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Kestrel McLoughlin

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Kestrel McLoughlin

Every morning we fight a propaganda war

In the mirror.

Those days when we win  

We fight the battle again

With the people inflicted on us in perpetuity.   


To win you need only

Burn their unauthorized biographies

And canonize your own.


They’ll fight you; for the creative rights.

They’ll make your character the villain in their own story

And make you root for the other guy.


It starts with your fifth-grade teacher  

Who tells you you’re small,  

That you’re going to be a ditch-digger.  

He encourages the others to laugh at you.

He doesn’t do this because he thinks you’ll fail,

But because he wants you to;

Because at 10 years old

Your life’s music is already what he wished he ever bothered to play.


It happens again with your second boyfriend:

Not the first one, who asked you for a kiss

And took you to see Star Wars;

The next one, who realized that you forget your No

When you hate yourself.


Your mother will write the chapter

That some mental illness she diagnoses

Is the reason you eat your dinner in your room.

You’ll get a scale and measuring tape as a housewarming gift

When you finally get the -crappy- job

That gets you out of there.


Your boss who needs you to be an assistant forever

Will pretend you’re bad at your job  

To keep you right where he needs you:

Angry and quiet and making his job possible

And nodding at his racist jokes

And his right to use the word Bitch.


So here you are.

Sitting on your bed waiting to cry

Writing survival instinct philosophies

Like Love is for Children

And I’m nothing but trouble

And Strength is never letting them in.

So you dare defeat:  defeat me.  Prove me right.   

I’m a failure but I’m a wise failure.

I’m invoking my destiny here.

Like a hyena, come for me.   

Make me at least feed the earth as one good thing I’m for.


This.  Is.  A.  Lie.


You terrify them.

They know just what you’re capable of.

And their only defence is a story.   

It’s called Stampede.   

It goes like this:

The wolves come for the weakest

And when they come to make their kill

They do their prey a service

By choosing you,  

So those left are down one hindrance.   

It’s your destiny to be food.

So take it:  it’s not just inevitable, it’s good.

You were destined to be drunk by greater creatures.


This story is why the jackals survive at all.

Because you are a lion

That’s never seen its own reflection.

So they come for you as though they have the upper hand.

This is why hyenas laugh:   

It’s the propaganda that justifies the invasion.


I can’t diagnose your bruised heart for you,

Only you have the authority to issue its death certificate.

I don’t know your real potential;  

but the moment you draw your personal limit in the sand,

There it lies.


With your unfueled freight train throat,
Invoking your name to the sky

Would be enough to win.

So they howl together.

Because a chorus of hands clapping

Is louder than any drum.

Certainly louder than a drum no longer struck.  

That’s what alone is:  a story one won’t or mustn’t tell.

So change the story.  Now scream your story.  More.


I can love you so loud.

You are our hero.

But from inside your head your voice is louder than ours.

You’re already stronger than  

everything that’s ever happened to you;

You never needed a knight in shining armour.

You are a knight in shining armour.

So walk through their skirmishing line in tap-dance shoes.

Wear black and silver  
so you reflect AND absorb the world’s light.   


Your last-stand battle cry, and ours,  

is and always will be your name.

Make it louder every time someone tells you  

to yield to their sound.

Make their feet feel the sound of your power

Like Beethoven’s piano

Until their legs tremble.   


Because when you speak  

All who would benefit from more fear are afraid  

And everyone worth loving suddenly believes it.   


And then, when at last you have done this,  

When your voice has rendered you surrounded with only love

I invite you to take the steel off your desperately steeled shoulders.

You will have earned your peace the moment you entitle yourself to it.

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Kestrel McLoughlin

PS I'm sorry to have forgotten a content warning, for vague references to sexual violence. I don't notice an Edit option on threads.

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  • Forum Moderator
6 hours ago, Kestrel McLoughlin said:

I don't notice an Edit option on threads.


You have to ask a mod. We have ultimate editing power!



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  • Jackie C. changed the title to Autobiography (Content Warning: Vague Reference to Sexual Assault)
  • Admin
12 hours ago, Jackie C. said:

You have to ask a mod


or an Admin.  But if you look at the title line, you can see Add Tags which does the job just fine on content warning. 

