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Jeanette Is Having Surgery!

Jeanette West

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Jeanette West

Tomorrow 01-23-21 is the big day!!🤩 I am off work until 02-25-21, in Chicago preparing for my surgery Saturday.

Background: I was diagnosed gender-dysphoric awhile ago, back when information was extremely limited. So I buried my insides and got on with life. I returned to university for the Fall '98 semester, bought and ancient military surplus PC that was all-steel, it weighed 70 pounds, which I had to carry to the top floor of my dorm! While I was hooking it up, one of the computer wizards down the hall asked me if I'd ever heard of "The Internet". I hadn't, at which a group of these adorable geniuses set up my comp for me and introduced me to the wonders of Netscape Navigator and I was off!

That first week I did a search under "transexual" and found Dr. Zukowski's clinic in Chicago. I would read every sing;e page at least once per week while I was at University of Alaska Fairbanks, just musing about The Day. And here I am 23-years later. I told this story to Dr. Z last summer when I met him for the first time, kind of like meeting a Hollywood star, I had to remember to breath. He mentioned this story to the surgery team I met while at the pre-op yesterday; there were tears involved. The good kind.

I'll have the following:

1. Browlift with frontal bone contouring, scalp advancement and fat-grafting to fill soft tissue hollowing.

2. Upper and lower eyelid lifts with 35% YCA chemical peel.

3. Feminizing rhinoplasty/septoplasty.

4. Upper lip lift and length reduction.

5. Chin-bone contouring, chin soft tissue reshape with tracheal shave.

6. Jaw body and jaw angle contouring, some muscle work, and fat excision.

7. Full mid, lower face, neck and jaw skin facelift.

8. Fat graft to the lips, soft tissue to the cheeks, and naso-labial folds.

9. Breast augmentation using Mentor Classic Round Medium Smooth Cohesive I Silicone 640cc.

These will be done over ~12 hours. I have contracted with a nurse to be with me from the recovery room for 72-hours continous with an option to extend depending on how I feel.

I would like to add; this is not a plug for Dr. Z, but a story of one individuals', more than a decade of dreaming, hope and sometimes striving towards a goal. Anyone can do it, I know, I am here to tell you it can be done. A little here, a little there, the warchest will grow.


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Jeanette West

Could an edit function be added so I could correct spelling and grammatical errors? Thank you!


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  • Admin
1 hour ago, Jeanette West said:

Could an edit function be added so I could correct spelling and grammatical errors? Thank you!

I am sorry, but we cannot do that for members. Please let any of us on the Moderator / Administrator team know what you need to have corrected and we will do it for you with no question and no charge.  I do not see any problems up in your post that would keep others from understanding what is going on, and I wish you the very best results and rapid healing.  Dreams can come true for us.

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  • Root Admin

That's why I always proof read anything I've written before hitting the Post tab. At one time we did have an edit function for members but it got out of hand. Unbeknownst to us, we had been infiltrated by 4chan and a certain religious denomination. They would make an innocent post and once that post had been moderator approved, they would change it to something hateful and demeaning toward other members. That's why members can no longer edit their posts. As Vicky stated above, we will make any corrections for you as long as it doesn't go against our community rules.



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  • Forum Moderator

Congratulations Jeanette!  I know this is a dream come true!!

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I'm so excited for you, Jeanette! Sending you well wishes from NYC for a successful surgery, a speedy recovery, and dreams realized. ❤️ 




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Jackie C.

Congratulations @Jeanette West! May your results be better than expected and your healing swift and without scars!



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  • Root Admin
Petra Jane

For anyone who wishes, or as in my case, needs to check spelling and grammar, look for Grammerly and install it on your computer, there’s even an app for iPads so properly one for android smartphones too. It checks your spelling and grammar and although it does tally how you are doing compared with other users, it’s never used that against me. 😉

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Firstly - @Jeanette West - I wish you all the best for a quick recovery and that the results alleviate your dysphoria.

But then I had to laugh at your post @Petra Jane. I think you meant "probably" rather than "properly"! (Sorry - just my strange sense of humour) - An instance where both spell and grammar checkers can be fooled.

4 hours ago, Petra Jane said:

For anyone who wishes, or as in my case, needs to check spelling and grammar, look for Grammerly and install it on your computer, there’s even an app for iPads so properly one for android smartphones too. It checks your spelling and grammar and although it does tally how you are doing compared with other users, it’s never used that against me. 😉

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Jeanette West

Thank you everyone! Went to Best Buy and picked up a Sony 4K player and hooked it up to the TV in my hotel room. $199 and now I have beautiful, razor sharp movies to watch. I'll get one, then time to get some sleep; I'll be up for my Hibiclens shower and relax before my car gets here to take me to the clinic. The magic starts at 6:00 a.m. as per the doctor. :)


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  • Forum Moderator

All my best! 


