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Hello from Bre


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Hello I am Bre and a fulltime crossdresser since I was 20.As a young boy with non supportive parents,knew I wasn't like any normal rough and tough boy.I liked the feminine wardrobe and shoes starting at age 10.Was caught several times and my parents couldn't take it anymore giving up on me.It wasn't easy at first and I admit this.I thought it would get any worse and didn't.A couple ex family friends of my parents decided to take me in including my two younger sisters,they have been a great inspiration to me to this day.One of them,she let me go in her closet and try things on and it was with her heels starting at first which I loved.It was also trying on my younger sister's dresses which I loved as well.It was part time at first even through my teens.By the age of 20,knew I wanted to be fulltime as Bre.Luckily I had support after a talk and that is when I said good bye to my life as male feeling the male wardrobe was getting bored to wear.I live a much happier life now thanks to the true parents that took me in.My sisters see me as a great big sister now showing them their dreams can happen in life.

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Hey @BreM! Lovely to meet you! Always happy to meet someone else from here as well.


Also, yeah, boy clothes suck... except for the pockets. It would be nice to have pockets more often. 😋 Sure, it would ruin my lines, but sometimes a girl's got to have somewhere to put stuff, you know?


So yeah, look around, post as the mood strikes you, whatever. Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay!



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I am blessed to have a great supportive wife Liv whom I did marry in January of this year.A dad of 3,a 16 year old daughter,14 year old son and a 12 year old son whom do call me dad and sometimes Bre

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Carolyn Marie

Welcome to Trans Pulse, Bre.  Thank you for sharing your story; it was very interesting.  I'm glad for you that your life turned out well and you are happy and fulfilled.  You have a pretty amazing family.  I look forward to reading your contributions to this site.




Carolyn Marie

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Welcome to Trans Pulse, Bre! I was an only child. So no sisters. But had I had them, I'm quite certain I'd have been into their clothes too. I'm glad things have gone so well for you & hope you enjoy the time you spend here on Trans Pulse. 😊

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I overcame the struggles in my life not letting anything get in my way.Learned to figure it out and know I am well loved for who I am now

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Welcome Bre


4 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

Also, yeah, boy clothes suck... except for the pockets. It would be nice to have pockets more often. 😋 Sure, it would ruin my lines, but sometimes a girl's got to have somewhere to put stuff, you know?

I have a smaller cellphone.  It fits in my bra okay when necessary.

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1 hour ago, Jandi said:

It fits in my bra okay when necessary.


Sure, but that only works if you have actual cleavage. Show off. 😜



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Hi Bre,

Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!


Lots of love and a big welcome hug,

Timber Wolf🐾

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Welcome Bre.  As a farm girl i make sure my skirts do have pockets in large part because of the cell phone issue.  When i try to answer my phone in a purse it is a race i often loose.  Glad you've joined us here!





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On 11/27/2020 at 11:35 AM, BreM said:

Luckily I had support after a talk and that is when I said good bye to my life as male feeling the male wardrobe was getting bored to wear.I live a much happier life now thanks to the true parents that took me in.My sisters see me as a great big sister now showing them their dreams can happen in life.

Hello @BreM, It’s a pleasure to meet you...welcome! I wish everyone that found this site had this kind of support in place even though you had a rocky start. I feel for you and can relate to not having support early when you were younger and had little understanding of what was wrong. It was a different time back then but this does not excuse the lack of support from your birth parents. I’m glad you’re now flourishing in your new life and family. I think you’ll do great things with allies like that in your corner. I look forward reading more about your continuing journey and learning more about who you are.


