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I need CVS to update their gender options


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So I was trying to get my birth control the other day and the people at CVS told me they couldn't process my refill because my gender was "unidentified" in their system and apparently "F" is the only code that allows them to cover birth control. 


I had to call my pharmacy provider (OptumRx), who said I had to call my insurance company (United Healthcare), who told me they would "take care of it." When I asked if they could do that without putting "F" as my gender in the system they said "yes."


When I went to pick up my prescription, they said the problem was still there and that they could fix it on their end simply by putting "F" into the system. I asked them if there was any other way to fix it but they said "no." 


Every system needs to be updated with "gender that I am" and "sex assigned at birth." Or more simply, "this patient has a vagina and needs birth control covered, period." 


I was also having trouble getting my school to list me as the correct gender and we've been emailing back and forth for a few months. I had to get the diversity and equity office involved. Apparently having an "X" as gender isn't possible for their system since they use it for "Federal Reporting Purposes." There is a simple solution to this - have two genders (one that's used just for "federal reporting" and one that is used for literally everything else). I told them this but it's too complicated for them. 


Anyway rant over, but there are more than 2 genders and all places that only give M/F as an option suck. Including the US Census. 

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Jackie C.

Probably too complicated for their coders. I mean have you USED the CVS system? Chewing through their site is it's own circle of hell. I bet it's a million lines of spaghetti code that hasn't been overhauled since the 70's.


Not to invalidate your concern though, you're absolutely right. I honestly couldn't tell you if they ever changed my marker from M to F.



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Oh, my blood pressure rose just seeing this topic title, as I've had the same battle with CVS! Apparently they're not interested in acknowledging that non-binary people exist....unlike the Massachusetts Dept. of Motor Vehicles, which issued my X-identified drivers license with a smile in 2018.



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Woah, cool - I didn't know Massachusetts allowed people to put X's on their licenses that far back! I knew in some states it wasn't really a thing but some people would do it anyway. Last January Connecticut officially changed the rules so anyone can put "M, F, or X" on their license without a doctor's note. I'm glad my legal name and gender are now on my license - it makes life much less stressful. On the other hand, I have refused to give my school access to my license so that they can change my gender in the system because I want them to be able to do that for students who may not have an updated license. Also I know for a fact that if the student were cisgender and had an accidental gender in their system, they would just change it without asking for ID. I've basically threatened to sue them for discrimination but I'm waiting until next semester for them to sort it out before I actually get lawyers involved. They say it'll be an option soon but we'll see what that means.

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As a follow-up to the CVS situation...they additionally changed my estradiol patches to weekly from twice-weekly without consulting with my doctor or informing me (and as a result, these weekly patches too-readily stopped adhering to my skin and fell off). Finally, it dawned on me that my gender clinic in Boston might just be able to handle my prescription in a more professional way.  They did, and they also are charging significantly less.  I am so happy I moved my prescription over last September!  Like, duh, I shoulda done in a lot sooner, or from the beginning 🙄.  Sometimes I can be such a slow learner!





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@Astrid I use Fenway Pharmacy for my patches.  They are very easy to use and I found that if I went through my insurance it was a hassle.  Fenway cannot ship out of state so I do have to pick them up myself.  I used to have them delivered to my son's house but they've moved.  It's a once a month drive to Boston which is fine for me.  Prior to Covid I would get lunch and walk around a bit.  Hopefully this summer I can get back to that. 

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1 hour ago, Jani said:

@Astrid I use Fenway Pharmacy for my patches.  They are very easy to use and I found that if I went through my insurance it was a hassle.  Fenway cannot ship out of state so I do have to pick them up myself.  I used to have them delivered to my son's house but they've moved.  It's a once a month drive to Boston which is fine for me.  Prior to Covid I would get lunch and walk around a bit.  Hopefully this summer I can get back to that. 


Yep, fortunately Fenway Pharmacy can mail directly to me, since I'm in Massachusetts. They always answer the phone with a human when I call, always seem on top of any issue or question I have, and are far more pleasant to deal with than CVS.  


Parking is touch-and-go in the Fenway area (in non-Covid times), so I'm thankful that they do mail.  Although it's nice to walk around most parts of Boston every once in a while 😎

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Sadly, us AFAB have to deal with having an "F" in certain places because of healthcare.

I wish it was easier, but they still think that just because we have a vagina then we must be a woman.

This happens a lot when visiting the OBGYN. I dread thinking about going to the doctor after my transition because of this.


I am glad that you were able to find a better solution :)

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Jackie C.
4 hours ago, Ethereal said:

I wish it was easier, but they still think that just because we have a vagina then we must be a woman.


Well, conditionally. I've got a perfectly good vagina but there are places here where I'd still be a man legally (and, if incarcerated, sent to a male prison) because I was AMAB. The people who are going to discriminate always find a reason.



