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Help with depression during transition


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Hi, I’m Tyler and I’m currently on testosterone but need to lose weight before I’m able to get top surgery. However as I still have female traits such as large breasts but yet I’m growing a beard, I’m finding I’m emotionally eating as I’m not what I want to look like yet but I need to lose weight for top surgery. So I’m in this vicious cycle so I just wanted to ask you all if you had any advice or tips to help with getting through this stage of my transition. 
Thanks for your time


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Hi @Tyler1 welcome to TransPulse. I empathize with you about the emotional eating, it is something I struggle with as well when I'm feeling anxious or depressed. You are doing one of the very best things right now by reaching out and connecting with a community who can relate to you through shared experience. You'll find everyone here extremely supportive!

I'm pretty early in my transition, and I do experience a lot of dysphoria from things about myself that I would like to be much different than they are now. When I realize that's happening, I strive to change my thoughts in that moment to something about myself that fills me with hope and confidence instead. I find that changing my thinking often changes my feelings, which in turn helps reduce the chance I'll start eating emotionally.

What are some things about your transition that bring you hope and confidence?



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Hey Audrey, thank you for the welcome. Definitely need to adjust my mindset when I get in those down and emotional places wanting to binge. The things that have made me excited for the future is how deep my voice is getting and how my beard growth is going. Thanks again for your reply 😊


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Hi, @Tyler1. Do you enjoy working out at all? My therapist suggested doing push-ups or crunches when I am in a Mood. I was on a medication for a while that made me irrationally angry at weird times, and whenever that happened, I dropped and did however many push-ups I could (starting with cheat push-ups). I don’t know how well that would work for craving food, but it helped me calm down and focus on something else when I got angry.

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That's awesome Trilly! I used to live to eat, now I try to eat to live. I have an elliptical in my garage with a computer hooked up to big speakers. I'd put on Brooks and Dunn "Last Rodeo" video and work out. I've been thinking about going to the gym and doing core strength training now since I read that with cardio you loose breast fat along with the rest. Dam, I'm trying to make them bigger not smaller. Cardio might be what you want though Tyler. Funny, you're trying to gain a deep voice and beard while I'm trying to do just the opposite.


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Hi, Tyler!

Others have mentioned exercise and self-awareness, awareness of your tendencies. Those things will definitely help. Exercise can actually make you less hungry. I might add that if you know you're going to sometimes really want to make yourself feel better with food, stock up on high-fiber foods so you have something tasty, comforting, but also healthy and filling available anytime. Low-fiber sweet foods probably aren't going to make you feel as good in the long run. High-fiber desserts can give you both a decent snack and a feelgood food. My go-to would be oatmeal cookies, but whatever works! If you make your own desserts, you can add a little less sugar than called for, to up the fiber proportionately. Cookies and brownies freeze well. I make brownies with part whole-wheat flour and flax seed.

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I’ll start out by saying that I’m mtf so I’m uncertain as to how HRT for ftm impacts your body metabolism.  I’m also not a psychologist or psychiatrist.   I did want to give you an experience I had related to an eating disorder in which I would eat as a distractor from my responsibilities.  One day I found myself going to get something to eat even though I wasn’t hungry just to get away from something I didn’t want to do.  I forced myself to accept the reason for why I was eating and made the decision to exercise whenever I got the urge to eat when not hungry.   This broke the chain of my habit.   I’ll add that there is a danger sometimes in substituting one thing for another and becoming exercise dependent isn’t necessarily a good thing either.   


Bottom line, if there’s a way to understand why you want to eat, is it true hunger and your body’s need for calories or something else, and break the habit perhaps substituting an enjoyable activity.  Easier said than done but if you combine all the responses here, you may find some help to your situation.


Spoken from someone who still has an eating disorder :)



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@Tyler1 first of all - congrats - second of all you are ungoing a major change and be good to yourself. It can be slow when you want it fast. I know I wanted full change like instantly but that doesn't happen, as a wise woman here told me - it is INCREMENTS. So keep taking baby steps - each day be good to yourself and keep trying and when you get discouraged come here for support. We all know it is HARD very hard and we are with you as long as it takes. 

