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An Update and news from Willa.

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Hello everybody!


Well I thought I’d post and catch everybody up on what’s been going on in my life!

I have connected with a gender therapist and have been seeing him since October and things are going very well.  What are the things that we have been working on is getting things together for letters so that I make it and orchiectomy hopefully sometime in March. He has written one letter already and we are waiting for my previous therapist to add one have his own. I have a consult Tatian scheduled with a urologist on February 24 and will see how that goes.


And my wife told me just recently that she excepts me but does not approve so I believe things are improving and perhaps one day I will have her alongside of me. She has been trying to come to terms with my being transgender and has been helpful in a lot of ways. Recently she was cleaning out her closet and she gave me several items of clothing. In the clothing that she gave me there was three pairs know four pairs of shoes One pair had 3 inch heels all the rest are higher than that it’s so high in fact that I simply cannot wear them yet! LOL!

So I’m taking a little bit at a time with her and and things seem to be going well.


In other news last Monday I called and had a long conversation with my sister and came out to her and I was so scared that she was going to reject me that to my great relieve she told me that she loved me and I was always welcome under her roof! To my surprise she indicated that she had her suspicions for quite some time about me and went on to say it is how God made you and you need not to be ashamed. Wow, got a love sisters!


In other news I finally had that conversation with my pastor and he’s totally supportive and has suggested some church members whom I make come out to. We are being careful as both of us know that there are members in the church who let’s say or not comfortable with the LBGTQ community.




I have also experienced some more breast growth, yippee, but I have also gained another 10 pounds and it seems to be all at my waist, yuck, but I’m working on that you know les eating, les and exercising more. Like my doctor says as far as he knows there’s no other way or a better way to get rid of the pounds. I just wish there was a way to lose the waist and keep everything else but alas it doesn’t work that way.


Well, that’s about all the news and I’m happy to say that it’s good news for the most part!

I’ll try to be better about keeping in touch and let you know about how things are going with me.

Did I mention my sister is really really cool!



A belated happy new year to everyone may it be a healthy one and an end to all the stuff that 2020 gifted us with.




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Hi Willa,


It's lovely to read your update about all the positivity in your life right now. I'm especially happy to hear how supportive your pastor is, and wanting you to feel welcome by your church community when you come out to other congregants. Your sister is absolutely right when she says you shouldn't be ashamed, and it must be wonderful to know she's on your side though I'm sure it took a lot of courage to come out to her. It also sounds like your wife is gradually moving towards accepting you through some of the kind gestures she's making, she may just need more time to grow towards that.


Nice to meet you as well, by the way. I'm not sure I've seen you around the forums!




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Thanks for the update Wila.  Your story gives a direction and hope for some who may be just starting out on this journey.






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CD Rachel

Hi Willa, and thank you for sharing your update. I am in the early stages of self discovery and I do draw hope and inspiration from messages like yours as Charlize says. I hope that someday I too will have acceptance from my family as you got from your sister.


Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing the positive news of your progress.



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Thanks for the update Willa.  Sounds like life is going well.

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Hi @Willa!  Great to hear from you again.
So happy you are in therapy, progressing in transition, and working through your relationship with your wife.  Sounds like things are falling in place.

Would love to hear more from you.  All the best❣️

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Hello everyone and thank you for your replies!

Audrey, it’s a pleasure to meet you I look forward to reading of your experience in the forums!


with all the other things that I told everyone about in my initial post I somehow forgot to mention that I have been put in touch with a tri-state trans gender support group and I have already had a phone call from the moderator of the group. That put a bit of a sparkle in my eyes!


The not so good news is that I have found out what I accept you but I don’t approve I said by my wife means which oh really nothing.

My realization of this came the other evening as I was washing the dishes and she approached me and in an almost lighthearted manner told me about the new nominee for assistant secretary of health home she characterized as a homely Man with long hair.  She indicated by CVS that she thought that hole of a trans women were also ma’am and that I can foods me. So she made herself clear later by saying you were a man and one of these days she will wake up from this fantasy and behave like a man.

I thought we had gained some ground but I guess I was mistaken. Why the gift of clothes I don’t know as it does not fit with her statement.


Please forgive me for spoiling the uplifting post I’ve earlier.


still got a love that sister of mine!


Take care and blessings to everyone.




moderators, will you please watch out for any Siri dictation quirks?

Thank you so much.

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Chloe Cozee

Hi @Willa,


So sorry about your last post with what your wife said. Yes remember your sister has great love for you!




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First of all ladies please allow me to apologize for the content of my last post it’s just that my wife’s behavior confuses me. I know that she’s struggling very hard and is trying to make some effort to help me unfortunately with every step forward with her there is a retrogression that a company it. For my part in this I am absolutely no saint I tend to react to what she says more often than responding and then of course we’re off to the races! I am learning though that it’s better not to have a retort to what she says so I keep quiet and stuff it down which of course cause it’s it’s own set of problems for me. I have said before and I will continually say it again I love my wife and I know that she’s capable of great kindness and expressions of love.

