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Violence Against the Transgender Community in 2020


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I feel and maybe I am wrong, that the main reason there has been, and will continue to be violence against transgender women is that they let cis men play the roles of trans women. The above movie on Netflix addresses this point in perfect clarity. There are many beautiful trans women actors to play roles that have gone to cis men that should have gone to Trace Lysette,  Jamie Clayton, and the above Lavern Cox, along with many others. Hollywood needs to get it's head out of it's ass and cast trans women in their roles. It may not make a dent at first, but it is a great first step in my opinion. 

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I am not sure I would agree here. I think it is a human instinct to survive and, as such, it is a predominantly male instinct to find any percieved weaknes and exploit it for the good of themselves or the pack. That is why predjudice is more widespread than just against transgender women.


I also feel that a good actor, when cast in a part to their ability, are good. That part may be real and sensitive or comic and ridiculous but I feel it is the writer / producer who is maybe more the issue.



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This hits on a very major point.  We have been unseen for so long that a failed legend has been created.  I am proudly a member of an all Trans performance group that I fiercely brag about.  At one of our appearances a man told one of our members, "I thought we were going to hear from a group of Trans people here, I mean these singers are good, but where are the Trans people?"  This was the organizer of the event and a city council member of the city hosting it.  The person he said it to was the group's artistic director who is distinctively Non Binary.  It was quite a revelation to him that Trans people looked "so ordinary" and were not the drag queens or deformed and costumed impersonators of body opposite gender. That day he had 28 Trans vocalists right in front of him and did not know it at first. 


That was not the first or only time it has happened, another time it had been in a mall where we were not billed as being Trans people, and we had parents watching us with their children and after one of the numbers there was a mingle time with the audience and no parent kept their child from greeting the group and taking pictures.  One person did catch on to us and started a small scene, but was removed by the mall guards, but instead of causing a route of parents trying to get their children away from the EVIL Trans, they stayed and talked to us along with their children and let the children come up in front of Chorus as we did one last number called You Have More Friends Than You Know! 




2 hours ago, tracy_j said:

but I feel it is the writer / producer who is maybe more the issue.


Equally the issue is my take from being an insider to it. The writing  of the parts is a valid challenge to how the parts are created. Yes a Trans person playing a character flawed by the script creates a bad impression as well.  I am around the entertainment industry and a few times have been in the midst of getting a writer to create an honest and true life Trans character.  We have some great Trans writers pushing to get their material on the screen, and some have made it.  I am into things on this when Covid is not raging and even have my own artists manager, but so far no money from it although I have a screen credit or two.  We do need both good writing and acting parts for Trans people and about Trans people just to get non trans people used to us and receptive.  The big point is that the more Trans people are seen positively as people, the less the myths around us disappear the less we will be marginalized.

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5 hours ago, VickySGV said:

It was quite a revelation to him that Trans people looked "so ordinary" and were not the drag queens or deformed and costumed impersonators of body opposite gender.

This! So much this. Transgender people are exactly that - people. We all breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat the same food, and have the same hopes and dreams as everybody else. That this comes as a surprise to some people is so hard for me to wrap my mind around. I also hope that as the visibility and acceptance of the transgender community increases and is seen in a positive light, that the myth of the "evil" transgender person will start to fade away. That is my wish for 2021 and beyond. Unfortunately, transphobic prejudices and stereotypes have enormous staying power. We need more advocates, both transgender and cisgender, in positions of influence at all levels to push that positive vision forward. The recent election of Sarah McBride in Delaware is truly inspiring and hopeful to this end!




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I agree with @Audrey that the election of Sarah McBride is an inspiring change for the transgender community. I don't agree with @tracy_j about it being the "producer or writer who is the problem." The studio is going to cast whomever they want to cast. Casting Eddie Redmayne as a trans-woman in (whatever movie that was please help me), then giving him the award for it (for the love of God), just perpetuates the cycle the all we are are men in makeup and dresses. Trace Lysette, or Jamie Clayton could've played in that movie. This is why what @VickySGV said was so important. People need to see us, not run away from us. Until they see as people, nothing changes for the better. It starts by seeing trans-women in major roles on TV and the big screen. Laws are great if they are enforced. However, I think we all know law enforcement has selective enforcement when it comes to us. 