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    • Shay
      Always liked this Dave Clark Five song and like it even better hearing Tom Petty doing it..............    
    • miz miranda
      @Shay As a congenital nonconformist, I love the rebellion! I also think a monkees shirt and a leather skirt with heels matching the shirt would make a great outfit.   A second odd pairing of bands   . This also occurred in 1967 when the Doors opened for Simon and Garfunkel. Doors opened with   and one of my favorite songs    
    • Jandi
      I like sports bras because the cup size isn't much of an issue.  It's fine under a sweater or some cool weather clothes, but I'll switch off to something else with a lighter top - or lower neckline.
    • Confused1
      Correction, GCS in about two months, not one.     Mike
    • LusciousTheLock
      I can echo all the above, and you may have read how I did it- Strangest ways of coming out... Not totally recommended if your relationship isn't as "Creative" as mine.    The worst one I had to do was actually my boss. Everyone in the office knew about me and so I went to talk with my boss who is bit of a dinosaur. Nice fella, but opinionated. I told him about my depression and how it was started by low testosterone and some realisation about myself, when he interrupted me... "Well, we all get problems as we get older. the ones I don't get are those F*king Perves. Forty, married, Couple of kids. Suddenly decide they want to be a F*king woman! What's that all about?". I told him I would speak with him later and crept out of his office about 3" high.   It took me six months to try again, and after several "Are you sure about this" and with 10 other members of staff looking on through the window, he eventually looked back at me and gave me a hug. He admitted he was a dinosaur, but said he wasn't afraid to evolve with my help. Actually, he's never failed to call me Tamsyn or call me She / her. in the six months since.   I think the answer is- give her a chance. You need to be you. If it fails, it fails. Nothing can change that.
    • Tasha Marie
      It is exciting and very scary too. I just wish I would have been true to myself so many years ago. I knew who I was. Just scared to live. I had no support system then. I had many gay friends but that’s the point they were gay and I’m trans. I do hate these titles so much. I am a women inside so even though we were very close and they didn’t get me, I was an outsider in the gay community funny how that works isn’t it at least my experience we are all in little groups segregated why can’t we all just be who we are. So. I’m slowly taking the mask down letting my true self hopefully shine through this is going to be a very long long process but it is a process that needs to happen. I thank all of you who listen.
    • SheenaT
      Wise words. I know she has trust issues as evidenced by her behavior towards me i.e. wanting to know where I am and what I'm doing constantly. If I'm not with someone she knows she wants to know why etc. It has made me quite angry at times. I can't seem to go anywhere or do anything unless it's in secret unless she approves.
    • LusciousTheLock
      I received my first mail as Tamsyn today. It was a registered post / parcel. He asked if Tamsyn could sign, and so I did. It was my new glasses. I never bought female glasses before as I felt too ashamed as James to do so, but now I feel even more complete and comfortable
    • SheenaT
      Thank you. I need encouragement right now.
    • Tasha Marie
    • Bri2020
      While I agree you MAY have a rough road ahead, it may not be as tough as you think.  You are worried about hurting your wife, I get that. I felt the same way.  However, my wife was hurting just watching me withdraw and suffer in silence. She didn't know why I was being that way but felt the relationship was about to crumble.  When I finally came out to her she said it was a relief because being with a transgender woman was far better than a relationship without communication and trust which is where she thought we were heading.  I was blown away.  So here's the thing, hold back and not tell her and risk the relationship becoming toxic from deception or tell her and risk the relationship breaking apart because she didn't sign up to be a transgendered person's wife. There is a risk either way. Or- it may turn out to be good or at least something that can be work through with therapy.   The risk factor always comes down to "how good of a relationship is it now".  Good luck, I know it's torturous at this point in your decision process. and as Jackie said, have a life backup plan for support/housing etc in case it does goes south. I had already scoped out cheap housing and looked at my budget to see if I could survive without financial help and knew I could do it albeit with a lot of scaling back. 
    • Jandi
    • LusciousTheLock
      Well, we're not kinky anymore. Now its all she can do to get undressed in front of me. But I have my memories lol.
    • SheenaT
      Oooo pretty. Part of my reasoning is to get used to wearing them. I'm trying to hide some of my current changes too since I'm not out to anyone but a close sis friend and partially to my wife.
    • SheenaT
      Estrogen is wonderful. You are beautiful. Your body clearly loves the E.
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