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I'm going to be a Maid of Honor!


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A friend of mine asked me a while ago if I would want to be his Best Man. I of course said yes. Months later I pointed out how that wouldn't work since I had started my transition.


He and his fiancee said I could be their Maid of Honor instead and I've been helping her make plans. We've already figured out the theme, colors, venue, time of year and the Bridesmaid outfit!


I'm less than a few months in and I'm already living the life I feel that I was meant to! I also had my ears pierced recently and have been building up a jewelry collection.

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3 hours ago, ThankOurTroops said:

He and his fiancee said I could be their Maid of Honor

I am completely jealous...in a good way! This would be such an honor. As  @VickySGV says validation and I’ll add affirmation and acceptance of the new and improved you! Have fun with it!


My Best,

Susan R?

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Though "Best Man" can be more flexible than tradition dictates. I have a friend who co-opted a lesbian radical feminist named "Pax Athena" to be his best man when his original best man called off because he was in jail in another state.


May your dress be adorable!



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@ThankOurTroops What a heart-warming story to read this morning! I'm so happy for you. It sounds like you have a truly amazing friend who accepts you completely. I can't imagine a more affirming experience than this. Can't wait to see the bridesmaid dress!




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11 hours ago, ThankOurTroops said:

He and his fiancee said I could be their Maid of Honor instead and I've been helping her make plans.

Very cool.    

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That's pretty! I'm guessing spring, maybe summer wedding?



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There is indeed a way: PM a mod, admin, etc... and tell them what you want done to your post. We live to serve.



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If I ever get married again, any guys on my side of the wedding part will either be called Bride's men, Squire of Honor, or replace either with Bride's person or person of honor.

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Oh, this is so cool! And I am so envious. Dresses, dresses, dresses! Oh, however will you choose! Whatever the bride decides, I guess!

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Well, the prime function of a bridesmaid dress is to make the bride look radiant. My wife and I joke that the ideal bridesmaid dress would just be black and white in a Guernsey cow pattern. Horns optional.



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