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Dysphoria worsening during depression?


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Still figuring myself out, and I'd hoped to make just one big post with all my questions but I think this question by itself is a start I'm more comfortable with.

Also, I checked the forum rules and I don't believe I saw anything that ruled out discussing mental health things like this, but if I'm incorrect or in the wrong area let me know :)


I'm very aware that many people with dysphoria find that it gives them depression, whether momentary or not, for a variety of reasons. But something that I have is that when I have a bout of depression, no matter how major or minor, I suddenly have the urge to become a boy (man? Age is weird) even more than usual.

Mostly, I'm very capable of going days, maybe even months, without doubting my gender (excluding the little odd feelings that come with pronouns) but as soon as I'm depressed, it just goes out the window and suddenly I'm very much reminded of the discomfort I have.


Right now, I'm doing rather well but before that had recently not been feeling too great, but I think this is the most I've ever wanted to change my gender (I've felt this way for 4~ years).

I don't particularly want it to be the case that my dysphoria is triggered by depression, as I think I would be quite happy with transitioning in my own ways and I don't want it to just be something that comes and goes.


Also, I understand that this isn't a place for therapy and I am seeking out counselling of a variety of sorts. I just want some input from others :)


So, has anyone else ever experienced this kind of thing? Dysphoria caused or worsened by depression?

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Jackie C.

Hrm, not exactly? My depression was a symptom of my dysphoria, not the other way around. I've had very few depressive episodes since transitioning and I hope to have fewer still going forward. Basically, if life wants to kick me in the balls, now it has to search a landfill in Philadelphia. Take THAT life!


Also, you're fine on posting. If we weren't allowed to talk about our mental health issues, we'd lose about half our content. 🦊


I hope I'm exaggerating.



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@king_boo I think this an interesting "which came first: the chicken or the egg?" problem. I strongly believe that dysphoria caused my depression, my own experience certainly proved that to myself. But then, when I reflected on what was making me depressed, I would inevitably return to the dysphoric thoughts that were fueling it - usually accompanied by some additional thing to be dysphoric and then depressed about. For me, the cycle was only broken by acknowledging the gender dysphoria was real, accepting myself as transgender, and starting transition. I guess my question to you might be, if transition is something you are feeling hopeful about, maybe it doesn't matter whether dysphoria causes depression or vice versa? It sounds like you see a path forward and away from the feelings and thoughts that you're wrestling with, and by working on one you are actually working on both at the same time. Just my two cents.




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@king_boo I think I might know where you're coming from. I am ftm but I don't have terrible dysphoria as such most of the time, that I can consciously identify. Then I realize that if I were amab, I would handle depression and anxiety and just tons of other things so much more calmly and better. If I understand your post, I think that might be what's happening with you--the depression comes on, and you know that being male would help you ride it out and make it easier.

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  • Admin

I have a cyclic Clinical Depression problem that has been around more years than most of the members here have been alive.  I am in a remission phase now but do not seem much different to others unless I put up a danger flag to keep them away for a bit.  During a depressed period, there are things that become more intense, but they were there, just not  in my attention field and seemed to be hidden.  Among others, the GD was one of those things that simply claimed my focus while other things faded out for a bit.  After I gave my GD center focus in the Non Depress time and took the steps to resolve it and let it work out, it no longer comes into my depression low cycle like it did at all.  GD is Consistent, Persistent, and Insistent so it was best to get it out of the way in real time up.  I had a down time a few months ago, and with my life as my Transitioned self cared for the last 10 years, it was not part of things, but believe me there were others to take its place.  Your story is that the GD keeps coming up and it is the same each time (consistent) you do not have times when the idea of being another gender changes in its coming on (Persistent) and now it has come to a place where it Insists that you talk about it.  Good things to talk about with a therapist who deals in GD.  You may not fully Transition, but knowing and being able to define the feeling and be at ease with it will shut it up so you can deal with other parts of your depression times.