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  • 2 weeks later...
Jeanette West

This was yesterday. I was in so much pain. I will write a more in-depth review, but here I am, all better now, swelling going down, having so much fun with my nurse. Yes, I would do it again too. Love all you gals....!


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  • Forum Moderator

OOOHH!  Yes it must be painful, but it will pass and yes I completely understand that you would do it again.  The bruising won't last long.  I know you will be happy.  I feel good for you already.  


Hugs, Jani

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    • Ellie Jean
      I'm going to a speech therapist that specializes in treating transgender patients in the near future, but I think I'll still opt for Voice Feminization Surgery later on just so that I don't have to think about it constantly, or worry about slipping up when I cough or sneeze or clear my voice or snore or talk in my sleep or WHATEVER lmao. (I actually do talk in my sleep; mom and I were staying at a hotel once during a cross country trip and she said she heard me say in my sleep, "I hope they take human money on this planet...seems kinda mixed." LOL. It was about five minutes before I woke up and I actually remember that dream and what I was doing when I said that; mom and I had just arrived on a new planet and I was taking in my surroundings; there were aliens of all different shapes and sizes; some of them kinda human looking, some of them definitely human, and other that were clearly not human; it was very "mixed" indeed, ethnically speaking lol. The dream definitely reflected my travel anxieties during our trip lmao.
    • Lee H
      Hi Jae Bear I appreciate your YT vids for your laid back style and the reassurance they offer. It's very important for someone like me, on the front end of this journey.   I heard you tell the story of your bike-wreck injuries. My cruiser high-side was 7 ribs broken in 11 places, a flail chest and a punctured lung. Compared to you, I was only bruised up a little. I'm glad you survived.   And I'm glad to know that you're in Oakland. I lived for awhile just uphill from Tele and Claremont. Three roomies from Cal College of Arts and Crafts, and me, just arrived from Reno, mind totally blown by Telegraph Ave before the "Summer of Love" brought the speeders, waiting for Cal residency for SF State. We were good friends with Owsley Stanley, but I'm old as dirt, so a young girl like you might not have met him. We could stand on our front porch, look directly out under the GG Bridge, past the Farallons at beautiful sunsets, while loaded, playing acoustic guitar and feeling soooo hip, slick and cool.... Charlize might know that feeling, too.... ~~Thanks, and a big hug from Lee~~  
    • Tasha Marie
      Thank you Jandi.
    • Jandi
      Welcome Tasha Marie
    • Delcina B
      Thank you Vicky! For too long my thinking was stuck in the binary belief, but inside the real me was saying that's wrong, driving me crazy.
    • Carolyn Marie
      These live streaming event will be held on Saturday, April 3, 2021.   http://southbaytdov.org/   Carolyn Marie
    • Jandi
      I haven't gotten a legal change yet, but I already get mail for Jandi since I mostly use it as my "delivery" address.  I'm even of a number of mailing lists now - they usually want money.  LOL   But lately I am working toward a legal name and gender change.  It is intimidating, even if desired.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Yay!   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Excellent article, Vicky.  Thanks!   Carolyn
    • Jandi
      My ex and I had split before I faced my own transness.  She was the first one I talked about it with.  She wasn't much surprised.  We never got back together, but are still friends.
    • Shay
      Always liked this Dave Clark Five song and like it even better hearing Tom Petty doing it..............    
    • miz miranda
      @Shay As a congenital nonconformist, I love the rebellion! I also think a monkees shirt and a leather skirt with heels matching the shirt would make a great outfit.   A second odd pairing of bands   . This also occurred in 1967 when the Doors opened for Simon and Garfunkel. Doors opened with   and one of my favorite songs    
    • Jandi
      I like sports bras because the cup size isn't much of an issue.  It's fine under a sweater or some cool weather clothes, but I'll switch off to something else with a lighter top - or lower neckline.
    • Confused1
      Correction, GCS in about two months, not one.     Mike
    • LusciousTheLock
      I can echo all the above, and you may have read how I did it- Strangest ways of coming out... Not totally recommended if your relationship isn't as "Creative" as mine.    The worst one I had to do was actually my boss. Everyone in the office knew about me and so I went to talk with my boss who is bit of a dinosaur. Nice fella, but opinionated. I told him about my depression and how it was started by low testosterone and some realisation about myself, when he interrupted me... "Well, we all get problems as we get older. the ones I don't get are those F*king Perves. Forty, married, Couple of kids. Suddenly decide they want to be a F*king woman! What's that all about?". I told him I would speak with him later and crept out of his office about 3" high.   It took me six months to try again, and after several "Are you sure about this" and with 10 other members of staff looking on through the window, he eventually looked back at me and gave me a hug. He admitted he was a dinosaur, but said he wasn't afraid to evolve with my help. Actually, he's never failed to call me Tamsyn or call me She / her. in the six months since.   I think the answer is- give her a chance. You need to be you. If it fails, it fails. Nothing can change that.
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