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Workplace experience

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Forgive me if this is just a list of stuff without a point.  But it is my real life experience.


I'm pre op mtf.  My legalities are all female.  

Currently establishing work history in my new identity.  Amaz0nia.  2020 covidia.  Masks, but they come off for breaks.  Working with lots of people.  Gendered correctly more often than not.  Some people with clout do not like me and I am treated unfairly.  The official corporate policy is pro trans.  So if there's a problem with this issue they will not talk to me about it, and unfortunately this could lead them to look for other reasons to get rid of me.  However, so far, I've been pretty good about not giving them any.


HR is pretty much unresponsive to questions about any issue, including mistakes in their schedule and shorted paychecks.


But hey, I use the women's room. Even have had stall to stall conversations and at the sink mirrors.  Have fallen in pretty well with cliques of women of comparable age and attractiveness.  What a funny thing that is.

I blend in ok but it's forcing me to constantly hone my edges. Like how I lift and do work, and speaking over machinery in fast paced physical situations. Also I keep foundation and a little eye concealer and liner going.  Not doing that one day was my worst day treated by others there. 


I never got to go to a normal high school and I suspect this is kind of like that, for grown ups.


Guys are sizing me up I think.

I'm a little imposing and not super confident in my femininity.

Some chat me up a little. 


There are going to be cuts in personel soon and if I'm cut I may never know why, because they can't say out loud where they don't want me to pee.  However I prefer to focus on the fact that I have had perfect attendance/clock, no write ups, and I can outwork most people there without breathing too hard. 


I want to stay. 

I want to become a person.

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  • Forum Moderator

@Maddee there is always a point to be made even if it is not self evident at first!  


Remember that HR's purpose is not to protect you the employee, but the company.  (I worked in a corporate environment for ever) That said some HR people are less adept than they should be.  


Sometimes when reduction in force (RIF) take place its a strictly numbers thing, last in first out.  Thats how it was for my company.  I lost some great employees and was stuck with duds because of this.  Sometimes other parameters come into effect, depending upon rules set up by the State Employment Office and internal policies.  


Keep going as you are.  Being a good employee will not be forgotten.  As to being a person, you are.  People see you as real when they interact with you.  Take those little successes and build on them.  


PS: I'm glad to see you back to posting!
Hugs, Jani

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Carolyn Marie

I agree with @Jani.  You are the ambassador for our community among your peers there, Maddee.  For most, if not all of them, you are the first trans woman they've ever met.  Your success, your presence, helps not only you but all of us.  If they come to accept you (and it sounds like many have already) that is a victory.  Thank you for being strong, for being willing to be seen as your true self, for transition on the job.  You've already made a difference.  Congrats!


Not everyone in my workplace was supportive, but the fact that most of my colleagues were supportive kept those naysayers and nincompoops at bay.  Like your workplace, we had strong rules in place, and the naysayers knew it.  I hope it works out for you in the long run.  Best of luck, and thank you!


Carolyn Marie

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@Maddee Your post has been on my mind all day as I'm on the cusp of coming out at work. I'm happy to learn that you have enjoyed an overall positive experience on the job, especially socially with your colleagues. I'm hopeful that your excellent service at your employer will play to your favor in the upcoming personnel cuts - so I agree with @Jani, don't underestimate how much that's valued by supervisors and directors. I also really like what @Carolyn Marie said about being an ambassador of the community at the workplace. I think I read on another post somewhere here recently that only a small percentage of people (around 15-16%) self-report that they've met an out trans person in their life? Because of your example, you've done much to advance the cause of transgender acceptance at work beyond just official policy documents but in real life. I'm sure you've also challenged people's prejudices about the community just by being you and living your life the way you want to.


This got me thinking also I will likely be the first trans person many of my colleagues and clients will ever meet too. It feels like a great honor and responsibility at the same time. I hope to be a great ambassador to the community just as you have been, and do my part to help reduce transphobia not just in the workplace but in the wider world.