What I am struggling with is that she extends these ideas and GIFs and then immediately turns around and does or says something very hurtful to me. I have expressed this to my therapist and he is helping me to work through the hurt without causing more damage.


I am so grateful for your responses and support they mean more to me than I can express.


There is much good coming and I look forward to it.

Monday I will see my hairstylist and I plan to do some thing with my really fine long blonde hair which I am currently keeping in a ponytail and I’ve had more than one relatives look at a picture of me and ask when did I lose my hair. LOL!

So as they say a new adventure begins!


Please pray for my wife for her peace and moving on from the grief that she is feeling.




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    • Lee H
      Hi Jae Bear I appreciate your YT vids for your laid back style and the reassurance they offer. It's very important for someone like me, on the front end of this journey.   I heard you tell the story of your bike-wreck injuries. My cruiser high-side was 7 ribs broken in 11 places, a flail chest and a punctured lung. Compared to you, I was only bruised up a little. I'm glad you survived.   And I'm glad to know that you're in Oakland. I lived for awhile just uphill from Tele and Claremont. Three roomies from Cal College of Arts and Crafts, and me, just arrived from Reno, mind totally blown by Telegraph Ave before the "Summer of Love" brought the speeders, waiting for Cal residency for SF State. We were good friends with Owsley Stanley, but I'm old as dirt, so a young girl like you might not have met him. We could stand on our front porch, look directly out under the GG Bridge, past the Farallons at beautiful sunsets, while loaded, playing acoustic guitar and feeling soooo hip, slick and cool.... Charlize might know that feeling, too.... ~~Thanks, and a big hug from Lee~~  
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      Thank you Jandi.
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      Welcome Tasha Marie
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      Thank you Vicky! For too long my thinking was stuck in the binary belief, but inside the real me was saying that's wrong, driving me crazy.
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      These live streaming event will be held on Saturday, April 3, 2021.   http://southbaytdov.org/   Carolyn Marie
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      I haven't gotten a legal change yet, but I already get mail for Jandi since I mostly use it as my "delivery" address.  I'm even of a number of mailing lists now - they usually want money.  LOL   But lately I am working toward a legal name and gender change.  It is intimidating, even if desired.
    • Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Excellent article, Vicky.  Thanks!   Carolyn
    • Jandi
      My ex and I had split before I faced my own transness.  She was the first one I talked about it with.  She wasn't much surprised.  We never got back together, but are still friends.
    • Shay
      Always liked this Dave Clark Five song and like it even better hearing Tom Petty doing it..............    
    • miz miranda
      @Shay As a congenital nonconformist, I love the rebellion! I also think a monkees shirt and a leather skirt with heels matching the shirt would make a great outfit.   A second odd pairing of bands   . This also occurred in 1967 when the Doors opened for Simon and Garfunkel. Doors opened with   and one of my favorite songs    
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      I like sports bras because the cup size isn't much of an issue.  It's fine under a sweater or some cool weather clothes, but I'll switch off to something else with a lighter top - or lower neckline.
    • Confused1
      Correction, GCS in about two months, not one.     Mike
    • LusciousTheLock
      I can echo all the above, and you may have read how I did it- Strangest ways of coming out... Not totally recommended if your relationship isn't as "Creative" as mine.    The worst one I had to do was actually my boss. Everyone in the office knew about me and so I went to talk with my boss who is bit of a dinosaur. Nice fella, but opinionated. I told him about my depression and how it was started by low testosterone and some realisation about myself, when he interrupted me... "Well, we all get problems as we get older. the ones I don't get are those F*king Perves. Forty, married, Couple of kids. Suddenly decide they want to be a F*king woman! What's that all about?". I told him I would speak with him later and crept out of his office about 3" high.   It took me six months to try again, and after several "Are you sure about this" and with 10 other members of staff looking on through the window, he eventually looked back at me and gave me a hug. He admitted he was a dinosaur, but said he wasn't afraid to evolve with my help. Actually, he's never failed to call me Tamsyn or call me She / her. in the six months since.   I think the answer is- give her a chance. You need to be you. If it fails, it fails. Nothing can change that.
    • Tasha Marie
      It is exciting and very scary too. I just wish I would have been true to myself so many years ago. I knew who I was. Just scared to live. I had no support system then. I had many gay friends but that’s the point they were gay and I’m trans. I do hate these titles so much. I am a women inside so even though we were very close and they didn’t get me, I was an outsider in the gay community funny how that works isn’t it at least my experience we are all in little groups segregated why can’t we all just be who we are. So. I’m slowly taking the mask down letting my true self hopefully shine through this is going to be a very long long process but it is a process that needs to happen. I thank all of you who listen.
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