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I am not sure you have fully got me here Gina but Audrey puts it better. "Transgender people are exactly that - people." What I was meaning is that the right actor is needed for a part. That may be a cis or transgender person, whatever the role. To decide that a transgender person must play a trangender role (if that is the character) is, in my opinion, wrong.



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It seems to be that I am in the minority opinion here. If one of the moderators want this thread you are welcome to it, if not feel free to delete it. I am not in the mood anymore to deal. Too much bad crap in real life causing me depression. 



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2 hours ago, gina-nicole-t said:

It seems to be that I am in the minority opinion here.


I am thankful you posted this since it is a subject that needs to be addressed about Trans visibility and relation to our violence rates.  They are real. I am taking off my Mod/Admin hat for this subject and this is the Member talking.


I hope my posts have been supportive of your point really.  I think there was only one person in that clip there I have not met IRL and spoken with.  The big issue they make is that when a Cis actor goes off the set, how do people see the actor?  Eddie Redmayne who did a good acting job in The Swedish Girl left the set and was back to being Cis Male, the character he played was negated by his transformation back to male.  That fuels the impression that Trans people are creations of dramatic art in the Public's eyes and do not live daily lives.  I have been in production discussions and the major reason that Cis actors like Redmayne are chosen is not because they can create a realistic Trans person but primarily because they are big names that will create a box office profit draw.  The object of the casting was primarily money for the company that produced the film because they hired a STAR level actor.  I have had producers tell me to my face that this was their sole object.  I have to agree with them that as things now stand, the Trans Community has only a limited number of working STARS to bring in money.  It is a vicious cycle, and there are misunderstandings of why the insistence on Trans playing Trans is being put out there.  Scarlett Johanson who was slated to play a Trans man two years ago, did not take the part because she was offered a better part for more money, but our Trans community was acknowledged as to why the original producer gave up the project.  Entertainment is a cutthroat business of people selling bodies be sold at the highest level possible.


On to your real subject, and my friends agree you:  in a recent study by the Williams Foundation at U.C.L.A, Law School found out that only 16% of U.S. population has knowingly met a Trans person and gotten to know them.  Other studies have shown that press and media are the only sources that too many people have of Trans people who are not in that 16%, and when media of any sort shows as a "characters in front of a camera" who are not real on the streets they walk, then they are more open to having hate and fear thrown their way by other members of their social groups.  Some of them actually become victims if the social group thinks they are breaking that group's norms, which loving and being supportive of Trans people would be.  Showing Trans as the ordinary people and giving us dignity and reality will help cut the violence drastically.  Films and other media that show us as Heroes, and virtuous regular people have an impact on those who H8 on us, witness the furor when Family productions show us in a happy and healthy light.  They flip their lids big time, because even there they will lose the money paid for the production of hate.  Trans can be portrayed in ways that will bring them up and chip away at the H8 people, and that is the topic of that film clip.

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3 hours ago, gina-nicole-t said:

It seems to be that I am in the minority opinion here. If one of the moderators want this thread you are welcome to it, if not feel free to delete it. I am not in the mood anymore to deal. Too much bad crap in real life causing me depression. 



No Gina - I have no issue with your views and I am certain they would be echoed by more here. What I gave was my opinion. People who have different life experiences and live in different places will have different opinions. Who knows what is absolutely right, if anything. I suspect it will vary on situation. I welcome your view because it is valuable. Vicky here has some experience of the industry. I do not. The thread inputs are different views not a single fixed answer.


I hope you are coping with your depression. Please don't feel that this is a negative to add to it. It isn't in my mind.



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Somebody is going to have to tell me how to deal with the depression of loosing my breast augmentation and FFS surgery because of my POS car. Fix one broken part, then another part breaks, fix that part, then another breaks, now I lost my surgeries because it takes 15 days to get the part I need so I can get my 5-speed in gear. No pre-ops, no pre-surgical scans, no nothing. I have to start all over with insurance and my surgeons again. So yeah I am not in the greatest frame of mind. Sorry if I was crass to you @tracy_j it really wasn't intended. Yesterday was just horrible, and it hasn't gotten much better. 


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Just try to look forward. I think the spring may well bring a steady progression out of the cloud we are all under now which will be a great help.



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  • 9 months later...

