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Experience with surgeons at university of Utah?

Emily Michele

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I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with the surgical group at the U of U medical center? They’re my first choice as of now for mtf zero depth vaginoplasty, and I have a consult scheduled soon. Any feedback is welcomed!

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Emily unfortunately no one seems to have any experience with this facility.  You might not be able to find any referrals as people probably don't speak openly of this surgery often.  But looking at the Medical Center's overall rating for Operational Efficiency and OR success might be helpful.


All my best.


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I only know of one friend who is gonna have her FFS done by Johns in May.  She thought quite well of them so far- guess we'll see what happens.  The main stay hrt doc Luikenaar has commented that she's not sure one way or another as it is a relatively new thing offered here.  She often has a list that she directs elsewhere.  But that doesn't necessarily mean anything.  Sorry that doesn't help much ?

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I am curious if there have been any updates or anybody who has information about the program at University of Utah. I am considering a number of places. I am aware of at least 8 different university-based systems around the country with integrated transgender health programs. I was looking at a site called transgenderhealth.com. I am not sure about the surgeons listed. I am leaning towards a center that has a robust program in place.


Another issue is whether surgeons will take insurance. I have run into some that do and some that leave you to fend for yourself. Any advice? 







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I have only went to Crane Center for Transgender Surgery. The surgeons within that group have been phenomenal. My surgeon is Dr Ashley DeLeon and she has been a God send over the years throughout countless issues. I have also consulted with other surgeons in the practice for various things and I love each of them. The Nurse, Teresa, has also been my saving grace. They pride themselves on their belief in compassion and caring and it shows. 

As far as insurance, I know they take various providers, they have worked with mine and I’ve not had any issues. They offer pretty much any trans related surgery out there! 

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Hi, I had not seen you around much. How have you been doing? Thank you for the tip about the Crane Center and Dr. DeLeon.


I will definitely consider the group. I have contacted several centers and have not heard anything back. Time will fly this year, and I want to make sure I get things in order. The three biggest things on the horizon are an umbilical hernia repair, FFS and VFS. I am in the process of getting set up with speech therapy. I have been on estradiol validate for almost 3 months, spironolactone, and I recently started micronized progesterone. I am very pleased with my progress so far.


Dr. DeLeon seems pretty well qualified by the bio I just read. Does she do the FFS procedures? I did not see that on her bio, but on another web page, it mentions it. Is she boarded in plastics as well? I see she does laparoscopic procedures. I wonder if she is a whiz at doing an umbilical hernia? I may just give her office a call and set up an appointment. Thank you!



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She has a lot of experience with many different things. I’m not sure about FFS but I do know they have people within the practice that are known for it. I hope it goes wel! 

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Thank you! The day will come fast enough. I hope it goes as well as everything else. I feel as though I have a billion things to do between now and then, but it will be okay. I am definitely going to reach out to their group. I will need the full facial package, I am sure. It will be a big relief to get the voice therapy and FFS processes going. 


I am starting to research all of the things that I would need to do in order to change my name. I am wondering if I will go for the full name change, or just the first name. I am curious. Did you change your name before everything was done, or wait until you had the gender affirmation surgery? As I recall, in NC they seem to have dug in their heels about requiring the letter that you have had the final surgery. I was born there. 



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Yes, I changed my name years in advance of my surgery. NC does require the letter from the surgeon for gender marker change on your birth certificate. 

I know it is such a long process; everyone on here can attest to that! But I’ve learned along the way patience is the best thing to possess, because there will be set backs and moments of pure frustration! But the feeling of peace comes in time ❤️

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The one thing I am debating is whether I wait until I am more passable, have more progress with speech therapy, or do I wait for the FFS and then change the name. I am working in a substantially smaller facility for clinical practice. That can be good or bad depending on how you want to look at it. I have only told a few strategic colleagues, however, the changes are becoming more obvious with each time I go to this place. There is clearly a feeling of peace that occurs. With each revelation and each bodily change, I feel more affirmed every single day. Thank you for all of your answers and guidance!

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So, to follow up, I did go with the University of Utah transgender health tam for my bottom surgery. My experience with Dr. Goodwin and Dr. Hotaling was stellar, as was the rest of their staff and the hospital staff. I can’t say enough positive things about them. Even my physical therapist and one of the nutrition workers were trans… They were all amazing! The surgical results are a miracle in their own right.  The surgeons did little things to make my parts amazing and exactly how I wanted, small things that I never thought of, or thought were possible. My insurance paid for all but $8550.


I had my top surgery late last year with Intermountain Health Center, with Dr. Kim, their new recruit from U Michigan for their transgender surgery group.  His team is also really amazing, including his gay PA, and the clinician whose job it is to help trans patients navigate the system, and update their system to make it easier for trans patients to navigate. My surgical results are also amazing; a perfect pair! I didn’t have to pay anything since my deductible and out of pocket maximum had been reached…


I am the woman who I have always wanted to be because of the skill of these surgeons and the understanding and dedication of their staff.2D388972-A7CB-43A1-B8CC-92A59E68EEAD.thumb.jpeg.fa21dac8a8201c36180add9cbf94b91e.jpeg 

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I am so happy to hear you had a great outcome. This is one of the programs I have been looking at. I attended one of their information sessions about 6 weeks ago. I am also taking their course to provide transgender healthcare through their Department of Continuing Education. They are very serious about their program. Thank you again for sharing your experience!



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If you have specific questions, let me know.  My bottom surgery was July of last year, so fairly recently. 

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