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My spouse, partner, significant other, mixed signals about supporting me


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    My ex was like that too but, when she went off, it was more like an explosion. Hardly any way to mend the broken pieces of my heart because the person that needed to do that didn't want to. I lived like that for fourteen years. I can't tell you how many times I wished she would have finished me off, rather than just leaving my heart broken and suffering the insecurities of what I did or didn't do right. It took so long to find some reason to want to be happier, to live better. Once I knew what that was, I knew she wouldn't be there with me. I miss the few good times we had but, those fleeting moments became scarce and felt more forced than genuine. I tried my best, gave it my all. In the end I realized I was blaming myself for something that was never about me or my actions. I had to face some hard truths and unfortunately, face them alone.

    I have no miracle advice or inspiring words that will make it better. At least, not from my perspective. I can say one thing about people that is an absolute. We all change and grow at our own pace. While we can share some or all of this with a few special people, there are no guarantees about how long we'll get or willingly give. Cherish these moments but, don't ever lose sight of your feelings. They will be your best guide to a wonderful life.


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20 hours ago, Jani said:

Mindy your wife misunderstands how a good counselor works.  They are not there to validate or direct you to a decision.  The purpose is to provide clarity and guide a person to a choice that works for them in their situation.  A good counselor will try to open up a person to consider all the opportunities and not just focus on the path they walked in with.  If that was the case, why go?  The bottom line is there is no "convincing" going on.  We should arrive at our conclusion with an open mind and free will.


Unfortunately, my wife doesn't believe that. she thinks my therapist is the one who put being transgender in my head. My wife refuses to talk to me about any of it. just last night we watched the Family guy episode concerning the Emys the first part was peter trying to be trans like the Transparent series. I was sitting right next to my wife. I could just sense the distaste she had for Transgenders.

Almost shocked that she didn't say anything.


In one of our arguments my wife said. that I could have "my" money. I don't think she realizes that I am the one who pays all the bills. I know she knows that I pay the rent. As she takes it out of our account the first of very month. but I pay gas, electric, internet, phone, and TV, Oh and the motorcycle payment. Plus my own credit cards. She pays the truck payment, (I do insurance for all our vehicle plus my middle sons and the truck my youngest is buying from us) and her one credit card.


She has access to our checking account, it is a joint account. But She has her own which I have no access to. She could have a million in that account. I would never know.  Actually I am upset saying this but If she won the lottery, I believe that She wouldn't tell me and put it away. Where I can't get it.

Oh, She says she'll help me with the bills.


I will stop for mow the water works are affecting my vision.



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4 hours ago, Abi said:

We all change and grow at our own pace. While we can share some or all of this with a few special people, there are no guarantees about how long we'll get or willingly give. Cherish these moments but, don't ever lose sight of your feelings. They will be your best guide to a wonderful life.

@Abi this reminds me of a quote that I use to use all the time in debate, that planting an idea today and revisiting the idea repeatedly over time would ease the disagreement.


"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains it's original dimensions." -Oliver Wendell Holmes


I really loved this quote until I researched the context. Holmes was trying to convince others to embrace eugenics and forced sterilizations in early 20th century. As for my relationship and communications with Suzie, she has always been quiet on subjects until it caused an explosive response from her. She was a door slammer, or object throwing angry person. What really use to piss her off was when I would say; "Okay you're right" without debate or defense of my position. When her way or idea didn't pan out, I would simply say we have options and can recover from this. Another key event that stopped her from throwing things at me was a Shaolin Monk like move to dodge one of her favorite ceramic cherubs that shattered against the wall.


Today we went out to a restaurant for lunch, and she admitted that talking to her sister did ease her emotional stress, and she feels better today. We can only hope that her sister honors the request of secrecy.


"Progress always involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first." -Frederick Wilcox


@KymmieLThank you for the support, I'm hopeful that my Suzie is understanding and gives me time to earn back her trust. She says she loves me, and needs more time to see where we go in our relationship.






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4 hours ago, Mmindy said:

 She says she loves me, and needs more time to see where we go in our relationship.





Mindy, this is a good sign. It takes time and she has to transition as well. Jani is right when she said " The solution will not be one sided as both of you will have to give somewhat." If Suzie sees that she might come around.


My wife started going back and thinking about everything that happened in our marriage, wondering what parts of it were a lie. We had a lot of those 0 to 212 degree spells along with relevant discussions.

It has got much better, but I cried a lot during some of that.




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6 hours ago, Mmindy said:

She says she loves me,






Mine does too. She'll hug me and say I love you even though I don't understand. I thought that was fine until I learned she doesn't want to understand.


I know once I move it will be hard on me since even with all the BS I still love her dearly.


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Hi everyone 


I'm seeing a lot of consistency in the responses here.  Time, zero to the pot boiling over. Kind of the same we have felt.  

Some wives figure out before we do.  Some come around slowly and some never come around.  In my case my wife says she’ll never fully accept me as a woman. But she is doing her best to let me be who I need to be.  Based on where we are at in our life together, I believe we will make our vow to be together til death do us part.  Then I don’t believe either of us will even look for another mate. 

so go slow, be patient and communicate, communicate and communicate.  I never was any good as a communicator.  I do a whole lot better now.