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5 hours ago, Audrey said:

don't underestimate how much that's valued by supervisors and directors.

Now that you mention this... I had only been at the company (defense related) for a few years that I ended up retiring from.  Back then I was an hourly employee.  We had a huge RIF and my name came up on the list.  Apparently several supervisors that I supported (not mine) and a general foreman spoke up.  I was retained.  Great for me.  I only found they had gone to bat for me second hand several months later.  Never underestimate that what you do, even the smallest thing, won't imprint and cause someone to have a positive opinion of you.  PS: After I finished night school I was able to move into management where I became rich and famous (NOT!) Blah, Blah, blah.  


On another instance, I lost a great employee in a RIF.  When I got a call about a reference from another small local business I could not say enough about this person.  They hired hm and two years later I hired them back even though he was gun-shy having been caught in a RIF.  I ended up having to pay him top dollar and it was worth it.  


Never give up or sacrifice your standards.



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Thank you everyone.


I'm one of the newer people there, although most are new since it opened in July.

It upsets me to think about it that way.  I actually applied to this place last summer and might've been one the first employees when it opened, if not for snags I had dealing with applying online then.  One of my shortcomings but I'm getting better.


Grateful for what I have.  Glad that I'm healthy and able to work.  Doing so as female is such a blessing and. I can only get better at it.


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@Maddee Glad to read you are staying healthy and doing well, nice update here. 





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@Maddee I applaud (and have to admit, envy) your ability to be your true self at work.  Just thinking about that possibility is encouraging to me (and as others have said, is an encouragement to those like us and an opportunity to engage others with your best self).

You sound like an awesome employee to me.  I hope things go well for you there, but if your company and management don't see what a value you are to their workplace then they probably don't deserve to have you there.

