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Reversing male pattern baldness?

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Hi, I'm almost 58, and have a pretty significant bald spot at the top of my head (the typical 'monk's tonsure' spot), as well as receding from my forehead.  I'm not on HRT (may never be, not sure yet).  Is there a commercial product that can restore the hair loss I've suffered?  Will I need to go on testosterone blockers first?  

If I need to look at wigs, how long should my hair be to allow for securing the wig (or should I ask a hair stylist/wig shop consultant about that)?


Sorry for the barrage of questions, I'm new and impatient. 😄

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Jackie C.

So yeah, I'm only 50 but I got alopecia universalis for my 39th birthday so I feel your pain.


To restore the hair on your head... see a hair restoration specialist. I've been the recipient of everything from ancient potions (I had to go to a mixing pharmacy, that's a thing) to lasers. Absolutely nothing worked. Some people see some regrowth with just T-Blockers, but others don't. I didn't see results from anything, so I use wigs. I can't talk about specific treatments, but a hair specialist can poke around, maybe take a biopsy, and give you a regimen with the best chance of success. It might be a commercial product. It might be something you can only get from a witch. It'll depend on your doctor and what they see when they prod your scalp.


I'm a wig newbie compared to some people on the site, but I use a wig (well, wigs now) with a built-in cap. I put it on, adjust so it's straight and go about my business. When I don't want to wear a wig (like to the gym), I use the same kind of headscarf you see chemo patients with. A wig cap is more for hiding your natural hair to keep it from poking out the edges.

Your solution will depend a lot on how much money you want to spend. I'm currently spending about $60 every nine months or so to get a good-enough synthetic. Which, when you think about it is silly because I could probably be getting something pricier and billing my insurance because of my alopecia diagnosis. I did want to practice on a cheaper synthetic before I went for human hair though. I'd rather make my mistakes in wig care before they get costly.



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In both my personal experience and from what I've read, the older you are, the more difficult it is for products like minoxidil (Rogain) to provide positive effects (and there isn't a product that I know of to address a receding hairline).







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Thanks to both of you for your responses, even though they're not what I wanted to hear.  Sigh.  Oh, well.  Time to consult a hair stylist for appropriate lengths - I currently have bottom-of-the-neck hair, and that's probably too long for a wig to conceal well.


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There are more aggressive treatments like hair transplants/plugs. If you have testosterone and are losing hair, it will continue unless you go on blockers.  Blockers won't regrow lost areas but will stop the progression (usually). I have just a bit of thinning on the top but definitely have receding "widow" peak happening.  I started HRT so don't expect it to get worse and my curly hair can hide it unless I pull it back.  My plan for dealing with the front is to have some scalp transplanted to round out the front when I have FFS.  

If you go the wig route, shorter hair is easier because not as much has to be tucked. Depending on the wig they can be fastened in with bobby pins, adhesive on forehead or just a "snug" fit.  Learning to wear a wig is a skill and you get what you pay for in them.  Good, natural looking ones can be expensive and they do wear out.  

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Vanessa Michelle

@RachelSB I am here too unfortunately. I am turning 46 next week and have the George Costanza style, only much less and thinner hair Lol. It sucks. It actually was emotionally painful for me when I first started accepting myself as trans because I felt like a fraud and that I was not nor ever would be a real woman. I have since agreed with a message I received from @Jackie C. that it is fun trying new wigs and I have decided when the time comes I will choose to find the joy in my circumstances and I'm gonna rock whatever wig I get. You will too girl! ❤️

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Alas, me too.   I wear what hair I have fairly long, but use a scarf to cover the lack on top.

I have resisted going into the world of spare-hair, but I am just going to have to face reality.  It's kinda hard for me to cross this line, but…

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Last year I noticed my hair thinning in a couple spots. Last year is also when my shell finally cracked. So I started Minoxidil and Finasteride. I have noticed some hair growth. I was 36yo when I started both. It is not a quick process either. As recommend above I would consider seeing a doctor about it. None of these treatments may work but probably couldn't hurt either.

I also started a shampoo that has some ingredients that can help the Minoxidil work and added Hair and Nails vitamins to my daily routine. I wanted to do all that I could to help it along. 

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I'm 37 and I had a lot of thinning and recession up front. When I went on HRT a year ago I got regrowth, and with Rogaine (minoxidil) max. strength 2x a day, I have had some good success with it. It takes about a year to work good and I am about 7 months in. My hair on top is thicker but I still have the receded spots, they are filling in tho and it is easy to style my hair to cover them. The only bad thing about the Rogaine is that it makes your hair kind of crusty, so it actually looks worse when you have the rogaine in. After a few hours it dries and you can use a comb and blow dyer to make your hair look decent. 

Having said all that, I also went into this knowing that I may have an issue with my hair and was prepared to rely on wigs. For about the first 4 months of my transition I did wear a wig, because my hair had been buzzed short.

