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New career?


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Last year at this time. I was going to school to be a engineer. I was doing it because my dad said would be good at in high school. I didn't even finish one semester. Because it bored me, it don't have the brains for it, and I didn't really want a office job. So I left and got a factory job, and I hate it. Put it this way. Its a dead end job. With no way to move up. 


That go me thinking about me. I start hormones soon, and I plan on living as me next year at this time fully. I was thinking what I could do. The only thing I could think was some thing beauty related. Even my waxing lady said I should go. When I mentioned I was pondering it.  


 I don't want to do hair. Im colorblind to a certain degree. I have issues with colors in between. So like red/browns, blue/purple. I always thought my hair was just a really light brown, but according to my hair dresser. I have auburn hair which after she pointed it out. I can see a red hue to my hair now. Because of that I don't want to mess up a woman's hair.  Make up is also off the table. I can do makeup, but again colorblindness comes in to play. I also don't have a interest in waxing. I just wouldn't feel comfortable, and I don't think the people I wax. Would be super comfortable with it also. 


So that leaves nails. When I got my first set of acrylics in September. I figured it was just some thing for vanity, and that was it. I also figured I wouldn't have them more then a month or two. It was just some thing I always wanted to try. Well that try has kind of turned in to sort of a interest with me. I come to enjoy the whole process. I've kind of went head first in to learning about nails. Mostly because of me getting them. So far im not bored with what I have been seeing or reading, and enjoy watching nails get done. I'm also very creative my self. Plus I could work as my self. Which is also a plus. 


I do have some more research to do first though. I see my nail tech in a few weeks, and im going to ask her as munch as I can think of. I also have to talk to my hair dresser. As she went to the local beauty school. So I do have questions for her. That i will ask when she gets back from her breast cancer surgery. I hope to get the answers I'm looking for. 



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If you enjoy it, go for it! Some great artists were probably colorblind to some extend or another. My grandfather always said, "If you don't enjoy your job three days out of five, you need a new job."



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I am looking at a new career also. Most of my life I have worked mostly customer service technician. Mostly around cars. But now I am looking at being a secretary. The counseling office secretary at a high school. I had my first interview last Thursday.

It is a total 180 from what I know and love cars yet. I am excited at the prospect. I hope to continue on with the process. I am looking forward to being me if I get it.



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Well I don't like my job any day off the week. As for the colorblindnes. I'm sure their have been many artists that have had some degree of colorblindnes.


The only difference is the canvas its being painted on, and womans hair. Is one thing I refuse to mess up. The good thing about nails is mess ups are easier to fix. I figured that out very quickly just getting my nails done. Most nail techs will do one nail if you are not sure on shape and color. If you don't like it. Its only a 10 minute fix. 


Kymmie, I'm never going to give up my male hobbies of cars, fishing, and general male interests. I just want to be doing some thing I have a interest in. 

