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I Can't Be the Only One. Can I?


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I can't be the only transgender person who has made the decision not to transition, can I? I visit several transgender forum websites regularly. A couple of them have forums specifically for transgender individuals who are not transitioning. (One of those forums is labelled as being for members who are either not transitioning or are de-transitioning.) 


My experience has been these non-transitioning forums are always pretty-much dead. And when there is a new post in that one forum, that's for members who are not transitioning or are de-transitioning, the new post typically is by a member who's not even de-transitioning but, rather, is simply hitting the pause button for a period of time so to speak. I don't recall ever reading a post by someone who wrote: "Yup, I'm transgender. I've been struggling with this my entire life. But (for whatever reason) I've made the decision not to do anything in the way of transitioning" (acknowledging that transitioning doesn't only mean full and complete transition... HRT, FFS, GCS, etc.) If there ever have been such people out there, & posting on transgender forums, it seems they've long-since disappeared.


Where are the non-transitioners? Do they not feel the need to "talk" about the decision they've made & how they feel about it, indeed how it's affecting them? And, if they don't, what does that say about me that I simply can't let it go? You'd think, at my age especially, that I'd be able to finally put it to rest. But obviously I can't. And I have to admit that the dearth of non-transitioners on the transgender forum websites I visit leaves me feeling lonely. It makes me feel as though I never quite fit in... which I don't believe I do. I would give a lot to just be able to finally let it go... (sigh)😔

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There are plenty of others and several I know here - I am not one of them - but it depends on WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. You are what matters and what you do is what is right for you. Being trans does not mean it is manitory to transition. I suspect you will receive replies from others I speak about and I will let them speak for themselves - know you are loved and know whatever is right for you is what you should and need to do. Don't feel pushed or pressured by anyone.

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Not at all. Like @Shay said; medically transitioning isn't for everybody. It's difficult, a bit perilous and expensive. I have a dear friend who is both trans and not considering transitioning. They dress as their authentic self when time and the situation permits and present the rest of the time as male. They aren't any less valid than I am. The entire point of transitioning is to find a place where you feel like your authentic self. Then you stop. Some girls don't get bottom surgery. Some don't do hormones. I probably won't do top surgery. They're all equally valid and welcome members of our community.


I admit they don't talk about it as much. I imagine there's not as much need when you've already found what makes you feel complete. Or at least not as much on internet forums. My friend has been a member and led several transgender support groups in their area.



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4 hours ago, Overalls Bear said:

One of those forums is labelled as being for members who are either not transitioning or are de-transitioning.

I’m surprised there’s not another group there labeled as being for members who “can’t transition” which would probably be a small subset of the “not transitioning” group. I know two people in this “can’t transition” category and originally they were planning on medically transitioning but for serious health reasons and their age, they can’t.


The interesting thing about these two ‘non-transitioning’ trans individuals is that their wives are more active within the community than they are themselves. My wife and I, for instance, correspond much more often with the significant other regarding their trans spouse’s trials and tribulations than from them themselves. In both cases, thy’ve reached a point where they can only express themselves privately. One friend, however, does go to trans related events out of their residential area...or used to pre-covid.


5 hours ago, Overalls Bear said:

Where are the non-transitioners? Do they not feel the need to "talk" about the decision they've made & how they feel about it, indeed how it's affecting them?

They definitely exist. I haven’t talked to one of them in several months and I think they may have just accepted the fact that transitioning was not in the cards for them.


It’s very possible that some non-transitioning members have found a place where they no longer feel a strong need or desire to discuss it further or focus on it as much. There have been several trans individuals here and on other forums that have made a personal choice not to transition for the good of a relationship or work or life situation. It is possible a few have felt hearing about others moving forward in their journey makes their decision more difficult. Everyone has their reasons and all are equally valid.


Susan R🌷

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I will not be medically transitioning, because the physical risks aren't worth it for me vs. my dysphoria. Transitioning is a spectrum, there's passing in public, changing pronouns but not appearance, and medically transitioning... I think sometimes there's a tendency not to be certain about where the stopping point is. Instead of saying "never", people might say, "it'd be nice if someday... so I'm not sure yet."

3 hours ago, Susan R said:

It is possible a few have felt hearing about others moving forward in their journey makes their decision more difficult.

 It's true that sometimes it makes some aspects of dysphoria worse.