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I am 65 and thought my receding hairline was permanent. I am on a T Blocker, Finasteride, Minoxidil 2X day along with Hair & Nails vitamins and mine has started to regrow.  I wasn't even going to try and now I am glad I did. The hair at the back of my head started to grow at about 2 months. The front just started at 3 months. I don't know how much it will eventually fill in. YMMV




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    • Shay
      @Jackie C. always get a smile with your verbiage.
    • Jackie C.
      Yes. I see my therapist every week and we talk about my issues in general. While she's not specifically a gender therapist, she's an ally. With her help, I've made great strides in going from an angry bung-hole to, well, me.   Hugs!
    • Taylor_The_Human
      Who is that in the mirror? Is that me..? No, oh no it couldn't be. For I'm a girl but is that who I want to be..? I don't even know who I am.  I frown yet in that frame I smile. This thought drives me insanely wild.  Is it me or is it not..? I cannot tell, everyone calls me her or she. But, what if that's not really me? What if I'm not a girl?  If I told them all these feelings would I still be apart of their world? Everyday the same old lie convincing myself to be her. I put a mask on as I pass those I love by grinning ear from ear. While entrapped is this boy, begging to have a walk outside. This charade is permanent I fear, unless someone sinister were to hear. I pretend and pretend that it's okay, As I watch myself fade away. Wear this, put that jewelry on. The same commands I hear and hear. While I always find myself in tears. No one cared no one did, so this "girl" committed. She had a plan, scary but true she killed herself to be the girl her family always wanted her to.  
    • VickySGV
      I wish I was seeing some numbers when they say "increase" but the heading is a bit misleading which I think our "concern trolls" will grab like a jelly doughnut.  In line with the study, my blood pressure has entered the "well controlled" stage that my medical team feels proud of.  It is good information for our doctors, but we need to keep it away from our H8ers.
    • KymmieL
      @Willow are suggesting that I be  an adult.  I don't wanna be a dult.  LOL.  I do agree with you.  I should just call.    Well good  new for my weekend.  My youngest is working days. So, its Kymmie time again.  Hopefully I will be able to get to my VA appointments. I will be going as Kymmie yeah.  Hope the stupid white crap stays away.    Hugs, Kymmie 
    • VickySGV
      Pornography, especially the pictures of women in the nude, and even involved in sex action do show nice looking women in them who are presented with overtones of sexuality. As part of my career in business law enforcement I met some of them from time to time.  The same women also modeled for "non-porn" magazines and looked just a good without the sexual connotation and were just as beautiful in clothing and just as interesting to me as role models in those cases as the porn.  Cis males are looking at them in either place with the sexual connotation, I was not.  A role model is only effective when the role is one you find you must take on and you get them AFTER you decide it is for you, even if it is slight and hidden from your conscious world.  Porn gave you some idea of how you want to be, but did not INFECT you with being Trans.
    • Natalie99
      Yes, you are right. Gender comes from deep inside. Thank you for your answer, girl!
    • Natalie99
      My dear, Please don't do it! Suicide is never a solution. Try to find something that gives you hope. A childhood dream, a hobby, anything that you can imagine and will make you feel less stressful. E. g. reading a book, writing a story or a poem, listening to or playing music, doing sport, cooking, watching movies series anything. I know that it is really hard to fight these thoughts and depression. But it can be better! Sometimes life is a roller coaster, but you will eventually go upwards. Control your life, don't let your thoughts control you.
    • Mary Jane
      yay! 🙂 and I'm not necessarily more outgoing online but i am less shy and your welcome ^^
    • Taylor_The_Human
      Yeah, I agree It usually feels awkward sometimes..! I'm hoping it won't here though. I'm 14, but soon to be 15, I'm really shy usually, but it doesn't always seem so when online. I've tried making friends before but they've all turned out to be people I shouldn't associate with or just weren't great people... I agree a relationship of ANY sort requires effort from both people. If anything I'm more outgoing online but that's the only difference between how I interact in person. 🙂 And I'm will to get to know you if that's cool. Thanks!   -Taylor.
    • Mary Jane
      we could be friends im 17 now by the way and me too for being shy i dont seem like it now but i am and im typing here because for everyone ive tried and gotten a friend (3 times) its never really felt like an actual friendship maybe some kind of friendship but in comparison for how it feels, my current real life best friend VS every other wellll every other has felt like weaker and its never really worked out that long   Im also typing here because I've tried before but all the other people dont even try back and a friendship needs both people working or is it really a friendship? for me no even if its online only, which ive found most people usually treat it differently than real life but i try to not treat it differently
    • LusciousTheLock
      I'm on my third counsellor. She's admitted to taking a different approach to me as we come from similar backgrounds and we have a scary way of understanding each other. She reminds me of the little lady in the film Poltergeist!  Cow, can read minds!!! Knows everything about me, what I'm thinking or if I'm lying. I've spent sessions where I've been shouted at for an hour, and others where we've chatted about random stuff, laughing like old friends.   Its been three years and I can honestly say I wouldn't be here without her pushing me along when I've faltered and opening my mind to new ideas and learning to accept who I am.
    • JustKate
      I think you have to look at it from another perspective and your thoughts.   Would a cis guy see attractive women in porn and think "I could be a woman"? I mean I'm sure they have some sexual fantasies about being a lesbian for a day. But, when all is said and done, they want to be a man.   I do know that quite a common fantasy amongst the trans women I know before they transitioning was to be a "sissy" and liked porn like that.   Do I think it could change someone's gender impression? Maybe at surface level, but deep down, cis people want to be cis even if they have periods of time where they are influenced by outside issues.
    • Natalie99
      I'm sorry to hear that. Do not feel guilty! You were really brave to come out. You don't deserve to be called a liar. It is not like you have cheated on them or something!   However, understand that it is shocking for them, as others have said before. They experience grief of a loss one. But I recommend you to focus on your emotions, and that you are beginning your new life - the one that you deserve.   I also recommend watching this video. (And her other videos too, she explains stuff really well.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pfZyR-34-g
    • Taylor_The_Human
      Oh that's great news! Thank you so much!
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