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I am similar to you. I've had depression since childhood and dysphoria made my symptoms worse.

I think it is not at all unusual. I'd classify my dysphoria level as medium  - it took me ages for me to come out as trans since I was able to tolerate my body until the year 2018, when my dysphoria was off the roof and I was very emotionally unstable.


I had been doubting my gender identity since I was 12 - I came out at 20. It was a hard year for me and I even started dissociating because I was unsure of what I was. I wanted to be a man, but still had doubts about it.

I knew that I was not opposed to androgyny. I wanted to have different genitals, and a flat chest, etc.

But I was unsure about having a different voice and things like that. It was a fear of the unknown.


There were days in which I could look down and see my body and almost be content with it, but there was something that still bothered me. People would tell me that I sounded like a non-binary person, but as it turns out - I am just a man, in my own terms. I will wear what I want and do what I want. I don't want to be a macho man at all.

I will wear a suit in some days and I might use makeup when I feel like it. And that's ok.

Even after I came out, I still went back to being a "girl" because I was repressing myself. It just ended in trouble.


You do not need to adhere to any "rules". Transition the way you think is best. It is your life, your mind and your body. Experiment with pronouns and a name. It will be odd at first - I feared using male pronouns for the longest time because I thought someone would think I was an impostor. It was a silly thought.


Try dressing up more masculine and see if that clicks with you. Get a short haircut or even buzz your hair off, etc.

Present as a male online. See how you feel about it. I hope you find the path that works for you.

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On 1/9/2021 at 8:02 AM, VickySGV said:

After I gave my GD center focus in the Non Depress time and took the steps to resolve it and let it work out, it no longer comes into my depression low cycle like it did at all.


This. I'm hoping it'll work for me, and it sure sounds like sage advice. I feel like I've pushed the dysphoria to the back of my mind during "healthy" (ie, non-depressed) periods, only for it to re-emerge when I'm depressed and least able to handle it. No more! Dysphoria goes to the top of the list of problems in my life to sort out.