I feel it's more of the kind of representation rather than who is doing the representing. When all that a certain kind of man sees are "prison trannies" and hairy men squeezing into trashy fishnets with runs in them, this furthers their twisted view that we are something to not only be feared, but something to be fought. IMHO

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      Welcome @MaybeImSkylar ! I'm glad you found the forum. I've found it to be a wonderful place with people who give loving support, advice & acceptance. I think you will too. You might find a gender therapist helpful, I know mine has helped me. A book called You & Your Gender Identity by Dara Hoffman Fox is another great way to explore your gender. They read it on YouTube also. I hope you enjoy your journey exploring your gender. Oh, your English seems fine to me.   Hugs! Delcina
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      🇺🇸Good☕️afternoon🏳️‍⚧️everyone🦋 I seen one of my old Battlion Chiefs at the training center this morning. He said, I look like a lumberjack from the front, and a lesbian from the back. 😂 😆 He has no idea how true the statement is.   In his defense, this is how I was dressed for a light rain day.
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      @MaybeImSkylar Your English is quite good for it not being a first language. Thank you for joining us and I believe you will find wonderful people here, many with similar backgrounds and experiences. Feel free to look around and I believe you'll see many answers to your postings and friends you will come to know and cherish. Heather
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      Hello all, English is not my first language but I lived in the Uk for 4 year which I think it helped with my oral speech yet my writing needs some work thus excuse my grammar. As well as, I am learning all the terms to articulate myself better regarding topic os sexuality and gender identity so please don't butcher me hahaha Anyhow, joining this side feels a bit overwhelming but also eye opening to different cases or issues that each indeviudual is battling. I am dealing with an identity crisis at the moment which I am happy about but stressed at the same time.    What I mean I always felt an outcast and different growing up and I know I am still 22 and I have more growing to do I know; although inside of me I always felt attracted to the same safe as the same time as the opposite too. When I was 14 (I think) it was around the time we started high school and is when I realized that women turn me on and that's when I met someon called Daggi with the pronouns He/Him. I caught myself being attracted to him but also he knew about my struggling with coming out and finding out what I am. BUT... he kind made it difficult as in turning lesbian or bisexual there is no turning back which at that time sounded scary but also overwhelming. I grew up in a very close minded society which being gay its a stigma in some way and spotting someone who is homosexual had a specific outlook. Which is a stereotype but back then I knew nothing. I know expirimenting and figure yourself out takes time,self reflection and being gentle with yourself but then I didnt know that.  Which is my next point...   A 15 year old girl that was trying to figure herself out that expirirmented in closed doors with more androgynous clothes ( like wearing long t-shirts and baggy trousers, hats) ( I was trying have a Justin Bieber vibes, I kinda failed hahha ). I really didn't like the way I looked when I tried that but also the fact that I was wearing jeans, I associated it with the school uniform and how I can seem to fit in with the rest of the kids but because I felt like a big monster that doesn't look feminen. I always tried to be more girly but also buy things that are different and fun at the same time, because I thought they were cool and other kids will think they willl be cool. BUT NO!!! Never seem to fit in, ruin my hair and put on make up and I was doing everythin so I can get the attention of the male gaze.    Fast forward to now, I feel I am more than what I was asign to birth. Whenever I am around girls this passed 2 years I tend to have more mascular vibes which bring more questions of what is masculant and what is machismo like toxic.  When I hold hands with girls I feel I am not a woman, I feel I am a boyfriend with a woman's reproductive system. I started wearing more baggy clothes and hide my body ( and thats for several reasons but the identity is one of them). I am so confused. I shaved my head which helped with the clothing bit and I seems to find myself be more interested in more androgynous looks. I dont know what is going on. There are more things to untackle but how can I be more okay with these type of clothes where in the passed brought be a lot of of uncomfortable feeling. I do still have moments when I get disphoria of what the heck am I doing here and I look ugly ; I will get moments where I will wear dresses and skirts and I will catch myself feel ugly. that was even witht he short or long hair that I have.    I was looking for gender neutural names but I keep thinking about the male part of me, like I wanted to be seen as a man and not a woman. BUT the idea of bottom surgery scares me and I dont find that attractive for myself or sometimes with cis-men... basically more recently. My mom thinks that this is a rection to something bigger but also with my sexuality because I got so many disappointments by cis-men which I think thats homophobic.    Funny thing this is a brief introduction of myself and there are more stories that I would like to share. I am looking forwards to see peoples feedback as I am desperate.     Thank you for reading beautiful people xx 😊🤩
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      I'll be 69 in December. I think if you keep yourself in good shape then age shouldn't matter. Keep your spirits up. There's still hope. 
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