasted about a week.


The point I'm getting at is you should tell this girl up front what's going on. You can't build a relationship on a foundation of lies. She might be more receptive than you expect.



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11 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

The point I'm getting at is you should tell this girl up front what's going on. You can't build a relationship on a foundation of lies. She might be more receptive than you expect.

I believe that too. And if she isn't receptive and you have waited and are more invested in her, then that would hurt you and make you doubt yourself even more. I think the point is to be with someone who embraces and likes who you are, with whom you can be your whole self.

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I see that it's very much about confidence. If you feel guilty about something you will try to hide it and, as such, show bad signs to anyone (or everyone). It's a good first step to openly seek advice, admitting things. I feel that, although the right approach is needed which takes learning, anyone who is repectful will appreciate confidence and honesty (that can bring the respect). Although I have not approached deep relatonships (apart from  my partner) I have been surprised just how much being confident and hiding little has put people at their ease.



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Bobbie i know only too well that horrible feeling of rejection if i am honest.  While i wasn't raised Catholic i did understand that allowing any feminine tendencies into my life was terribly wrong.  Hiding was self a kind of dishonesty.  I learned to lie to protect myself.   Once i took the step to accepting myself rather than hiding,  i had to force myself to be honest.  Time after time i faced the terror of rejection, mocking laughter and self loathing.  Slowly those fears melted away.  As an addict in recovery i remember quick fearlessness coming through substance abuse.  My transition has been a slow but much more powerful journey.  Carrying guilt for weakness never helped me.  After all i was "wrong" for being me and "wrong" for not moving forward.  Instead therapy helped me see that i could learn from my  past.  Each struggle becomes a blessing as  i become more self aware and accepting.

Enjoy this journey.  It is't easy!  It can be beautiful.  Openness and honesty can help to make that come.





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Kestrel McLoughlin

While this is partially hypocritical of me, because I'm struggling with truth to loved ones myself, there are few things more low-grade harrowing from day to day then the persistent feeling that you're being fed a fictitious reality. I can guarantee that when something this central is hidden from the people close to you, they feel it, and they begin to feel some mix of crazy or betrayed. That doesn't mean you're wronging them - it's so very understandable that you struggle with this decision - but ultimately, at least with chosen family or chosen loved ones, I recommend letting them in, for both your sanity.


I won't be as severe as "Anything that can be destroyed by the truth should be", but I will say its euphorically intimate to show up in love without a shield or camouflage, and equally so with the feeling that your partner has no such device. You both deserve that chance.


But there isn't a wrong choice here. Trust your heart.

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Thank you Charlize and Kestrel. I so want to be honest. The girl I like is new in sobriety and is working hard on her sobriety. I think she really likes me, have a feeling that if I tell her she'll be gone. I've had some bad luck with relationships. I know I have to be honest.


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    • Red_Lauren.
      I wish I could do my own nails. I live with some one right now. That dosn't like my woman side. On top of me working all the time. I just don't have the freedom, and time to do it. So the queen likes to get pampered.   The ladies were loving it this weekend. I was getting a pedicure, and my nails done at the same time, and I must have just had that look. Like I was just super relaxed. As they were doing their work.    Once I'm out on my own. I'll probably pick some stuff up, and figure out how to do them. As I'll have more free time then to. I'm also going to school for nails in the fall or next spring. So I would like to know somewhat how to do them before I start. 
    • Chloe Cozee
      I guess that I am hopelessly romantic. I keep listening to Christina Perri A Thousand Years.    
    • ElizabethStar
      @AudreyCan't wait to see it, assuming all goes well.   My dumb ass (can I say that here?) inadvertently maybe outed myself to a customer today. We were talking about the service history on his account when I just had to say "Yeah, I remember from the last time I was there". Grant it, it was a few years ago but pre-HRT. I did manage kept moving through the conversation without missing a beat and side-stepped it when he mentioned me by my dead name as being his favorite tech. He's probably scratching his head right now trying to figure out when a woman came out and serviced his account.    
    • gina-nicole-t
      @VickySGV I understand exactly what you mean by the dominant personally of the father. Mine dominated me, and my mother, even though she gave as good as she got from him. Talk about a totally dysfunctional parental relationship growing up. I could never talk about how I felt to them at all. I know that it would have meant either conversion therapy in our church, or a beating within an inch of my life. All they understood was male, female, and straight. Gay, lesbian, was not in their vocabulary and to my knowledge transgender was not even a word yet where I grew up even though it might have been in other parts of the USA. They picked and chose what parts of the Bible to throw at me. From parts of the Old Testament to the New just to make me feel bad about being me. I truly believe this is why I had a really difficult time dating, making friends, and so on. They controlled how I felt to the point I just wanted to be alone all the time, and kids in school left me that way. Plus because they were also school teachers in the same district I went to school in didn't help with the friend situation at all. I never understood how they could act so different in public, and be such monsters in private. I guess that's why I didn't really cry when they died. The monsters were dead, and I could finally go on and heal my life and be me. I know I am not there yet, and it will take time.  Thank you for your wisdom, Gina 
    • Audrey
      @ElizabethStar Love the bunny slippers! @Jackie C. And the pretty work hat!   This thread is blowing up tonight, I was idle for a while and it said "show 15 new posts?" when I came back. Hope everyone is having a lovely evening. Pretty quiet here, which is good, but it's the calm before the storm I fear. I'm expecting a crazy busy workweek with five days worth of tasks crammed into four because of the holiday today.   Also - ultimately, I *did* splurge and buy the suit! In navy blue. I hope it fits, even though my body lacks the curves to really make it work. It's how I'll feel wearing it that I really want to know...   Love, ~Audrey.
    • ElizabethStar
      Hi @Zooeysuch great stuff is happening for you. It's incredibly rare to have a wife like yours.
    • 2beBreanna
      I have extra hat lamps in my office at work.  They light up pretty good.    Oddly a pink hat almost outed me last week at work when I blurted out I'd wanted one when it was offered to the only girl in class.
    • Emily michelle
      Oh my gosh those are so awesome. That girl who made them is a rockstar lol.
    • ElizabethStar
      They're a DIY but they're functional. https://www.instructables.com/Steel-toe-bunny-slippers/    
    • Emily michelle
      It is kind of a pain my hard hat has to be msha rated and my mine light has to be msha approved. The light I have now was 400 dollars when I got it.
    • Emily michelle
      Of course you have to have steel toe slippers. I’m looking to see what I can do to make my work attire more feminine. I did find some cute lunch boxes too lol
    • ElizabethStar
      @Jamie68If your not that far from Chicago maybe check out Howard Brown. It's who I'm going through.
    • Bri2020
      I see this thread heading down a rabbit hole lol  
    • Abi
      Love the nails and the skirt suit plan. If it is something you like then I say indulge. 
    • Bri2020
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