Warmest Regards,

Susan R🌷

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    • Linda Marie
      By now I'm very well known on the circuit and home life has settled. Still the fear in my wife's eyes when I went out.  I had been noticing this for a while now and finally asked her, and she blind sided me again. She told me she was scared I would not come back home, she said, and believe this...I'm scared the -transgender- circus will take you away from me. The -transgender- Circus...never heard that one before she had said it. I had a good laugh, and we both laughed. waking up from a dream I stated calling her every chance I had while I was out as Linda. I mean at least 3 times a night. I kept her up dated, Then.....electrolysis...the the meetings, counseling, ext. And finally where we are at today.  We have been married 45 years now, rain or shine♥️   
    • Jackie C.
      That's OK. I was terrible at being a boy. Hyper-masculinity wouldn't have worked (it would have been downright silly really) for me either. Things eventually worked out though.   I tried scouts when I was little to fit in with the other guys. What a disaster. I wasn't interested in anything the scout handbook had to offer and found the meetings incredibly boring. I'm also allergic to, basically, the outdoors.   While lots of girls go the hyper-masculine route to prove that they're men not all of us do. Not everybody gets an "AHA!" moment either. I had one, but it sounds like you were sure without one. Good for you.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      I'm glad you're happy. Surprised there's no hoodie. I thought those were required by the FtM Authority. (Snark, obviously, wear what makes you happy. I'm glad you're happy.)   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Hi Dawn and welcome to Transpulse!   Honestly, you're doing great. Be supportive, help them make decisions and, above all, love your son. You're a good parent. Don't let anybody tell you different. You may make mistakes from time to time as you adjust, but your mad parenting skills are rock solid. The world needs more parents like you.   If you're going to seek medical intervention, you should seek out a gender therapist as soon as possible. I don't know how bad your son's dysphoria is, but it could save them a ton of anxiety if they don't have to watch their body mature in a way they don't want it to. Puberty blockers, despite what certain elements would have you think, are perfectly safe, reversible (honestly they should be called puberty delayers), and were approved by the FDA back in 1973.   So yeah, feel free to ask us anything. We're glad you're here and we're here to help!   Hugs!
    • Linda Marie
      Waking up from a dream, yeah, by now I have 4 outfits, I dress up a lot, make up and all, still only dress up at home, and then. She breaks down. She unloads on me screaming and crying. I was blind sided by this, I thought all was good until this moment. I'm dressed up and she comes in and starts to scream at me. She really wasn't screaming at her husband, she was screaming at the person he was becoming.   The following week came the next volley. Now wife and our daughter tag team me with the screaming and kill you tears in their eyes. How did I handle all this? So far my daughter who was 20 at the time, my wife of 24 years at the time, and my son who at the time was 17. I mean I'm surrounded by screaming all blaming me for lying to them all these years. I was really tired of hearing the cry's at night, and totally sick of being blamed.    I sat them down, told them I will leave if you wish, if you wish me to stay, stop blaming me, and then we chilled out or I thought. When I got my name Linda Marie all hell broke loose again. It seemed to never end, all is well, then boom, all falls apart.... 
    • Jani
      At first I thought you were writing about having a dream when you slept, but I saw it was about "future dreams."   Its hard.  Before I came out I never thought much about life beyond what I was living.  Once i made the decision it opened up possibilities.  I figured relationships would go where they would.  So far its been good for me.  You are correct that in reality we do have three choices, be happy, be sad and/or just roll with it.    Cheers, Jani
    • Drayse
      My title refers to the original name of the day. It is working women who lead the charge for women's rights even today, but they get the least coverage.   If you're retired, you are a working woman. Hopefully society is looking after you for your services.   If you're a homemaker, you are a working woman usually working without pay.   If you're a breadwinner, you are a working woman, often a minimum wages.   Some corporate heads are working women, others have never been. But the struggle of working women has been what has increased their freedoms as well.   All women deserve the rights that have been gained. Let's acknowledge those who are on the front line every day today. 😊
    • Drayse
      I think I've mentioned it several times in previous threads, but I tried most of my names in gaming settings. When my therapist asked me if I had chosen a name I had already settled on Drayse. I've been Dot, Jacylene, Wisp, Tannia and various names I can't even remember, but only Drayse felt right. An old English rendition of dragon. I knew it was the right name as soon as I completed chargen and entered the game.
    • Shay
      In one way or another - young or old - surviving on minimum wage or retired or heading a corporation - all women deserve more than a day - but we'll take what we can get. May all of you feel a hug of appreciation from me today - for ALL YOU DO.
    • Shay
      Hello Dawn, Welcome to TP. There are some amazing people here, many with similar backgrounds and questions and all are great listeners, supporters and share opinions and advice based on personal experiences and more importantly based on love. Hope you find this forum filled with what you need. Shay
    • Drayse
      Hi @Dawn W., your story left me in tears. You are a very good parent and show your child so much love and support. The world needs more people like you.
    • Linda Marie
      So one day I come out. A dream come true, no more hiding, Wow, no more hiding. Well crap, I really wasn't thinking about that part, and surely never thought about the part where I dress up in front of my wife. Nobody warned me about that part. So there I am all smiles and dressed up in front of my wife, and all I see  is the tears and fear in her face. Wow, has my dream become my nightmare?  As I move forward in this topic, all is about me and my spouse, all is true.  All is about when and after I came out. All is about my home life and what my wife and I have been through up till now. When dreams become reality we have 3 options, Clap, Cry, or just say....-what the heck-....    
    • Shay
      A nice way to loosen up those fingers on a Monday morning............    
    • Shay
    • Shay
      @Willow Farmer When I read the HELL comment I think about my Catholic AND Polish upbringing - I'm cursed with double guilt feelings and my Polish mom was good at pressing my buttons and teaching me guilt. When I think about it now - if you have a Christian background - just think about the Christ. He hung around with all those types that society "says" are bad. I realized that today more than ever there are Pharisees (hypocrites) everywhere and that God made me this way for a reason. It isn't something I would wish on anyone and I never asked for it to happen to me but as I transition I realize more and more that I am loved and all I can do is finally love myself because I can't love my neighbor if I don't first love myself. I have ceased following organized religion and try to emulate the way Jesus and Budha and MLK and other wise and wonderful guides lived and treated others. And they all knew that to give is to recieve, to give service brings satisfaction, to plant good seeds is the best you can do.
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