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Liposuction/Fat redistribution surgery


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Good morning all!

     I was looking around at the different procedures that can help achieve a more Feminine shape and I would much prefer the Liposuction then having that fat redistributed to breasts, butt, hips, and thighs. Has anyone here had that done and if so, does it make sense to not worry about weight loss prior to such a surgery?  I would assume the more fat, the better the result. I'm currently about 30 lbs overweight and not sure if starting weight loss would be detrimental to such a procedure.


Thank you as always for your help and support!

Hugs and Love,


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I guess that would depend on what you're going for and how HRT helps you out in the first place. HRT is going to make your fat re-distribution more feminine. It will, however, take up to ten years or so to finish the process.


I've seen some youtubers who did things like the Brazillian Butt Lift, which is basically scooping extra fat out of your middle and squirting it into your butt. The results looked pretty good, but I'm personally picky about what people are allowed to cut off of me. 


Personally, I'm building my own waist and butt with exercise. While more work, it's less painful (well, when you do it right, I've pulled things in my chest doing yoga) and better for your health overall.


That said, I'm subscribed to a plastic surgery feed about lipo and boob jobs. As a less invasive alternative to lipo, you might consider laser liposuction. It reduces fat while avoiding the part where they cut you open and scoop things out.  The downside being that you need to keep the weight off yourself because the fat cells can re-inflate if you, say, go on an Oreo bender. I did a course of laser lipo in 2018 when I started on my weight-loss journey because I knew if I didn't start to see SOME results I'd give up.



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Thank you, great to know :) So would you suggest if I go for lipo, not worrying about weight loss until after? I would love to say exercise and HRT but I have to be honest, I am way too impatient for that 😅.


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I'd suggest giving the HRT a bit to work on first and stay healthy. That's a problem I'm having with one of my trans friends here, she doesn't want to work on her body and maintain her health, which I GET because I was the same way when I was feeling more dysphoric. Now that my body is a closer approximation to what I wanted it to look like after puberty v1.0. I find that I want to take better care of it.


You and I are about the same age, but I have no earthly idea how hard your first puberty hit you. A year in, people could recognize me as female when I was still presenting masculine. Or as masculine as I got anyway. However, I have a fairly effeminate frame to begin with. After two years of HRT, I don't get clocked as a "guy" even at the gym where I'm just in a tank, leggings and a headscarf (because alopecia). My therapist has said that I have had a very successful transition. I realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a stereotypically "girly" foundation to build on.


So my pic is me about six months ago. I think that was May, I could be off a little. It's not quite two years of HRT at that point. HRT can take as many as ten years to reach full effect. I currently have a waist thanks to exercise. My larger back makes it look smaller and I've uncovered a pair of slight hips under there. You need to realize I was REALLY out of shape. I was flirting with 300 pounds. I'm 190 today. Like I said. I GET not wanting to take care of a body you don't want.


I'd recommend not doing anything surgical until you have a better idea of what the HRT is going to do to you. At the same time, it's not magic. Encouraging it to do what you want with diet and exercise is a very solid choice. If you really want to get outside help, laser liposuction, which isn't really lipo SUCTION in that there's no actual sucking, is a good option because it works, it's non-invasive, and it's very relaxing. I'd pay the $50 a session just to nap in that lovely, lovely pod for a half-hour.


Basically the way it works is this: They strap cool lasers to your body in your problem areas. The cool lasers won't fry you to a crisp. My skin color can best be described as "porcelain" I burn if I'm too close to a crayon drawing of the sun. Tanning is a thing other people do. I tolerate cool lasers just fine. Then they put you in a pod. The pod covers you to your neck, is contoured for your body and heated. For a half-hour at a time, it plays soothing music at you and warms you up while the lasers essentially burst fat cells. Then you stand on a machine that shakes your vigorously so that the fat from the punctured cells is swept up by your body and deposited in the colon. There's supposed to be twelve sessions to a course but I only did four. I was only kickstarting the process, I was increasing my activity level and eating better at the same time.


If you're only looking to lose 30 pounds, I'd recommend a laser course, some lifestyle changes and take up yoga. With the HRT, yoga will give you those long, lean muscles that look so very good on women.




