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Went a little to bright for my comfort.


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I've been getting my nails done for a while now. When I started it was plan Jane, and as time moved on. I went from nude color, with square tips. To nude with a oval tip. Then more of a nude pink. Well this time I went super bright pink. I don't know why I did, but I did.


I got a complement from a store clerk. Which didn't surprise me. As they scream look at me, but I was presenting as a male. So it kinda made me feel uncomfortable, but it did open pandoras box, and im already decideding on doing a blue/purple or a red/black ombre in a few weeks. 



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Your nails do look really nice. Mine are all beat-up and different lengths. I started with black and slowly mixed in colors.

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I'm suprised they look as good as they do. Considering I work with my hands, and really don't take proper care of them. What has suprised me about having nails. Is once you get use to them. The acrylics with gel are super durable. While the hand in the picture is my left hand. Those are my real nails under the acrylic, and gel. My right has all tips. Because as I was getting a new set. My nails broke. Which you can't really tell till you remove the color. 

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Carolyn Marie

I tried acrylics once and hated them.  They gave me a feeling of my fingers being in a sort of "jail."  After two weeks I had them removed.  The fact that my real nails are brittle and easily break was another factor.  But i love yours, Lauren.


Carolyn Marie

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3 hours ago, Red_Lauren. said:

I'm suprised they look as good as they do. Considering I work with my hands, and really don't take proper care of them.

@Red_Lauren. Very pretty nails. I love the color. I’m not surprised a bit that you received compliments on them.🙂

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I felt that my nails were trapped at first also, but I knew I had to get use to them. Once that happened. I never notice them. Till I go from a longer lenght to shorter lenght. 



I do like the color my self. I just have to cover it with a nude color during work. Because I'm definitely not out at work, and I only have a few more weeks left here. So I don't need to come out to them. 


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I've tried UV cured gels and like the way they go on and how strong they are.  Problem is that it takes a long time to remove it, especially when you use undercoat and topcoat.  I'm in a stage where I'm trying different colors all the time.  So for the time being I'm using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri colors.  The coverage isn't as good but they do come off far easier.  I haven't tried nail extensions yet, I don't think they would work for me because of all the hands on work I do.

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I love the UV gel polishes but yeah, it can be a pita to get off. Lately I’ve been using a cheap base coat so they usually are peeling off within 3 weeks. I did acrylics on two nails that had broken a while back. It worked and looked good but did feel a little fake. I am considering getting a full set done. 

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LaurenA, I only broke two nails, and popped off two. In four months of having them. The nails broke in the beginning because I forgot I had them, and the two that popped off. Was about a week before I was to get a new set any way. 


I work around heat, chemicals, swing hammers, etc all day. The acrylics are super durable. 

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Thank @ElizabethStarand @Red_Lauren..  Nail polish is a recent experience for me so I'm still experimenting.  I am currently trying out different colors and how they match with what I wear.  I've discovered the biggest hazard to my nails is my hobby of building LEGO.  I invariably create cracks in my nails prying bricks apart.



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I've made it a point to have different products on hand to better meet whatever is needed at the time.  For example, besides the longer lasting gels and base coats, I also keep around Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat for those times I want things more easily removeable.  And for a top coat, I have Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat when I want my nails to be nice and noticeable, and Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat when I want to tone down how noticeable my nail polish is (I particularly like using the matte over CND Ice Bar for a subtle sparkly effect that I feel comfortable wearing anywhere).  All of the above is relatively inexpensive and fun to experiment with.  


💅 onward!  Have fun!





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I wish I could do my own nails. I live with some one right now. That dosn't like my woman side. On top of me working all the time. I just don't have the freedom, and time to do it. So the queen likes to get pampered.


The ladies were loving it this weekend. I was getting a pedicure, and my nails done at the same time, and I must have just had that look. Like I was just super relaxed. As they were doing their work. 


Once I'm out on my own. I'll probably pick some stuff up, and figure out how to do them. As I'll have more free time then to. I'm also going to school for nails in the fall or next spring. So I would like to know somewhat how to do them before I start. 

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