Also, there's a stigma which I really hope goes away soon, but there's this toxicity about not being "trans enough" and sometimes people have valid fears about facing that stigma, and so stay quiet about not transitioning. Everyone here on this forum has been very non-judgmental about that though, so it's more of an overall thing, not something I've experienced so far in this community. If you want to speak out about not transitioning, if it helps you to feel more validated to talk about it, then every time you speak up, you might be helping to validate the experience of someone who's reading quietly on the sidelines. I think it's especially vital that kids who identify as trans understand that there are any number of paths they could take.

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I would probably come into this catagory too as, at least at the moment, would probably never contemplate surgery and even hormones are unlikely. I see that I am made how I was made and have lived for many years more 'in limbo' than denying how I am, or even keeping it totally secret. That said, the longer I live the more I think of gender being somewhat meaningless at least in my physiological and psychological context, it being more to the panderings of society. Speaking stereotypically I am not the type of woman who would undergo surgery for bigger boobs etc so it does follow in my thinking. I can appreciate that not having body dysporia does make a huge difference though. I am one of those people who (although not being totally against) avoids taking medication or undergoing un-neccessary operations. For me, as I suppose it is for most, it would be complex changing my identity etc. I think the decider here is more a case of me being more androgyne / genderless than strictly mtf, but as many will know, things can change and do float about all over the place.


As for 'not being trans enough' - apart from here I don't live in the trans community so it is pretty irrelivant to me but I do see why it is an issue to some, and examples have been mentioned from time to time. I think it is a term more conjured up by fear than anything else.



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14 hours ago, Overalls Bear said:

I can't be the only transgender person who has made the decision not to transition . . . who wrote: "Yup, I'm transgender. I've been struggling with this my entire life. But (for whatever reason) I've made the decision not to do anything in the way of transitioning" ... (sigh)😔

         Bear, you raise many points that ring bells with me. I am soon turning 65 (yikes!) and have been medically transitioning on & off since my 20's (early 1970's) but am still socially presenting as "male". Coming from a politically conservative family and area like I do transition is much more than just gender-dressing (which I DO enjoy btw) and have strove to be most feminine appearing in about every other way possible.

          I am OUT, everyone in my extended family KNOWS and is accepting of my "crossed" proclivities, so suppose one can say I'm a COWARD for only really being myself at home? Being divorced 10 years now I have two children early 20's, #4 grand-baby on way which enjoy thoroughly so have tried very hard "not to make waves"!

          I dislike most "transgender forums", do not generally talk about being a woman with anyone (never seen a therapist "officially") and just cultivate a great shape with very long hair that's probably better than most "cis women" (but, to point and like you, have NEVER actually tried to "pass")?




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I think, for me, there is a sense in which my gender dysphoria struggles are (or have become at least) a mental health issue. I simply can't let them go. Plus I know in my heart I would never be satisfied until I had gone the whole way in my transition which, at my age & with the resources I have available to me, just isn't realistic.


A dozen years ago or so I decided perhaps I could try doing a few little things to add just the merest touch of femininity to my appearance. (This was before I became the almost total recluse I am now.) But what I found was that each little thing I did caused me to think of something else I could perhaps do or something else I could buy that would be helpful. And on it went until I finally gave it up altogether. (I think a few of the things I bought (jewelry pieces mostly) are still packed away somewhere. But I don't know where.)


I know some transgender individuals are able to find a resting place short of full transition where they're comfortable. But I know, myself, I never would. Sooner or later I'd reach that proverbial line in the sand I just couldn't, or wouldn't be able to,  cross. And at that point I suspect I'd in all likelihood be thinking seriously about making another attempt on my life. I'm sorry to be so negative. But that's my reality. I just wish it could all be over for me. 🙁