Wishing you all the best❣️

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      That sucked. I got 2 passes done and my snow blower quit. I'm hoping it just needs a new plug. I believe the governor needs adjustment. It never ran right unless it was on choke. Shovel time! Thankfully the snow is light and fluffy. It doesn't look like the streets haven't been plowed yet so I might not get out of neighborhood. I've never lived anywhere so hilly that got snow.
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      Sorry, I was replying to Willows post about getting her foot wet.    You gals are early risers. A dammed mouse just woke me up. For some reason they've really gotten bad recently. I use a live trap. They seem to come out to eat about 8:30 pm and 4:30 am. I've caught about 10 of them in the last week. I live across from a cemetery so I let them loose over there. Didn't get much snow here. A little freezing rain though. I'll be putting on coffee in about 15 min.     Enjoy the day . Jamie
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      😓I saw the report yesterday bout an hour after I posted...So many words...none good or safe to post, just lines of really foul vemon pouring out.
    • Audrey
      Hi everyone,   So I've been thinking a lot about how I will navigate coming out at work. While I have some anxiety about my colleagues, I have far more about the clients I work with. A number of them are Orthodox Jewish, and would be the most likely to become cold, distant, or even hostile to a transgender person, based on the sense I've developed over the last several years. Generational attitudes may also come into play here too. No matter how supportive my office culture will otherwise be, I worry about these factors and it might make staying in my current job quite difficult. If anyone has any thoughts or experience they would like to share about being transgender and interacting with the Orthodox community that could help my transition, I would be very appreciative. Thanks so much!   This article from HRC has been helpful at giving me some insight: https://www.hrc.org/resources/stances-of-faiths-on-lgbt-issues-orthodox-judaism   Love, ~Audrey.
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      Oh that sucks. At least you had white socks. I would have to use a towel, and it would take a while even to find that. Hope you have a better day.   Jamie
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      @Sally Stone I really like that look. Classy but comfortable.
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      This morning's favorite song - "Waiting" by The Devlins. It's making me introspective.     Love, ~Audrey.
    • Audrey
      Hi Lexi, this thought is very relatable. I have a female partner and have always been attracted to women, but I'm also MTF. The binary, heteronormative ways that society defines relationships could make it seem that any deviation from that is somehow wrong, even though it's not. We're attracted to who we're attracted to. Faking attraction will be obvious to both a prospective partner as well as to ourselves. My own struggle with this stems from the time I discovered the damaging theory from Blanchard: that a MTF transgender person who is attracted to women was actually just a paraphilia, and that to be "legit" one had to be attracted to men instead. I'd internalized that as transphobia and homophobia, and convinced myself my feelings were a perversion and hid them instead of exploring them. Took me years to understand differently. I made peace with this seeming contradiction by recognizing that my gender identity and expression are independent from my sexual orientation. If that makes me a lesbian, then that's okay with me. I hope it will also be okay with my partner in the long run too.   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Jackie C.
      Part of my transition has been realizing that I'm a little more bi than I thought, but I'm still primarily attracted to women and identify as a lesbian. Just like when I was in high school really, so no major changes on that front. I can appreciate a good looking man, but in general they don't do anything for me. I wouldn't mind a back massage from somebody more muscly, but that might just be the muscle soreness in my upper back talking right now. I read a statistic the other day that said only about 25% of us are straight. I'm not sure how accurate that is because there was no source cited, but it sounded about right based on what I've observed in the wild. Most of us seem to be bi or gay. I know one lady who's ace. All of it is great! Just be you.   Hugs!
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      Good morning. I'm enjoying a cup of caramel flavored coffee. Looks like we finally got a little snow last night. I've got hour and a half before I get ready for work. Time to drink down my coffee and pray my snow blower behaves.
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      Wow it is a small world. We used to have a sand plant there too. We still load and unload barges in Herculaneum. I don’t make it down that way much there is an underground mine in st. Charles county I usually go to. Haha thanks girl mechanics do rock. Mining is interesting lol. It’s a lot of hours. You always have to watch your back in a mine it doesn’t take much for a situation to turn deadly.   Congratulations on the hrt 2bebreanna. Let the fun begin. I just celebrated 9 months the other day.
    • Chloe Cozee
      I am married to a woman. When I think about relationships, I am not sure that I could give my heart away to a man. Even though I am feminine, I crave a deep connection to another feminine person. It's just me, how I feel. And it has little to do with body parts. Those don't matter as much as what's in their heart. I rarely find men physically attractive. And if they are the shallow masculine caveman type, totally forget it. Total turn off, I don't even want to talk to them.    From what I have read, some people's relationship preference changes after accepting their true self, others don't. I think it depends on the person. 
    • Chloe Cozee
      Good Morning! Sipping coffee. It snowed here, looks like a blizzard outside. I am thinking of taking the day off. If I do, after I clear the driveway, I am going to dress up!   Have a great day everyone!
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      Early morning to y’all .   woke up an hour ago and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I won’t make coffee this early though.   so yesterday I took a shower.  I bagged my foot carefully so it wouldn’t get wet.  No didn’t get wet, it got soaked.  I tried all day to get it to dry.  Used a fan, a hair dryer anything I could come up with.  Still wet.  About 5pm I gave up.  I removed the wet cotton wrapping. Put on two clean, white Harley Davidson socks, and put on my air cast.  I know the doctor is not going to be happy with me but this is better than showing up Friday to get the stitches out with a damp bandage .  A lot more comfortable too.  Turns out there was a line of small holes on the bottom of the brand new Glad Kitchen bag.  Might as well buy the cheap ones.     I’ll be back later when the coffee is made and and I’m ready for a cup.   Willow
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      I must admit that I have been pretty much wide open to any direction all my life (maybe pansexual?) although I do have a longtime female partner. The main confusional situation I get at the moment is with friends (not sexual). I have far more female friends now but it is always a worry as I wonder if their husbands will be upset. In a similar way there become issues with male friends as their female partners would object? The sexual side of relationships does not half confuse things! Luckily, over time, my female partner has got used to me mentioning women, especially when I arrange to meet them, but I still have to be careful with what I say and open about things. I think that if we were younger it would be a big problem.   Tracy
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