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    • ElizabethStar
      I've come to the conclusion that people just don't listen. I was sent out on a call yesterday. I had been working with the customer over the phone earlier, so she knew my name, but the issue came back and we needed to get a tech out there ASAP. My manager sent me. No worries though, I'm happy to get out and spread my wings a little as a female technician. It was a bit of an emergency so I didn't waste any time with pleasantries and forgot to introduce myself. After the work was completed, I was giving the Mrs. the cliff notes on the work I did. She mentioned how she had called our office and work with someone over the phone. I was like yea, that was me, I'm Elizabeth. We talked for a minutes, I gathered my things and headed out the door. I said goodbye and she replies "Thanks Melissa". At least she got my gender right.   Some of my clothes also came in the mail. It was very exciting.  Unfortunately 2 of the 3 tops run crazy small from the advertised size and the jeans run big. I'll see what happens when the rest of them get here.
    • Audrey
      Good morning everyone, happy Wednesday. Coffee is hot and strong today. Planning to go outside for my exercise routine before jumping into what promises to be a busy workday, trying to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape of the vaccine rollout. I should check to be sure I don't need to buy more coffee while I'm out. I'm also seeing a few snowflakes as daylight comes.   @Ann W I hope you'll have that warm and fuzzy coming out experience soon too! I think I'm close to (if not past) the point where it's more exhausting *not* to come out. The one exception is still family, but only because there's one family member on hospice and that's weighing on everyone so it feels like the wrong time to say anything, I imagine I would add stress to an already stressful situation. Yet, I'd want to be out for any memorial service, so I'm pretty torn. I guess it's part of why I wanted to hang on to just one of my men's suits.   @RhondaS I totally relate to wanting to come out in person, especially because we're sharing something so close to our hearts. While I would have wanted to do that with everyone, the pandemic prevented it. The only person I actually did come out to face-to-face was partner - otherwise it's been Zoom, Face Time, and phone calls. Even still, I'm amazed by the emotional closeness I can still feel even though it's not in person. The warm feelings after any positive coming out experience are just so nice!   Hoping everyone has a wonderful day! ❤️   Love, ~Audrey.
    • RhondaS
      It's been at least a month before I came out to someone, I kinda miss it. Since I want to do it in person to the people that matter most it's been sporadic. 
    • Ann W
      I'm so glad to read about your coming out experience @Audrey.  I got fuzzies just reading about it.  I can see coming out to a female colleague in my near future as well.  It's getting harder to hide as I also become less interested hiding.  Reading these stories is so encouraging.
    • Jani
      If its to a job you need for the financial consideration then follow your heart and move forward with your transition.  Don't spend time doing things you don't really want to do.  Life is short. 
    • JustineM
      Just a quickie update. Still waiting to hear from Mom, though given the weekend and holiday plus USPS current difficulties, she may not have even got the letter yet. One of my older sisters called me this morning and was asking about books she could read to help her understand better. So all in all not going to bad. 
    • Jackie C.
      I'd say follow your dreams, but of course I'd say that. That's how my brain works. More practically, I'd ask, "Is the extra money worth the chunk it's going to take out of your life?" I'd probably also ask, "How long were you planning on keeping this job anyway."   I might also ask, "So, what IS this job?" If it was something I loved... maybe. Probably not, but maybe. I see that you identify as bigender though, and most of the other bigender people I know are perfectly content with just expressing their female side during the evening and on weekends.   I couldn't do that, but I don't identify as bigender. How do you think spending your time in this job slot is going to affect your mental health? Is evenings and weekends going to be enough? Do you even want to start down the road of HRT? If you're just getting electrolysis, who's going to notice? If you're planning on growing breasts (or getting implants), well that's a different kettle of fish isn't it?   Hugs!
    • Jocelyn
      Thank you for your service everyone, I am proud to say I was firefighter for 29.5 years. Unfortunately had to retire early due to the mental and emotional toll, 1 of the best discussions I had in the last couple of years. But I still loved my job and the people that I worked with. hugs Jocelyn
    • LaurenA
      What I'm afraid of is that this is the only job I could get.  At 71 they aren't sending you offers.
    • Abi
      Whichever way you choose, I hope it goes well. I would have a very difficult time working for someone else even if they fully accepted and supported me. 
    • LaurenA
      <Stream of thought> I'm caught in a quandary.  I quit my job last March because of the Covid virus.  I liked the job and the people I worked with.  The pay wasn't great but then it was all unneeded extra income.  My job gave me the structure and stability that I needed. Today I received an email from my boss asking me if I was on the list for the vaccine because he really wanted me back.  He said they were going to have a banner year.  Fine so far until you mix in that during my Covid isolation I discovered with my councilor that I was trans.  Since then I have been exploring my feminine side and getting more comfortable with it. Here's the rub.  I worked in a very small factory run by republicans and has no policy at all regarding gender.  If I go back to work it will have to be as a male.  It will also mean I will have to put any plans on noticeable transformation aside.  I have to decide between being who I have accepted I am or working for the psychological benefits it gives me.  I want my cake and eat it too. The only way I've thought of is to only be me when I'm home and playing the male gender at work.  I should be able to go forward on electrolysis but hormone will have to be put on hold or not done at all.  Not to mention any forms of surgery. I have been comfortably retired and don't need the job.  But it's a decision between doing one thing to enhance my well-being versus another.  I have to ask myself which would do more for me.  Since I so recently discovered my true gender I have far less evidence to base my decision on.  I guess I could go back to work and put off making and permanent decision.  Then I think, I'm almost 71, I don't have that much time left to me to be me and I shouldn't waste any of it. </Stream of thought>
    • Abi
      Glad you're home Susan. I'm sure you're tired and happy all at once. Rest is always easier when you're in your own comforts.
    • Abi
    • LaurenA
      The section on dragons brought back memories of a group called the Dragon Family who were poly.
    • Audrey
      Dear @Susan R, It's so wonderful to hear that you're back home now and recovering well from your surgery, and with so little pain. Sending you positive energy all the from NYC!   Love, ~Audrey.
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