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Thank you for the better explanation. :) I am planning on exercising, I have already started eating better as well. I just wanted to ask and see before I go and do all the work to lose the weight if i am hurting myself in the long run. Puberty hit me like a freight train. Barry white voice, broad shoulders, muscular and hairy. My one advantage is at only 5'6" tall my smaller stature makes it not as hard to overcome if i can lean out the muscle and put fat in the proper places. I have no hips but a nice butt for a guy. I carry all my weight in my belly, a little chest (man boobs which now I do not mid ;) ) and face. I know i can get my waist down to a 29"-30" from the 35" it currently is with dieting once the 30lbs are gone. I would rather do fat redistribution vs implants so, that was my main reason for asking.


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I have done multiple rounds of lipo and each transferred the fat to my butt via Brazilian Butt Lift.I have done standard lipo and laser lipo. Both have their own benefits. It has been a long and expensive process but I am mostly happy with the results. I also exercise and watch what I eat and am trying to be patient while HRT keeps working its magic. I'm on my second attempt at HRT (currently at 10 months).


I recommend you find a cosmetic surgeon that has experience with trans girls and be honest about what you want to accomplish. Together you can put together a plan that fits your budget and helps you achieve your short and long term goals. He will advise you if losing weight before or after surgery will work best in your case.

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I  tried to get a plastic surgeon to do a fat transfer but it never panned out.

I had approval from my reg doctor and the Endo I was working with.

The plastic surgeon backed out at the last minute because he had never  dealt  with a trans person he said and a few other excuses.

None of the others in my area would take me.

High risk they called it but what that risk was I don't know.

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Thank you Zoey. That is a good idea. I am still waiting to get my Endocrinologist appointment. I just got referrals today.


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Dana Michelle

I started HRT 3 years ago at age 36 and am 100 pounds overweight. I have a big stomach, small breasts and a flat ass. There was significant fat distribution to my hips within a few months of starting HRT. I have big thighs but they were big before starting HRT. My face still looks masculine.

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21 hours ago, Teri Anne said:

High risk they called it but what that risk was I don't know.


I think I know this one. When I was talking to my plastic surgeon, she apologized for some of the results I've had and cited "poor quality tissue" as the culprit. Because of my massive weight loss, the available tissue didn't have quite the vascularization she would have preferred and not all of it took. So I experienced tissue slough (which is disgusting) and a couple other cosmetic complications that are going to take revision surgery to fix.

I'm hoping to tighten everything up before round two.


Another complication is that, for surgery, you want to be in the best shape of your life. There might be something in your profile that is making the plastic surgeons in your area worry that they're not going to be able to give you optimal results.


This isn't great, but they're both things you can work on. You might consider asking your surgeon(s) what they would want you to do if you want to be an acceptable surgical candidate.


Best of luck!



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The HRT had cause some growth in the butt and thighs but I was maybe 40 lbs over weight at that time.

He said it wasn't my weight because the fat was was just going to a different location. The partner PS said the HRT was doing fine as far as new fat placement was going and for me to work off the belly.

I guess he had a point and he told me there was a 60/40 chance the FD wouldn't last anyway.

Probably better off because the HRT helped to fill out my butt and thighs.

As my weight went up my butt and thighs followed along.

A blessing really in the long run.

Careful what you wish for sometimes lol


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I've heard that with the Brazilian Butt Lift most of the fat doesn't really thrive in its new home so long-term results are more modest than you'd think. Still, if HRT is doing it for you congratulations! It's doing very little for mine.

I just realized I'm starting to get one today at the gym honestly (and it's about time for all the effort I put into it). It's all muscle though because nature... well nature remembers that I'm a white girl. I have a severe case of white girl butt.



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7 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

I've heard that with the Brazilian Butt Lift most of the fat doesn't really thrive in its new home so long-term results are more modest than you'd think.

That is not my experience. With a good surgeon who uses the proper technique about 70-75% of the fat survives  and that fat continues to increase as HRT does its thing. Again, it is best to find a good cosmetic surgeon and they will advise you on what results you can realistically expect to achieve.

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