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  • VickySGV changed the title to Autobiography

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    • Linda Marie
      I have been posting music videos of my guitars, and Mable (my sax) just sits there weeping when do you play me? I am still just a beginner on the sax (5years). I've learned the scales and learned one song on it then the accident.  Still before the accident I was doing pretty good with it. I really love the sax.  She is very temperamental, meaning I will have to clean her up, boil the mouth piece and change the reed, a little polishing up, tune it back up and make a fool of my sax playing here. I look forward to it and so does Mable. She is getting lonely just sitting there.  LM♥️        
    • Mary Jane
      No one needs to help I really just need to get this out, sorry if this is in the wrong forum thing   Why keep living? I’m different, who would even want to be friends with me?, I know I can be a bother and why keep trying?   why keep living? I guess because of good experiences the many I’ve had, trips to the arcade I like, watching movies I love, playing games that has made life great (well while the games are good for me)   but I’m different 😔 and yet why care right? As more and more people get more competitive I can enjoy games more than others as in just enjoy it not enjoy the competition, I’m kind and this world needs more kind people, I even try to help even if I’m pretty bad at it or I’m down too, and I haven’t done it since start of last school year but I can make myself not feel sad anymore it’s mostly because I mostly look for any positives which now I’m trying to do again   Yet who wants to be friends with me? I i know I’m mostly boring plus can be a bother... but it can also be worth it to get to know me    why keep trying? That I don’t really know, things try to mentally kill me yet things try to keep making me keep going all the good like video games, movies, cartoons, everything else that’s good keeps trying to keep me going. I’m mainly trying for me but I’m happy there’s one more reason: for my best friend
    • Davie
      Thanks, Delcina    Good comments. You must be a writer yourself to say it like that. Actually, the voice of the poem is a mtf six-year-old, so his syntax is a bit taxed. My stories get supported (in a subconscious way) by my poems. This won't actually be in the story itself, but it's essential to find the right voice and poems do that. The whole thing is very early work-in-progress. cheers, David PS: It'll probably take a year to finish, if I'm lucky. That's a time lapse.
    • Teri Anne
      Looks like fun Bri enjoy yourself.
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Claudia, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Ellie Jean
      Same way I feel about my dad lol...Well, actually I can't cut him completely out of my life yet because of the half-million dollar life insurance policy my 70 year old mother has on him; it's set up to transfer over to me in the event mom dies before dad dies, so both me and mom are actively wishing for my father's death lol. (They got divorced years ago; he screwed her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by letting the farm in Alaska she bought go into foreclosure so that she couldn't sell it. The bank owns my childhood home now and my siblings and father have all been kicked out of it. ....If I ever become independently wealthy I'm totally gonna by our old farm back. ...Lotta horrible memories there....but a lot of good ones too. 😥
    • Jackie C.
      Oh that does look nice. I need to pamper myself more.   Hugs!
    • Ellie Jean
    • Mary Jane
      Yep I've felt this even now, I don't know how I keep going or why but there's things that just won't let me give up not till I really 100% mean it and you aren't being selfish everyone's problem can't be measured and compared by the problem they can only be measured and compared by how the person feels    And remember that other post you did searching for friends? You don't need to worry about me leaving you because I give multiple chances, in fact I'm practically friends with someone that used to bully me thanks to it. There's better people to be friends with than me but I'm always an option at least   And sorry that I can't say more
    • Bri2020
      Hanging with some ladies at the beach this week before heading to Savannah this weekend. Some of us went out for Mani/Pedis. It's still a bit chilly so just wore jeans and long sleeve T-shirt. Having a blast with all of them!
    • VickySGV
      Happy RE-birth day!! 
    • VickySGV
      Welcome, come in and and take part.
    • Kimber M
      I learned a lot from it,one is love yourself.My parents learned from it as well too.They learned it was not their fault.No regrets too on coming out as well
    • claudia1
      HI all, my story is one of probable repression  and denial most of my life, followed by the flood gates opening, for no obvious reason at the time, about 3/4 years ago at my ripe old age. Then came  a  period of reflection and attempting to coming to terms with the intense feeling of being female and knowing I  preferred to be one. These feeling had been coming and going to some degree all my life, but where was it all going?  These things have a life of their own. There weren't too many choices. About one year ago, I made the decision ( or rather it  made itself) to start on hrt.  My inner life is transformed so much for the better. I have a very very supportive female partner. As we all know, on this glorious spectrum, there are many points where we can find our temporary or more permanent comfort. I have decided at this stage, for several reasons which I won't go into, not to come out socially. I go out in public as a (sort of) male. It's not an easy balance but it's what works for me at the moment.   The transition has been not without its complexities and anxieties, but with age comes the imperative to seize the moment and enjoy the future...cheers to you all, Claudia    
    • Teri Anne
      Thanks for the kind words ladies I really appreciate every one of them and everyone of you.  
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