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    • Red_Lauren.
      I'm about 2 and a half months in to hormones, and I have definitely have some growth now. My first sign was last week. I don't wear a bra yet, so I was hanging around the house, and I caught my self in a mirror. I definitely looked like a typical woman not wearing a bra. At least in the chest area.    So I grabbed a bra, and I filled the cups perfectly compared to 2 months ago. I'm excited, but also pissed ill probably have to buy new bras in a few months.   I don't know which way my breast will go through. One grandma has about a c, and the other has bigger ones now because of putting on weight, or they were always big. I haven't seen any young photos of her. My mother last time I saw her probably around a c also. No sisters, or blood aunts also. That leaves out female cousins, and even if I could use my female cousins for reference. Apparently all four of my uncles are breast men, so that skews that. 
    • AwesomeClaire
      Nice to know I'm not alone, I thought I was the only one. Vicky I guess I will just keep waiting for it.
    • Confused1
      Congratulations Kasumi63!   Not having visitors must be hard. This part will be over soon and you will be able to move on to an amazing life. Wishing you the best!   Hugs, Mike
    • VickySGV
      Orgasm's do change on HRT and do move away from just the place below your belly button and become more generalized, but it is pretty much like fishing.  The biggest one  was too big to get on the boat to take a picture of.  Having been on HRT for 12 years now, I do not have a large number, and they usually come from gentle touch in a lot of body areas, and they take a LONG TIME to work their way up to a climax.  The biggest problem is getting a partner who can put time in with you, and too many guys can't do it that long.  Nipples, other breast work, long slow body rubs, a nibble on the ear or two, breath and repeat until big O happens.  On T, it is lock, load, and fire.  You do have to practice and you do have to find out how YOU work.  Nothing is guaranteed, but all O's are created equal, it is that that is how they are created, not finished.  It will take 6 months to 3 years for your hormones to create the finished big event, but don't lose hope.
    • William03232019
      Hi! I'm William and have recently come out as ftm, as I said in the title I am overweight and am just worried they can stop me from receiving hrt strictly because of my weight. I know I will have to lose some for my top surgery but I need T to be able to be more comfortable in a gym. Thank you for any suggestions or experiences any of you have had with this!
    • Kasumi63
      Sorry for moaning, but it’s just so painful and exhausting. I’m hanging in there, but sometimes I just start to cry.
    • ElizabethStar
      Nothing too heavy here just strange day-to-day weirdness that you notice or strange new experiences.   I was at a Starbucks over the weekend. I felt cute and witchy in all black. Boots, top, skirt, mask, even under clothes all black. While I waited in the holding  area for my coffee a guy comes over by me and starts mumbling to himself about how he can't find his GF. Why is he starting at me? He mumbles around a little more. Keeps staring at me and leaves. Was he checking me out? Trying to clock me? I don't know. All I know is I'm the only woman, out of 4, that he looked at. I look at one of the woman "What just happened?" she just shrugged her shoulders.   Went on a service call for work at the office for a housing community. All black again today.  Met the guy outside. As I come around the back of my Jeep he starts"Hey< how's it going buddy...sorry, I thought you were a...... I wish would have finished his statement. It was a pretty easy job. A power transformer was loose in the outlet. Just had to re-bend the prongs on the plug, replace the backup battery and was done. With the same guy had to goto another site around the block.   I got my truck over the garage he was waiting. He points a small box up on the wall. A few seconds later He shows up with a ladder for me to use. So I'm up on a ladder, in tight jeans and I swear I could feel him staring at my ass. I finished my work and left.   Are my womanly senses kicking in? Can I now sense if someone is checking me out? I think more research is needed.    
    • Jandi
      Yeah… this.
    • ElizabethStar
      It happened a little to me when I was on tab but has gotten more extreme since switching to the shot. The day I do my shot it start ramping up pretty quick. The next day is a lot worse. Mood swings from depressed to angry to starving through out the day and is pretty much tapered-off buy day 3. I love it.
    • Willow Farmer
      Thank You Susan.   Yes, My life is going pretty good right now and I hope it continues that way, and yes I feel the freedom.  At least I have new friends to ask for advise if it gets real challenging again.      Much Love,    ---WILLOW---
    • Confused1
      I am a little different than most, because I am on ADT to shut down hormones for prostate cancer. As soon as my testosterone decreased, my skin quickly started smoothing out. I am not on estradiol yet. Later I started taking Finasteride and using Minoxidil to regrow the hair on my head. I am taking Biotin & Collagen to strengthen my nails. I don't know if it is helping my hair, because it had already started regrowing before the Hair, Skin, & Nails supplement. I may need to increase my Biotin supplement, because my nails are still brittle.   I have not noticed any increase of hair growing in unwanted areas. The loss of testosterone seemed to slow that growth down. YMMV   Hugs, Mike
    • ElizabethStar
      If she does ask I will answer truthfully.
    • Teri Anne
      I think you are right so there is no need to explain anything. She sounds like a great friend. I have a few female friends like that and gender really doesn't come up in conversation. They treat me like any other girl friend. I said that just in case she asked questions about it.
    • gina-nicole-t
      @LusciousTheLock You are very correct, children should never have to go through what we had to go through. Sadly it still goes on, and probably will go on until the powers that be are finally held to account for not doing their jobs and doing something when children today report their parents for abusing them, and have medical evidence to back up the claims. I cannot speak intelligently for the UK, but here in America they have a horrible habit of putting the abused kids back with the abusive parents. Sadly the kids sometimes either end up as runaways, or dead from the abuse. We got lucky to survive. I am so glad to have met you on here. If I don't talk to you again, I will talk to you after I get out of the hospital.  Hugs,  Gina 
    • ElizabethStar
      You and me both.
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