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    • Jackie C.
      Never played a lot of that. I own a copy, but my group didn't really gel with White Wolf rules. Except maybe Street Fighter. White Wolf writes (or at least wrote, I haven't checked out their products in years) pretty good flavor text.   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      That would drive me nuts. The first place I feel the cold is my breasts. Cold air hits my skin and I'm all, "Ahh! My boobs!" I forget how early you are into the process, but every little thing bothered them in the beginning. I used hot compresses to get them to relax. They're better now (at, what? 36 months?), but they're still really sensitive.   You're probably OK, but I'd ask my Endo or my PCP (if they're in the loop) just to be sure. You don't want to take chances with your breasts.   Hugs!
    • Mx.Drago
      Hello and Welcome Holly! Live, love, laugh and feel free to explore. Glad to have you join us.
    • Jackie C.
      Salutations @Holly Brandt! Welcome to Transgenderpulse!   So yeah, 55 isn't all that old. I didn't come to terms with my situation until I was 48. I suspected and dreamed for a very long time before I decided to stop hiding and go for it. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.   A lot of us older gals have trouble with marriage. It's hard to build a stable relationship on a foundation of misdirection. We don't mean it, but if you can't be yourself with your spouse, you're asking for trouble. Some marriages survive, some don't. The odds are basically a coin flip weighted ever so slightly in your favor. I've done dumber things with a smaller chance of success, but I'm glad this particular one worked out for me.   So once again, welcome! We're glad you're here!   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Finally home for a minute. Decent workout at the gym to start my day. I forgot my towel though so I spent more time than I like wiping the machines down with paper. @Jamie68, I was more worried about losing bone density, but I've got a pretty intense workout going on (well, now). I can't say for sure how much upper body strength I lost because I didn't have much when I started, but, depending on what you're talking about, I can squat 180 pretty easily and leg press 450. My chest press is at about 180. I don't deadlift. Well, my straight-leg deadlift was 230 today, but I don't do a full deadlift. I know it's good for me, but I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself with or without a spot. Probably silly, but there you are. Then again, I'm a giant dork and it's probably a miracle I haven't crippled myself yet. So yeah, research says that after about 9 months on HRT (Well, MtF HRT obviously) you lost around 30% of your performance capability. At around two years you're where a cis-woman would be. Basically we're like big cars with small engines. I'm at about two-and-a-half years so there's nowhere to go but up. Assuming that I keep exercising and taking care of myself.   I got my wife's wedding ring back from the jeweler today. It was shedding diamonds again. Poor thing. The jeweler decided not to charge us anything because they go to where my spouse works for their vet care. I was wound so tight that about had me bawling right there in the store.   Next up is lunch. Lunch will be boring but if I'm going to lose the rest of this weight I need to stick to my diet. I miss food.   After lunch, I'm going to put on some pants (my leggings do nothing to stop the cold) and start shoveling. The snow is heavy and wet, so it should be an absolute joy.   Hugs!
    • Jamie68
      I think society in general is becoming more accepting with transgender people. I have 2 relatives who just came out recently. The most recent is a 13 yr old niece/nephew starting HRT for FTM transition. Seems awful young, but they've been dealing with dysphoria for years, with therapy. He's lucky to have parents who support him. I couldn't even begin to talk to MY parents about it. They probably would have put me in a mental institution.
    • Mx.Drago
      There are three terms on attraction I can think of.   Sapphic, is also known as Woman Loving Woman (WLW), LBPQ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, Queer), and Difemina, a woman/woman-aligned gender person who's attracted to women/woman-aligned (exclusively or not)    https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Sapphic     Achillan, also known as men loving men (MLM), apollian, chaeronean, and chaeronic, is a Man/man-aligned gender person who's attracted to men/man-aligned (exclusively or not)   https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Achillean     Diamoric - also known as adonian, adonic and cypric, is a Non-Binary person who's attracted to any person.   https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Diamoric    😅 Probably missing a few other terms, plus who knows maybe more terms are being conjured as we speak.  
    • Jamie68
      I'm a little short on patience also. I want "B" cup breasts so bad, I get depressed they're not growing faster. Shame on me for complaining. At 5 months I'm probably ahead of schedule with my "A" cups. Mostly want them bigger so that I will HAVE to come out to my family. I want to wear girl stuff SO bad. I have been leaving little clues around the house, but no one has mentioned anything yet. Wearing pretty high cut boy shorts and painting my toenails helps with the dysphoria some. Dressing and living as a woman will be much better. Sorry about the whimpering.   Jamie
    • Jandi
      Those little creeps piss me off.  They got into some of my clothes and chewed a hole in one skirt.   They always seem to get my favorites.  I have a kitty, but she seems to prefer to do her hunting outside.  Useless thing.  Well, I still like her.   No snow here, had thunderstorms last night.  They claim it's supposed to be warm today - we'll see.   Spent the weekend at my daughter's house.  That was a nice break.  A friend up there has a teenaged daughter who is saying she is trans now.   Fortunately her mother is quite open to it.  I did tell them about this place if they want to check it out.   I watched Jack Rabbit's latest youtube.  It is pretty good for for an older girl to watch.
    • Jamie68
      I went to the gym with my 23 yr old  grandson this morning. First time since start of transition almost 5 months ago. They say you loose upper body strength. Oh yeah, they weren't wrong. He was doing 260 pounds and I was lucky to do 30 pounds. What a shock! I knew I was getting weaker, but didn't know it was that bad. Time to get serious about working out. Don't want to get ripped, just want to stay healthy.
    • Jamie68
      40 degrees? That's a heat wave for us Illinois gals. Love the coffee cup. We only got maybe a half inch of snow and a little freezing rain here in Pontiac.   
    • Willow
      @KymmieLPatience is a virtue.  Keep telling yourself that, patience is a virtue, like hell it is when your waiting on HRT meds.  Makes a girls lose it! yes good socks that are thick and soft just can’t be parted with.  I have three pair.   Willow  
    • KymmieL
      Keira, boo hiss, auto zone. O'reilly is much better. JK.   @Willow , I know a good pair of socks is like an old friend.   Well, my Thursday. We got about 2" of white crap. My oldest in Lincoln, NE had 15" on the ground yesterday. And still coming down. The mule express must have gotten lost between here and Cheyenne. Still no E. anxious to get it.   Have a safe day everyone.   Kymmie
    • Jani
      Yes this is true.  If you are attracted to the other sex it may be that you always had that but repressed it.  
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Lexi, I'm M2F, never married, and I'm attracted to women. Gender and sexuality are not connected.  There is nothing wrong no matter which preference you have.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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