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    • Chloe Cozee
      @Shay Very nice, I like that one!
    • Audrey
      I'm so excited for you, Jeanette! Sending you well wishes from NYC for a successful surgery, a speedy recovery, and dreams realized. ❤️    Love, ~Audrey.
    • ElizabethStar
      Cute dress Bri.   I really like this sweater although I would’ve liked it a little larger so it could hang off my shoulder. Maybe next time. 
    • Jani
      Congratulations Jeanette!  I know this is a dream come true!!
    • MaryEllen
      That's why I always proof read anything I've written before hitting the Post tab. At one time we did have an edit function for members but it got out of hand. Unbeknownst to us, we had been infiltrated by 4chan and a certain religious denomination. They would make an innocent post and once that post had been moderator approved, they would change it to something hateful and demeaning toward other members. That's why members can no longer edit their posts. As Vicky stated above, we will make any corrections for you as long as it doesn't go against our community rules.   MaryEllen
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      I am sorry, but we cannot do that for members. Please let any of us on the Moderator / Administrator team know what you need to have corrected and we will do it for you with no question and no charge.  I do not see any problems up in your post that would keep others from understanding what is going on, and I wish you the very best results and rapid healing.  Dreams can come true for us.
    • 2beBreanna
      I agree with Niamh. If they came looking for you they already value you.  Everyone needs to get over this putting everyone on each side is the exact same.  Both sides of the aisle have good and bad.  Both sides have people who hate and others that accept.     I am working to gently show more and more femininity at work.  I keep my nails longer and had a translucent polish on them.  I wear lots of pink and purple shirts but in men's styles.  These small things help me enough for now.  I get a few comments from people about small things but nothing that is a big deal. 
    • Jeanette West
      Could an edit function be added so I could correct spelling and grammatical errors? Thank you!  
    • Shay
    • SL
      It depends on the doctor. My doctor doesn't like people to do transdermal methods until at least a year in unless they have a special reason. I pass out when I get shots and when other people get shots, but evidently that's not a good enough reason haha. I think a special case would be if you have liver or kidney issues, but I don't remember. He says he prefers doing shots at least the first year because it's easier to ensure how much your body absorbs or control doses which can make it easier to predict when changes will occur or something like that. There are some people in the US who never have to do injections though. 
    • Jeanette West
      Tomorrow 01-23-21 is the big day!!🤩 I am off work until 02-25-21, in Chicago preparing for my surgery Saturday. Background: I was diagnosed gender-dysphoric awhile ago, back when information was extremely limited. So I buried my insides and got on with life. I returned to university for the Fall '98 semester, bought and ancient military surplus PC that was all-steel, it weighed 70 pounds, which I had to carry to the top floor of my dorm! While I was hooking it up, one of the computer wizards down the hall asked me if I'd ever heard of "The Internet". I hadn't, at which a group of these adorable geniuses set up my comp for me and introduced me to the wonders of Netscape Navigator and I was off! That first week I did a search under "transexual" and found Dr. Zukowski's clinic in Chicago. I would read every sing;e page at least once per week while I was at University of Alaska Fairbanks, just musing about The Day. And here I am 23-years later. I told this story to Dr. Z last summer when I met him for the first time, kind of like meeting a Hollywood star, I had to remember to breath. He mentioned this story to the surgery team I met while at the pre-op yesterday; there were tears involved. The good kind. I'll have the following: 1. Browlift with frontal bone contouring, scalp advancement and fat-grafting to fill soft tissue hollowing. 2. Upper and lower eyelid lifts with 35% YCA chemical peel. 3. Feminizing rhinoplasty/septoplasty. 4. Upper lip lift and length reduction. 5. Chin-bone contouring, chin soft tissue reshape with tracheal shave. 6. Jaw body and jaw angle contouring, some muscle work, and fat excision. 7. Full mid, lower face, neck and jaw skin facelift. 8. Fat graft to the lips, soft tissue to the cheeks, and naso-labial folds. 9. Breast augmentation using Mentor Classic Round Medium Smooth Cohesive I Silicone 640cc. These will be done over ~12 hours. I have contracted with a nurse to be with me from the recovery room for 72-hours continous with an option to extend depending on how I feel. I would like to add; this is not a plug for Dr. Z, but a story of one individuals', more than a decade of dreaming, hope and sometimes striving towards a goal. Anyone can do it, I know, I am here to tell you it can be done. A little here, a little there, the warchest will grow.  
    • Shay
      I'm hoping some day I will understnad the plan.... I'm getting pretty used to the "cry when you have to" part of Dan's song.
    • VickySGV
      Slowly, bit by bit things are becoming better.  The driver's license issue will have to do until people can finally be taught to accept the fact that all humans are different in ways that should not matter one tiny bit.
    • Bri2021
      It's dress nice day for me at work. The dress is sleeveless and I don't like showing my tats on my shoulders so a cover is needed.  I like my turquoise dragonfly necklace with this because it accents the small amount of turquoise in the dress.  Big hair courtesy of wanting some sunshine and braving the 38 degree morning commute with the top down. haha 
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