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New Wig, how to maintain it's style?


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So, since this is my first wig, I know little about maintaining hair/wigs. I have been shaving my head for 20 years now and never had long hair. I am assuming the style it comes in will not maintain through a washing, which is critical to maintenance just like real hair. Anyone have any tips/advice?


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Can I assume this is a synthetic wig?  If so, I do have some recommendations for you.  First, treat your wig delicately, because synthetic wigs don't last a long time.  Generally, do not use heated appliances on a synthetic wig, although an air brush that blows warm air can keep the wig detangled.  Long wigs tend to tangle just from rubbing against your shoulders and back, so, very gently run an air brush slowly through the wig to ensure it is detangled before putting it away.  If you don't have an air brush, you can use your fingers or a large tooth comb, but avoid stretching the fibers.


I wash my wigs with Woolite.  Again be very gentle and use only lukewarm water.  Rinse well, and then soak in clean water with a little unscented fabric softener added.  After maybe 15 minutes rinse thoroughly with cool water.  Do not comb or detangle a synthetic wig until it has completely dried.  From experience, I have learned that adding any kind of product to a synthetic wig just causes problems.  I have had much better luck not using anything on my wigs.  They have lasted way longer this way.  


Just be real gentle, and detangle and defrizz after every wear.  Hope these tips help.

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Thank you! Yes it is synthetic. I was cautioned against human hair wigs by a friend who said they are not worth the extra money but, I honestly would think they would be. As I have no possibility to correct my massive hair loss, I will have several wigs eventually and was thinking of saving up for a good human hair wig but again, do not even know where to start looking. When I started looking, I found places that have something like "Remy Human Hair" and their wigs run around $400 which if they can be styled like regular hair would be so worth it to me.

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Synthetic wigs of good quality can actually last quite a long time.  While you want to use care, they are not that fragile.  I have some that are several years old, although I do not wear mine daily since I do have hair, albeit very fine.  Synthetic wigs have a locked in style and combing / brushing while COMPLETELY DRY will get them styled fairly easily.  Woolite is OK, but regular human hair shampoo works fine.  Dry the wig by putting a PLASTIC coat hanger gently through the wefting strands and hanging it on your shower curtain rod until it is completely dry at a temperature that you can live in (not too warm, like over a heater) and not a super dry place.  When it is dry, hold it from the neck edge of the wig, and brush it from the ends of the fiber up to the wig cap.  When you reach the wig cap / wefting, take it by the forehead of the wig and shake it out and brush it from the ends to cap again, put it on a foam wig head, and then gently brush it back into style.  You do not have to use a wig spray unless it is really wild, but even there, better is using a Static Guard spray on your brush like you do on your clothing (Synthetic wig fiber is the same stuff they make good clothing from).  Store the wig on a Styrofoam head with a dry paper bag over it to keep it from getting dusty.  A little brush touch-up when you put it on will finish the job. 


Do not worry about the wig fibers working loose, since most have about 40% too much fiber in them and will look good with less, professional wig stylists will often thin them out to improve the look of it.  Do take the wig to a stylist if you do not buy it in a store and have them cut it to your face to look its best on YOU.  They can also give you other tips on care and feeding of your new pet --- errrrr---hair do. 


It will take a bit of getting used to the length when sitting down.  Before getting too comfortable against the back of the chair, roll your shoulders forward, tip your head forward to check your dress hem, and in that position sink back into the back of the chair.  (My hair is shoulder blade length, and I have to do it too.) If you do not do that you can have wigs coming off.


Cheap human hair wigs are cheap, although you can do styling on them for practice.  Good human hair wigs are pricey in the almost $1K or more range, and if you can afford one of them, you can also afford to take them to a professional stylist to care for them.  Wig stylists are some of the most accepting people I have ever met.  There are salons that are for Medical Use wigs that have strict private appointments available, and the ones I know agree that we have a medical need for our wigs, just as much as a cancer victim or Alopecia patient.


A few years ago, I posted a series of pictures on wig placement for best presentation in here:




The proposed hair looks great, enjoy it.

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My first wig was a Raquel Welch synthetic wig and I have had it 12 years and it has held up very well but I do take proper care of it.

It wasn't cheap and I bought it from a well established wig shop that has been in business since the early 60s.

I have several human hair wigs and they were not super expensive and I actually got two for one at that shop.They are going on 8 years old now and look fantastic.

If you have no experience with wigs don't assume anything and get experience using the one you have before saying one is better than the other (human /synthetic) because they both have their advantages.

Watch some you tube videos on how to care for wigs that way you can reference them when you need help.

When you are done wearing it and before you put it back on the stand comb all the tangles out starting at the ends working up to the part.Don't just wad it up and throw it back in the box.

One thing to remember take good care of your wig and it will last a long time.

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