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3 hours ago, Willow said:

so go slow, be patient and communicate, communicate and communicate.  I never was any good as a communicator.  I do a whole lot better now.

My partner and I are constantly working on our communication. It's so easy to get stuck in our own minds, and get to thinking that we can read each other's thoughts and feelings. Like you, I'm better at it now than I used to be, but I know I need to keep improving my openness to share with my partner. Especially because my tendency is to withdraw when I'm feeling hurt or sad. Classic behavior for INFJ personality types like me, apparently.


Willow, I'm sorry to hear that your wife has already decided that she will not accept you as a woman - but I'm glad that the commitment to the marriage remains strong. Hoping your surgery recovery continues to go well!


@Mmindy I'm so glad to hear that there's been some positive movement the over the last day or two with your wife's feelings, and I hope that positivity continues to blossom into the future!




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Thank you everyone, your support and insight are valued so much. Suzie and I had a good afternoon talking about her retirement, our income, and insurance. We discussed, and built our 2021 income/bill payment spreadsheet with good conversation about us and going slow with any changes. Personal, Relationship, or Home Remodeling.





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18 hours ago, Mmindy said:

Suzie and I had a good afternoon talking about her retirement, our income, and insurance.

That's great news, Mindy!  I know with my wife its not just transition issues, but this time in our lives brings so many changes.  It can be overwhelming for all of us and specially couples.  Going over future planning eases at least that unknown (I've done similar with my wife discussing future finances and that we are "OK".  It helps)

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      guilt.... what a topic.... I feel a combination of guilt and shame. my wife is my world to me... but she is denying the fact that i want to feminize. She expects me to be the "Alpha male" the manly man I have always pretended to be.... she treats the issue by ignoring it. To the point I haven't even told her I'm going on HRT.... I feel guilty for not telling her... but i don't want to upset her anymore at this stage? I want to be open and honest... but everytime I start, she throws up a wall!?!?!?! I feel my only option is to start the hormones, and see how i feel.... I wish she would walk with me on my journey,but she's in denial... I can't help but feel the shame and guilt of disappointment and deception.... but I truely long to feel softer, more emotional, but the guilt is eating me alive!!! What's a wannabe girl supposed to do?!?!?  Any and all input is welcome!!!  Thanks, Luv Shawn
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      @AgnesBardsiethank you!!! I’m trying to breathe and enjoy the moment without worrying about anything that is ahead! 
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      Nope, I figure their loss. I have contacted the District manager for the stores in Spokane. He said he might just have a place for me. He is going to talk to that stores manager on Monday.   My first bike was an 2007 Harley Sportster 1200L. That was the one I got into my accident with. Broke 4 ribs and damaged my spleen. Wound up trading that on an 08 Fatboy. then in 2015 I traded up again to my Street Glide. I think the only time I didn't ride a Harley was when I went through the safety course. Everything else has been Harley. Not counting my 84 Honda ATC 200x three wheeler. now that was a blast.     Got Ma'amed today. it was great.   Kymmie  
    • Kasumi63
      Hi, Tracy! I like your poem, and thanks for joining in the fun! You got the idea of having some aspect of nature in there, but you have even more syllables left. Your lines have 4-3-3 syllables instead of 5-7-5.    I usually try to think of a specific moment in time and then try to recreate the scene, with a little twist in the final line. Relating one’s feelings to nature is part of it.    For your poem, I’m imagining (maybe incorrectly, so sorry if I’m wrong) you going on a walk in the woods, maybe dressed for the first time (or not).   Stern oaks on both sides A winding path through the woods In my flower dress   Not so good, but that’s my attempt. Sorry I couldn’t do better.    Haiku is so much fun but takes a bit of patience in arranging the syllables. But if you have a clear image in your mind, it really helps a lot.   I hope some other folks will join in. Haiku is so fun!!
    • AgnesBardsie
      They should put this in the dictionary under the definition of courage!    After you breathe remember to smile!
    • Shay
      Joy comes from some unexpected places.
    • Shay
      You would be amazed - just how many in your own community who would.... sadly .... I am so glad you are not one of them.
    • Jackie C.
      I'm confused. Who has that kind of time for unkind thoughts?   Hugs!
    • Shay
    • Shay
      Some day I'd love to have this song be about me........ (although my eyes are hazel)..............    
    • Bri2020
      My first bike which I got as pieces that had to reassembled when I was a teenager was a 70s GT750 water buffalo!  I got it running, took one ride on it and realized it was way too much for a first real bike. lol. Wow those old 2 stokes were torquey. The one I just recently gave up about 5 years ago was a Suzuki Volusia 750. Loved it.
    • David K.
      Well put. "This needs to end."  Thanks for speaking up.
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      Good day everyone,🍄   Happy birthday emily the wolf!🎂 Happy birthday Fai!🎂 Happy birthday Iberlanwolf12!🎂 Happy birthday VSS-Rosa!🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾  
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